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A Shamanic Way

Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery, Shamanic Healing

The Insight column will explore aspects of what I call the WooWoo; whether it is the Law of Attraction, the process of prayer, emotion, drumming, divination, numerology, Shamanism, dragons, etc. Insight into these different modalities and more will be made available to you via Scene in SCV. For greater understanding and guidance in any of these modalities you will find classes, workshops, and lectures available at the Healing Light Center in Canyon Country, California.

Insight – Prayer Part I
This Insight is the first post of a three part series on Prayer. As you go through this Insight it may occur to you that this is also the process of the Law of Attraction. You are correct. The Law of Attraction and the process it embodies is very much the process of prayer. Please note that the term God can be substituted for whatever term works for you, Spirit, Creator, the Universe, etc. This Insight is for your information and for you to take and explore on a very personal basis, discovering what works for you. I offer you these Insights not as the end all be all, but as a place from which to jump into your own discovery of truth; truth that works for you. PRAYER The dictionary defines the concept of Prayer as to beg or to supplicate. This is the most often used form of prayer. This is often used in concert with ‘let’s make a deal’. The phrasing is generally, “Dear God, if you will just do .... I will never do .... again. I promise.” Does this sound familiar? There are several kinds of prayer in addition to the supplication variety. There is also a method to the process of prayer. Supplication is the form of prayer stemming from earnest entreaty, with a sense of dependence upon what is greater than ourselves.

A Shamanic Way
Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery, Shamanic Healing Compunction is the prayer that arises out of a sense of a troubled mind over a wrongdoing. It is the sting of conscience, a sense of remorsefulness. Aspiration, this stems from the longing, usually unexpressed,. for what is above one’s present attainment, a yearning for what is pure, noble and spiritual. Intercession is generally described as entreaty on behalf of others. Gratitude is the lifting of the heart in thankfulness and appreciation coupled with joy for the favors and bounties received. Meditation, meditation and prayer are interrelated but not the same. Meditation is the act of continued, concentrated thought and reflection upon the mysteries of inner and outer phenomena. One could say prayer was the act of speaking to Spirit while meditation was the act of listening to Spirit. Oblation is the process of offering sacrifice to Spirit. In the process of humanities evolution the concept of sacrifice to the Gods has changed from offerings of animal or human flesh, to offerings of fruit and grains, to offerings of sweet smelling incense to the current practice of sacrificing self-consciousness for God, Christ, or Cosmic consciousness. the terminology may be different but the concept is the same. A choice to affirm the joy of service and dedication to others without thought of selfish gain. In this sense, service is prayer. Adoration is the joyful, spontaneous, outpouring of deep feelings of love, admiration, awe and devotion. It is the act of expressing veneration and reverence to the Divine. Communion is a combination of several of the foregoing urges. It is the spirit’s interchange of inter-communion with Spirit. It is conversation with Spirit. The soul longs for wisdom and opens to the illumination of the Christos, Logos or Divine Spirit. Turning to this interchange with a fully engaged listening heart is the only way in which to understand this communion. Prayer finds several modes of expression. There is the thought prayer. This is the expression of thoughts and ideas of our own, voiced silently or verbally. The heart prayer is a vague, high, emotional aspiration. The will prayer is expressed in forms of affirmation. The uttered prayer of the Word of God is the purest thought, idea and

A Shamanic Way
Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery, Shamanic Healing aspiration of the one praying. It is expressed in the words revealed by the Manifestations of God. Utilizing the creative spoken Word as revealed by the worlds great Teachers is extremely powerful. It was these World Teachers role to bring to humanity the Words of Spirit to use by the people of their upliftment and guidance. Prayer is practicing the presence of Spirit with implicit faith. When we have found this, and are truly practicing it in our lives, we become radiant centers of luminous influence. It is only half the story when we become absorptive only - we must give back the radiance that has entered our souls. One glowing spirit, a child of Light, in a group of discouraged people can change discouragement into hope. The next Insight on prayer; part II, will focus on the nine hindrances that must be transmuted to the nine attributes to prayer. In resolving these issues the act of Prayer will become for you the powerful tool it was designed to be. The third article in this series on Prayer will explore the techniques of the dynamics of Prayer, the five steps.