DEVENDRA SINGH VASWANI SAP (MM-CIN) Seeking middle level assignments in SAP Implementation/ Support in Material Management with

a growth oriented organization. Address Contact Email : Avasvikash Colony, Rudrapur U.K. : +91 9927880026 :

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Over 5.5 years of rich experience in the field of Material Management with CIN, SAP R/3 Support, Implementation & enhancement, two life cycles Implementation completed. Currently designated as Sr. Executive SAP at Badve Engineering Ltd.


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Master data: Material master, vendor master Service Master. Info-Records. Enterprise Structure: Definition & Assignment. Configuration of Material Master: plant specific field selection and plant specific screen. Define attribute of material type & number range and material groups. Batch Management: Specify Batch Level and Active Status Management. Field selection Batch Master and Batch Number. Self life Expiration Date. Purchasing: Define default value for buyers. Define term of payment. Purchasing group groups and area. Purchasing info record: Number range, copy rules, and screen layouts & price history. Source list at plant level. Quota arrangement: number range & usage. RFQ: number range, Document type and Release procedure. Purchase requisition: number range, document type & screen layout at document level and Release procedure. • Purchase order: Define number range and document type & set tolerance for price variance • Release procedure for P O. • Schedule Agreements: number range, document type & screen layout. • Price determination process: Condition type and calculation schema. • Account Assignment. • Vendor Evaluation: weight key and criteria area. • Inventory management and physical inventory: • Number range for accounting documents and materials physical inventory documents. • Number for reservations and Goods Receipt/ issue. • Goods issue / Transfer posting: screen layout and negative stock and Tolerance limits. • Create storage location automatically. • Movement type: Record reason for movement type. • Split valuation. Active and configurations. • Accounts Determination without wizard. • Invoice verification: Document type and number range. • Vendor specific tolerance .and item amount check. • Release Invoice: document type and clearing account maintenance. Plant parameters. Define Special type procurement. Maintain planning calendar. MRP calculation, planning horizon. Stocks availability of stock in Transfer Blocked Stock. Define Rescheduling check. Lot Sizing calculation and procedure. Define schedule Margin Key.

Procurement proposals. • Changes in configuration based on requirements of client with change in business processes if required. . Capacity planning: capacity category. Available capacity. • Analysis the SAP Report output & and correctness. Stander value key. Shop Floor Control: Master Data. Define confirmation Parameters. Field Selection for Confirmations. active MRP and Set up Planning file.Procurement proposals. setup type. MRP calculation. And default value.Excise Master Configuration • - Excise TDS. Define Rescheduling check. Master Planning : Demand Management Planned Independent Requirement and its number range. wage group and suitability. available check for component. Routing data: number range for routing Control key. • Tax Utilizations. Planning file entries. planning horizon. available check for component. Creation of Planned Independent Requirement. BOM Usage & BOM status . Define Storage Location MRP per Plant. VAT. Entry Tax. Number range for orders and confirmations. Single Screen entry. Planning file entries. Planned Orders: Order profile. • Configuration of CIN & reporting of the following: . Order Type. Planning Strategy and its group. Requirement type and requirement classes.and allowed material type for BOM header. Item Category & related application area Work center category and field selection and W. Transfer of plan to Demand Planning. Service Tax. shift sequence and performance efficiency rate. Master Production Schedule: Master Data. SOP: Planning with Material and Product Group. Lot Sizing calculation and procedure.formula. Define Storage Location MRP per Plant. Stocks availability of stock in Transfer Blocked Stock. Planned Orders: Order profile. order type dependent parameters. MRP Controller Operation: Scheduling and its parameters. Define schedule Margin Key. active MRP and Set up Planning file. Material type assignment and relevancy to costing & usage. • Development of new reports as per client's requirements. Availability check: check group and check rule. Number range for reservations operations & operations. Knowledge of Configuration of Production Planning & controlling of the following: Control data for BOM.C.

Reports).• • • LSMW.0 ) trained from SIEMENS Information Systems Ltd' .P.C. TATA Tele-Services Etc. Handling main products like – A large series of Auto parts. Honda Scooters India Ltd. Board Allahabad with 66 % PERSONAL DETAILS Date of Birth Sex Marital status Languages proficient in Hobbies Salary (CTC) Expected salary (CTC) Time required joining if offered Contact Number Location preferences : : : : : : : : : : 02-Oct.Etc. Sultanpur a Govt. July 2004 – December 2007 with Varroc Engineering Ltd. Male Married English. mahindra & mahindra.C U.C.B. with 68 % B.A/PGDOM. M.0 L / annum 2 weeks 05735-269671. Reading conceptual books of ERP.For Bharti Telecom.P. Appear.Query (ABAP/4). BEx Query Report with Modelling & data Extraction. TATA MOTORS Ltd.C. OOP.S University Meerut with 64 % S. Maruti Etc. info source. Operation Management.A.-1979. Info cube. Handling main products like – A large series of Auto parts. For Bajaj Auto. A Company. C. Enjoy in work. An ISO 9001:2000 approved company. TRAININGS ATTENDED: SAP (SCM-4. Board Allahabad with 64 % H. For Bajaj Auto. An ISO 9001:2000 approved company. development of ABAP Objects. U. SAP Tools: Developed classical and Interactive Reports. Telecom Equipments and air-conditioner .Sc.S. The design. Engineering CollegeIndia in Top 20. Fiat. ABAP Tools (ALV. Reliance Telecom.S. • • • Expert in MS-Excel KIZEN TS-16949 Certified Auditor EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS M.6 L / annum 5. Jan 2008– Jun 2008 Acme Telepower Ltd. 3. North India. Hindi. . ORGANIZATIONAL EXPERIENCE Jun 2008 – Till Date with Badve Engineering Ltd. Institute of Kamala Nehru Institute of Technology.

Devendra Singh Vaswani .

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