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Your Horoscope or Natal Chart cannot be read by computers. No computers reading should be used. Yes, computers are used to CALCULATE the mathematics & saves time to prepare full length Horoscopes but for interpritation one must require Knowledge, Suddhi, Satvikta, Intuation & Spiritual Power.

Medical Astrology

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Art of Relaxation

Parts of Body Ruled by the Signs


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Medical Astrology is a proven and an invaluable diagnostic tool that leads to speedy recovery and lasting cures. Once a person knows to what diseases he is primarily suspectible, he can guard against them from the beginning and thus live a long and healthy life. SUN Ruler of the system is sun, the giver of life. Its influence is vitalising, hot, dry and constructive. It governs the heart, vitality, blood and brain. The right eye in a male and the left eye in a female. Sun causes physical disorders and those arising from cold.

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pleura. fluidic and lymphatic systems. Rules over the joints. arterial system. seed. speech. Various System. arms and mouth are under the influence of this. MARS Is hot. knees. contracting and obstructive. In Astrology there are 140 type of alergic vish yoga. teeth. Umbilicus and the internal parts of the generative organs. 2 of 2 14/05/2011 6:39 AM . lever. All Rights Reserved. dry and inflammatory. Left eye in a male and right eye in a female. cold and nerve weakness. Mercury affects nervous and mental disorders. bile. MERCURY Ruler over the brain and mind It's nature is changeable and variable. stomach. The Nervous system. chin. hands. It governs the forehead.astrologer-drsudhirshah. SATURN + MOON "Vish Yoga" in medical term it's called "poison". spleen. tongue. It is cold. cheeks. moist and assimilative. dry. Moon denotes functional disorders and irregularities of the Jupiter disposes to blood disorders and diseases due to excesses. Mars causes inflammatory disorders and accidents. lungs.html MOON Ruler over the natural function of the body. complexion. Sudhir Shah. bones. nose. Home About Me Achivements & Awards Photo Gallery Opinions Who See Me Contact Me Services Medical Astrology Gems & Astrology AVF Zodiac Signs Lectures Articles FAQs Art of Relaxation Parts of the body ruled by signs Aries | Taurus | Gemini | Cancer | Leo | Virgo | Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius | Capricon | Aquarius | Pisces Disclamer © 2002 Onword til today Astrologer Dr. SATURN Cold. gall and muscular system.Medical Astrology | Medical Astrologer Dr. JUPITER Warm and Moist in nature but mild. Venus produces complaints caused by excesses and pleasures. Saturn denotes chronic complaints through cough. right ear and the absorbative system. VENUS Warm and Moist in nature and governs the throat. Governs the blood. Sudhir Shah http://www. and governs the breast.

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