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The Paragon Project

The Opposite Theory

by OrlandoMac


The Opposite Theory

Sam & the Power of the Right Knowledge
In search of answers, Sam went looking for the Wise Man. He found him sitting on a chair at the end of a dock. The scenery was beautiful with the sun glistening through the light morning fog, onto a pearl blue bed of water. Quite breathtaking Sam thought as he realized his journey with the Wise Man always took him to some wondrous places with magnificent vistas. However, the beautiful scenery wasn't enough to change Sam's current dilemma. Sam was having problems finding a partner. He had made many attempts in vain and had searched everywhere, but no one was right for him. Those he did meet that seemed a good match, simply were not interested in him. Sam then figured he should contact the Wise Man to gain some insight on how to best tackle this challenge. The Wise Man sat Sam down and told him that a story from his own youth that would help aid Sam in his quest. The Wise Man then began his story: As a young lad I used to ferry people in my little boat from an island in the ocean to the mainland. One day I was transporting three scholarly men heading to the island, as it was a 20 minute journey, the men naturally got to talking. They discussed such topics as String Theory, Worm Holes, and the Relativity Hypothesis. One of the men noticed that I was paying attention and asked me what I thought about the topics they had discussed. I told him that since I didnt go to school that I was unfamiliar with the theories. He then turned to me and said that I had wasted an important part of my life not studying such important subjects. Just as he said that a storm hit, the clouds darkened, the wind picked up and a huge wave capsized the boat, hurtling all four of us into the water. The men could not swim, so I quickly grabbed some floating debris and placed it underneath each of them to support them in the water. Then one by one I swam them to shore. As I lay there on the beach exhausted, the men thanked me for saving their lives. They said they would have never survived without me and would have surely drowned. I turned to them and in short breath said You almost wasted your lives! Fortunately I had the knowledge to save you and was kind enough to share it with no arrogance. So in your case Sam, you yourself need to learn the knowledge to allow yourself to be able to swim in the ocean of love or else you will drown in loneliness and have wasted your whole life in the process. You need to gain knowledge of the things in life that matter to you, not waste your time learning things that you will never use. The moral of the story is, learn how to swim before you go out on the water.


The Genesis
Without a doubt, The Opposite Theory is the underlying element that plays a major role within the grander scale of every subject within seduction as well as all of life's great issues. It is the foundation to everything you will read in this book although some writers were never privy to it, and it is also what will give you the power to succeed. It answers any problem you might encounter in life and because of its empowering effect, I am writing today. There was a Seinfeld episode a few years back that even included it, but since I never watched Seinfeld I didn't even know it existed until one of my students told me about it. I took it as a sign of flattery, if one of their writers would take an interest in me, and our theorem. I personally discovered it when I was around 10 years old, a child in the search of spiritual answers, which is a very long time ago for any that knows my age. It has led me to some incredible revelations, and to this day it imparts upon me an understanding of the complexity of every day nuisances. Let me begin to bridge the gap between this concept and your successful future. Lets first break down what a problem is: problem n. 1. a state of difficulty that needs to be resolved. 2. a source of difficulty. 3. a question raised for consideration or solution. Problems are a key part of the equation since you don't Opposite what works, you only Opposite what problems arise. Many years I spent on live chat rooms dissecting the issues du jour. The fact is that people think they need something and are usually headed in the wrong direction. So if someone comes in to chat and says they have a problem opening women, and that they are looking for some lines to help with their approaches, I know that: A) They have a problem approaching and starting conversations. B) I also realize that they have tried many openers and they all failed so that is not the answer. That is the Opposite, what they think they need is not what they actually do, besides the problem. I believe as we go along in our lives, we face challenges. Some manifested by ourselves with our internal road blocks as well as those presented by other people with external road blocks. If we dont have a solution for these road blocks or get the result we want, it then makes the transition into a problem.


The insane part is that really big problems usually arise from repeated action of the same wrong solution. This leads to anger, frustration, resentment, and finally defeat. If left unchecked, these feelings of inadequacy can turn into depression, anxiety and lowered self esteem. What if I were to tell you that I discovered the answer to all of your problems? I can appreciate that this would be hard to believe, impossible some would say, and have said. However, the real truth is that everyone who has come into contact with it and has used it, they've all found a solution. Only time was a factor in the equation.

The Truth is a Simple Organism

The Opposite Theory is so profound, that all of the greatest insights that you have collected are based on it. You just arent aware of it because you dont have a chart printout of all of your solutions or a computer dedicated to output the answers so that you can see it clearly. The beauty of the whole theory is that it is one sentence long. It is easy to remember but so hard to master, because it takes conscious cognitive thought to make it a way of life. You basically have to rewire all your biological programming. The good news is that you already have used it naturally to success.

The Mustard Seed

Lets take some of the greatest insights in life and get to the basis of The Truth and The Answer. The Yin and Yang Theory, which states that there is a counterpart in the natural world, that creates a unity of Opposites. In theory every positive has a negative and they balance. The Opposite Newtons Law of Motion every action has a reaction. The Opposite Any Phobias cure is to do exactly what the fear tells you not to do. So if you are scared of snakes, go to the store buy a snake, within two weeks you will love snakes. The Opposite Any negative state of emotion can be changed once you find the positive reason your subconscious is giving you this emotion. It is like a warning bell to spur you into action to prevent you from getting hurt in one way or another. The Opposite Every problem has a solution. The Opposite People want what they cant have. The Opposite You have to give to receive. The Opposite You have to spend a little to make a little. The Opposite


Downsizing inevitably means reduced sales and profits long term. The Opposite Instead of selling during a stock market crash you should buy. The Opposite The list goes on and on, but those are some of my personal favorites.

The Seduction Opposite Community

Look at the Seduction Community and the very best techniques and systems:

The 3 Main Objectives Push/Pull Phenomena The Robin Hood Group Dynamics Scarcity Principle Active Disinterest The Heart Attack Dump The Alpha Male

Teasing Negs The Neg Twins (TNT) Trophy Mentality Problem Solver Paradox Friend Zone Challenge Playing Hard to Get Power of the Shadow

C&F The Leech State of Expectation Approaches Last Minute Resistance Circling & Ejecting Qualifying Social Banishment

Most of these and also the endless amount of other techniques or systems that WOWed (you excuse the pun) are based on The Opposite Theory in some way or another. This is an example of just how intertwined this concept and the raw principals of attraction are. It is the magical secret ingredient that solves every problem that men encounter on a daily basis.

The Development
It doesnt stop there if you look carefully you will find that the most profound things youve ever learned in life were all Opposites. The reason for this is because its impact on you was greater because you did not naturally or intuitively think of it, so when you realized it opened your eyes to a whole new possibility. That is where the term think outside the box was coined, what the term didnt tell you is exactly where to look and think to find your solution.

The Answer
So what is that one little explosive sentence to solve all your problems? "When you have a problem the Opposite of what you perceive is The Truth and The Answer."


Simple enough but lets show you how powerful that concept really is, and how it develops a life of its own. Every Opposite action will get you the reaction you want; use an Opposite solution and you will no longer have a problem, a phobia, or any negative emotion. Can you see the power in these answers, and how it could change your life for the better?

Problem Solver Paradox

There was a great concept brought about by John Gray in Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus where he looks at males and how we need to problem solve to reach homeostasis (that nice comfortable emotional state of balance). He believes that until we can resolve our problems we dont feel we have control over our lives, this leads to lowered self esteem and many emotional problems when left unchecked. He says that men problem solve to feel alive and it explains our love of sports, in that we even problem solve for entertainment. Walk into a room full of men and you will hear them problem solving the game with the questions they ask. You will hear comments like, Hey why did the coach put that guy on?, That referee is blind, he needs glasses, these are all solutions to a problem. I agree that if you observe men in their natural habitat you will notice that they get positive emotions from solving problems this makes them feel alive and gives them a sense of purpose. Mr. Gray also says women on the contrary to men are problem starters (The Opposite), his actual term was venter's as he referred to them in a more politically correct description, but that is if you look at it as a negative. Understanding the positive reasons women act like this, will dispel the negativity. Women vent to release their negative emotions such as frustration, once out they are relieved of the negative emotions, and these emotions are replaced with positive ones. This allows them to reach homeostasis. Their blood is pumping, they have purpose to their life, they feel alive and invigorated. Hence the love for reality programming and soap operas, it brings out their emotions. All this drama makes them feel alive. For those of you that have had the pleasure of living with women the following scenario will ring true. Here is a generalized version of an outburst a female will have when arriving home from work, so that she can relax. My back hurts, my boss is a bitch, this guy at work is talking behind my back, the laundry isnt done, and the snow needs shoveling, all in one furious sentence. I am sure I am getting a few of those knowing smiles on some of your faces, that you may have heard this or similar at some point.


So how does the super hero male react (he is chomping at the bit to prove his worth to her), of course he solves all her problems in one sentence. Sweetie, lets go to the mall and pick up a back massager for you, while there well print out your resume, dont listen to what others say they are just jealous, and if you do the the laundry, I will shovel the snow, rake the leaves, or mow the lawn." Damn that felt good for the problem solving super hero, unfortunately this doesnt allow her to release (The Opposite). She will look for more problems to attain her release, and frustration sets in on both sides, when by trying to solve her problems you just made it worse. If the super male continues to do this for prolonged periods of time, he will become the problem, and her solution will be to leave him so that she can feel better (The Opposite). The solution is not to solve all her problems like you she likes to handle her own issues mostly by just venting. Instead empathize with her, mirror her actions if you share the problems, and relate to how it feels when you had the same problem. This creates an emotional bond and is what she was looking for. So unless she directly asks you for a solution, resist the urge to give her one (I know this is hard). I completely agree with Mr. Grays views on the Problem Solver Paradox. I would suggest: solve your friends problems leave your lovers until she asks. This is your solution to her problems (The Opposite).

The Cure for External Blindness

At this point you are starting to see how powerful The Opposite Theory is, and the empowering effect it can have on your life. Imagine reading a self help book and knowing which answers are true and which are not. Think of the time and frustration youll save in life all by making a conscious effort to use The Opposite Theory. Realize first that there is no need to Opposite something that you are already doing right, The Opposite Theory is only meant for dealing with problems. Also I will add that life has a time equation, and patience is a virtue. The Opposite Theory is always the answer and will get the reaction you want, you just have to be patient, stay true to it and it will reward you. Sometimes you wait minutes, other times it could be days, trust in the tool and you will see the results. There are many ways to speed up the process but that requires practice, as there are many Opposites to every problem. With conscious thought and practice you will develop the speed to action The Opposite to get the reaction you want, when you want it. Some Opposites might sound harsh, but as you should know by now, every negative has a positive action that you can use to achieve the same result. So just like the silver lining in a dark cloud there always is a good way to perform an Opposite, and to best accomplish any


goal. Remember that there are at least 2 ways, a good and bad, to accomplish the task at hand. If you do it in a positive way you will attract more people, because of the word of mouth that will spread as virally as any good marketing campaign on the web. Being an electric and exciting personality will attract more people to you than an effective negative Opposite, that is why humor is part of the 3 Main Objectives and Teasing is the answer to gaining attraction. It also explains why women want what they cant have, and that is where The Challenge comes in. This book, the techniques and concepts are The Opposite and that is why they are so successful when used. The Opposite Theory still probably wont pry that lady that is in a long term commitment, not immediately anyways, without the right exact Opposite, although she will feel the attraction nonetheless as you plant your mustard seed. Besides I am a firm believer in not messing with other peoples relationships, and would never recommend it although not every time a women says she has a partner is she being honest, hence why I never ask (Besides the fact, you also give her the power in the interaction by doing so). If they are in a long term committed relationship, they will acknowledge it to you if they are concerned. No need to telegraph your intentions.

The End of the Line

As a coach I have had the pleasure of coaching some of the best in the field, and have been graced with answers to some very difficult situations that has helped many to overcome some very trying moments in life. Love is such an important element in life that they have clinically proven that without love, you can't live. It is one of the most essential basic building blocks. We need to be desired, and to matter. Every clinically insane person that I have met was missing key elements of care, and that is what led them down that path. Even the best have our moments of need and that is when the OT is most valuable. If you are a seduction master and you are tired of the hollow existence, and you lack a challenge there are answers that you have overlooked. Being an expert in dating theory I can give full credit to the OT for my knowledge. I clearly once presented with a problem and once I determine all the actions already taken, I can deduce what is the solution. Like I am often quoted, It is not Rocket Science. You too will be able to help others and will be empowered by it, because you will have the answers just as I did. I think one of the most challenging Opposites that I have ever had to teach and is the most difficult even for the experts to practice is the question that is most received. How do I save a relationship that is dying? Each situation is slightly different but the answer is all the same. How do you save a relationship with the love of your life? You break up with her! I appreciate that she is special, she is not like any of the other women.


I have been there it is a very dark time, but if you want to save your relationship the first time she hums or haws about your relationship, you have to point to the door and tell her she is not serious enough, and tell her to get out. In a relationship, the one who has the Least Vested Interest (LVI) has the greater value and power. Just like if you were selling your car and someone told you they were desperate to have that make of vehicle, there wouldn't be any incentive for you to lower your price. If anything you might raise it because you have received strong interest. You might even not sell it for fear of loss. Always make sure that your LVI is on par with hers (or higher) at any point or else you will get tested. Tests naturally will arise when she is feeling some emotional uncertainty as all humans do, and is trying to figure out what is making her feel that way. As soon as you turn into the understanding man, and tell her that you will work on it and things will improve, is the day that you just accepted the blame for what is making her feel insecure. Your days are numbered and within 6 months your ass will be grass, and you will get smoked. I know because I have gone through it and even being cognizant of the OT, I was still deluded and thought that we were above the natural laws. Gentlemen I worked hard and I was dumped and divorced so believe me when I say I know exactly how difficult it is when this situation arises. All the best that have ever gamed have all succumbed to this feeling of inequity, and is the reason for most having learned the hard way on how to advance in such a precarious situation. The greatest of the great all learned through pain. Actually the best time you are able to develop is when you are in a position to learn, and that is when you are in pain. Unless you are in discomfort you will not take whatever you are taught to full affect. For some it becomes a negative spiral that erodes them with anger, and they are permanently scarred. Every one of my prized pupils and colleagues have stumbled over how to save the perfect relationship. Even though they knew better once placed in the situation we are all biologically programmed to run in the other direction, I know because I too have run in the same direction. Gentlemen you will encounter it, it will come, and probably at the most inopportune moments. My ex-wife left me after I had surgery and was in bandages, another of my longterm girlfriends told me I wasn't giving her enough attention when my beloved sister was on her deathbed. In both of these cases for obvious reasons I did not exercise my right to continue, but for even God's gift of a women I have stood firm and showed them the door. The ones that I did care about and wanted to continue with I did not hesitate. If there is one lesson that you get out of The Opposite Theory it should be this one.


If you love someone and want the relationship to last then you have to stand firm and show them the door. There can't be any wavering, this is a hard technique to master and I have seen a few who let their insecurity disable and derail their plans. You have to be prepared to bet the house and call all in, on their bluff. Women are like little brats who have always gotten their way. They will test to see if you are dominant and how much value you place in yourself. This might sound easy if you haven't found the perfect specimen but the more value she has the less likely you will be to cast her into the flames. All your confidence will have to be mustered, and you have to be prepared to lose it all, no joking. You might have to hold out for six months, but the only way you have a chance is to stick to your guns and believe in your value. Her humming and hawing has already devalued you some what, without you doing anything , if you agree to work on it, you admit your own responsibility to the situation whether you have done anything or not. Even if you haven't admitted any blame by fighting her break-up you only devalue yourself, because you are fighting for something broken. If you attach value to something broken, you lose further. So the only way forward is to agree it is broken and by showing her the door, you just turned the tables on her and tested her confidence instead of her testing you. She will be emotionally uncertain and your quick and direct action will cause her to think that it is her that is the problem. Her emotions wreak havoc with her, and she will feel a sense of loss and try harder. Women trying hard in a relationship is good, that is what they want to do, be in a loving relationship that they have to work for. Like you they want to appreciate a good relationship. So you see gentlemen if you do not show her the door, then it is you who will be shown it. I know the time will come and you will make every excuse in the book to think that you are different, and that she is special. Truth is yes she is special but for questioning you, she only questioned herself, and you have to make it work by turning the tables on her. For the best results I usually suggest that you maintain contact because if you are normally in the vicinity it will only ratchet up the situation but I have been known and you should be prepared as well to first to blow it all up. You can start with a Friend Zone comment such as: You are a good person but we should maybe just be friends. I think I need some time to myself, I am confused, etc etc. You know, the speeches you've heard coming from women's mouthes over the years. Don't leave it to late in a relationship either because if you've allowed your value to be eroded too badly, it might be too late to spike the interest enough to keep her around. Although the worst you will do is save face in a lost cause anyway. I have personally witnessed a close friend who knew serious seductive systems allow his value to be eroded as he pedestaled the female further, the more she pushed him down into the gutter. Even knowing better than most he could not see clearly what was happening to him, and how his reactions were deepening the pit he found himself in. There will come a day when you find that special woman and you will have to face your own gut check, and she will call you out. You will remember this talk we had today, but you will

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think, no this one is special, she would never test our relationship this way, I just have to work harder. On that day you will need to be humble and appreciate that your only answer is The Opposite and you better hope that you didn't leave it too late to save that relationship. I have dated some great women I too thought I was better in the beginning, that we were special. It is in womens interest to test men, they are biologically programmed to do so, to preserve the species and maximize the success of her offspring she does it all subconsciously. So don't feel threatened by it, she still is the special one, she is just checking to see if you are the one too. So if all you get from The New Breed, is this one lesson then you have not only profited you have excelled in life. Many men crumble under this weight and unfortunately when the gut check came they failed miserably and their self esteem was eroded beyond repair in the process. Some of the warning signs you should watch out for are: Comments like: "I still like you, but..." or "Maybe we should see other people" are a sign of concern. De-escalation in contact or proximity issues such as they are never close when they are in your presence. Seeing them less often and, or a request for more personal time. Questions such as: "Am I giving you what you want?" These should all be a sign of concern and a call to action. Remember this maxim: If you appear desperate for agreement, you will always lose!

The Scarcity Axiom

Strange wondrous reactions happen when you are attracted to a female, some help to attract, others actually push away your intended Target of Interest (TOI). Men naturally change their Kinesics by adopting new stances, and body language to women when they feel attraction. They rotate their stance to give women direct attention, their pupils dilate to see her better, they lean in to decrease the proximity. Like I said some of these help but most deter your success or just prolong it. Aristotle once said: What comes to us only at long intervals is pleasant, whether it be a person or a thing; for it is a change from what we had before, and, besides, what comes only at long intervals has the value of rarity. He understood the principles of the OT. Most people even in longterm committed relationships forget about The Challenge, and the Scarcity Axiom. Just like in business where supply and demand dictate prices, your value is measured by how available you are. People want to know what they might not be able to get in the future and that has very high value to them because of the fear of loss. That is why you save a dying relationship by breaking up with a woman, driving your value higher than it was before you did so.

- 11 -

Men inherently are more wired to fail attraction since we naturally move away from the successful path. The closer we get and the more attraction we show the more we repel females. Diamonds only retain their worth because worldwide supply is controlled, so that the price remains high. Something without value is so because it is not scarce, or else it would be demanded and traded at high rates. Are you going to accept praise better from a boss who constantly praises you or from one that rarely does so? If everything at the store is on sale do you feel you got a bargain, or is the scarcity watered down because it is common? There is a reason why some of the best sales companies use such terms as: While supplies last, " and "Available this week only." It is to create the sense of urgency and scarcity so that people feel loss and react quickly because of the Scarcity Axiom. Sports competition also works on scarcity because only one team or person can win, so we challenge others and rank ourselves amongst each other on the field and in life. Women mainly get all dolled up, not for men, but to rate higher than other women. They size each other up, give each other dirty looks, and scarcity causes some of the out of the ordinary responses you can get from females once you come to grips with the OT. Have you ever noticed how when they ban something say an album, song, movie, or even drugs, demand increases exponentially. It is why when people are told not to do something they immediately have a great desire to do so. It is why kinky fetishes, and sex practices including cheating are addictive to those who suffer from them. The power of scarcity and The Opposite Theory have a very addictive attachment to people and will cause them to do some strange things that until seen won't be believed. People will try to control each others behavior by rationing affection or time, and sometimes when overt it is repeated in reverse. Teenagers will rage against the machine and rebel because of what their parents continually limit them or exclude them from doing. The Opposite Theory can be used to control supply & demand for time, attentiveness, material objects, love and even friendliness. Appreciating its complexities will change your results dramatically overnight. Creating desire in women is simple when you have control of this magical sword.

The Opposite Reality

Here is a personal example of The Opposite in action, at full speed, with Confidence, Humor, and The Challenge. I will describe my nice guy intentions, her probable thoughts, The Opposite Action I used to gain her interest, and the Reaction I got.

The Beauty, The Opposite, and Me

Location: Busy nightclub patio.

- 12 -

Sitting on the patio, out walks a beauty in her early twenties, shes dressed down to conceal her beauty, with no makeup, and clothing to hide her curves. A concealed 10. Nice Guy Thought: Wow, she is beautiful I would like to meet her. I should make eye contact, smile, and get her attention. Opposite Action: As she was walking past, gained eye contact, looked at her like she had booger in her nose, and turned away. Estrogen Reaction: Who is this guy? Stopped in her tracks and parked up 5 feet from me looking over. Do I know him? She began smiling at me with direct eye contact, this is a female open invitation to approach and chat (this allows her to keep her Trophy status, because you still have to pursue, and she regains control). Nice Guy Thought: Cool, got her attention, go up to her start chatting, and impress her with your wonderful personality. Opposite Action: See a friend right behind her, smiled got up and walked in her direction, then continued on to friend (building the anticipation and increasing the unresolved tension). Estrogen Reaction: With the thought I was coming over, she smiled and started primping. Then as I walked past (curiosity killed the cat, our case the pussy), she had to stop me and ask, Do I know you from somewhere? Nice Guy Thought: That was a cheesy line, I would have been laughed at if I had used that opener (women arent accustomed to approaching men, they will say the funniest things to show interest in these situations). I should laugh about the line, then flash my charm, she is interested. Opposite Action: Maintain the Challenge intensify her interest. I looked at her, like I was trying to remember (searching look), pointed and paused for good effect. Then I said, No briskly, and continued on to my friend. Estrogen Reaction: She just opened the doors, showed interest, and you walked away. She is not used to this, by intensifying you create a natural Kinesics of disbelief. She gets a shocked look on her face and her head starts swiveling, she looks at you, then looks away in disbelief. This rapid head movement for her is uncontrollable and repeated in disbelief. Nice Guy Thought: I really have her attention now, go over, laugh about it and turn on the charm. Opposite Action: I am the Trophy, here comes the Humor I turn catch her head swiveling in my direction, get eye contact, and point like I just remembered her, then say, No, again loudly and laugh. Repeat a few more times until Im laughing hysterically. Estrogen Reaction: Her head swivels in my direction faster with disbelief, until she realizes it is humor and starts to laugh herself too. Nice Guy Thought: Ok, now you have her laughing, go over and introduce yourself. Apologize

- 13 -

for laughing at her, say that you were only kidding. Opposite Action: Walk over and say, Really I dont know you, stop trying to molest me, and laugh. Estrogen Action: She laughs too, knowing you are teasing her. Wanting to regain control, she says, Hey Im thirsty, want to go with me to the bar. This is a test. Nice Guy Thought: She wants me to buy her a drink, so we can chat and get to know each other better. Go with her. Opposite Action: You know this is a test (normal answer would be to say, sure, but this round is on you), but you say Sure, you are the master of The Opposite and go with her. Estrogen Action: She starts her cool girl walk, and her confidence is back up, she is the Rock Star. Nice Guy Thought: She will probably wait for me to order the drinks, what can I get her to impress her with my creativity? Opposite Action: Stopped her cool girl walk half way to the bar, turned to her and said, Hey, I know what youre up to, youre going to take me to the bar, buy me a few drinks, try to get me drunk, and take advantage of me later, then laugh. You have just used The Opposite on her in a powerful way, you answered her internal question by doing a role reversal. You subtly told her no, and you answered the drink test by suggesting that she was going to buy. Estrogen Reaction: She laughed too, went to the bar I stood there she bought me a drink, bought me more drinks as the night went on, trying to get me drunk, and definitely tried to molest me later on.

The Debrief
Now I wouldnt suggest you try this exact script on every woman you meet, as The Opposite works on what you are presented with. It is a Live Flow tool, that will correct your mistakes as you go along. This was a high value woman, with high self esteem, so much so that she dressed down to deflect attention. There was no hiding her beauty as we walked through the place, I got many pats on the back from the guys around who clearly could see how hot she was even with the dull brush. You probably heard the story from beautiful women, saying that they go out, so many men hit on them, buy them drinks, and they state that there are no good guys left. Quite a confusing statement isn't it? Now this lady could have gone out, had many guys buy her drinks all night long, got drunk, and gone home frustrated with the same guys doing the same things trying to get in her pants.

- 14 -

What she got was The Opposite, what she wanted (a Trophy), and had a great night instead.

The Doubting Truth

You will accomplish many wondrous deeds when you master The Opposite Theory. The answers will free flow as the situations are presented. You will be able to jump from one social interaction to another with ease and style. As the center of attention you will be able to mate groups at ridiculous speeds. You will become a social giant with your own circle of jesters looking to entertain you. Your social calendar will be booked solid and you will be invited to more private parties and VIP sections than you could imagine. Forever talked about as a great guy who really knows how to party, the envy of women and men alike, and the type of person everyone wants as a friend. The key is to action The Opposite to get the reaction you want (then be patient, there is no rush). Confident people dont rush, and they dont give off mixed messages with their body language by stamping their foot or acting childish. Now that I have shared this whole new world with you, realize that this was a spiritual answer for me, which I discovered by studying faith. I never questioned it for that reason, I have had many people question it and in the end they all found their own answer as it has an uncanny ability to do that even for the disbeliever. People who doubt the theory the most to start are the most devoted to it in the end, mainly because of one phrase that I always mention in the OT's company. If you ever have a problem that you can't solve, you even hired the best experts and they couldn't help you. If you are near to boiling point and are about to give up all hope, than The Opposite Theory is what you need. Try it, and wait. In nearly 30 years I have yet to see anything go unresolved. I had one lady say, So if I am afraid of flying then by crashing the plane I should lose that phobia? As strange as that sounds it is true if you crash a plane you will either survive or not be so scared of flying albeit slightly traumatized, or you will pass on in the knowledge that there is an afterlife hence curing them of that fear or just in the atheist view an end to the fear period. I do not try to answer any as it is a personal tool with personal implications so I couldn't begin to even consider the deep complexity of most people and their internal wrangling. It is not for me to answer nor do I care to, but like all the others The Answer always comes to them in the end in due time. The Opposite

The Warning of Balance

For me The Opposite Theory is a Perfect Answer to an Imperfect World, it is the balance of

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positive and negative. It is the sun that pokes out through a dreary day, it is the hope in the face of adversity, it is The Answer to make nice people succeed. Understanding this concept will bring you a lot of success, but the message behind it should temper the way you use it. Personally when I use The Opposite with women, there is no malice behind it. I am not trying to be mean, although some of the words on paper might come off that way, I assure you, there is a positive to the negative. I am trying to give them something they want and need (Love). Usually a smile will do to make it a positive message, or breaking the tension after you paused to create some mystery with a C&F Tease or Neg. If you don't use it wisely it will revert back to you at some point, Every Action has a Reaction I guarantee you. That is why it is such a personal tool. If you are tired of canned material and just want the answers then this is your ticket to heaven.

Are you tired of failing? Would you like to solve those problems that have been festering for awhile? Do you want to put the canned material in the can (garbage/rubbish) ? Are you tired of behaving like other people? Would you just like to be yourself (and that self be a success)? Do you want to be prepared for every encounter that comes your way? Do you want openers that are congruent with the situation? Do you want to be the life of the party? Tired of getting dumped? Do you want your friends to admire you? Would you like to write your own script?

These and many more are all solved with the one tool that adapts itself to the situation. Here at the Paragon Project we don't want to create carbon copies of ourselves, or have people only be comfortable with only the techniques we've laid out. Any and all are just examples, and we expect you to be inspired by them to go out and create your own. We have given you the framework to elevate you into the person you want and deserve to be. With the WOW, COPS, and Opposite Theory there is no mountain you won't be able to climb. In my tales of Sam & the Wise Man you might have thought that I was the Wise Man, I like you am Sam with much to learn and a wondrous being to teach us about the Balance in life. All those who seek are given an answer, if you believe.

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