Getting Started With Twitter

Note: Completing this process should take about 1-2 hours.
(Technically signing up takes about 5 minutes, but we’re assuming you want to do more than just sign up, taking an hour or two helps the Twitter language sit in, completing these steps is a great start)


Sign Up For Twitter
• Click here to create a Twitter Account • It’s ok to use your personal or professional email account


Confirm Your Account
• Twitter will send an email to verify you signed up • Find the email to make sure it didn’t go in your spam inbox • Click the link they send in the email to verify your account • (better to get it out of the way early or they’ll keep bugging you about it)


Choosing A Username
• Try to make your username as short as possible • Simplicity is key, just try to make it something that’s easy for others to remember • Avoid using an underscore_ • It’s also ok to use your real name • If your name is hard to spell, consider using the first few letters or initials • Consider your first name and then adding credentials or something about your city: Examples: SandyMSW, BobDC, JenCA, ChrisMD


Account Settings
• Designate preferences, there are some tips below

Tweet Privacy
• Twitter’s greatest value comes from it’s openness. Most people do not use professional Twitter accounts with the privacy settings at “Protect my Tweets”

Public Professionalism
• That being said, it’s important to remember that it’s a very public space, a general guideline is to Tweet things that are appropriate conversation topics on a professional phone call if you had never met someone before


questions? tweet us @goBeMoRe

more Account Settings

• When you’re just getting started with Twitter, it may be a good idea to leave the boxes checked for email notifications • As you become active on Twitter these notifications can become unnecessary • Example: If someone sends you a direct message, it may be good to get an email about that so you can appropriately reply. Once you’re more active on Twitter (at a minimum of 10minutes every day) You will see that direct message from within Twitter so it may not be necessary to also have an email notification. • Another benefit to notifications is for letting professional team members or supervisors know about small accomplishments on Twitter, for example if someone you admire follows you back, or ReTweets one of your Tweets, if you get an email about it, you can then forward it to your supervisor so they can see the local news station or university passed along something you said.


• A picture of your face is helpful for when you meet other professionals in “real life” • This also identifies you as a “real” person and will increase the likelihood that others will follow you (so it is important to have a photo up) • A square image shows up best on Twitter • Often people will take a screen shot of their face from a larger picture since the picture on Twitter is so small • Location: city and state is appropriate • Web: Link to your professional bio or LinkedIn account • Bio: (remember you only have 160 characters) a couple of fun things about yourself and something about your professional focus. If you say the specific organization that you work for it’s important to add TAMO, meaning “Tweets Are My Own” to articulate that something that you tweet is not reflective of your employer • It’s ok to say “Twitter Newbie” in your bio, this helps others know that your account is new, not inactive, it may increase the chance that someone will follow you back • You can always come back and edit your bio as you get to know the space, but having something there about yourself is important in helping build your audience

now what?

Getting Started
• A trick is to start by following 3-5 interesting organizations and people, then look at who they are following, chances are, there will be more interesting organizations and people • Find 30 interesting organizations and people that are interesting and follow them • Don’t worry too much about who you’re following, you can always Unfollow • It’s a good idea though to stick to a higher percentage of professional follows, in other words, journalists and professionally relevant people over Britney Spears. • (some fun accounts are ok, the more professionally relevant people and organizations, the easier it will be to send professionally relevant tweets) • Consider skipping a follow of that one friend that uses inappropriate language (because everyone can see who you follow) questions? tweet us @goBeMoRe

What To Tweet
• Many people worry about “what do I say?” It’s a good idea to start with, what are other people saying as a way to get to know the space • ReTweet things that are interesting to you • Start with the 30 people you follow, click on “Home” at the top of your page • Your “Timeline” of what the people you are following are tweeting will be there • When you see a headline that’s interesting to you, scroll your mouse over the tweet and the option “ReTweet” will appear, click ReTweet (also known as RT) • Twitter will ask “are you sure” and to say yes, click the presented ReTweet box • Repeat this ten times so you have completed ten ReTweets • So where do all these go? Click “Profile” up at the top • You’ll now see the list of things you’ve ReTweeted, take some time to click the links in those headlines and read the articles, if it turns out you don’t like the article, just scroll over and click “Undo ReTweet” and it will go away

Why Tweet If No One Is Following?
• Everyone starts with zero followers and right now it might be nice that people aren’t paying attention while you’re getting to know the Twitter language • As you continue to participate on Twitter people will follow you • In the beginning, there will be some spammers following you, how can you tell if they’re spammers? They usually have unprofessional pictures and often tweet the same message over and over again, or they send a tweet with someone’s username and just a link and nothing else • If they’re following you, it’s no big deal, you can just ignore them, there is no need to try to block them unless they are sending you a lot of messages that are annoying

More Tweeting & Following

• That’s right, try to send a minimum of 25-40 Tweets (all ReTweets are ok!) • Remember it’s simply “things that are interesting to you” • This will help your account look active as you start to branch out and follow new people and increase the likelihood that they will follow you back • Find 70 more people and organizations to follow. Yes, 70 :) and no this doesn’t have to take 4 hours. Start with some of the interesting people you’ve found already and again check who they’re following, click follow to those that have interesting bio’s

Are We Done Yet?
• Click “Profile” Your stats should read 40 Tweets, Following 100, and those are the things you can control, we’ll keep seeing the Followers and Listed numbers grow with time (and consistent Twitter Activity) • Here’s a link to the Twitter Help Center as an added resource

Ok Now You’re Done (for today)
ok, you’re on Twitter! A minimum commitment of 3-5 tweets per day for about 10 minutes a day is recommended to help your account be considered “active” and for the language to sink in.

questions? tweet us @goBeMoRe

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