Taryn Yates 2.14.

11 ENGL 1301

The Future is A World Limited By Ourselves Today we reside within a world saturated with waste. From employment to education, some of the most vital components to higher-level human survival are deteriorating in quality. The further we trod down this fateful path, the farther away we leave our fruitful, copious futures. The job of mending this problem lies in our hands. It is up to us to prevent any further damage that will potentially alter our futures for years to come. Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, ³The school is the last expenditure upon which America should be willing to economize.´ Education rests as the cornerstone to success in the American world. People from across the nation spend countless hours immersing themselves in books by night and pouring what clumps of information upon pages and pages of tests in the hope that they will succeed during their collegiate career and gain a prosperous career amongst the real world. Without education, there would be an absence of intangible substance to the cultures of our current and previous generations. Our grandparents and parents would lack the ability to efficiently educate their future posterity, resulting in countless consequences. Their children would potentially have no basis to derive the difference between right and wrong. We would be chaotic, feral creatures of the nation. As state representatives, you are liable for the decisions that our state makes. The mission to succeed lies with the collective group of our state representatives to push our education decisions along the right direction. There are countless teachers-intraining across the nation who are craving the opportunity to live their dreams as outlets to the real world for the young, budding minds of our nation. With the newly gained knowledge of our key to an embellished future, the state now requires the substantial means to make all of these opportunities possible. Out of all of the available resources, the state budget comes to be of most use. With an expansion to our limited budget, we will be able to higher more teachers, build more schools, and increase the quality of our administrative staff. With a new wave of young educators, our children will have a higher understanding of the world going on around them today, in addition to the world that had come before them. Not only will our students learn

the reaping of what they sow will flow out of their pocketbooks and into the wallets of those below and above them. We will reign over the world trading center both local and foreign. By giving these jobs to these fervent fresh alumnae. new cars. not only economically but within our education systems as well. all the staple needs required to exist in the adult ³real world.the world of George Washington and his plight for our freedom from monarchy. (insert statitstic about chinese education rank worldwide) Paragraph 3:Analysis . they will in turn boost the economy by spending their salary on new homes.´ Like the Jacksonian trickle effect system. but also how President Barack Obama attempted to fix the current economic downfall of the United States. Our economy will flourish like a budding spring flower into the alpha Economy system.

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