vaultize —A Next Generation Data Protection

Next Generation Data Protection
Why Businesses Choose Vaultize?
“Disaster will strike when you are least prepared for it!” - Murphy’s Law on Disaster

Is your Data protected from Disasters?

Complete Protection from all types of Disasters
What is the most critical asset of your business—your DATA! Have you ever imagined how you would run your business without having access to your files, emails, financial/accounting data, your business application (like ERP) and more importantly your clients’ data? And, what about your own intellectual property (like designs, source code, research papers, marketing plans)? Loss of your data can interrupt your business. It may threaten your competitive position, may ruin your company’s reputation and may even impact your ability to survive. So, just think:

All device types (including Roaming Laptops)

 

Secured (AES-256 bit) Affordable  No CAPEX  Pay as you use

    

do you have a solution in place to protect all your valuable data across all locations? is your current data protection complete in protecting data from all types of threats including natural disaster (like flood, earthquake), human-induced disaster (like fire or theft), hardware loss/failure, inadvertent deletion by human error or virus/malware? is your data protected on laptops when you are roaming? when something happens to your data, can you recover and get back to your routine business within minutes? can you recover to a state up to the last minute of the occurrence of a disaster?

Centralized Administration  Policy Management  User Management

Feature Rich  Continuous backup  Disaster Recovery  Synchronization  Collaboration  Sharing over Web

If answer to any of these is NO you need Vaultize - a revolutionary next generation online Data Protection solution based on Cloud Computing!!! Vaultize is being offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that gives you enormous cost benefits like zero CAPEX and low OPEX for protecting your valuable data, without compromising on security.

Additionally, Vaultize is much more than just a plain cloud-based backup solution. It turns your otherwise “passive” backup data into “active” data with features like collaboration between users, folder synchronization across devices, disaster recovery for your servers and sharing with outside party over web. So you get highest returns on your investment in your backup solution.

vaultize — a Comprehensive Data Protection

Single solution across all locations

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vaultize —A Next Generation Data Protection



Millions of people loose their important data every year due to disk crash. One laptop is stolen every minute.

vaultize works?

Vaultize is a fully automated online data protection solution that provides Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) of your data. Vaultize client software is installed on devices—your desktops, laptops, servers and smartphones. For Vaultize to work, there is no need for the devices to be on your office LAN or at a single office location—they only need to be connected to internet. Vaultize client software works silently in background without loading your system.

When deployed in your organization, it backs up all your important data in Cloud (i.e. in one of the most sophisticated data centers in the world which is reliable, highly available and completely secured). You can deploy a single backup solution across all devices (including roaming laptops) and across all locations —including remote and branch offices where you have intermittent internet connectivity, and that too without requiring any VPN!

Vaultize uses military-grade (AES-256 bit) encryption so that the data is encrypted on your device itself before being transmitted over a secured connection (SSL) over the internet link, and while it is stored in a state of the art data center in cloud. This means nobody other than you will be able to see the contents of your data—while being transmitted over the internet as well as while it is stored on Vaultize server in cloud. The similar encryption technology is used in the majority of online banking transactions today.

Backups to CD, DVD, USB and External Disks do not provider complete protection against threats

Unlike other solutions that provide on-premise data protection Vaultize does not require any capital expense in hardware (servers and storage). It takes only a few minutes to set up. Unlike other solutions, Vaultize protection is always active whether you are in office or you are on the move.

Centralized Administration
Web-based administration allows your administrator to manage company-wide policies and provide control over the backup of hundreds/thousands of devices across all office locations. Administrator can quickly deploy Vaultize across organization in a few easy steps. When deployed in remote offices and branch offices, the backups can be managed and monitored remotely without requiring an on-site IT person.

After an initial full backup of your important data to the Vaultize server in cloud, Vaultize client continuously monitors modification to your data and sends (only) changes to the server. Vaultize uses optimizations like de-duplication and compression that significantly reduce your internet bandwidth requirement for transfer of backup data. You can choose to avail Vaultize option of initial backup (securely) through external disk to reduce the time and bandwidth for initial backup. During the backup process Vaultize maintains all revisions. Vaultize also preserves deleted files.

Local LAN-based on-premise backups do not protect you from Disasters.

The important point is that your data on roaming device like laptop is continuously being backed up while you are on move. You need not be connected to your office network for backup. In case you are not connected to internet, the changes you make to your data will be accumulated on your device and will be sent to Vaultize server next time you connect to internet—and that too automatically without you even realizing it!

Restoring any of the previous versions is very easy. You can restore a previous version of particular file by a few simple clicks on Vaultize Graphical User Interface (GUI) on your device. You can also download a version from your account on Vaultize website. Vaultize also provides facility to download a complete point in time copy of your data (e.g. a folder or a complete drive) as it existed at any particular date and time, which you may require following a situation like virus attack.

Disaster can Strike anytime. Protect your Data!

Your data is secured through Military-grade AES-256 Your encrypted data is transmitted over SSL Your data is stored on secured and reliable storage

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vaultize —A Next Generation Data Protection



You can synchronize data across devices (including smartphones) with Vaultize . For example, if you are using a laptop on the move and desktop in office —you can keep folders synchronized across all of them i.e. you see the same data on all the devices—that too selectively. That means you no longer need to manually copy and carry the data on CD/DVD/USB. Your data automatically and continuously gets synchronized to other whenever you make changes on any one device, irrespective of the location of device. With Vaultize you can selectively synchronize files and folders.

Disaster Recovery
Disaster recovery (DR) is about preparing for recovery or continuation of technology infrastructure critical to an organization after a natural (like flood, earthquake) or human-induced disaster (like fire, theft). In simple terms, it is the ability of a business to continue its operation after some disaster strikes at one location.

Vaultize automatically makes your business DR-ready by keeping all your data in cloud so that you can quickly recover from the loss. Additionally, if you have two or more locations of your organization, you can make one location a DR-site of another location so that your business continuity is maintained in case disaster strikes at one location. Vaultize continuously replicates data from one location to another and provides a near zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO). You can also use this feature to consolidate important data, say from all remote/branch offices at your headquarter.

Vaultize allows users within your business to selectively share files with their colleagues in real time— making collaborative effort within your business more efficient. Vaultize provides location transparency, which means a user can share a folder with his colleagues at different locations, and even when somebody is on the move. All this is done securely and without using a VPN, unlike many other collaboration solutions. Vaultize also guarantees that if a user of a shared folder is offline and changes are made to that folder, those changes will be synchronized automatically whenever he/she comes online.

Sharing over Web
With Vaultize it is now super easy and fast to share even large files. You no longer need to use FTP, worry about larger size email attachments or sharing files on CD/DVD/USB with people outside your organization. You just need to share a link (URL) on Vaultize website. The recipient will be able to see the files even while you are making modifications to them—giving you an efficient way to collaborate with your outside parties. You can protect the link through a password. You can also set up a time to auto-delete this link or deactivate the link manually to keep the access to these files and folders under your control. Because Vaultize only sends the incremental changes, you save on network bandwidth while sending revisions.

Online Web and Mobile Access
Every user in your organization gets a user account on Vaultize website. All data (latest copy, revisions and deleted files) is accessible to the user through this account. (coming soon) Your data is also accessible on your smartphone and tablets through synchronization feature of Vaultize. The synchronized files automatically appear on your phone for viewing. Not only that, whenever you modify the files on desktop/ laptop you get the latest version on your phone. Isn’t this COOL!

Why just backup when you have Vaultize?

Companies without proactive backup and recovery plan are very likely to loose their competitive position and even be OUT OF BUSINESS within 2 years of a major disaster

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vaultize —A Next Generation Data Protection



Affordability (Pay as you go)!
      
No CAPEX in hardware (Server/Storage) No VPN Cost Low start-up and Operating costs Predictable cost—Easy to Budget Easy to scale with your growth No surprises—No hidden costs Easy to Deploy Also explore:

Flexibility to Enterprises!
     
Public Cloud Private Cloud option Cloud Location option Cloud Storage option On-premise (LAN-based) option High-performance Appliance

vaultize Data Protection Appliance!

About Anoosmar
Anoosmar is pioneer in comprehensive cloud-based online Data Protection solution — ”Vaultize”. Vaultize is designed for the entire range of business – SMB, SME to large Enterprises — to protect valuable data from with very low total cost of ownership (TCO) and with a high returns on investment (ROI).

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Vaultize comes from a team with technical innovation and executive leadership experience in industry leading enterprise-class security, data protection and data management solutions.

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Vaultize is designed to be highly secured, robust and scalable for enterprises. Its enterprise-class administration along with advanced features, simple pricing and to other flexibility in deployment makes it superior

existing cloud-based backup solutions.

Anoosmar is a privately held company headquartered in Pune (India). For more information, please send an email to

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Why just backup when you have Vaultize?
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