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Centralized, Proactive Management of All Network Trafc

As the scalable management system for Allot devices, platforms and value-added services, Allot NetXplorer provides a central vantage point for network-wide monitoring, reporting, alerting, accounting and QoS policy provisioning. Its intuitive GUI paints a consolidated picture of application, user and topology trafc, while its wide variety of real-time and historical reports enable easy drill-down to the most granular trafc data.

Allot NetXplorer supplies the network business intelligence that is essential for IP service optimization in todays broadband networks. It allows network operators to understand how their bandwidth resources are being consumed by applications and users on the network, and to dene trafc management policies that link service and performance parameters to their business goals and to user expectations. With a full complement of real-time and long-term reporting capabilities, Allot NetXplorer provides unsurpassed visibility for proactive troubleshooting and trafc trend analysis to assist with capacity and service planning.


Extensive Range of Features

Graphical Device View simplies maintenance and operation

NetXplorer Favorite View

Centralized Conguration/Provisioning Congure and manage Allot Service Gateway, NetEnforcer, and SMP elements from a single GUI

Dene policies once and propagate to all managed elements Download updates to protocol and signature library once and propagate automatically to all managed elements Provide a single point of integration between Allot elements in the network and other operator systems such as provisioning, OSS, billing, and portals

resolution of 1 day, 1 week or 1 month, with automatic storage of long-term data for up to 12 months

Real-time Reports Real-time monitoring reports provide precise trafc statistics according to operator-selected resolutions of 30 seconds, 5 minutes, or 1 hour, with automatic refresh and short-term data storage

Facilitates analysis of trafc trends and internet usage habits to assist with capacity planning Popularity, Typical Time, and Percentile reports (including 95th Percentile) support accurate usage analysis and service provider billing requirements

Rich Set of Reporting Functions Predened graphical reports provide multiple perspectives on Consumption, Utilization, Most Active, Distribution, and Volume statistics

Create customized reports and consolidate multiple charts in one report Filter and display trafc data by in, out, or total bandwidth; by live, new or dropped connections; by inbound or outbound ows; by protocol, application, host, and conversation (session) Filter and display subscriber statistics by individual user, user group, service plan, and quota plan Easy navigation including zoom or scroll to view all report data, graph or tabular format, desired time-frame, and drill-down to view more granular data

Network problems quickly diagnosed using top-down approach with intuitive drill-down to zoom in on a specic period of time, connection, or user session Highly granular statistics available for up to 48 hours to assist with postmortem analysis of problems

HTTP Reports HTTP monitoring reports provide granular statistics and analysis of Internet applications based on HTTP, including HTTP browsing, audio streaming, video streaming, le transfer and download manager

Long-term Reports Historical trafc statistics are reported according to operator-selected

Most Popular URL reports show which web pages are generating the most trafc based on bandwidth consumed or number of subscribers

a mind for networks

Valuable Add-ons

Schedule reports for automatic generation and email distribution Multiple chart styles including colorcoded bar, pie, line, and stack-area charts Favorite View arranges up to 10 frequently used reports on-screen for efcient viewing Variety of report export formats, including JPEG, PNG, HTML, XML and CSV CLI interface for automation of reports, with creation and extraction from NetXplorer by external systems

User Dened Signatures Allot NetXplorer allows service providers to create customized signatures to monitor and manage the numerous applications and content based on HTTP. For example, signatures may be created to monitor trafc from individual URLs or to identify applications that use HTTP at the transport layer. Allots full array of monitoring reports based on user-dened signatures provide valuable trafc statistics and usage analysis. Intelligent Alarms SNMP traps are triggered on system and device failures, or on abnormal events per operator-dened thresholds. Color-coded alarms, prominently displayed in the Allot NetXplorer GUI, can be forwarded to the network operation center (NOC) using SNMP. Accounting Interface NetXplorers Accounting interface enables direct export of raw trafc statistics in CSV format to external systems in 5-minute or 1-hour intervals. Data includes incoming and outgoing packets per subscriber, policy, protocol (application) or host and provides input to operator OSS, billing, analysis and reporting systems.

A number of advanced capabilities are available as licensable add-ons to the standard NetXplorer software. NetAccounting detailed usage records NetAccounting processes real-time usage statistics into granular accounting records and delivers this valuable data to OSS and BSS elements to support online charging and usage-based billing for both xed and mobile broadband subscribers. Country Classication managing international links Country Classication allows operators to classify and manage trafc according to country of origin or destination, and to create different QoS policies for domestic and international trafc. NetPolicy Provisioner (NPP) value-added self-management NetPolicy Provisioner adds distinctive value to provider-carrier service offerings by allowing them to offer self-monitoring and self-provisioning capabilities to their VPN, ISP, and managed services customers. The NPP web-based GUI is accessible from any browser window, giving customers direct access to a predened set of NetXplorer real-time monitoring reports with full display options and drill-down capabilities. If desired, the provider may also permit customers to provision and adjust QoS policies within predened limits. (See the Allot NetPolicy Provisioner datasheet for details)

Powerful Policy Control NetXplorers full set of service catalogs and provisioning tools make it easy to build customized Quality of Service (QoS) policies. Policy denitions may include any combination of priority, bandwidth allocation, access, trafc shaping, trafc steering and quota actions to be taken on application and subscriber trafc. Additionally, standard CLI and SOAP interfaces allow external systems to provision policies and distribute them to all managed elements.

NetXplorer Policy Table


a mind for networks

Scalable System Architecture

Allot NetXplorers fully distributed design allows the system to scale upward by adding functional elements at the appropriate architectural layers, while maintaining overall management from a central server.
NX GUI Client

Interface Layer: Provides multiple levels of access/operation, and open interfaces for integration with external systems. Application Layer (Management, Analysis, Mediation):
Allot Communications, 10-2010. Specications subject to change without notice. Allot Communications and the Allot logo are registered trademarks of Allot Communications. All other brand or product names are trademarks of their respective holders.

NetXplorer Server
NetXplorer Accounting/NPP NetXplorer Collector Subscriber Management Platform (SMP)

Centralizes reporting, policy provisioning, and management of network trafc, conguration of all managed devices/platforms, and notication/ mitigation of network attacks. Collection Layer (optional): Supports growing and large-scale deployments through distributed data collection. Real-time Service Layer: Monitors network trafc in real time and dynamically enforces policy control per application and per user. This layer is always up and fully functional, even if other layers are temporarily unavailable.

NetEnforcer AC-400/1400/3000

NetEnforcer AC-10000

Allot Service Gateway

Allot NetXplorer software may be hosted on operator equipment or purchased as a bundled software-hardware package from Allot. Software-only deployment is supported on the following operating systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008. Below are the specications for Allots standard NetXplorer server platform and the high availability platform which comprises redundant hardware and software servers and an external storage appliance.
NetXplorer Server: Non Redundant Standard Platform (for small enterprises/ISPs that do not require subscriber management) Hardware 1 x IBM System x3650 M2 Server platform (2U) with: 1 x Intel Xeon Processor E5520 4C (2.26 GHz, 8MB, L3 Cache, 1066 MHz) 6 x 1GB DDR3-1333 1Rx8 LP RDIMM 4 x IBM 146GB 15K 6Gbps SAS 2.5" SFF Slim-HS HDD 2 x 1 Gb Ethernet ports 1 x 675W redundant power supply NetXplorer Server: High Availability Platform (For ISPs and carriers that require subscriber management) 2 x IBM System x3650 M2 Server platform (2U) with: 2 x Intel Xeon Processor E5520 4C (2.26 GHz, 8MB, L3 Cache 1066 MHz) 9 x 1GB DDR3-1333 1Rx8 LP RDIMM 2 x IBM 146GB 15K 6Gbps SAS 2.5" SFF Slim-HS HDD 4 x 1 Gb Ethernet ports 2 x 675W redundant power supply 1 x DS3200Dual Storage Controller (2U) 9 x HDD 146GB, 15K, 3.5" SAS Size Operating System Maximum Number of Managed Elements Standard 2U in 19" rack Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 32/64-bit x86 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 5 x NetEnforcer AC-400, or 5 x NetEnforcer AC-1400/3000 + 1 x Collector, or 1 x NetEnforcer AC-10000 + 1 x Collector Not recommended for Allot Service Gateway 75 x NetEnforcer AC-400, or 25 x NetEnforcer AC-1400/3000 + 5 x Collector, or 5 x NetEnforcer AC-10000 + 5 x Collector, or 5 x Allot Service Gateway Omega or Sigma + 5 Collector Standard 6U in 19" rack

About Allot Communications

Allot Communications Ltd. (NASDAQ: ALLT) is a leading provider of intelligent IP service optimization solutions for xed and mobile broadband operators and large enterprises. Allots rich portfolio of solutions leverages dynamic actionable recognition technology (DART) to transform broadband pipes into smart networks that can rapidly and efciently deploy value added Internet services. Allots scalable, carrier-grade solutions provide the visibility, topology awareness, security, application control and subscriber management that are vital to managing Internet service delivery, enhancing user experience, containing operating costs, and maximizing revenue in broadband networks.
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