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DISCOVER TH E 13 V it al Prac tic al Pr inciples to help FIG HT and REDUCE YOUR RISK FOR CA NCER

Jef f Beck

Bloomington, IN

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I n t ro d u c t io n s a n d H i sto r y
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Th e I nva sion
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This book was written with the vision of helping others with illnesses and to provide information that might help prevent illnesses. It is not intended as a substitute for the advice of your physician, but rather a supplement to the information you will receive from him or her. It is provided so that you and your physician and other medical support personnel can investigate every resource available to you. There are many ideas, products, services, and procedures that can be used to help promote good health and to ght the diseases that attack the human body. The struggle for survival has brought some of these ideas and cures to print in this book. You see, the loved ones of people ghting cancer, as well as those with the disease, spend many days wondering what the outcome will be. This book describes some of the battles, feelings, and stress points that I dealt with during my wifes battle with brain cancer. You will see how I survived the stress, how I kept from totally losing it, my struggle with suicide, and how Valerie and I won our battles with the grim reaper. If you are battling cancer or another illness, you need to study this book today. It will give you some concrete principles to help you win your health battle, as well as the knowledge and courage to deal with feelings you may be experiencing. Beyond that, though, it will also give you important information to make intelligent decisions in your battle. Do you remember the movie star that was acting a part while producing a movie, and he was having fun on the set and acting silly? In his horseplay mode, he picked up one of the prop pistols on the set, pointed it at his head, and pulled the trigger. Well the prop pistol only red blanks, but it killed him


anyway. He made a decision that he thought would not harm him at all, but in reality it cost him his life. A lot of us make these types of decisions every day. Though we know there are things we can do to help prevent cancer or other diseases (because we hear or read what those in the medical eld tell us), we dont use the principles because we are of the attitude I want to live the way I want to live. Well, in this book you will learn thirteen vital practical principles to help you reduce your risk of cancer right now. All you need to do is put some of them into practice in your life. Helping to prevent cancer can be as simple as eating your veggies, having a cucumber in your salad, or eating some fruit every day. Whats good for you doesnt have to taste bad. I make a salad I call my ultimate cancer-ghting salad, and it gets a lot of compliments when I take it for luncheons or potlucks. There is a form in the back of the book you can ll out and mail to us, and we will send you some recipes that use highly effective cancer-ghting foods. But eating only involves a few of the 13 principles. My research revealed that just about everyone who worked in a certain company has died from some type of cancer. We know that there are a lot of environmental components that help cause cancer. For instance, if you work around a lot of fumes and gases you need to seriously consider trying to cleanse them out of your body on a regular basis. Different types of cancer have different survival rates, depending on what causes may be linked to them. You can eliminate or at least minimize some causes. After Valeries cancer was discovered, it was recommended that we try a special tea, which I just couldnt see working. However, after consulting with one of my wifes doctors, we tried the tea.


After we used the tea for a while, the doctors were surprised to see some progress, progress they dont usually see in braincancer patients. This special tea can not be called a cure for cancer, but it has helped thousands of people in their ght to survive. Beside that, it has helped to relieve side effects and ailments of other diseases. In the pages to follow I will share our story of brain cancer and survival, some of the research that I have done over the years, and the stories of people I have helped who have had cancer (one persons liver cancer was gone in two weeks after talking with me on the phone). You will learn thirteen vital, practical principles to help you improve your health or ght your cancer (if you are dealing with it now). Before I get down to the purpose of the book, however, please allow me to give you a little introduction to how we met, and our lives before cancer. You really need to know that were just regular people, like you, and how cancer has affected us (and millions of others like us) so you can see the importance of the information contained in this book.


Many people believe they are going to die of somthing so they just tell themselves: I will live the way I please. Would you think about playing Russian an Roulette? Would you consider the idea to stand in the middle of a battleeld with bullets ying all around and be walking toward the enemy? Why is it that so many of us go about our daily life facing the war on cancer all the while not doing anthing to keep it from invading our lives or our loved ones lives. This book shares the story of a brain cancer survivor and 13 concrete principles from 7 years of research to help ght cancer and help reduce the risk of cancer which can also be used for other health issues. Use these along with your doctor. This book shares with you the information that will turn you into your doctors greatest ally in winning your battle for good health. The information it provides can be used along with the advice or treatment of your doctor, like what to eat, what not to eat, and what you can do around the house to improve your health. From a short history of cancer and its causes, including common household and personal products that destroy wellness, to foods and supplements that cleanse the body internally, ght disease, and improve the immune system, this book is a compendium of all the little bits and pieces of information youve ever seenand some you may have missed-about natural healing. It even includes information that J. F. Kennedys doctor used to treat and cure his cancer without using medical treatment. Not just a compilation of vague ideas, it contains lists and tips and recipes and vital information concerning mistakes you could make. One recipe to help cleanse your body of toxins with natural foods is: (to juice a cucumber [pealing and all], an apple, along with a garlic clove and then drink it). This book truly is a treasure chest overowing with gems of information for anyone dealing with cancer, allergies, arthritis,

asthma, hay fever, heartburn, or any other symptom of lessthan-optimum health. Get this book today or if you have gotten it online go to our response form to let us know a little about you. We would be glad to hear from you. There is also a form in the back of this book you may ll out and send in to us. To join the war means that you try to ght the cancer before it starts by living in a way to help prevent it or reduce your risk of cancer. His seven years of research on cancer. 13 Vital practical principles to help ght an reduce your risk of cancer. Use these principles along with your doctor.

Liver cancer gone in two weeks. Lung cancer gone. Brain cancer gone for almost 10 years. 45 minutes on phone with him and liver cancer is gone. Hes not a Doctor. Hes a Cancer educator.

These thirteen vital practical principles you will learn about in this book will help with all types of diseases. One chapter is devoted to spelling them out very clearly. This book explains about some cleansing of the body on the inside to rid the body of the toxins and organisms that dont belong.


About the Author: Jeff S. Beck devoted countless hours to independent research in order to help a family member with cancer after certain treatments did not work. He gives some very candid stories and details about how the cancer affected him. How he dealt with the stress and overwhelming grief sometimes. This book is led with a treasure chest over owing with gems of information for anyone to benet from. He has been on Channel 4 TV for noon news for interviews, had a article in Westview News around Nashville. Doctor Horward Young PHd has had Jeff do a variety of lectures for his clients. Baptist Hospital in Nashville appoved Jeffs lectures for Middle Tenn. Electric Membership Corp. Wellness Program. When you have this book at home and use some of these principles for your health you will see a great change also.



Chapter 1
I n t ro d u c t io n s a n d H i sto r y

I am Jeff. Originally born in Detroit, MI, I spent most of my childhood in a small community called Sandhill, just outside of Bowling Green, Kentucky. My family lived on a farm, and we had lots to do to keep busy. Many times, after a hard summer day of either hauling hay, working in the tobacco elds, or dealing with the cows and horses, we would take a trip to a special swimming hole that we really enjoyed. It was in a creek that wasnt far from our farm, and we knew the owner of the land where it was located. We also knew the risk. By risk, I mean that we knew who we shared the water hole with. Believe it or not, we shared it with snakes. I remember one time when there were about 14 people in the water hole and we were having a great time just swimming and jumping around in the water. It was not just our family; it was other families: men, women, girls, and boys. We were just having a good old country time together at the hole. Most of the time the snakes would stay on the outside edges of the creek, but that day there was a brave one that decided

to swim right up the middle of the creek, going between some of us in order to follow the creek downstream. Needless to say, that kinda cleared the water quickly, and for quite a little while. However, we still went back and spent time at the water hole, swimming or wading in the creek. At other times wed just take walks on the farm or explore some of the caves in the area. One of the big attractions at the farm with the swimming hole was walking across the swinging bridge or watching someone else walking across it. The bridge was strung between trees on both sides of the creek, so you could make it to the other side without getting your feet wet (hopefully anyway). It was quite a feat just to muster up the courage to be able to step around the tree to get on the bridge. You see, you had to walk up a ramp by the side of the tree and, holding onto the tree, you had to step around it onto the bridge, turning away from the tree to begin across the bridge. And you had to do that without falling the 10 or so feet to the ground.

Once you got on the bridge there was a cable on the left side, about waist or shoulder height, depending on how tall you

were, for you to hold onto and boards underneath your feet, which were attached to two other cables. All three cables were stretched across the creek between the two trees. To begin that wonderful journey across the creek, you started walking, and the bridge swayed with every step you took. If you tried walking faster to get across more quickly, the bridge would swing even more. Reaching the other side was like making a touchdown or being elected President. You made it across the bridge! And look. The others are still getting up the courage to step around the tree, if they havent decided to just stay in their comfort zone and not brave the bridge or the possibility of falling into the creek.

For many years we worked and played in this environment. I believe our favorite excuse to Mom was, We fell in, Mom. Sometimes I rode our horse, Comanche, over to the farm where the swimming hole and the bridge were. One time Mike, a friend of mine, rode with me because he had spent the night at our house and I was supposed to be taking him home. We made it there, had a great time, and I got him home and returned home

safely myself, though I got rained on in the bargain. It seemed like a very long trip on horse back that day.

Off to College
By the time I was college age, the farm with the bridge had experienced the great joy of progress. The swinging bridge was gone, replaced by a new bridge that was not only a work of art but engineering genius. The old farm house from the early nineteen hundreds, which had a dirt-oored breezeway on which cows would walk between the two sections of the building, had been remodeled into a very nice log cabin with a baby grand piano in the living room. Instead of a horse, I had my 1967 Pontiac Tempest 327, with the wide wheels in the back and four on the oor gear shift, and I was heading of to college. Carol, who was one of the new proud owners of the farm with the bridge, was going to the college I was heading to, taking some other college-age women with her. We decided to travel together, and I had the privilege of having one of those ladies ride with me on the way. We had to spend the night in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and while the ladies slept in a motel, I slept in my car. I could have rented a motel room, but I didnt care to; I knew Id get the same amount of sleep in the car as I would have in a motel bed. I was so excited about going to college that I could hardly sleep at all! I really had a good time talking with Jann (not her real name) in the car on the way to college, and when we got there, Wow, the excitement! I got settled into the routine of college: taking classes, dating, and working to pay my way. I worked in the college grounds department for a while. Then I got a part-time job in a local factory. Eventually, the time came for me to have a break, and I took a trip back home to see my family and friends.

My Future Wife
While I was visiting my family, I went to the farm with the new bridge and the remodeled old farm house that I had been in many times before. I was able to visit with some of the women that I had known and the one that had ridden to the college with me. We were talking and having a great time, and I notice there was another woman off by herself, sitting on the replace hearth while Jann and I were sitting on the couch in front of the baby grand piano. It seemed to me she was being left out, so, to keep her from feeling bad, I invited her to come and join us. Boy did that ever go wrong. She snubbed me with her nose in the air and gave me the silent treatment like no girl had ever done. She proceeded to get up and leave the room, leaving us to continue conversing about the old times and what we were dong in our lives currently. I did see her the next day and the following day, but when we saw each other, I did not want a thing to do with her. I had no desire to talk to this woman. After break, I went back to college, and never thought about her again . . . until she called me. Valerie called me about two or three months later about sharing a ride to the country to the wedding of a couple we both knew. I was kinda reluctant to ride with her all the way to Bowling Green because she had been such a snob. Why would I want to ride with her all that way with her attitude? However, after talking with her for a

while, I decided I could tolerate the ride up to the wedding with her. You know, its pretty hard to spend 4 hours in a small, cramped Honda Civic and not talk, so we ended up talking a lot, all the while getting to know each other and starting what turned out to be a great friendship. After we got back to school, we even started doing things around the college together. One day, after about a year, I told her that I was going to be out of town for the weekend, and then I hitchhiked my way home. Hitchhiking was something I had started doing when I was 15 years old, so I was used to it. When I got back she was upset with me when she found out I had hitchhiked. That might have been the rst hint that there was more in the air than just friendship. One Christmas break, I was able to take a little time off work to visit my folks. While I was gone Valerie told her mom, I miss Jeff. Valeries Mom responded, I hope youre not falling in love with him. Valerie replied, not really conscious of her growing feelings, No, Im not. Were just friends. When I got back from my break, we hung around together off and on. For a while I would spend time in her parents house with her and them. Then, in one of those kinda moving out stages, she moved into the basement apartment of her parents house. Sometimes I would drive my car to the road that was down below the hill, behind her parents house, and Valerie would walk to the road to meet me and we would spend some time together. As you may have guessed, by then the friendship had turned into a romance, and marriage was the obvious next step. I ask her to marry me and she said yes.

At the time, neither set of parents liked the idea of us being more than friends. I was about 19 and she was 22, but the aspect of our relationship that upset our parents was that we were from different types of backgrounds. Valerie was born in New York and had parents who were prim and proper, both of them educated people. Her dad had worked for different companies and had even worked overseas. In fact, they had just come back from a tour of duty as missionaries. I was the son of farmer parents who lived simple and rather laidback lives in Kentucky, and although I was going to college to break the farmer mold, chances of taking the country out of the country boy were slim.

Giving In to Popular Opinion

It turned out that most of the folks we knew did not want us to commit to each other. By the time a year had passed, we wound up breaking off the engagement. Valerie came to me and said she did not want to go ahead and get married against all the opposition, and I told her that was ne with me. I had also been thinking that we should not do it, what with all the fuss. Although we canceled our wedding and broke up, we kept seeing each other off and on, both dating other people but remaining friends. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, we never were quite happy as just friends. We eventually got back together and started dating again, even though the idea was still not received kindly by our parents. I once again asked her to marry me, and we nally got married when I was 25. It was probably a good thing we got married after we were older, or at least after having dated some more. Most of the people I went to college with who had gotten married young were already divorced before Valerie and I married.

For Better or Worse

We had some rough times, as all marriages do. After eight years of marriage it had become obvious that we were not able to have children. We worked with doctors for a while to get Valerie pregnant, but that wasnt accomplishing anything. We reached a point where we had to decide how far we would be willing to go to have children. Finally we decided to just accept the idea that we were not going to be parents. It wasnt easy side-stepping all the children remarks of others, but my wife just dove into her Home Health Care career. Valeries career took her to Florida for a traveling nurse program, while I stayed home. I packed up her car with as much as I could and sent her off with one of our dogs and my love. When she came back from Florida, all tanned and trim, she got pregnant. I was amazed because we werent supposed to be able to have children, and now this! This was not an easy time for Valerie because she was diabetic. She was under a doctors care, having to take insulin shots. However, the pregnancy went to full term and we were so excited when our little baby girl, whom we named Janae Chantal was born. I was allowed to be in the delivery room, and I even asked the doctor if I could cut the cord. You can image the look of shock I got from the doctor when I asked him if I could cut the cord of my baby daughter. He couldnt know that, after growing up on the farm and participating in

the miracle of cows and horses giving birth, it was old hat. I guess he thought that I would reconsider when he gave me that look of surprise, but I really wanted to do this, to take part in my daughters birth. He let me cut the cord after he told me where to cut. Little did I know how much that little package would change our lives. We were surprised and almost overwhelmed that we had a baby after 8 years of trying. When we accepted our miracle and went on with our lives, who would have ever guessed that not long after our blessed event we would have another surprise. Yes! Once unable to have any children, now we were going to have a second child. This pregnancy and birth, which resulted in Jeffrey Dillon, was just as exciting as the rst. But we werent done. A couple of years later we had another boy, Justin Scott. Justin Scott was a miracle in more ways than one. When my third child, a second son, was born, I was not able to be in the delivery room as I had been when the other two children were born. He was delivered with a C-section, which limited what I could do. I had to stay in my space. I kinda looked over the partition some, but not too much. It hurt me just seeing what they were doing to my wife to get the baby out! Justin Scott gave them a bit of a hard time when it came to breathing, but that was nothing compared to what his mom would encounter later on with her complications.

Chantal and Dillon

Chantal with Mom and Dad

Chantal says: Hi Yall.


Scott being playful.

Dillon in the hospital with Chantal and Mom.


Chantal and Dillon.

Valerie and Jeff after the cancer.


After Scott was born, Valerie was taken to the recovery room and then sent to her room. She was having some pain in her stomach area that became really intense. The chaplain of her Home Health Care Agency came to be with her and prayed with her a little. He was a really good friend, and Valerie knew that he truly cared about his patients and about his friends. I stayed with Valerie as much as I could while she was in her room, just to be with her. She had her ups and downs, and at one point I was all crunched up in a chair, trying to stay out of the way while two doctors and three nurses crowded around her. At any given time there were three people carrying needles with medication in them to give to her if the need arose. You see, they had been giving her blood and IV uids, but nothing was coming out. At one point, Valerie was sitting up somewhat in bed, and the doctor pushed her farther forward. Right about this time Valeries feisty side came out. She hauled off and hit him, yelling, That hurts! Well, the pain continued, and since her body wasnt responding to the blood and IV uids the way it should, it was decided to take her back into the OR for more surgery to see what exactly was going on. It turned out that she was bleeding internally! Once they got that situation under control, however, Valerie was in the hospital for only a little while longer and then returned home. All was nally going well for Valerie . . . except for some annoying headaches.


Chapter 2
Th e I nva sion

Not long after Scott was born, I was away working and got a call from a Medic. He was in my house with the three children and my wife. He very promptly told me, I need to take your wife to the hospital, but I cant because I cant leave the three children at home alone. It would probably be best if you come home and take her to the hospital yourself. You see, one of my wifes co-workers in home health care had called 911 and told them that they needed to come and take my wife to the hospital because she was not her usual self; something was medically wrong, but she didnt know what. When the medic told me that I needed to take her to the hospital myself and to come and do it right away, I immediately began winding down my work and was headed for home as soon as possible. After getting home as quickly as I could, I found my wife with a temperature and somewhat disorientated. You would have thought I was The Flash, we headed to the emergency room so fast!

You may be familiar with how long one spends in an emergency room for any particular visit. Well, it turned out to be even longer for us than anyone could have imagined. Valerie spent a total of two months in the hospital. We even had her birthday party there. It was a very trying time for the whole family because of the stress caused by the medical issues that were taking place with my wife. I knew that she would be in the hands of God, as well as those of her long-time friend and physician, Dr. Jerkins. She was not just my wifes personal doctor. As a medical colleague who admired the way my wife took care of her diabetic patients, Dr. Jerkins would request Valeries professional services a lot. She and I were only acquaintances at rst, but we would get to know each other pretty well during my wifes two-month stay in the hospital. The day I got the call was a wet, cold Sunday. I was out trying to make some extra money for the budget. However, this otherwise ordinary day turned out to be a very dramatic, lifechanging day, all because of a temperature that they could not get under control.

All Too Fleeting Condence

Once we got to the hospital, I thought, itll be a breeze. I had condence that this was just some small complication of Valeries recent delivery; we could get through the emergency room, get her some antibiotic or something, get back to the house, slide down into the bed, and get some sleep so I could go to work the next morning. Valerie was still on maternity leave, so she wouldnt have to go to work. She could enjoy the luxury of just being a mom for a little while longer. Little did I know what we were in for. I had gone from trimming shrubs in the great outdoors to shepherding children in the emergency room at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. They had me setting up shop with my three children, who were all under the age of four-yes, thats right. All our children were under four years old at the time.

The youngest wasnt even 1 month old yet . . . well, maybe a couple of days older. I thought they wanted us to camp out with them in the hospital until Valerie was ready to be released, but eventually they told me to go home and come back the following day. Her temperature was not responding, and they wanted to keep her overnight so they could see how she would do. We did return the next day, only to nd that her condition had not changed. They had at least moved Valerie from the emergency room to a room on the oor; however, the temperature was still there, and she was getting worse. The doctors were trying to gure out what was wrong with her-not just why she had a temperature, but why she was disoriented. Of course, they ran test after test to try to get some idea as to what to do to help her.

Home Fires Keep Burning

While Valerie was lying in the hospital, I was dealing with the children and keeping the home front going. It was difcult at times because of what I had to deal with. During the rst two weeks that Valerie was in the hospital, I was your basically competent dad with three small children: I took them to day care, I went to work, and I took care of them at home before and afterward. Scottie, until then, had been breast fed, so I had to get him to accept the idea of a bottle and a totally different kind of milk from a totally different person. As things grew more difcult, however, Chantal, Dillon, and Scottie were my little reality checks. They would help bring me out of it when I would get lost in the tears and the thought of Valerie dying. In addition, God was my stronghold. I would talk to him a lot, or I would sing songs about God. I sang In the Garden (I come to the garden alone) a lot. Singing about God and talking to God helped me to nd the strength to deal with the curve ball life had thrown me.


I would get calls in the middle of the night from Valeries doctor informing me of her current situation and what they would like to do to help her. During all this I was told that Valerie would probably not make it. The best that we could hope for would be for her to be able to stay in a nursing home somewhat comfortably until she died. I spent many evenings at the hospital and some days there also, but I had to try to keep doing my job and raising my children.

Strength at the End of Condence

Many times I would be so overwhelmed with the prospect of Valeries death that I could not control my tears or my thoughts. When the overpowering feeling would hit me, I would just start crying about the whole ordeal. I knew I had to get a grip. Thats when I would sing or think about going to the garden with Jesus, walking and talking with him, and letting him talk to me. The situation was totally out of my control, and there was nothing I could do but pray and leave it in the hands of Jesus and Valeries doctor. Jesus and the doctor were doing all they could for her. I knew that because God answers prayer, and so many people were praying for my wife and her doctors. Sometimes I would have to just think my prayer over and over, and sometimes I would say it aloud: Jesus, please be with my wife and her doctor. I commit her to your will. I hope she survives, but if that is not your will, help me to be able to deal with it if she dies. And give me the strength to take care of these three children. This gave me peace and strength to live one day at a time, which was the other song I sang a lot: One day at a time, sweet Jesus. Thats all I am asking from you. Lord for my sake, teach me to take one day at a time. This would help me have peace during the times when the death idea would overpower me. Ill tell you, dealing with this medical situation taught me a lot; it brought me closer to my God and it brought me closer to my children. Having to be the main caregiver of our children built a bond between us that most fathers only dream about. I would get up

two or three times a night with Scottie. We would be sitting in the chair, Scottie tucked in one of my arms, warm bottle in my other hand, and me looking into his eyes and talking to him, sometimes with my tears of combined grief and joy falling on his little soft cheeks. I had spent time with my other two children during their baby stages: giving them baths, changing their diapers, taking them to day care, feeding them, and reading to and talking with them. So it was not like I was in a dilemma and did not know what to do. I believe that is what has helped me to have such a good relationship with my children today. I started out spending time with my children, and I still do. I liked to do things for them and be with them when they were little. God helped me to see that I could have deep joy with my children. I could enjoy them and receive great joy from them and God, even in my trials and grief. If you have ever given a little boy or girl a bath, you will enjoy this. One evening at bath time, I had put the water in the little baby tub and started putting Scott in it. I had been having a bad day and was losing my battle to stay strong. The feelings were getting to me, and my tears were falling onto him and in the water. When I got him into the water, his little fountain started, which of course made it necessary for me to run his bath water again. Even then I could see some humor in this one more, though minor, complication in caring for three very young children by myself. While I was standing there holding him, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, I started singing gospel songs. Yes, singing was denitely my grief suppressor.

Character Building
I had learned to deal with grief this way when I was 25 years old. I was still a single man and very much alone when I encountered my rst real grief. Of course, I had many little strength-building lessons along the way, lessons that were hard to recognize at the time.

I was working part-time at a private boarding high school called Highland Academy, in Portland, Tennessee, at the time, as well as holding down a full-time job as a janitor for a nursing home near the academy. One day I was vacuuming the carpet of one of the hallways in the nursing home, and the cord on the vacuum abruptly stopped me from going any further, so I turned around to see who had stepped on my cord. It was the Dean of Highland Academy. The dean said, Turn off the vacuum, Jeff. I have something I want to ask you. I did as he asked and looked at him respectfully, wondering what it was all about. Jeff, I have a proposal for you. I know you are looking for a place to stay. What would you think about being the assistant dean of boys for Highland Academy? As assistant to the Dean of Boys, you would only have part-time duty, but it would furnish you a place to stay. You would live in the dorm, eat the meals in the cafeteria, and watch the boys for a while, say on weekends, and lead some of the worship meetings for the boys dorm. The board has met and your name was brought up. We would like it very much if you would consider it. I immediately told Dean Parish, No. He promptly replied, Now, Jeff, dont make a quick decision. You should think about it and then let me know. I told him, I am so young the boys will look at me as one of them. (You probably should know that I am the runt of my family. My younger brother was bigger than I was at the time . . . and still is. I weighed about 165 lbs. and was not very muscular at all. I was told that I had a rough childhood medically, and thats why I was small.)


The Dean then said that if the board thought that I could do it, then I should think about it. Dont make your nal decision now; think about it and then give me an answer. The age thing wont make a difference. You will have the strength to deal with it, and the school will stand behind you. Well, after thinking about it, I decided to accept the challenge and to be The Young Assistant Boys Dean for Highland Academy. When I decided to take the position, I knew that there were two rules Id have to follow. One was not to make a harsh statement about discipline, and the other was to stay away from the girls and the girls dorm. I did both. I dealt with the pad right in the I wanted to be a remember that I boys had to test high-schoolers just ne. I had my own dorm, so I was kind of close to them. friend, a pal, and help them, but I had to was to keep it in control. Of course, the me to see how far I would let them go.

One boy covered himself with shaving cream and came at me, wanting a hug. That didnt happen. Then there was this one fellow, a senior, (well call him Don) who took to the idea that he wanted to pick on me just to see what would happen. He thought I was a wimp and wanted to ght with me just for the fun of it. What he didnt know was that I also had been the kind of teenager that got in ghts just for the fun of it to see who could win. As a matter of fact, I still have a reminder of one of my just-for-the-fun-of-it ghts. Don would come around and tease me about wrestling with him. Sometimes he would lightly tap me on the face with his hand, trying to get me to wrestle with him. Oh how I wanted to . . . but I knew I could not do it. What if one of us got hurt?


I continued to take the teases in the dorm, in the cafeteria, on the sidewalk, etc.; wherever he would see me, he would tease me. We actually built a good friendship from the teasing. One Saturday I came into the dorm lobby with my suit on. There are double doors as you come in the dorm, you walk up about a dozen steps, and you are on the main hall oor. Over to the right of the steps there is a landing with a black metal handrail, and then you come to a wooden couch with brown pillows on it. I had sat down there on the couch and was taking life easy, enjoying my time, when who walks in? My teasing friend. Don came over to me to tease me a little and started lightly smacking me in the face, the usual little teasing taps, not hard, saying, Come on, Jeff. Lets wrestle. Whats the matter? You afraid to? Are you a wimp? Come on, Jeff! What, you cant ght cause youre afraid of me? Many times I had told him I was not afraid of him; I just did not want to wrestle with him. The truth, of course, was that I would have enjoyed wrestling with him, but I dared not, no matter what he said or did. Yet there he was, doing his boxers dance, bouncing back and forth on his feet and lightly smacking me in the face, taunting me to wrestle with him. I nally got up and started walking to my dorm room. He accompanied me, dancing around from foot to foot, tapping me in the face, saying, Come on, Jeff. Lets wrestle. What is the matter? You chicken? You weak? No. I am going to my room to change my clothes, and then I am going to come back out here and we are going to wrestle. I did come back out, and I proved to be more than he expected. He got hurt a little, and I got scared; hence, we had to end the wrestling match.


We had been friends before, but we became better friends, and he respected me more. He also told some of the other boys in the dorm about the little incident. This was one episode that helped me to realize that God will help you in making decisions, no matter how strange the circumstances may seem or how hard the decisions may be. There was another incident while I was assistant dean that I had no idea how to handle. I was eating my lunch in the cafeteria, just minding my own business. I was not even on duty at the time. One of the boys came over and mooned a table of folks eating their lunch. What should I do? I didnt want to make a judgment on my own, but could I just let him get away with it? No! My wish to be accepted by the boys and to be their friend could not overlook this type of behavior. There was only one thing to do. I asked God for some wisdom to know how to handle it. Then an answer came to me. I walked up to the small lobby of the cafeteria where the offender (lets call him Tony) was standing and asked him to come with me to the person in charge, whom well call Ms. Murphy, and he accompanied me. We both sat down at the opposite side of the table at which Ms. Murphy was sitting, and I said to her, We need to talk to Tony. She asked him what we needed to talk about, and he told her what he had done. The discipline that resulted was a bit harsher than I expected and upset me a bit, and it made the students upset with me, but we all got through it and learned from it.

Learning to Deal With Grief

Yes, I have good memories and bad memories of my time as assistant dean at Highland Academy, but one of the worst times happened at about 5:30 in the morning.


I was doing my daily study of the Bible and talking with God, when I heard someone coming into the front doors of the lobby. They were walking and talking in the hall. What are they doing here? I wondered. The boys are gone and I am the only one that is supposed to be here. The next thing I knew, there was knocking on my door, so I went to the door to see who it was. It was Bobby and Peggy, a couple that I knew because Mom had worked with Peggy at Union Underwear Company (Fruit Of the Loom Brand), we went to the same church, and she would come to our house sometimes. This time, however, they were bearers of bad news. I could tell because Peggy and Bobby both had solemn looks on their faces, faces you see after someone has cried. Then it was my turn. They told me that my brother Jim had been killed. Jim was just 1 year older than I. More families lose loved ones in farming accidents than many people realize. Now my brother Jimmy was just another statistic.


My Brother Jim. Bobby and Peggy drove me to my parents house, just north of Bowling Green Kentucky, which was about 75 miles away from the dorm. Here I was, a single man away from most of my family, and going back home to deal with the death of my brother. The grief that hit me was like nothing I had ever dealt with. Yes, I had experienced grief, but not like this. I started thinking of my time with him: the ghts, the good times, the bad times, some of the accidents on the farm. Up until then, we had managed to live the farm life without anyone getting really badly hurt. Yes, we had our accidents. Joey once got caught between the tractor tire and the wagon. Jim was once burned a little during a wind shift while we were burning off a tobacco bed. Jim also had to deal with a man with a gun one time. There was a time all our workers and we had to handle a bad situation. Of course, there had been many ghts between us

boys. There even had been many times we boys-yes, me too, would do stupid stuff and get shot at. Amazingly, some thought, we had made it through the teen years; we were older now. Jim had moved to Texas and started to settle down. He was going to get married. I couldnt help but wonder. He comes home to the farm for a vacation and gets killed after cutting hay all night and driving the tractor home? This would be a real test for me. Either I would grow with God or away from God. As far as I was concerned, this ordeal was harder for me than others in my family because, though I was a part of the family, I didnt have anyone to comfort me through the pain. Both my remaining brothers, Joe and Jack, were married and had someone less involved in the grief to console them. My sister was still living with our parents, and the three of them leaned on each other. Since I had gone with Jim to Texas for a while, and then had come back, we had become closer than ever before. Beside that, however, I could have talked to him on the phone but hadnt, because I wanted to save the money knowing I would see him soon. It hurt all the more because I never got to talk to him again. However, I chose to grow with God. I leaned on him, and let him carry me when I needed it. I would go to a quiet place and just sit and sing songs about God and talk to God. As I was singing, I would make up songs. Sometimes I would go to Jims grave at the cemetery and sit down under the nearest tree and sing about God. The pain of losing my brother was a heavy weight that I felt I could not bear, and singing and thinking about God helped to lift that weight. Dealing with my brothers death helped me to be able to deal with the medical situation in which we now found Valerie. I

would sing Fill my Cup Lord . . . Come and quench this thirsting of my soul. Bread of heaven feed me till I want no more. Fill my cup, ll it up and make me whole. I would sing all the verses. I would start out singing while I was crying, and singing would help me get my be strong attitude back when I was dealing with grieving moments. I tried never to cry around my children, or I would make up some reason why I was crying. While I was dealing with the cancer and my wife being in the hospital, my spirit was weak. On occasion I would ask God if he could take this cup from me, like Jesus did before he went to the cross. You may have seen whats called The Serenity Prayer on plaques or cards: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Well, he did that for me. He got me through times of heartache and grief. And it didnt hurt that I believe we had a prayer band that covered the whole United States, with many types of Christians praying for my wife.

Dont misunderstand me, now. Trusting in your doctor and using whatever you can to win the battle with cancer are necessary components. Just keep in mind that you can survive cancer, but you will still have to deal with the effects the disease will leave on or in your body. Thats why Ive written my books. Even if you are cancer-free now, you can still use portions of this book to help keep the cancer risk down for you and your loved ones and avoid the after-effects. Nevertheless, no matter how you use these ideas and principles, in my humble opinion, you need a team to make it through this, a team made up of you, a doctor in whom you trust, and a higher power whom you can trust to give you rest and strength and forgiveness and hope and guidance to forge ahead. And if you dont have a higher power in whom you can trust, try mine!

That reminds me of the time I stopped off in Tiftonia, Tennessee, and did something I had wanted to try for quite a while: hang gliding. There was a business where you could pay a fee and ride a hang glider down the side of the hill, preferably in the air, to the bottom. It was on a guiding cable, of course, so it couldnt take off on its own out into the valley or maybe even into the next valley where youd get lost or hurt, but you could still glide in the air to the bottom. The rst time I tried it, it took a lot of faith, in both the business and God, for me to run off the side of the hill into mid-air like a wild man and let the wind and hang glider do the work. I had to just trust and go for it. We need to do that with both our doctors and God all the time. It was a little harder to trust human doctors, who can make mistakes, but my Bible studies taught me that I can totally trust my God to help me deal with any problem if I put it in his hands. I had to follow certain rules instead of making them. I had to nd ways to be a helper because I was certainly no trained doctor, but I also had to trust that God would either work with the outcome to somehow turn a disaster into a blessing or comfort me through whatever would follow. We were in for quite a trip, and I did not know where it would lead or how many turns we would be taking along the way. Still, I knew God would be there with us.


Chapter 3
Th e Ro c k y H o sp i t a l Jou r n ey

You must rst realize, when you are dealing with a medical situation, that it will put a lot of stress on all the parties involved. We had so many things to deal with during our hospital stay that it was sometimes overwhelming. If youre saying to yourself right now, Whats this our hospital stay? It was your wifes stay in the hospital! then youve never had a loved one hospitalized. I may have only spent onequarter or even one-eighth of the time there that Valerie spent, but her caregivers knew me well. Beside time spent, however, having my life partner, my other half in the hospital made it my hospitalization as well. Days in the hospital turned into weeks and months, so we all became worn out both with the logistics of hospital care and with not knowing what was going on with her. There where different things that happened during her stay that made life even more difcult and depression was inevitable.


Most of the time I would be at work or with the children, but the rest of the time I would be at the hospital. I would spend as much time as I could with my wife in her room or in the waiting room. Sometimes I would go for walks around Nashville just to get out of Baptist Hospital. Her doctor and 5 other doctors didnt know what was wrong, what to do. I wondered, How am I going to help by being in the waiting room when I am exhausted and need to take the children home? So I would go home and deal with the children and then come back and spend what time I could with Valerie. Her doctor told me that the best we could hope for was that Valerie would be able to stay in a nursing home, so my wife and I talked about that. She told me that she would rather stay in a nursing home near us than go farther away to her parents home and not be able to see me and the children. The doctor also told me that I needed to have power of attorney so that I could be the one to make the hard decisions for Valerie if it came down to that. So in addition to juggling the rest of my life, I started the process of getting power of attorney and began the quest to line up the nursing home. This led into getting Valerie on Medicare and Social Security.

Worlds Worst Roller Coaster

You want to talk about overwhelmed? I was so snowed under with all I needed to do that life became very difcult. Not to encourage a pity party, but by way of explanation, I was by myself, taking care of the three very small children at home, getting them to daycare, holding down a full-time job, going to visit Valerie, and feeding Scotty a couple of times a night. Before I knew it, I was totally drained and exhausted. Sometimes, while driving to and from work, I would have to pull off Highway 96 until I could stop crying long enough that I could see to drive again. It was so hard to keep my mind focused that sometimes I would have those temporary insanity moments. I would lose control, stay out of it for a while, and then have to

pull myself back together, which I know only happened by the strength that God gave me. Yes, you guessed it: sometimes I would sing. I would also listen to a morning show on the radio with Doug and Karla. Many times just listening to the Christian radio would help me. Valeries doctor would keep me informed and would call me whenever she deemed necessary. She would say, Your wife is getting worse; we want to do something that might help, but we need your permission. My wife had been a hospice nurse, so I had some idea what active treatment and post-cancer care involved and what the outcome could be. When I think back on that time, if I had enlisted in the cancer war and used some of the principles in this book before disaster struck, we might have avoided becoming victims. Sometimes in order to see the view, you have to climb the mountain. This is one mountain I wish we could have avoided climbing. You know, someone once said, Our greatest weakness is in giving up. Many times I wanted to give up, but I had to keep going. At one point I thought about suicide. There was a place that I went to sit and think about suicide. In fact, I went there twice. Believe it: I had conversations with myself about suicide. Had it not been for my walk with Jesus, my singing, my listening, and my faith that somehow God would help me make it through this, I could have ended up like a lot of other people: drugged out or dead. I became very depressed about the cancer and the other things we were dealing with. Probably the one thing that really had me by the throat was that I did not have a job at one point and didnt know where the money was going to come from.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

The idea that I could have avoided all this is why I try to help others with the concept that they can do some things to help

keep themselves and their loved ones from having to deal with cancer and other illnesses. Herbert Spencer said, The preservation of health is a duty. We should consider it our duty to take care of ourselves so we will be healthy. It would be far better to educate yourself about better health and how to have it than to wait till you are sick and must deal with the illness and its after-effects. I had to make many decisions for my wife to try to keep her alive or to help her just be able to function if she did make it. No one should have to make decisions that could permanently damage or kill their spouse! When it came time for me to have her taken off life support, it was a difcult decision. I approached Dr. Jerkins and started talking to her about Valerie not wanting to be on life support, and she agreed with me that Valerie would not want to be dependent on machines for her life. Though we didnt know what would happen, after two weeks the life support was discontinued. That was one of the times I took a long walk around Nashville to have a talk with God and take a little break from the complexities of my life at that moment. I could have fallen into drinking; I thought that might help me deal with my life. However, I realized it was only a temporary x, that my problem wouldnt just go away and there was only one thing that would help me through this. So instead of diving into the bottle at a time when my children needed me the most, I took those walks and talked to God. According to other people I was doing all the wrong things while Valerie was in the hospital. They said I shouldnt take walks; I should be at the hospital more. I should stay in the room with her more. I know people were saying these things, because they said them to me. They also said, He is trying to put her away and get her out of his life by trying to put her in a nursing home. Some of the things you have to deal with while youre combating cancer can be just as hard as dealing with

the cancer and its aftereffects. Somehow, by the strength and grace of Jesus and my decision to stay in the arms of Christ and let him help me keep it together, I made it through this stormy midnight in my life. But it wasnt all bad. I had some help from my community and from my family and from Valeries family.

Letting Others Help

Valerie had given a little neighbor girl some piano lessons for a while, and when the girl heard that her piano teacher was in the hospital and had been there a while, she and her Girl Scout troop decided to help me with the children a couple of nights a week. They came to me and told me that they wanted to have some of the girls come to help watch the children in the evening. I agreed to have two of the girls come at a time, and I very much appreciated it when they could provide the extra hands to help lighten my load. They could keep my children out of trouble while I xed supper or did laundry, and they could occupy the time of two of the children while I gave the third a bath. One time one of the moms came with the girls so I could go to the hospital. Because I had been up the night before with phone calls from the doctor in addition to feeding Scotty, I decided, instead, to take a rest since an adult would be with the girls taking care of the children. I went to bed and left the children to their care. This wonderful mom and the two Girl Scouts fed the kids, bathed them, and took care of them till bedtime. Then they put the children to bed, waited till they were asleep, and left the house. Have you ever had to accept a lot of help from others in your community? I dont know about you, but I found it difcult. One of the men from the community had to talk with me. He helped me understand that sometimes, when we are dealing with the harder aspects of life, it is all right to have some help from others. You may need to accept help from others too. Dont let yourself feel bad about it. God put us here to help each other.

If no one needs any help (or at least if no one will accept any help), none of our desires to help others can be satised! No one can always be on the giving end! While my wife was in the hospital, my parents came to help me for a week. It was so nice while they stayed with us. I would get up in the morning and my mom would have breakfast ready. They would help me with the children before I took them to daycare. There was a waiting list for this daycare service and I did not want to lose our spot. Since I had to pay for them anyway, I continued to take them to daycare even when Mom and Dad were there. When I would come home in the evening after work, my folks where there to help with the evening meal and with the children. It was so great, but the day came when they had to go back to their joint life and I had to go back to my lonely one. There I was, a grown man, and I had a homesickness that was worse than when I went away from home for high school.

Adventures in Not Babysitting

I did manage to keep things together most of the time. I even did things that I never dreamed I would be doing. For the rst time, I found myself in a bucket, 75 feet in the air, trimming trees! Trimming trees is not what I would have pictured my little self doing for a living, but it helped to pay the bills. One time during Christmas, having found work with another treetrimming company, I had to trim the trees while I was elevated in a bucket around electric wires! Now that was really soul stirring! I clearly remember being really scared, but for the sake of paying bills I managed to get through it. One time there was this big tree on a creek bank that had holes in the ground around it, like several ground hogs dens. My team leader pulled the rig up by the tree and said, Jeff, this one is yours.


I gassed up the saw, put the outriggers (the things you see on the big trucks that pick the truck up off the ground) down, and climbed into the bucket. After putting on my safety harness, I started to maneuver the bucket to the tree and proceeded to cut off the limbs that needed to come down. You probably should know that on one tree-trimming occasion before this, I had cut my leg with the chain saw. Yes, I was totally blessed by God that time. While I was clearing a hill, I was standing by a tree and concentrating on getting things done. I felt this sting run through my leg, which I thought was a brier that had just grabbed my leg. I kept working, trying to get the hill cleaned off and get out of there. When I stopped to get some water, I looked into the stinging leg situation and realized that it was not a brier that had reached out and touched my leg at all. I had cut my leg with the chain saw, and it did not look good to me. It was not real bad, but any time you cut yourself with a chain saw, it cant be good. We cut my pants leg off so we could treat the wound, and then I went right back to work again. As a matter of fact, I just went into work the next day and never did go see the doctor. My wife was not too pleased with me about the not going to the doctor part. My leg healed up pretty well and I only have a little bit of a scar there, but we dont talk much about it. This little incident made me a lot more conscious of the potential for accidents while working in the trees. Here I was in a bucket going up the side of one of the biggest trees we had trimmed since I started working for the company, and the ground below looked like ground hogs had used it for a playground . . . and the water from the creek made the area even worse. Would the outriggers hold me steady in the bucket or would the ground underneath me give way and the bucket throw me into the air stuck in my safety harness? Even worse, would it throw me into the electric lines? You can bet I proceeded with caution.


I got to the top of the tree and was trimming really close to the electric lines. This is when you need a prayer for God to help you not to touch the electric lines while you are trimming. Thinking of the stories of people who had been killed just by touching the truck when another person had the bucket too close to the lines and knowing that I was 60 to 70 feet in the air and only four feet away from a line that was carrying enough electricity to light up a small city unnerved me. It was denitely time to pray and not make any stupid mistakes. To make matters worse, I needed to get closer to the electric line because there was a limb protruding over the line. My hand movements with the mechanical lever would have to be very careful so I did not throw the bucket into the lines myself. This was going to be a very cautious maneuver. I prayed that God would help me to think about the situation at hand, instead of everything else in my life, and help me to cut the limb without touching the line. Then I moved out even closer to the line and trimmed off a small piece of the limb. I managed to cut it off without touching the line; however I now had a new dilemma. The piece of limb had fallen onto the electric line and was hanging in mid-air. I had to get it off, but I couldnt get any closer with the bucket. I wondered, What do I do? I am 60 to 70 feet in the air, about 2 feet away from a live electric wire, and I need to get a small tree limb off of the wire. Its too far away, not to mention too dangerous, to just reach out and take it off. Another prayer and a whole lot of caution is needed here. I wound up cutting off another small limb, while holding the free end of it in my hand, and then throwing it at the limb on the line. Thankfully, that maneuver worked without causing the wire to rebound into the bucket. The things we do just because we need money or because were dealing with cancer or other illnesses!

Making the Right Choices

I nished the trimming needed to get those limbs away from the line, as well as some others. When I looked down, I was over the creek, still trimming the tree. The idea came to me that, since the tree was away from the line now and I had dealt with about as much as I could tolerate, it was time to make up an excuse to get out of Dodge (get back on the ground). My plan succeeded, but not for long. I still had to come back to the same tree and go through it all over again later. Id have been better off just staying there and nishing the job instead of maneuvering down, unharnessing, climbing out, following through on my excuse, and returning later. Im telling you all this to demonstrate that sometimes our decisions turn out to be bad ones, and we have to deal with them later. When we refuse to live in a way that will reduce our risk of cancer, the probability remains that we will someday have to deal with illness, and maybe we will have to deal with it more than once. Most of the time, if we survive, the cancer comes back. You hear of friends or relatives or other peoples friends or relatives that had cancer once and it came back. They are either ghting it again or have lost the battle. Now please dont get the wrong idea. I am not saying if you use the principles in this book you will never get cancer. I cant say that rst of all because the FDA wont let me and second of all because enough studies have not been done to prove its true; however, using these principles has been shown to help to reduce the risk of cancer and other illnesses in other people. I certainly wish I had used these principles before I had to deal with my wifes cancer! The truth is that once cancer invades your life, it never leaves. Whether you are dealing with the pain of a lost loved one or dealing with the effects the cancer leaves behind when youve won the battle, the shadow of cancer is still with you. Please consider using these ideas to help keep the big C away from

your world. If we incorporate into our lives principles that help prevent illnesses, maybe we wont have to deal with so much pain and suffering. Also, consider this: I have cleaned houses and carpets. I have dug out three walnut tree stumps by hand. Thats right: by hand. The owners wife took a picture of me with the lower half of my body lying out on the ground and my head and chest totally submerged underneath a walnut tree stump. I have done many different things to help keep my family going, because sometimes you have to let the idea of the ideal job go just to feed your children.

Everything Has Consequences

If you knew that you could take some simple steps to help reduce your chance of cancer, would you do it? Would you make a change in your life if it would keep your son, daughter, husband, wife, or parent from having to deal with cancer? There are very few people who dont ask the doctor, What could I have done to prevent this cancer? It is amazing that over a million people every year get drafted into the war on cancer, and over 500,000 die from it, when many medical organizations tell us that most cancers are preventable. Why dont more of us do something to reduce our chances of being dragged into the cancer arena? My experience has really given me a new perspective on dealing with cancer. When your wife is in the hospital for two months, you do a lot of meditating and reecting. I had to make a decision to put her on life support, then to take her off life support. Then I had to decide whether to let them do brain surgery to take out part of her brain to nd out what was going on and see if it was cancer. It is easy for the doctors to sit there and tell you that the problem is in a part of the brain that is not really needed and that she will still be able to function without it. But what kinds

of side effects will really result? Will she remember anything or will she have total memory loss? How can I make a decision to allow them to take out part of my wifes brain? Will she be totally mad at me if I let them? Valerie and I had agreed that we would not make any decision for each other when people ask if our spouse would be willing to do something. Now I was making the decision to take out part of her brain! I wanted to pass this off to someone else like a football. I couldnt, though. I had to make a decision and do it now. At the time I felt so alone, but later I would nd out while attending a brain-cancer support group that this decision is made by many people. Once the decision was made, they went ahead with the surgery and she did pretty well, though she had to learn a lot of things all over again. She did not know who her parents were and that she was married with three children. She had to go to rehab to relearn all the things she could no longer do because they were stored in the part of her brain that they removed. What had I done? Had I made the situation worse by agreeing to the operation? People told me many times, I cant understand how you are dealing with all this: the grief, the hospital, the surgery, and the children along with everything else. You are still managing to keep up and not break down. What they did not realize is that I had broken down, many times, and a couple of times almost to the point of no return. There were times that my decision haunted me. Now, not only did she have the same aliment, but she was totally different. She had to be tied to the bed for a little while so she wouldnt leave. She was in a room by the stairs, and she almost got out of the hospital. What had I done to her, taking out part of her


brain? What if she didnt get better from this? Would I really have to leave her in a nursing home? My brain was ooding with thoughts that continued to spiral me into a deep depression, complete with headaches. I had to stop this! I had to get control again! You guessed it. I started singing and praying to my God. I would have never made it through this without God as my Father. Many times I sat in his lap, and he would hold me while I cried. I had allowed them to put my wife in a coma to try to save her brain, and now I had made the big mistake of letting them take out part of her brain. It was obvious that I had to leave her in the hands of Jesus and trust Him and her doctor to do what was best for Valerie. I tell my wife now that she needs to tell her doctor, Thank you. She really helped keep Valeries brain to where it will function today. I cant remember the times I asked God to give Valeries doctor wisdom to help with this cancer, even though Doctor Jerkins had a team of 5 doctors that she called together to help with the medical dilemma. To me, praying that Jesus would give the doctor wisdom is a very critical part of winning your battle with cancer or any illness. My experiences during my battle with my wifes brain cancer made me sit up and take notice when I began learning the principles that could help us all avoid this situation. I could only use them to help Valerie survive the cancer after radiation and chemo treatments did not work, and they have been used by others to help with their cancer battles as well. However, if they help to ght the existing disease, they certainly can be used to help prevent or reduce the risk of cancer.


Chapter 4
A Mind - a lter ing Adju st m ent

When I wrote this book, I decided Im not going to bombard you with a lot of information in three or four hundred pages. What Im going to do is give you some practical principles you can use in your everyday life. If nothing else, what I want you to get out of this book is that, if you have cancer, you can do some little things to ght your disease along with your doctor and reduce your risk of death, and if you dont have cancer, you can help to reduce your chance of being in the group that develops it. Here is an illustration to help you see how some things can be altered by making a little change. I have a paper match in my hand. I want the match to fall on its edge . . . to stand up on its side. Im going to throw the match down right on a table. What does it do? Nothing. It falls down at, right? I can pick this match up again and throw it down on the table again. What does it do? Nothing. It falls on that table at. Right. It falls at. It doesnt fall on its edge, does it? I can stand here and throw that match on that table all night . . . its still going to fall at, right? And statistics tell us that the way


this match is made, no matter how many times I throw it on the table, its always going to fall at, right? Well consider this. What Im going to do is take this match and bend it, and then Ill throw it on the table again. How does it fall? It falls on the edge! Right? What I did with that match was make a minor adjustment. Didnt I? And what did it do? It did something that statistically a match should not do.

Taking Responsibility
What I want you to do is read these next few chapters while making a minor adjustment in your thinking. This is the adjustment to your thinking that I want you to make: I can take control of my life and help keep cancer out so I or my loved ones wont suffer from cancer or the effects of being a cancer survivor. Oh yes, friend. You or your loved one may win the battle with cancer, but how will the victims body be affected when you are through ghting the battle? My wife and I won the brain-cancer battle, but she cant work, she lost some of her short-term memory, and she is losing more of her memory from the chemotherapy treatment. Her life is totally changed. How will your life change if you have to deal with ghting cancer? Wouldnt you rather take a few steps to help reduce the risk of dealing with cancer? The decisions you make will have a great effect on your life. Two of the most frequently asked questions that doctors hear when they tell patients they have cancer are: What could I have done to avoid having cancer? and What can I do to help ght the cancer and win this battle? Unfortunately, the rst question comes too late, and the second often cannot undo the damage the disease has already caused. Many times we humans decide, I will live the way I want to because we are all going to die from something or I just dont believe I can change my health by what I do or I am so

caught up in living, I dont have time to take care of my body and preserve my health or well-being or some other idea that keeps us from taking an active role in staying healthy.

Hope Instead of Despair

Remember I told you about my suicide spot, where I sat and thought about killing myself because I could not take all the curve balls life was throwing at me? I even made it back to the same spot a second time. I couldnt deal with the cancer anymore. I was without a job and worrying about how I was going to feed my three children, how I was going to pay the bills, and how I would care for my wife if she ever made it out of a medical institution! Thank God, I had enough of a relationship with Jesus that I could slip my feeble hand into his and let him lead me through this hard time. Jesus helped me make a decision that affected my life and my childrens lives, and yes, even your life, when you use some of these principles for better health! A friend of mine, however, did not fare as well as I did. Overwhelmed with his life, he also thought about suicide. Unfortunately, once he jumped off the bridge and was on his way down, it was too late to make a different decision. I am sure you have read or heard at some point in your life that all cancers are preventable. Most of the medical associations agree on this. We can do something to avoid cancer. You can make a decision right now to help yourself and your family to have better health. Take it from me, you need to try to avoid the invasion of cancer into your life, because once cancer moves in, it never leaves. What we need to do is to take advantage of ideas that could help prevent us from getting cancer. Ask yourself this question: How is it that some smokers and some non-smokers get lung cancer, when other smokers and non-smokers do not get

lung cancer? The obvious answer would be that cancer is inuenced by some of the other things you do, what kind of food you eat, even where your lifestyle leads you to live. You can make a difference in your health status, or that of your loved ones, today. Start using some of the 13 principles in this book in your daily life. Adjust your thinking. Dont allow yourself to be drafted into the cancer war. Enlist! Why, you might ask, does this guy want to get me to make an adjustment in my thinking and join the war on cancer? My answer: Because I dont want you to have to go through anything like I went through! You know some of what I have been through after I was drafted into the cancer war with my wifes brain cancer. During that time there was a lot of grief, a lot of pain, and a lot of heartache, even though sometimes there was a lot of fun. During that time I got to spend time with and be close to all our kids. Joy was mixed with tears because I cared for my children at the same time I was thinking about my wife being in the hospital and not knowing what was going to happen or what the outcome would be. Then I would go to the hospital and spend time with my wife, glad she was still alive but hating what she was going through.

Realities of War
The doctor called me one night . . . well actually at two oclock in the morning! She said, Jeff, Ive got to ask you a question. Your wife has taken a turn for the worse, and I want to put her into an induced coma. My comeback was, You want to what? She repeated, I want to put her into an induced coma.


I thought, Do I really want to do this? I had to see if I understood. I said, What youre going to do is put her on life-support, right? She said, Yes, Im going to put her on life-support. But if I can put her in a coma, her brain will survive with less oxygen. So I said, Okay, do it. They put her on life-support for about two weeks while she was in this induced coma. After that, they took out about a square inch of her brain, right up above her left eye. All the doctor could say was, We did the best we could. We took out all of the cancer we could get. The best we can hope is for the chemotherapy and radiation to work. Well, chemotherapy and the radiation did not work. The cancer started growing somewhere else. We had to try something else or Valerie would die. That is when I started learning about the immune system.

The Immune System

What is the immune system? What does it do? How does it help me? How can I make it stronger? The immune system is the greatest chemical warfare system on the planet, and Ill tell you why. It sends out little scouts that go to different places in your body, and when they nd something thats not supposed to be in your body, they go back to the system and say, This is what is attacking. This is what we need to protect ourselves. Send it and kill the attacker! And thats what the immune system does: it sends whatever is needed out there to kill whatever is attacking your body. Unfortunately, man-made chemotherapy and radiation kill good cells as well as the attacking cells, thus killing off your immune system. That is why you will hear the statement, Your white

blood cell count is down; you need to stay home or Lets wait till your white cell count comes back up a little before we continue. White blood cells are sent out by the immune system to kill invaders. So when chemotherapy doesnt work and radiation doesnt work, they have killed your only defense system against disease of any kind, cancer included.

Good News, if Youre Really Serious

The good news is, if you use them along with your doctors treatments, the principles in this book will help you win your battle with cancer by helping your immune system. This is the adjustment in your mindset that I want you to make, because these principles will help with a lot of different diseases. They will help with arthritis. They will help with chronic fatigue. They will help with muscle stiffness . . . a lot of different ailments of your body. I have researched for seven years to put together some of the best information in as short a form as I can to help you reduce the risk of cancer and to help with other illnesses. The following chapter is very crucial to better health, and it is packed! I mean, it is packed! One doctor who has read the rough draft has told me, Man, Jeff! You put so much information in that! It is crammed! And it is. Bonnie read it and she still reads it. She told me every time she reads it she sees something she didnt see the rst time. She wont even loan it to anyone for fear she wont get it back. Getting back to the adjustment in your mindset, what you need to do is have an open mind and be willing to use your options for better health. You must realize that it is up to you to have better health. About two thousand years ago, or so, there were a lot of miracles taking place around a lot of different cities in the Middle East. Some of these miracles had two different

elements: one was faith and the other one was willingness to act on faith. The attitude expressed by the determination to act made a difference. People who were healed had adjusted their attitudes to where they believed and were willing to take advantage of what was offered to them. Putting both faith and action to work resulted in the miracle. You need to trust in the health principles and put them into action in your life and the lives of your loved ones. They are not bad ideas and they are easy to use/follow. You dont even have to use them all the time . . . just every so often to help your body stay strong or recuperate or however you would like to use them. In the beginning God put things on this earth for us to eat. And these things that he put on this earth for us to eat have the nutrients and the potential to build our immune systems so they can send out the little soldiers to where disease is attacking and destroy the disease process. If you talk to an oncologist, most will tell you that everyday, more than likely, your body has a cancer cell in it somewhere but your immune system kills it. So what do you want to do? Do you want to kill your immune system? Not likely! You want to build your immune system, dont you? Lets look at some of the things that destroy and that are the enemies of the immune system rst. Then Im going to tell you some ways to help build your immune system . . . some are very simple things like just foods you can eat.

One of the main enemies of the immune system is sweets. Do you agree? Some of you are shaking your head and a lot of you are starting to shake your head! By sweets, I dont mean natural sweets (fruit). I mean processed sweets. Rened sugar is an enemy of your immune system.

But you say, But I dont eat that many sweets! I dont eat that much candy, that many cookies, that big a piece of cake or pie. Think about it. How much sugar do you eat that you dont see? Do you read food content labels? Anytime you see sucrose, glucose, lactose-pretty nearly anything that ends in ose-youre seeing some form of sugar. Okay, another immune-system destroyer is meat and animal products. Dont laugh! You ask, How can something full of protein, which is good for you, destroy your immune system? Ill tell you. Different kinds of meat contain different parasites which cause different diseases. And when you eat the meat, those parasites go right into your system. You need to make sure you cook your meat thoroughly, which can be difcult. Different meats require cooking to different temperatures in order to kill different parasites. But, you say, meat inspectors approve the meat we eat! Meat inspectors see a minute portion of a few of the animals from a farm; they dont inspect every inch of every animal. We play Russian Roulette with our meat. Beside that, however, how many of us follow serving size guidelines and eat no more than the 4 ounces of meat that nutritionists call a portion? Americans, especially, double or triple their saturated fat and cholesterol (and sometimes sodium) intake by eating 8 or 12 ounces of meat in just one of their three daily meals. Sticking to portion sizes and leaving out the meat for some meals will cut your risk; however, for best protection of your health, substituting other complete proteins for meat every time is the health principle of choice.

Even if you dont have any diagnosed recognizable illnesses, you will see a lot of difference in your energy level when you use this health principle. I know. It doesnt sound right, but its true! Try it. Let me share something with you. I have a friend named Mike. Before I became a vegetarian, Mike had this tape that he made me listen to. He forced me into listening to it because, even though Id done the studying, occasionally I would eat some meat. This tape, however, changed my mindset. You dont have to eat meat to get protein. There is as much protein in a cup of soybeans or lentils as in a hamburger. Combined with a grain, like rice, wheat, corn, etc., you have whats called a complete protein-the battle cry of the meat industry. What you dont have is all the parasites and germs contained in todays meat, or other stuff like hormones, salt, and water added to increase its weight. I cant think you like paying anywhere from three to seven dollars a pound for water.

Rest and Exercise

What are some of the other enemies of the immune system? Lack of sleep is one. Your immune system needs about 8 to 9 hours of sleep to regenerate itself. And heres one that you probably wouldnt expect: lack of exercise. Let me tell you something. A lot of people think, Well, if you have three kids, you get a lot of exercise spurts. Yes, thats true. You do get a lot of exercise spurts. But what you need is exercise that will keep the heart rate up for a while. Sometimes in the morning when I get up, I go to the gym and work out, and I mean I really work out - pumping iron, getting on the treadmill, or walking around the gym or something. I like to stay in the gym for about twenty minutes, often walking or running around the whole gym with a basketball, switching hands, you know? Others look at me with that What are you

doing? look on their faces, but the ball keeps my arms and hands moving purposely instead of aimlessly.

The Chemical Connection

What tears down the immune system beside the things that Ive already discussed? What should you avoid to keep from getting cancer and other diseases? What about chemicals? I once had somebody give us some soap containing sodium hydroxide, aceric acid, and lystric acid. Do you know what sodium hydroxide is? Its a chemical that will make you go blind quickly. Do you know why your eyes burn when youre taking a shower? Sodium hydroxide. Thats why youre always in a hurry to get the soap out of your eyes. Did you know your shampoo contains it? How many of you have cleaned your ovens with some of the oven cleaners? What do they tell you to do when you clean your oven? Use a rubber glove! Why? Because oven cleaners contain lye. Its an industrial chemical. Can you believe lye is in the soap you use to wash your skin? What about toothpaste? Does it have chemicals in it that are harmful? Have you ever read the back label of a toothpaste tube? You know what it says? Do not swallow. If you swallow this, call Poison Control. Yet you brush your teeth with it every day. We Americans are gradually poisoning our systems every day. Generally, Americans like to feel clean, right? Most humans like to be clean. You know what? Every day when you get up and take a shower (or take a shower and go to bed), when you walk out of that shower, dry off, and get your little antiperspirant/ deodorant stick out, you are increasing your risk for cancer and you are increasing your risk for Alzheimers Disease! Why? Because these products have aluminum in them. What you


need to do is look for the deodorants that dont have aluminum in them. Is the aluminum in your antiperspirant going to cause disease? Not necessarily by itself, but in concert with all the other things youre exposed to, you are needlessly increasing your risk. Now, beside those things I just mentioned, what can we do to help build our immune systems while the dying world around us is trying to tear them down? You know, I was really surprised to nd out some of the things my research revealed, and here are just a couple of them.

Bad Plants, Good Plants

Ill bet you know that there are many poisonous plants all around us. In fact, there are over 700 poisonous plants in the United States alone. I work with trees sometimes during the day. I usually work with gloves and a shirt on. One day I was working on a specic tree, and when I went home, little Scotty came running up to me and hugged me, saying, Oh, Daddy! Hi! Im so glad youre home! Two days later, Scottys face started swelling. Then it started turning red. As a matter of fact, his face got really distorted. The medicine we were putting on him didnt do a bit of good. When we took him to the doctor, the doctor looked at him, the nurses looked at him, and we all cried because he did not look like Scotty. Guess what it was. Yep: poison ivy. He didnt even touch the plant! All he did was touch something that had touched it. Though most of us know about many of the poisonous plants, what many people dont know about is that some plants can heal us. For instance, do you know how cancer is treated in

Japan? One of their treatments for cancer involves taking some of the chemicals out of gs and giving them to cancer patients. Let me tell you a little story. A rattlesnake and a black snake were ghting, and during the ght they were scufing around. The rattlesnake was biting at the black snake and the black snake was trying to squeeze the rattlesnake. At one point the black snake retreated. When he retreated, he went to a plant and he ate part of it. When he got through eating, he went back to the rattlesnake and killed it. The bites of the rattlesnake didnt have any effect on him at all. Why? The plant. Some plants have nearly miraculous properties. Awe, you say, there cant be very much strength in a plant to help! Wrong. There is a lot of strength in plants! God put some plants here on earth, many of which are called herbs, that when eaten by humans, will build our immune systems. Did you know that laboratory tests show that a specic food, when put with the HIV Virus, will kill it? Do you know what that is? Garlic! Garlic will kill HIV! So what can you use when youre eating to help build your immune system? I have a list later in the book of about 30 different things. Of course, if you dont use them, they wont be of much help to you. Some of the most effective cancer-ghting foods, however, include apricots, gs, cherries, strawberries, celery, oranges, grapefruit, cabbage, and broccoli. Now you were probably with me right up until I got to the grapefruit, cabbage, and broccoli, but remember the attitude adjustment thingy? You need to be willing to try whatever seems to work for others.


When my wife was going through cancer, every time I would nd something that might help, I would say, Why dont we eat more of this? Why dont we eat more of that? Why dont we eat more broccoli? Lets eat more cabbage. Did you know cabbage will kill the Polio virus? And my wife would say, I dont want cabbage! Id reply, Well I dont like it much either! Lets eat it in coleslaw! Finally I told her, Dont get lettuce anymore, get cabbage, and put cabbage on my sandwiches. Though she may have looked at me a little strange at rst, she said, Okay. My wife, when we were going through the cancer episode, ate 10 almonds every day, as well as walnuts. You can use these to help build your immune system. As I said before, there is a bigger list later in the book.

Detoxing your system is something you can do to combat all those things I told you about above that you encounter in your everyday life. What can you use for detoxing your system? Well there are a lot of different things out there that can detoxify you. And you dont necessarily have to get them at a the health food store; you can get them at grocery, drug, or discount stores. However, I have found one that has been used since 1932, and it helped my wife in her struggle. It is so powerful that JFKs (John F. Kennedys) personal physician used this to cure his own cancer. He wouldnt use the usual medical treatments.


A woman named Rene Caisse discovered it. And how did she nd it? She had a cancer patient come in that she couldnt help and sent away, and when that patient came back, the cancer was gone. What cured her was a tea treatment used by the Ojibway Indians in Canada. That tea is a detoxicant or detoxier. This particular one has a lot of different benets, and to me its the ultimate treatment of its kind for six (6) different reasons that will be covered later in the book. One of those reasons, however, is that this detox treatment has no side effects. And one of the reasons it has no side effects is another reason it is the top detoxicant in my opinion: its made up of all natural herbs. The detoxing tea that Im talking about helps get rid of parasites. It helps cleanse the system. It helps purify the blood. And there are a lot of doctors who recommend it. Just one, Dr. Julian Whittaker, says that, if he had cancer, he personally would follow a regimen that includes this tea. Essiac tea is the detoxicant that we used for my wifes brain cancer. Made with all natural herbs, when you get Essiac (UL De Tea) tea through this book, it is also chemical-free and the potency of each tea packet is standardized. I say when you get it through this book, because you can get it in various types of stores and you can get it in either liquid or powder form. Unfortunately, when its in the liquid form, it is often mixed with alcohol. Alcohol makes your cancer stronger because it takes alcohol for the cancer to take root. So if you use anything at home that has alcohol in it, stop using it. The powder, on the other hand, is often made in some big factory pan that holds a hundred gallons. The proper proportions of herbs may be put into the hopper, but how much of each ingredient makes it into each package after the herbs have been stirred together cannot be controlled.


We use UL DE Tea because it is the detoxicant that uses the Essiac recipe plus one more herb to make it more potent. Each ingredient is hand-measured and put into the tea packet so you can be sure of the potency. It is a powerful cleanser containing nine (9) different herbs. Back in 1932, when Dr. Brusch and Rene Caisse were doing a lot of the clinical studies on this tea, they tried to get it passed as a cure for cancers through the Canadian government. They were doing research in Canada and in the United States, but the government wouldnt certify it. A lot of the doctors who had cancer patients that they couldnt help would send those patients to Renes clinic. And a lot of those patients returned home cured, with their case histories. One 80-some-years-old lady who went on Essiac tea, and in two weeks she realized her cancer had passed right out of her system. When she went to the doctor, the doctor checked her and the cancer was gone! There was one fellow who had an open wound on his face from cancer. He couldnt get it to heal up . . . couldnt get it to stop bleeding. He took Essiac tea, and after being on the tea for a while, his wound healed. One woman that I know, who lives in Liepers Fork, bought it for her husband because he had diabetes. His legs were peeling and full of pain. After he started taking the tea, his legs started healing up. He doesnt have pain in his legs anymore.

Treating Diseases VS Eliminating the causes of the Diseases.

Now there are more benets in detoxing your system and eating right, and there are more principles than just these two that will help you in your battle for optimal health, but you wont experience them without the attitude adjustment that

Im wanting you to make. Since I have started making this tea available to others, I deal all the time with people who have cancer. Its really difcult because many times they will say, I dont want to do that. I just want to go into the hospital, have my cancer taken out, come back out, and do whatever I want. This is somewhat of an unrealistic attitude. They want some surgeons to be able to cure them of something that may have taken years of toxin exposure to develop and grow. If they dont change anything in their lives, what makes them think the cancer wont come back? Of course, once again, I cant tell you that this will cure your cancer. However, what I can say is that it has helped my wife and it has cured a lot of other people. You can try it and see how it will help you. Now, my question to you is this: From what I have told you, are you prepared to make a minor adjustment in your thinking? There should be some part of you that says, Hey, hes given me something to think about. Maybe I should take some steps to help with my health. Hes given me something to share. Will you use some of the ideas in the following chapters to help reduce your risk of cancer? You dont have to follow every principle to the letter. Just use some of them to help reduce your risk. If you do get cancer or someone you know or love gets cancer, share this information with them. I know not everyone will be open to this and that is ne. Please dont feel you have to make someone you love use this information; let them choose for themselves. However, as you read this book, think about what it is saying. Some people have used this information and are cancer-free after 4 or more years. My wife and I started our cancer battle 10 years ago with little hope and are still dealing with cancer. While we dont have to take any treatments, just medications, we are still dealing with the aftereffects of cancer.


Ironically, after 10 years one of the pastors who came to talk to me and help me deal with my wifes condition is now suffering and dealing with brain cancer himself. Cancer hits anyone at anytime and without notice. Please enlist in the war to help reduce the risk of cancer in your family. Just read and use some of the principles in this book. Your part can be as simple as eating a cucumber or some cantaloupe.


Chapter 5
Canc er I nfo r m at ion

This book was written with the vision of helping others with illnesses and to provide information that might help prevent illnesses. It is not intended as a substitute for the advice of your physician, but rather a supplement to the information you will receive from him or her. It is provided so that you and your physician and other medical support personnel can investigate every resource available to you. There are many ideas, products, services, and procedures that can be used to help promote good health and to ght the diseases that attack the human body. This book is brought to you out of the real-life struggles of dealing with brain cancer and the fear that goes along with all the struggles that face us in our daily lives. The struggle for survival has brought some of these ideas and cures to print in this book. I am sure there are other cures that people have used to help with different cancers and illnesses. I am interested in all the information you would like to share. Please send your information to me. My contact information is at the end of this book.

All the information in this book will turn you into your doctors strongest partner in the journey from cancer or other diseases back to good health. This information is not intended to take the place of your doctor(s) or to convince you to treat yourself without the help of your doctor(s). Please use this only to increase your awareness of ways to help ght some of your illnesses and diseases. This is intended as reference information, not as a medical manual. Again, it is not intended to take the place of medical advice from your doctor(s).

Cancer Insurance Plan

Let me just say, before we get started on how to ght and lower your risk of cancer, that I am a believer in having good insurance, and I am so glad we had a cancer insurance plan when cancer invaded our space. Yes, you can help to lower your risk of cancer, but sometimes, no matter what you do, it will strike you or a family member. The numbers are 1 in 3 people, so if you have a family of four, then someone will be touched with the c word. And remember, statistics dont take relationships into account. Every member of your family could be the 1 in 3 from your town. There is nothing wrong with planning to have a little help in case, for some unfortunate reason, you must ght this battle. Believe me it does come in handy. If you havent had cancer in the past 2 or 3 years, I recommend that you call around, inquire about, and purchase some cancer insurance.

Background of Cancer
This is intended to provide a simple understanding of the dreaded cancer we all will have to face, whether in our lives or the life of a family member or friend. No denition is 100% accurate, because there is always the exception to what is commonly understood. However, here is the best way to understand the meaning of cancer:


Cancer is a rapidly growing cell mass that attacks the body. Yes, this too has its exceptions. Cancer kills a half million people or more every year. In one form or another it has killed more people than all wars. The idea that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is the theme of this work. Preventing it is the best way to ght this disease, but sometimes it may already be attacking your body before you stumble onto this truth. The number of cancer battles being waged every day is mind boggling. The information here will help ght the battle you or someone you care about may be waging against cancer. Many oncologists believe that our bodies create several potential cancer cells each day but they never develop because of our immune systems. So why were there 900,000 new cases and a half a million deaths in 1987? And why did the number jump by 1996 to 10 million new cases? The predicted 14.7 million by 2001 could have been catapulted out the window if everyone had known about some of the simple ways to build our immune systems. I had been told, when my wife was diagnosed with brain cancer, that 1 in 3 people will have some form of cancer in his or her lifetime. The other statistic I have come across is every other man and every third woman. Cancer can affect us physically, emotionally, environmentally, and intellectually. I was surprised to learn that some of the history of cancer is recorded in ancient Greek and Roman writings, and there are documented cases of tumors in some of the Egyptian mummies and as far back as the dinosaurs. Cancer treatment was the biggest business for medicine in 1996. In 1995 cancer cost us 96.1 billion dollars. In 1991 the American Cancer Society fund balance was $491.7 million. This

disease has cost us many fortunes every year for many years, and some of the cases could have been eliminated by taking some steps to help prevent it. But to understand preventing it, you need to understand it.

Causes of Cancer
There are so many causes that it is hard to keep up with all the things that help to start or cause cancer to start in our bodies. They basically come under two categories: the things we deal with every day in our environment and things present in our bodies, some of which we receive from our environment or from others around us. There are numerous things in our environment that promote the cancer effect so I will just list them. Some will be listed twice or more using different terminology because different people know them by different names. The purpose of the list is to help you identify potential cancer-causing agents you know are present in your environment. If I have missed some, please let me know and I will add them to the next printing of this book. I know that in time there may be some more we have found and need to add to the list. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Alcoholic beverages Medication to build muscles (steroids) Aromatic amines Benzidine arsenis Asbestos Benzene (in car exhaust causes a 60% greater chance of cancer in children who live/hang out close to a busy street) Estrogen Steroids Contraceptives (estrogen) Immunosuppressants (azathioprine, cyclosporin) Medication for organ transplant (immunosuppressants)

7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

Ionizing radiation Nickel dust Analgesics Polycyclic hydrocarbons Tobacco chews and powders (snuff) Tobacco smoke and second-hand smoke Ultraviolet radiation (including excessive sunlight) Solvents Vinyl chloride Wood dusts Propyl alcohol Parasites Tanning Beds (use ultraviolet light that penetrates deeper into the skin and helps cause skin cancer and premature aging.)

The list of things that are in our bodies that help the cancer to start is a little shorter and their explanations a little more complicated: 1. 2. 3. 4. Flukes Parasites Free radicals Toxins

Flukes are trematodes, which are atworms, alias, parasites. The ukes that cause most of the cancers generally behave themselves in the intestines, but propyl alcohol allows the uke to live outside the intestines where it causes problems. When we have a weak immune system and some propyl alcohol in our systems, at least some of the ukes can make it to the liver and establish a growth factor. This growth factor, called ortho-phospho-tyrosine, begins making some cells divide or reproduce (grow). You now have cancer. These ukes are very versatile and mobile; they can travel in all kinds of ways like through our body uids: in the blood,

saliva, semen, breast milk, etc. However, it takes other toxins to help ukes to settle for reproduction, including heavy metals (like copper, mercury, nickel, yttrium, and hafnium), arsenic, PCBs, Freon, mycotoxins, or fungi. Depending on where they make their homes outside the intestines, these ukes cause many different diseases, such as cancer, endometriosis, AIDS, Hodgkins disease, etc. Parasites are not what you would call few in number. There are many parasites that can affect us in many ways, and some can even kill us. They can enter our bodies from bug (and other) bites, while we are going barefoot, when we breathe in dust (like from the cat litter box, a eld being disked or plowed, a vehicle kicking up dust on a dirt/stone road), and in many other ways we do not realize. Parasites need to be eliminated from our bodies on a regular basis, before they dig in. One parasite that infects 200 million people every year and kills more than 1 million every year is the malarial protozoan parasite. For being so small that it can be transported via mosquito, it can be labeled one of the most dangerous. Another parasite, called the hookworm, affected the folks of Atlanta Georgia in 1902 and emerged as a problem for the general population. Sometimes when we have cancer, we opt to just go in and take it out and go on with our lives. Unfortunately for a lot of people, it comes back later, sometimes in a few months, sometimes a couple of years, and sometimes in 20 years. Why? Because we have not dealt with its causes. What we need to do is eliminate the things in our lives that increase our risk for cancer and deal with what causes the cancer instead of just the symptoms and results.


What to Avoid if You Want to Reclaim Your Health

1. Avoid all meats, but especially deli meats. If you just cant do without the meat, make sure you cook it until it is well done. Invest in a meat thermometer so you can test the temperature of all parts of the meat to be sure it is well done throughout. Salt, boxed cereals, and any kind of bottled drinks you buy in the store are full of chemicals that help to promote cancers and illnesses. This one is difcult: It is recommended that you have all the metal caps on your teeth as well as metal llings removed because they help put metal deposits in your body. These metal deposits, in turn, help to cause diseases like cancer, Alzheimers, and Parkinsons disease. Medical research shows that the gold or metal in our teeth can promote many aliments and diseases because our bodies will absorb the tarnish and corrosion from them. While there is no mention of it in any of the books Ive read, a reasonable deduction would be that some of our jewelry may help to promote the metals in our body, thereby increasing the risk of cancer and other aliments. Especially if it leaves tarnish marks on your skin, you might want to consider wearing less jewelry while ghting cancer. Dont try to lower cholesterol while ghting diseases because most of the store-bought low-fat foods have even more chemicals in them than their full-fat alternatives. Avoid cleaning agents because these are full of harmful chemicals.







Zearalenone, a corn mold toxin, is present in corn chips, popcorn, and brown rice. Stay away from these till you get on the road to recovery. Benzene accumulates in the thymus and bone marrow, our important immune-building organs. A benzene buildup helps to promote AIDS. Lubricated condoms have benzene on them. Vitamin B2 helps detoxify benzene, but we really need to stay away from it. Lab tests have shown that over half of the injectables and about a tenth of the IV bags tested are polluted with propyl alcohol, benzene, or wood alcohol. Now I am not saying that we should get radical here and refuse to take IVs or injections from a medical clinic, hospital, or doctor. This is only another point to help us understand how prevalent our exposure to toxins is and why we need to be on a daily or ongoing detoxifying regimen for our bodies. Eat chemical-free foods. Try to eat food when it is in as natural a state as possible. Some processed foods have lubricants added to them such as Super Taylor Lube, which is a tasteless, odorless, water resistant, chemically stable, non-corrosive compound that protects against rust. Im serious! The bad part about this is that these compounds are FDA approved and DO NOT have to be listed in the ingredients.




10. Use teas that are just the herbs, preferably fresh. If you have tea bags, cut them open and put just the tea herbs in the water. Why? Because the tea bags are full of antiseptics. And avoid decaffeinated beverages: they often contain residual chemicals. Choose naturally caffeine-free beverages.

11. Fresh-squeezed juice is juice you squeeze yourself. This is the only way that you will know that there are no chemicals added. A lot of grocery stores add preservatives to their fresh-made juices. 12. If you have a garage attached to your home, you need to clean out and get rid of all the chemicals that are likely stored there. Keep gas cans outside because these fumes will travel into your home from an attached building and can help promote cancer and other diseases. Open your outer garage door before turning on your cars engine when youre driving somewhere, and back out of the garage quickly. When you get back, make sure you leave the outer door open until your vehicle is turned off and the fumes have a chance to vent outside. Go in the front door of your house instead of the connecting door between your garage and home while the fumes are venting. Or just park your car outside. Of course, if you have the money, you could build an exhausting, air-tight vestibule around the door between the garage and your house-like the escape hatch of a submarine or spaceship. 13. Seriously, though, keep away from any type of chemicals and fumes. For instance, a cancer patient or anyone ghting any disease should not be in the house when someone is cleaning or waxing. And dont use any chemical substances on your body when ghting cancer or any disease. Dont use anything you wouldnt use on a baby. No antiperspirant containing aluminum. No mens hair color - lead. No eye pencils or shadows - chromium. No toothpaste - titanium, tin, and strontium. No shampoo - propyl alcohol. No soap that contains chemicals.

No oss - mercury, antiseptics. No mouthwash - use salt water. No hair spray. No massage oils. No bath oils. No perfumes or colognes. No lotions or personal lubricants. No sugars. a major food source for the cancer cell.

Here is a list of just some of the things that we use daily that are potential hazards to our health: Chap Stick, hair mousse, hair spray, shampoo, dish soap, laundry detergents, shortening, avored foods, cooking oil, bottled water, cold boxed cereals, granola, ice cream, frozen yogurt, rice cakes, chewing gum, and supplement or medicine capsules. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and it absorbs more than we realize. This is why patches for drug delivery through the skin are becoming so popular. Furthermore, the scalp absorbs more than most areas of the skin. So the next time youre at the store, look in the soap section and try to nd soap and/or shampoo with no chemicals. Solvents such as wood alcohol, benzene, propyl alcohol, heavy metals, and lanthanides have been discovered in 90% of the vitamin and mineral capsules and tablets tested. It is better to use powdered vitamins. Drinks patients should not consume while ghting cancer or other diseases because they could contain chemicals: Decaffeinated beverages, tea blends - hexane, pentane Carbonated drinks - acetone, toluene, xylene, wood alcohol Drinks with Nutra Sweet TM. - wood alcohol Flavored coffee, foods - hexanesdione, isophorone,

methylbuty ketone and methylethyl ketone, trichloroethane (TCE), tcethylene Diet and health mixes - decane Store-bought fruit juices, even fresh from orchard, 100% pure, or fresh squeezed - benzene, methylene chloride, propyl alcohol Store-bought drinking water - benzene, carbontetrachloride, propyl alcohol Infant formula - wood alcohol

I was really surprised to see that a chemical that is used in the printing industry is also used in some of the cold drinks that we consume daily. The chemical is arabic gum or gum arabic. It is used to seal out air and other substances. It works so well that it is sometimes hard for water to dissolve it. When we drink it, it seals our stomachs and other digestive organs with a coating that is hard to remove.

Coke: Its the Real Thing, but Do You Really Want It Inside You?
1) In many states (in the USA) highway patrol cars carry two gallons of Coke in the trunk. Do they drink it? No, they use it to remove blood from the highway after a car accident. 2) You can put a T-bone steak in a bowl of Coke, and it will be gone in two days. 3) To clean a toilet: Pour a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl and let The Real Thing sit for one hour; then ush clean. The overdose of citric acid in Coke removes stains from vitreous china (it sits in your stomach about an hour also). 4) To remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers: Rub the bumper with a crumpled-up piece of Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil dipped in Coca-Cola. 5) To clean corrosion from a car battery terminal: Pour a can of Coke The Real Thing over the terminals to bubble away the corrosion. 6) To loosen a rusted bolt: Apply a cloth soaked in Coca-Cola

to the rusted bolt for several minutes. 7) To bake a moist ham: Empty a can of Coca-Cola into the baking pan, wrap the ham in aluminum foil, and bake. Thirty minutes before the ham is nished, remove the foil, allowing the drippings to mix with the Coke for a sumptuous brown gravy. 8) To remove grease from clothes: empty a can of Coke into a load of greasy clothes, add detergent, and run through a regular cycle. The Coca-Cola will help loosen grease stains. 9) Coke will also clean road haze from your windshield.

1) The active ingredient in Coke is phosphoric acid. Its pH is 2.8. It will dissolve a nail in about 4 days. 2) To carry Coca-Cola syrup (the concentrate) the commercial truck must use a hazardous material placard reserved for highly corrosive materials. 3) The distributors of Coke have been using it to clean the engines of their trucks for about 20 years! Still want to drink up? Another substance that helps to promote cancer and is found to be in most cancerous organs is Freon. Freon helps to trap fatsoluble items like PCBs and metals that promote cancer and other illnesses. The refrigerator can be the most toxin-producing item in our homes today, along with the air conditioning unit. If you have an old refrigerator that uses Freon, roll it outside and use a heavy-duty extension cord to connect it to electricity. Then, to help rid your body of the Freon, detoxify yourself. As you can see, it wont always be possible to stay away from toxins, so it is a good idea to detoxify your body on a daily basis. You could do this with different methods, but I have found that Essiac Tea works well because it is strong but not as hard on your system as some other methods.


Chapter 6
Ca nc er Fight ing

13 Vital Practical Principles to Help Fight Cancer and Other Diseases or Reduce Your Risk
These 13 practical principles and guidelines can be used to help you win your battle with cancer. We encourage you to use these along with your doctors treatments. We have battled brain cancer, which has resulted in seven years of research on how to help ght cancer. These 13 key principles have helped people with brain cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, and others. 1. Do your breast self exam on a regular basis, and dont miss your regular doctors check-ups. This is very important to your survival if you have to deal with breast cancer, because the smaller a lesion is when you notice it, the greater will be your chance of survival and the less extensive the treatments will have to be. Look for a self breast exam pad that helps to enhance ones ability to feel the lumps. Contact us for more information. Men

and women alike can use this to help nd lumps. Men need to check their bodies in other areas as well for cancer. Make sure you are familiar with your body and the areas where cancer may grow. 2. Cleanse the body on the inside. Fifty-seven of the top physicians in Great Britain have found that 90% of aliments are caused by toxins in the body. Be careful not to do a cleanse too quickly, however, because if you havent done a cleanse in a while you could release so many toxins it will make your health worse or even kill you from toxemia. One patient who was tested was so toxic that, if he were a piece of property, he would have to be condemned. Eliminate the foreign organisms in the body that sap your energy and help weaken your immune system. Many diseases and illnesses, like chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, and cancer, can be traced to foreign organisms. Just about all of us have them, yet we dont realize it. Give your body the nutrients it needs to rebuild itself. Your body rebuilds itself on a regular basis, and it needs the proper, adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. Remember that the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) started during a war effort, which means, since much of the food supply would go for the war. At that time it was called Minimun Daily Requirement (MDR). Only the bare bones of nutrition were recommended for the ones left at home. Though it has been adjusted once or twice over the decades, that only happened after extensive research proved that the RDA was too low. You cant afford to wait for the next round of research. You really need more than the recommended daily allowance. Be sure to include the vitamins and minerals that can be used to help with ghting and preventing cancer. One doctor was treating a patient who had inoperable




stomach cancer and heart disease. The doctor soon found that the patients stomach cancer disappeared after he was treated with a mineral for his heart. Supplements that have been shown to help others include DHEA, CO Q-10, Vitamin C, Flaxseed Oil, a good calcium, Shark Cartilage, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Pycnogenol a good multi vitamin, the use of some ber product, and a highly concentrated fruit or vegetable supplement. 6. Spend as much time in the fresh air as possible. The fresh air helps to keep the free radicals on hold, assuming, of course that it really is fresh air and not smog. Breathe as deeply into your lungs as you can. After all, as Spock (On Star Treks Enterprise) would say, It is logical that the fresh air will help, since your body needs oxygen to survive. One of the people who attended our brain cancer group went to spend some time outside at Fall Creek Falls and got a little better while there in the fresh air. Stay away from chemical smells as much as possible. Yes; this also means household cleaner smells. Make sure you have the windows open when cleaning. Let the fresh air into your home, even when old man winter is knocking at your door. Stop putting chemicals into/onto your body. We put all kinds of chemical into and on our bodies every day. When we stop doing this, or at least dramatically reduce the number of chemicals we consume or absorb, then the body can begin ghting the chemicals that have backlogged in our systems and we can help to cleanse the body on the inside. Pay attention to ingredient labels. You cannot stop putting the chemicals into or on your body altogether, so the best policy is to reduce them and to use the cleansing UL De Tea often. Exercise is a vital part of the agenda of having good health. Guess what? It is ok to sweat! As a matter of




fact, its good for you! Sweat is another way of releasing toxins. And exercise is even more benecial when performed outside in the fresh air. Your body can really use the oxyegen at this point. 10. Work on strengthening your immune system and not weakening it. Some things that weaken the immune system are lack of sleep, consumption of sweets, and eating poorly cooked meat. Many Doctors tell us that the immune system may kill cancer cells up to 10,000 times a day . . . if it hasnt been weakened. You can take some vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, or simple foods to help build your immune system. 11. Drink plenty of water. If it seems that everyone says this, thats because it is essential! Your body needs water for three very important reasons: First, it has to rebuild itself, and water is necessary to have good cell development. Second, water helps cleanse the body of toxins and chemicals. Third, minor dehydration over a long period of time will cause problems with cell development as well as the buildup of toxins and chemicals, but you wont show symptoms until it is nearly too late to x the problems. You dont have to be sick or collapse to be dehydrated. Dehydration has already started when your urine turns a little yellow. On the other hand, water wont do much good if it contains chemicals/substances that just add to your bodys load or to the workload of your organs to eliminate toxins. I would suggest that you get a water lter for your home. Look on our web site to see what we have, or buy one from your local retail store.

12. Ask your pharmacist about reactions between foods, herbs, supplements, and your medicines. Many herbs do not mix well with medicines, and some may have dangerous reactions with others. Your pharmacist is trained to know the medicines and what reactions may occur.

13. Eat foods known to have cancer-ghting properties. There are foods that help reduce the risk of cancer, including broccoli, cabbage, almonds, onions, and many more. You can plans meals with the best cancer-ghting foods in them, and your family will not even suspect what you are doing. These 13 principles will help you win your battle against cancer or other disease. Do not try to use these on your own to deal with cancer. When you combine the doctors cancer treatments with some of these ideas, you can hit the cancer so hard that it doesnt know where the killing blow is coming from.

About Reinventing the Wheel

If you would like to talk to me about my ndings in my seven years of research, feel free to contact me. I can help you answer the question, What else can I do to help win this battle? I am not a doctor, but I can share some vital information with you, as I have with other people who have read my book and contacted me. Many who have tried my methods have seen changes in their cancers in a short time. Each person is different, and all respond differently, but even some people with inoperable cancer have been helped by these ideas. If you are or your loved one is in such a position, ask us about an inoperable cancer study we are doing using no placebos. Dont spend your time duplicating the research Ive already done; you need to concentrate on winning your cancer battle. We can tell you about the people we have talked with and what types of results they have had. To get more information on having better health and preventing poor health, tap into our 7 years of research on cancer ghting. Contact Jeff by calling 615-799-0994. If you have inoperable cancer, call us soon. You may want to be in our study for ghting cancer. You can be in the study and still use your own doctor and take medical


treatments if you wish. There is more information later about the study and how to join.

Food for Thought

Some of the following foods are listed because of scientic research; some are here because of common sense. Remember that when Adam and Eve were created, food was not treated with all the chemicals, processing, and cooking used for present-day meals. The food was eaten in its natural state and fresh-what you might call a high-octane fuel for our bodies to give us the energy we need. If you had a $300,000 automobile, wouldnt you put the best gasoline in it you can nd? If something went wrong with that car, you wouldnt just take the part out and trash it! You wouldnt just take out an alternator if it didnt work right. You would try to x it. But when it comes to our bodies, we often try to take out the cancerous part and just do without it. This is bad in two ways. First, we can take out the cancerous part without taking out all the cancer in the body. It will come back later. Second, the body may need the cancerous part to function properly, and removing it will only cause more problems later on. We have priceless, independent-thinking, self-healing, reproducing, precision transportation devices for our spirits and emotions that cannot be replaced once they are destroyed. Yet we subject our precision machines to years of abuse by eating anything and everything, whether or not it was meant to be used for fuel, and were amazed when our bodies nally break down. Unfortunately, most of us are just nding out that we should eat more well-washed fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs and drink fresh juices and distilled/ltered water on a daily basis, leaving parasite-, toxin-, and disease-infested meat or water alone.


Cancer-ghting Foods
Did you know that in 1990, 121 prescription drugs were derived from plants? Have you ever heard that a fruit- and vegetabledriven diet along with detoxifying your body can help stop cancer before it starts? Well, its true. Foods considered high in cancer-ghting elements include almonds, apples, apricots, barley, blackberries, broccoli, cabbage, cherries, gs, cloves, grapes, grapefruit, lemons, oranges, molasses, mangos, prunes, raisins, soybeans, spinach, tangerines, and walnuts. Vegetables: Broccoli Brussels Sprouts Cauliower Cabbage Bokchoy Beat Greens Kale Beets Carrots Lettuce Squash Spinach Sweet Potatoes Swiss Chard Tomatoes Sea Weed Plankton Celery Parsley Peas Soybeans Turnips Mustard Greens Fruits high in cancer ghting chemicals. Apples Avocados Cantaloupes Red Grapes Grapefruit Guavas Kiwis Nectarines Raspberries Blue berries Strawberries Watermelon Apricots Figs Mango Cherries Nuts Cashews Almonds at least 10 a day. Walnuts

Herbs Garlic Ginger Ginseng Licorice Milk Thistle Rosemary saffron Sesame Cumin Curry Powder Turmeric Ginger Caraway seeds Leeks Onion Jalapeno Peppers Peppers Shallots Watercress Rhubarb

Fresh Food Special Tips:

1. In Japan they use a chemical from gs in cancerghting medications. 2. Grape seeds and skins have a high concentration of cancer-ghting chemicals. 3. One mango gives more than a days supply of beta carotene to help prevent cancer. 4. Soybeans are packed with premier cancer killers for the human diet. 5. Boil the milk you buy yourself because the processing doesnt kill all the parasites. 6. Rosemary is a valuable antioxidant that helps block cancer production. 7. Ginger contains cancer preventive properties, helps with detoxication, and has powerful antioxidants. 8. Sesame seeds contain an antioxidant, a great cancer preventer. 9. Cumin, Turmeric, and Curry Powder, vigorous antioxidants, are powerful cancer preventives. 10. Olive oil is good to help prevent cancer. 11. Nuts are made up of two compounds that help block or reduce the risk of cancer. 12. Cabbage (Coleslaw) is a powerful cancer-ghting food that helps the immune system to produce more antibodies. It was shown that cabbage kills viruses and bacteria in lab studies. 13. Garlic acts as an antibiotic and antiseptic, and it stimulates the immune system. It has killed viruses including the common cold, inuenza, and herpes, with nearly 100 percent effectiveness. Garlic has killed the polio virus with 90% effectiveness in lab tests and has even successfully taken on HIV, the virus responsible for AIDS. It has also been used to

help with leprosy and still is used in some places in Europe. 14. When you eat an orange or grapefruit, eat the seeds also to help get more power from them to build your immune system. Eat any seeds that are green that you can tolerate. The green seeds will have a lot of enzymes in them. Having a strong immune system will stop cancer in its tracks. The immune system can identify the cancer cells and mount an effective attack against these cells and their growth.

Juice Fast
A juice fast is a good way to help stimulate your immune system and to help get needed nutrients to your body quickly. The juice can be digested in about 45 minutes, while it can take solid food, depending on what it is, up to a day and a half to go through your digestive system. Remember, however, that when you do the juice fast you need to also include an enema to help cleanse your intestines. You see, the waste from what you would normally eat will not be moving through your system pushing out whats already there, and if the toxic waste already there hangs around longer, it could make your aliment worse and possibly bring on more problems. Enemas will be addressed later. It has been shown that saturated fat and now trans fat is a culprit in many different illnesses, crippling maladies, and even deadly diseases. All meats contain saturated fats, through some more than others. When we reduce or delete our meat intake we lower our risk of many illnesses. Many processed foods contain trans fat, and disease has been shown to be on the rise sinse the introduction of trans fat into the American diet, which was already rich in saturated fats. Beginning in 2006, the trans fats levels in all foods must appear on their

labels, as well as the level of saturated fat. So you may want to watch the different fat intakes also. If you decide to use a juice fast, you should go to a nutritionist as well as your doctor. Heres some general fasting-with-juice information for you to follow under your doctors watchful eye. You dont want to stay on the juice fast for a long period of time. You can try about 2 days of juice fasting with the pulp then two days with solid food. Make sure you use the items in the highly effective cancer ghting group to help build your immune system. You do not want to make yourself worse by letting all the toxins stay in your intestines, so it is better to not juice fast for too long a period at one time. Use only freshly made juice. Why? Because 60% of the enzymatic power will be lost within a half hour or so after being exposed to oxygen and light. Therefore, you should only juice what you will drink immediately. Use a juicer, not a blender. Apple and carrot juices are very good for this purpose, and you can buy apples and carrots in bulk to help with the cost. When you do the juicing make sure you use good fruit without the brown spots or bruses. To increase the cleansing process, you may add two tablespoons of olive oil and four ounces of fresh grapefruit juice. This might cause a little momentary nausea but nothing overwhelming. It is helping to cleanse your digestive tract. Your small intestine will be cleansed if you add a teaspoon of a ber cleanser powder from your local store to each glass of juice. You can add some vitamin C powder to some of your drinks to add antioxidants and to facilitate the proper functioning of the immune system.


You should also drink some of the herbal detoxication tea to help the cleansing process, to kill the parasites, and to help remove the chemicals from the body. There is a powder form of nutritional supplement available that you may wish to consider. It is made up of natural plants that will not only give you nutrition but also help cleanse your body. You will get the full benet of its nutrition because it is powder and you mix it in a drink. Well discuss this supplement later, and you may email me about it.

Juice Recipes
Fresh Lemon Juice (do not drink lemon juice by itself; it can destroy tooth enamel). Juice a lemon and put pulp and all in a tall glass. Add 1 teaspoon of hot water and 1 teaspoon or more of Honey. Stir as you let it cool a little, and then drink it down. It will stimulate the body to eliminate waste and toxins. Cucumber and garlic with apple Juice: Cucumbers have a cleansing effect on the blood. Juice the cucumber, peeling and all (It takes about 1 cucumber per glass). Also juice 1 clove of garlic with an apple. Combine and drink immediately, before the juice loses its enzymes.

Live Natural Plant Food

Today we live in the midst of a fast-paced and fast-food frenzy. Much of our food has been processed to the hilt and has all kinds of chemicals added to it. These chemicals help cancers and other illnesses to take root in our bodies. We have traded all the good live foods, with all their natural enzymes, for dead and chemical-saturated foods. In addition, when we get it home from the store, we kill our food even more by cooking out whatever good enzymes, vitamins, and minerals are left in it. While you are battling cancer and even after the battle is won, you should stick to a fresh food diet. Yes, it will be hard to get

used to, but it will help you in the long run. The enzymes from the live food help to strengthen our immune systems so they can do the job intended. It isnt too hard to gure out that eating live food or uncooked plant food is the way our bodies were meant to process the food. We could even go a little further and say that we probably dont eat all that we should eat of fruits or vegetables. We will leave the seeds of some items and eat the seeds of other. What we are nding out now is that we should eat not only the seeds but also the skin of the item. The seeds of some items are crammed with extra enzymes and beta carotene and really boost the immune system. I grew up on a farm, and we would eat a lot of the produce we grew without cooking it. Things like corn on the cob, green beans, potatoes, cucumbers, watermelons. There is nothing like sitting down for a moment and eating a fresh watermelon that you have just broken open right in the eld or eating fresh tomatoes. This live food is the best way to help cleanse and revitalize your body. You may wish to consider eating a vegetable meal for breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is the time when your body is most in need of nutrition. Since some vegetables can take 7 hours to digest, eating them in the morning instead of evening means your stomach working to digest the food wont keep you up at night as it does now. (Yes, that cant quite get comfortable, unable to gure out why inability to sleep soundly at night is caused by your stomach working to digest your supper or before-bed snack.) There is concern about not getting enough protein with an allplant diet; however, a balanced plant diet provides all the amino acids you need to produce all the protein you need. Choose these: bananas, beans, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliower, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, kale, nuts, okra, peas,

potatoes, sesame seeds, summer squash, sunower seeds, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes. If you just cannot get away from bread, grind your own whole wheat kernels and use it for all your baked goods. A peanut-butter-on-whole-wheatbread sandwich is a complete protein. Several lab studies have shown that balanced vegetarians have 2 to 3 times the strength and endurance of meat eaters. In addition, vegetarians have about double the natural killer cells in their systems to help stop cancer cells. Obviously the diet provides what they need, so we will not even go into why and how meat can harm us, and we have already gone into some of the reasons and ways meat can harm us. Take, for example, Dr. Norman Walker, a health scientist and practitioner. He used live food in his diet, and he was 109 when he died in 1985. Also, longevity studies show that, among Americans, Seventh-day Adventist vegetarians live up to 8 years longer than the general population.

Nutritional Supplement in Powder Form

Your body is a very precise machine, and it needs the proper nutrients to stay healthy. That is why most doctors and nutritionists now recommend a supplement in the daily diet. If we feed our bodies what they need to stay healthy, then we will experience fewer illnesses and diseases. Ways to do this are to eat live-plant food and, because much commercially produced food is decient in some nutrients, an to use supplements. Vitamins recommended for ghting battles with cancer and other diseases: Vitamin C with each meal, chewable, along with A and E Vitamin B6 250 mg + B complex 50 mg. Magnesium Oxide 300 mg. (Dont use during a bout of diarrhea.) Calcium DHEA

CoQ10 Fulvic Acid Retine: inhibitor of transplanted malignant tumors..... Pycnogenol : Grape seed extract, good antioxidant. Beta Carotene Methylglyoxal: effects cancer by inactivating some enzymes which aids cancer growth. Flaxseed Oil Some Cleansing Tea Sellenium Garlic Shark Cartilage Contact me by email make sure to put need cancer information in the subject line. If you dont get a email back from me email me again you may have been forwarded to the spam box. I recommend using supplements in powder form. I like one that is made of plants with no animal compounds. Made with no preservatives and no simple sugars, it has a balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, proteins, herbs, and beta carotene. Improper nutrition is the biggest reason that we develop cancer and other aliments. However, when you take the steps necessary to give your body the proper nutrition, you can help it heal itself. The doctor who brought about my favorite supplement studied the body for 10 years to see what the body needs to maintain the optimum balance to stay healthy. Dr. Kalogris is recognized around the world for his work with nutrition and health. The Nutritional Supplement in Powder Form includes soy our, brewers yeast, lecithin, licorice root, garlic, rhubarb root, rose hips, cayenne, and other ingredients. For more information on

this supplement call 615-799-0994. I also know of a powder calcium that tastes like peaches that is very good. A cancer survivor recommended this supplement to our family to help increase energy after dealing with all the cancer battles. It has helped thousands of people who suffer from different types of aliments. The person who recommended it to us used it himself for cancer. At one point he could hardly get around, but after he started on the supplement he became more mobile.

Enemas Help Detoxify the Body

I know enemas are not what you would expect to help with cancer and other diseases, but the cause of almost 90% of illnesses is toxic build-up in the system. If you remove the toxic waste and cleanse the system, you will get to the cause of the problem, not just treat the symptoms. When you use the enema to help detoxify your body, it gets right to the root of the problem and makes it easier for the little soldiers in the immune system to ght off the parasites and free radicals that help cause the illness. Max Greson, M.D., recommends an enema every 4 hours when you are ghting cancer. The way to administer the enema varies among doctors, but they all agree that it helps cleanse and detoxify the bodys vital organs, the colon and the liver. You can nd enema kits at your local drug store or pharmacy section of other stores. Fluid preparation: Warm eight cups of distilled water to body temperature. Brew Three cups of coffee (dont use instant or decaf), and add 5 cups of distilled water to bring it down to body temperature. Directions for use: Massage your abdomen. Then insert the coffee enema rectally. Try to keep the water solution in the colon for about 15 minutes, helping it to reach all parts of the


colon by lying in different positions while keeping your hips somewhat elevated. This not only cleanses the colon but will also stimulate the liver and gall bladder to remove toxins, open bile ducts, encourage increased peristaltic action, and produce necessary enzyme activity for healthy red blood-cell formation and oxygen uptake. If you dont think you can do this yourself, you can opt for a colonic, also called a colon irrigation. This is an enema administered in a hospital or clinic by a trained technician with a special machine, and it takes about an hour. I would not try radiation or chemotherapy until I had tried detoxication enemas, foods, and tea to help ght the battle. You can inform your doctor that you would like to have a regimen of detoxifying treatments prior to radiation and chemotherapy. These help clean out any fecal deposits in the colon that may be encrusted as a rubbery coating difcult to remove from the colon.


Chapter 7
Tea for Two

The struggle with cancer began in our lives in the same way it does in the lives of most folks: very unexpectedly. During her 8 weeks in the hospital, my wife was informed that the diagnosis was brain cancer. Since my wife had dealt with cancer and AIDS patients in 13 counties, we knew what the outcome of brain cancer could and most likely would be. The doctors told us that the chance of survival was slim, but that they recommended radiation and chemotherapy. We decided to try the treatments. The treatments did not work. The cancer was spreading in another area and surgery was suggested. I thought that the surgery could not work because the operation to take out part of the brain would allow air to get to the cancer, and the cancer would spread after exposure to the oxygen. We thought that the battle was over, that to try to ght it would be useless and there was no hope. Being at the end of our rope, we didnt know where to turn.


It was recommended that we try a special tea. I laughed about the idea, thinking, What good would a tea do when the established medical treatments did not work? What could we do? Should we try the tea or forget it? I just couldnt see the tea working. We decided to consult with my wifes cancer doctor and see what he thought about the tea. He said, You should try it; what harm could it do? We tried the tea. After Valerie used the tea for a while, the doctors were surprised to see some progress. In fact, not only did my wife survive, but she is still playing the piano and ute and doing other things that are miracles for brain-cancer patients. This special tea can not be called a cure for cancer, but it has helped 1000s of people in their battles to survive. Additionally, it has helped to relieve side effects and ailments of other diseases by helping detoxify the body (detox) and remove the things that hinder or ght against the bodys natural defense system. Needless to say, I recommend this tea highly and am trying to get the word out to others to help give them a chance for survival in the ght against diseases. Please read this information and keep an open mind. I know you may be like I was and laugh about it. All I can say is to try it to see how it will help you. I cannot say it will cure cancer or any other diseases. I can say that it helped my wife to survive brain cancer and it has helped others who have learned about it through me. You may order the tea and other products on the order page of this book in the back. Please make copies of the order page

to keep the book intact. If you dont have a copy machine available (most libraries offer copy services), just write down on a blank sheet of paper all the information requested on the order page in the order that it is requested.

History of Essiac Detoxing Tea

Rene Caisse was a head nurse in Canada in 1922. She ran into a terminal cancer patient who had cured herself by taking a special herbal detoxifying tea that she had obtained from an Ojibway Indian medicine man. Rene visited the Ojibway medicine man and received the formula to make the special tea. The four herbs that were in the formula were: sheep sorrel, burdock root, slippery elm bark, and rhubarb root. These were blended and then boiled into a tea in proportions that caused the tea to have greater curative powers than any one of the four herbs alone. Rene used this tea on a relative who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer in her stomach and liver. Being a nurse and familiar with the cancer treatment known as radium therapy at that time, Rene knew the expected outcome of her relatives disease and treatment. After getting the permission of the doctor, she made the tea and gave it to the relative. After two months of daily treatments, Renes relative got a lot better and, in fact, lived 20 more years. Rene began to administer the tea to other terminal cancer patients who had been pronounced by the medical profession as incurable. Most of them recovered. She treated hundreds of cancer patients by collecting the herbs herself and making the tea remedy in her own kitchen. She found that Essiac detoxifying tea could not undo severe damage to life-support organs, but it could improve the quality of the patients life. In cases where the life-support organs had not yet been harmed, cure was complete, and the patients lived another 35-40 years. Some of these patients are still alive and well.


Doctors who heard of the success Rene was having sent their terminal patients to her when they had reached the hopeless point. Soon the doctors sent a signed petition to the Department of National Health and Welfare in Canada requesting a clinic for Rene to use. Those doctors were: R.N Fisher, LRCP, MRCHO; R.A. Blye, MB; E.T. Hoidge, MB, ORCP, MRCP; Chas H. Hair, MDCM; S. Moore, MDCM; H.T. William, MD; J.C. Robert, BM; and J.A. McInnis, MD. The Royal Cancer Commission conducted hearings on the Essiac treatment for cancer in 1937. Much testimony supported Essiac as a cure for cancer. Thousands of people were helped by Rene Caisse using this special detoxifying tea. Rene started working with Dr. Brusch, who used the tea to cure his own cancer, in 1984. When severe cases needed it, Dr. Brusch and Rene sometimes combined four other herbs with the original four to make the tea more potent. Another example of Essiacs success is an 80-year-old man, J. S, who had a hemorrhaging malignant growth on his face. After drinking the tea, the bleeding stopped in 24 hours. After several Essiac detoxing tea treatments, the growth began to reduce in size and the large holes in his chin started to heal.

Quotes From Rene Caisse

I could see the changes in some of the patients. A number of them, presented to me by their doctors after everything known to medical science had been tried and [had] failed, . . . [were] literally carried into my clinic for their rst treatment. To later see these same people walk in on their own, after only ve or six treatments, more than repaid me for all of my endeavors. I have helped thousands of such people. Some weeks I would have ve or six hundred patients . . . Most important, and this was veried in animal tests conducted at the Brusch Medical Center and other laboratories, was the discovery that one of the most dramatic effects of taking

this remedy was its ability to cause regression of all of the cancer cells that had spread, back to the original site, at which point the tumor would rst harden and then later soften until it vanished altogether. In other cases the tumor would decrease in size to where it could be surgically removed with minimal complications. INGREDIENTS: The major herbs in the tea are: sheep sorrel, burdock root, slippery elm bark, and rhubarb root. The others that were added for severe cases were kelp, blessed thistle, red clover blossoms, and watercress. Some current formulations add clove. Burdock Root: Known for centuries as a healer & blood purier throughout the world. In 1984 the Japanese discovered that burdock root was capable of reducing cell mutation. It helps clear up diabetic conditions by regulating sugar metabolism and has been shown to destroy bacteria and fungus cultures. It can cleanse the body of bile and detoxify the kidneys and gall bladder. Burdock was used during the Middle Ages as a treatment for leprosy, along with garlic, and can be used in food as an herb. Sheep Sorrel: Rene thought this was the most active cancer ghter. It was presented to the National Cancer Institute as an old Indian cure for cancer in 1962. It has also appeared in the historical archives of both America and Europe as a cure for cancer. It has a high concentration of vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, P (bioavonoids), and U (cabbage extract factor). Its mineral content includes calcium, chlorine, iron, magnesium, silicon, sodium, sulfur, trace amounts of copper, iodine, manganese, and zinc. It cleanses blood vessel walls resistant to X-rays, relieves pancreas inammation, and puries the liver. It helps raise oxygen levels in tissue cells but inhibits damage to the chromosomes. It stimulates the regeneration of fresh tissue, eliminates germs, and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.

Rhubarb Root: A great detoxifying herb, rhubarb has been used to eliminate excess heat from the small intestine by Chinese since 220 BC. It stimulates the gall duct to expel toxic waste, such as excess bile, parasites, and stagnated food. It helps heal ulcers, cleanses the liver, and inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the intestines. Slippery Elm Bark: One of natures miracle cleansers, this herb lubricates the bones & joints and gathers dissolved toxic waste, helping discharge it. Its extraordinary healing properties make it an antibiotic and antimicrobial. Kelp: A source of iodine, this is an immune stimulant and is used in the treatment of thyroid problems. Blessed Thistle: Among other things, this herb helps in blood purication and ow. Red Clover Blossom: This is a great blood purier and a blocking agent for carcinogens; that means it is great for ghting cancer. Water Cress: This plant contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C, and E; it cleanses blood, detoxies, and has antibiotic abilities. Clove: This herb helps against infections from scabies to cholera and has analgesic properties. It was used in Egypt around AD 176. It has also been used in Europe, India, and Asia. It eliminates parasites and their eggs.

28 Benets of Essiac Tea

Rene Caisses herbal tea has these therapeutic benets: 1. Deters the build-up of fatty deposits in the heart, the kidneys, the liver, and the artery walls. 2. Controls cholesterol levels by transforming sugar and fat into energy.


3. 4. 5. 6.

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15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Destroys parasites in the body and the digestive system. Counteracts the effects of aluminum, lead, and mercury poisoning. Strengthens and tightens muscles, organs, and tissues. Makes joints, bones, lungs, ligaments, and membranes strong and exible and less vulnerable to stress and stress injuries. Nourishes and stimulates the brain and nervous system. Promotes the absorption of uids in the tissues. Removes toxic accumulations in fat, lymph, bone marrow, the bladder, and the alimentary canal. Neutralizes acids, absorbs toxins in the bowel, and eliminates both. Dissolves and expels mucus, helping to clear respiratory channels. Relieves the liver of its burden of detoxication by converting fatty toxins into water-soluble substances that can then be easily eliminated through the kidneys. Assists the liver in the production of lecithin, which forms part of the myelin sheath, a white fatty material that encloses nerve bers. Reduces, perhaps eliminates, heavy metal deposits in tissues (especially those surrounding the joints) to reduce inammation and stiffness. Improves the functions of the pancreas and spleen by increasing the effectiveness of insulin. Puries the blood. Increases red cell production, and keeps red cells from rupturing. Increases the bodys ability to utilize oxygen by raising the oxygen level in the tissue cells. Protects the cells against free radicals. Protects against toxins entering the brain.

21. Protects the body against radiation and X-rays. 22. Relieves pain, increases the appetite, and provides more energy along with a sense of well being. 23. Speeds up wound healing by regenerating the damaged area. 24. Increases the production of antibodies like lymphocytes and T-cells in the thymus gland, which is the defender of our immune system. 25. Inhibits and possibly destroys benign growths and tumors. 26. Maintains balance between potassium and sodium within the body so that the uid inside and outside each cell is regulated: in this way, cells are nourished with nutrients and are also cleansed. 27. Converts calcium and potassium oxalates into a harmless form by making them solvent in the urine. Regulates the amount of oxalic acid delivered to the kidneys, thus reducing the risk of stone formation in the gall bladder, kidneys, or urinary tract. 28. Increases the circulation throughout the body. Helps with circulation in the legs of diabetics. Helps with circulation to the genital area of men, (helps with a erection) a possible help with infertility. Renes Essiac tea is helpful to many people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, and Alzheimers. It appears Essiacs actions to rid our body of heavy metals, detoxify the body, restore energy levels, and heal the immune system, all act to restore the immune system and improve the ability of the body to rid itself of illness. Essiac and AIDS: Dr. Gary Glum worked with an AIDS project in Los Angeles. The 179 AIDS patients in the project had been sent home to die and had pneumocystis carinii and histoplasmosis. They had white blood cell counts less than 10 and their weight was down. Dr. Glum took ve of these patients and worked with them using Essiac tea. He took them off AZT

and had them take 2 oz. of tea three times a day. After all the other patients had died, the ve on the Essiac tea were alive and well, eating three meals a day, and exercising, and their weight was back to normal. In fact, they didnt appear to have been ill at all. Essiac Tea is endorsed by Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D. Dr. Whitaker has an informative newsletter named Health & Healing. In his November 1995 issue he has an article titled What I Would Do if I Had Cancer. He stated that if he had cancer, he personally would follow a regimen that included changing his diet, taking the nutritional supplements Vitamin C, Shark Cartilage, and Coenzyme Q10, and drinking Essiac Tea. Natural healers agree that detoxing your body is the best thing you can do to restore your health and to maintain good health. Detoxication and purication are the keys to healing and good health because they build your immune system. This is why taking the tea is not only helpful for cancer, but also for hypoglycemia, Parkinsons, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, ulcers, thyroid problems, broids, hemorrhoids, circulation, diabetes, malignancies, warts, psoriasis, impotence, Alzheimers, asthma, etc.

Dr. Brusch Medical Letter

These are some quotes from the letter that Dr. Brusch sent: This Essiac formula was used for the treatment of cancer and was also researched by numerous doctors who treated thousands of patients. These treatments have been documented by doctors, by individuals who have been cured, and by members of patients families who can testify to the effects of Essiac. Documentation included many cases, including a history of the physical examination, laboratory ndings, x-rays, clinical ndings, and progress notes.


The research program at Brusch Medical Center was carried on by Rene Caisse and myself, Director of Research; by Dr. Charles McClure, former Professor of Gastroenterology and Research at Boston University Medical School and Peter B. Brigham Hospital, a member of Whos Who in the World of Medicine; by Dr. P. Pappas, former professor of Urology at Tufts Medical School, afliated with New England Medical Center; and by Dr. George Ceresia, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, Albany School of Chemistry, afliated with Union University Schenectady, New York. Whenever a patient was referred to us, we always obtained a history of past treatments, and when possible, we would send to the doctor concerned a history of results obtained at Brusch Medical Center. Oftentimes, when patients returned to their home towns or states, the attending doctors would send us progress notes. At one period of experimentation, we also used a double-blind study in which we used other herb formulas, all of which proved to be inferior to Essiac. In some cases we used medication in the form of tablets or placebos, with no results. We had no grants given to us; all studies, including those done in two different countries, in different laboratories, by different doctors, were conducted with strictly ethical procedures, and everything could be re-checked. The results we obtained with thousands of patients of various races, sexes, and ages and with all types of cancer denitely prove Essiac to be a cure for cancer. All studies done in four laboratories in the United States and one or more in Canada fortify this claim. . . . I have witnessed in my clinic, and know of many other cases where Essiac was the therapy used, a treatment that brings about restoration through destroying the tumor tissue

and improving the mental outlook, which re-establishes physiological function. I endorse this therapy even today, for I have, in fact, cured my own cancer, the original site of which was the lower bowel, through Essiac alone. I have taken Essiac every day since my diagnosis (1984), and my recent examination has given me a clean bill of health.

Quotes From Doctors

Many doctors from the U.S. and Canada who where skeptical of the tea would show up at the clinic to observe the work, the records, and the treatments, as well as the patients. Quote from Doctor Benjamin Lesslie Guyatt, M.D., a curator for the University of Torontos anatomy department: In most cases, distorted countenances became normal, and the pain reduced as treatment proceeded. The relief from pain is a notable feature, as pain in these cases is very difcult to control. On checking authentic cancer cases, it was found that hemorrhage was rapidly brought under control in many difcult cases; open lesions of lip and breast responded to treatment; cancer of the cervix, rectum, and bladder have been caused to disappear; and patients with cancer of the stomach diagnosed by reputable physicians and surgeons have returned to normal activity. I do know that I have witnessed in this clinic a treatment which brings about restoration through destroying the tumor tissues and supplying something which improves the mental outlook on lives and facilitates re-establishment of physiological function.

Quote from Dr. Richard Leonardo, coroner of Rochester, New York. He was one of the most skeptical doctors to visit the

clinic. He had written numerous books on the subject of cancer and was a specialist. This is what he told Rene: He said he didnt believe she had any remedy. According to Rene, after he talked to the patients he said, Youre doing them good, but its your personality and the hope you offer them! He took his time talking to patients and other doctors. Then just before he left, he sat down on my couch and said, The medical profession isnt going to let you do this to me. I spent seven years in medical school, and Ive written books. He told me that if my treatment of a simple tea was accepted, hed have to go home and tear up his books and discard his surgical instruments. I was pleased that he was impressed, because when he came he was so skeptical. Quote from skeptical Dr. Emma Carson from California. I rmly resolved that my investigation be based on unprejudiced judgment. The vast majority of Miss Caisses patients were brought to her after surgery, radium, emplastrums, etc. had failed to be helpful, and the patients were pronounced incurable or hopeless cases. The progress obtainable and the actual results from the Essiac treatments and the rapidity of the repair were absolutely marvelous, and must be seen to be believed. My skepticism neither yielded nor became subdued by the hopes and faith so denitely expressed by the patients and their friends. As I reviewed, compared, and summarized my data, records, case histories, etc., I realized that skepticism had deserted me. When I arrived I contemplated remaining 12 hours: I remained 24 days. I examined results obtained on 400 patients.


Quote From E. Bruce Hendrick, MD, Chief of Neurosurgery, University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine, The Hospital for Sick Children. Oct 5, 1983: I am writing this letter in support of the scientic clinical trial of the cancer treatment with the compound known as Essiac. [UL DE Tea] At the present time, at the Hospital for Sick Children, there are some 10 patients with surgically treated tumors of the central nervous system, who have escaped from conventional methods of therapy including both radiation and chemotherapy. [Of] The patients who were started on Essiac, there has been signicant improvement in their neurological state . . . . I am, however, most impressed with the effectiveness of the treatment and its lack of side effects.

Quote from Frederick Banting, MD, co-discoverer of insulin. Miss Caisse, I will not say you have a cure for cancer, but you have more evidence of a benecial treatment for cancer than anyone in the world.

The Ultimate Detoxier

The overall agreement among natural healers, past and present alike, is that cleansing your body of toxins, parasites, and impurities is the single most important battle strategy to winning your war of restoring your health and to maintaining good health. Most cleansing agents, or detoxiers, have unpleasant side effects, so they can be used only for a short period of time. The side effects usually include headache and nausea. UL DE Tea, however, can be taken for a longer period of time on a


regular basis with no side effects, and it can be taken with other treatments and therapies, orthodox or otherwise. Dr. Brusch felt that the tea actually can identify toxins, gather them up, break them down, and then discharge them out of the body. I, personally, dont know how it works, but what makes it the ultimate detoxier in my opinion are the following six things: 1. 2. It has no adverse side effects. You can take it on a regular basis (a maintenance dose) to help decrease the risk of illnesses and promote good health. You get the powerful benet of the whole plant or the true plant components, not an isolated component derived from the plant or a chemical. You can take this tea along with your doctors treatment and it will not hurt you. In fact, patients on chemotherapy or radiation who use herbal assistance to battle poor health report more energy, better weight gain, and a better quality of life. When people use the herbal tea along with chemotherapy or radiation treatments, the survival rates improve. Like Dr. Brusch, though, I would use the Essiac Tea and a good healthy diet to ght the cancer instead of chemotherapy. The mixture of different ingredients supplies a potency that is really hard to match because of the type of plants and the balance that is used. The mixture is made without chemicals added to it.





Brewing Instructions
Equipment Needed: 2 stainless steel pots, oven mitts, stainless steel ne mesh strainer, pot/bowl scraper (not plastic), 2 1/2 quarts distilled water, 2 clean glass quart jars with caps. (Do

not use plastic bottles. Do not use aluminum utensils of any kind.) Directions: 1. Bring 2 1/2 quarts distilled water to a boil in a pot. Add herbs. Boil gently for 10 minutes. Do not let water boil over. Try to keep herbs from boiling up onto the side of pot; keep them scraped off sides and in the water. 2. Turn stove off. Scrape down inside of pot so all herb residue is returned to the water. Cover pot and let sit for 12 hours (this is important). You may wish to stir occasionally. You may notice color changes as the herbs mix. 3. Reheat the mixture to a low boil. At this point you will have boiled the water to approximately 2 qts. Pour the low-boiling mixture through a stainless steel strainer into a second pot. Some residue remaining in the brew is OK. Many prefer this residue in the tea; it adds power to the drink. 4. Pour the hot mixture into the glass quart jars, which have been sterilized or well washed. Add clean caps and handtighten but not too tight or you wont be able to open the jar once it seals itself. 5. Keep in refrigerator in brown paper bag because it is light-sensitive. If mold should develop, since theres no preservative, discard immediately.

Shake Bottle. Take 2 oz. on an empty stomach at least 15 to 20 minutes before you eat. You may take the tea two times a day in the morning an in the evening before going to bed, or three times a day morning, noon and at bedtime. Sip it slowly, taking about 2 to 3 minutes to drink it all. Take it early in the morning before you eat and at night before bedtime. You may also choose to take it 3 or 4 times a day before each meal, and at bedtime. Take the tea for at least a month, or longer with illnesses, then three times a week to maintain a detoxied body. You may take the tea as long as you wish to help keep cancer away. I take the tea just about all the time because


it helps me sleep. My daughter takes the tea too to help her sleep also.

In compliance with U.S. Regulations, we make no claims that this product will cure cancer or any other illnesses. We maintain that this product is effective as a blood purier and detoxier only. Dont use this tea if taking heart medication.

Barbara Barbara got my information and started using it with her husband for his diabetes. His legs were in pain and his skin peeled a lot every time she took off his socks. She tried using the cleansing tea on him to see whether it would help his condition, and it has help dramatically. His pain is gone and the peeling of his skin when she takes off his socks is a lot better.

John John is an 85-year-old man who had lung cancer. The doctors wanted to operate on his lung and take out the part of the lung infected by the cancer. John called after he had seen my information, and he talked with me a little while on the phone. He wanted to use the tea, but he did not want to make it. He wanted me to make it for him. We arrived at an agreement, and I made the tea for him so he would not have to make it. After using the tea, John went to his doctor, and the doctor said his lungs were clear. The doctor could not gure out what had happened. John did not tell his doctor about the tea or the information I had shared with him. He used the 13 Practical Principles along with my tea, and his cancer was gone . . . no operation, no chemotherapy, and no radiation. He did not have to go on the list of medications that most people do when they survive cancer and take chemotherapy and radiation. Better

yet, there will be none of the side effects he could have later in life from taking chemotherapy and radiation. John calls and gets the tea every so often to help keep his body cleansed and to help keep the cancer from coming back.

Bonnie Bonnie was a liver-cancer patient who could not deal with the chemotherapy. I was told about her by a friend of hers who told me to call her. I called her and talked to her on the phone for about 45 minutes. When we were ready to get off the phone, she told me she was going to do it all; everything I had talked to her about or recommended to her, she used. I have some multivitamins and minerals that I sell because they are better than the retail shelf vitamins in my opinion. The shelf vitamins are good, but I think these are more potent. I even have some that you cannot buy off the shelf, and she used these also. After I talked to her on the phone, I sent her the items that she needed and I called her later. She informed me that about two weeks after she started taking the products she had received from me, she passed this green-looking slime in a bowel movement and she kinda knew that her cancer was gone. Her energy began to increase, and she started looking better. When she went to the doctor three months later, the doctor did not recognize her in the ofce. She has been a liver-cancer survivor now for almost 5 years, and every so often she orders the tea from me to help keep her body cleaned out. Yes, she survived liver cancer with no chemotherapy and no radiation. Bonnie has been able to stay off the list of medications that most cancer survivors have to deal with. In fact, she does not take any medications at all.

Jerry This gentleman found my information and called me about his dad, who was suffering from lung cancer. He had

been discharged from the hospital, had gone back for a chemotherapy treatment, and they wanted to give him a new type of treatment to see how it would work for him. The doctor at the hospital tried it on him and the nurse overdosed him on the chemotherapy. He had to be readmitted to the hospital to ush out the chemotherapy chemical. Jerry was very upset because they knew that his dad could not deal with the chemotherapy treatments very well. While his dad was in the hospital, Jerry was taking some of the tea to him, and the doctors could not gure out why he was getting better. He continued to give his dad the tea, increasing his good health and increasing the doctors curiosity as to why he was getting better. His dad was walking around the hospital and very much better. His energy was coming back and he was ready to go home. The doctor sent him home with hospice. Hospice is a program that, at no cost to the patient or the family, will take care of terminally ill patients; that is, keep them pain-free and comfortable during the process of dying. Their stipulation is that they will provide care for your family member for a specic period of time, so sometime during the allotted period, your loved one will die. (The only question is whether the patient dies naturally or prematurely due to suppression by drugs.) The family has to sign papers for this arrangement. Well Jerrys dad, he believes, was killed prematurely. He was ne in the hospital when Jerry left him. Then they sent him home with hospice and an IV in his arm. When the ambulance brought him home, he was disoriented and on a morphine drip. Jerry took the IV out and stopped the meds, and in about an hour his dad was up walking around, eating and talking, and doing great. The hospice nurse came in and pitched a t because the morphine drip was out and the patient was up and about.

Jerry told him that his family did not believe in killing their dad with morphine or by any other form of euthanasia. The hospice nurse was really upset because that goes against their protocol. They only have a certain amount of time with each patient. Jerry persisted and the IV was left out; his dad continued to progress, and he told Jerry that he was going to spread the word to help people with cancer so some people would not have to go through what he had been through. Jerrys dad was doing so good that Jerry decided to go ahead and take the vacation he had planned before his dad became so ill. He went on vacation, and in three days his sister called him and told him he had to come home because the hospice nurse had put the IV morphine drip back in their dad. Jerrys dad was dead in three days. I put this story in here so I could help you with one idea, and that is, Please read what you sign. Make sure you understand what you sign. Keep a watch on the meds that you receive. If you decide you want to do the study with us on cancer, you need to tell us if you are under hospice care. We can still talk with you but we will not put you in the study, because we realize what hospice is and that they only have a certain amount of time to serve each patient and that is it. With hospice there is only one outcome.

Krista Krista called me one morning at 5 oclock all frantic, needing to talk to me about her mom and pancreatic cancer. Yes. I answered her call at that time in the morning. Her mom had read my information and was open to using the information and wanted some of the cleansing tea. She had already started

adopting some of the other 13 Practical Principles and wanted to see me to get some of my hand-measured cleansing herbal Essiac tea. She used it along with her chemotherapy treatment and found that after three of her treatments the doctor told her the cancer was gone. She didnt need anymore treatments and her blood test was the best it had ever been.

Ophelia Seifert Ophelia saw me doing an interview with Sharon Puckett, a news caster on channel 4 at noon. Ophelia had dealt with breast cancer six times and was dealing with it again. She contacted me to discuss the use of the 13 Practical Principles to help deal with her cancer this time. She used the tea along with some of the vitamins and minerals we talked about. Her cancer disappeared. Ophelia was sharing the information and the tea with a friend who was dealing with diabetes, and his sugar count came down to a safe range. Ophelia has continued to call to keep cleansing her body to help stay cancer free. I have worked with people with different kinds of cancers. The rst thing I tell them is that I am not a doctor. I cannot diagnosis or prescribe for cancer or any other disease. I can only help to educate them, and then they can decide whether to use the information I discuss with them to see if the principles or products will help them. I am not here to push my products, but to help people who are suffering with disease that my research shows might be helped by these products. I would be glad to talk to you, if you would like me to. Simply go to the contact page in the back of the book and contact me. After surgery for stomach cancer, a very good friend gave me a book on Essiac. I read it with much interest, shared it with my oncologist, and proceeded on a regiment for survival which stringently incorporated the tea. I am surviving cancer for over ve

years and the tea still remains a vital part of my ghting strategy. --- Orville N. Bignall, Ph. D.

Barbra This lady had liver cancer and was taking my tea and adopting some of the 13 Principles, and she was doing well. However, she would do everything that anyone would suggest to her and was taking two or three different types of cleanses at one time. The last time I talked with her on the phone, I told her to stop using my tea because she was detoxing her body with too many products. I have said it before and I will say it again, There are a lot of good things out to help ght cancer and other illnesses. You may use some of these or use mine. Just dont detox your body too fast, because it could make you worse or even kill you!


Chapter 9
O t h er Ca nc er- f ight ing Tool s

We offer not only Essiac Tea (UL DE Tea) but other supplements and tools for your war on Cancer and other illnesses. The amount of money that you might spend to help keep yourself and your family healthy could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars later. Even if you dont get some of the items or the cleansing tea from us, just keep in mind that there are products in your local drug and health stores or drug/health sections of department stores that you can use. The difference is each of the tea packets we use and sell are hand-measured and packed so you get the full potency of the tea. The UL De Tea will give you the best results for your money. UL DE Tea is produced from the strongest Essiac tea recipe, including all 8 different herbs. Some Essiac (also Esiak) teas contain only four or ve herbs. If you buy Essiac tea elsewhere, make sure you get the tea that has eight different herbs. The UL DE Tea also has one more herb added to help make it more potent, with a total of nine different herbs hand-measured for each packet to make sure you get the full benet of the herbs. Information on this tea is also included in the book so you can make a wise decision when you buy your tea, whether off the shelf or

through this book. We all need to make wise decisions every day because they can cost us in many ways. I remember a person who made a decision that cost him about $75,000 dollars in copying equipment. He was moving some of his color copy machines (no it wasnt me), and he put some other items in the truck with them, deciding not to anchor them down. The decision not to anchor the items ruined about ve good color copy machines. I have also heard a real-estate investor tell a story of a real-estate deal in which he lost 50 million dollars. Yes, we make decisions all the time that cost us money or possessions. We also, however, make decisions that cost us our health. I hope you will enlist in the war before you are drafted. Joining the war means ghting the cancer before it starts by living in a way that helps prevent it or reduces your risk of cancer. You really should join the war today.

Zapping the Invaders

Little did I know when I was young and living on the farm that the occasional touch of the electric fence could kill invaders in my body. The electric pulse going through your body kills ukes, round worms, mites, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. In just 7 minutes, even at only 5 volts, it kills them all at once-and it has not been shown to be harmful. Based on the experiences of my childhood, I would not recommend hanging onto an electric fence for seven minutes to eradicate the invaders of your body. Electric fences, after all, provide quite a little shock, and theyre not as easy to run into today as they once were. Instead, you can do this more easily and conveniently with a mechanism that is powered by a 9 volt battery. Viruses and bacteria are affected in 3 minutes; damaged tapeworm stages, ukes, and round worms in 5 minutes; and mites in 7 minutes. Be aware that you need to shock your body for at least seven minutes, wait about 10 minutes and then do it again for another 7 minutes, and then wait another 10 minutes and repeat the 7-minute treatment.

This helps kill all the critters, no matter where theyre hiding. Remember the experiment in school where you held hands with someone who touched an electrical source and only the last person in the chain felt the shock? By the time youve repeated the therapy 3 times, there should have been enough disrupting activity that none of the critters are protected by being in the middle of a chain.

Special Soap
Use an antioxidant oil soap made of all-natural ingredients with no animal or chemical by-products. We know that petroleum and animal products can help cause cancer and other diseases. Instead, you can use a special chemical free soap that was made for a skin cancer patient. You may look on your local store shelf for natural soaps. Try to nd some soaps with mild ingredients or no chemicals at all, just all natural. Offer your skin vitamins and minerals instead of chemicals that could increase your risk of cancer and other diseases. This soap helps to moisturize your skin with natural products and feeds your skin beta carotene (which is a great cancer ghter). It is a mild and gentle cleanser based on a European recipe, including grape seed oil, safower oil, olive oil, palm oil, and coconut oil. There are no animal products or solvents or, indeed, any type of chemicals. Grape seed and safower oils were added to provide antioxidants, vitamins, and benecial elements. Plant pigments and oils are used for its colorants and fragrances. I really like this soap and what it does for my skin, the way it moisturizes and feeds my body antioxidants. Chemical absorption through the skin may increase our risk for cancer just as much as the chemicals we eat in our food. Between shampoo, hair spray, mousse, and whatever else we put in our hair added to the soaps and conditioners we use in our clothes, our bath soap, and other chemicals we use on our skin with makeup, makeup remover, deodorants, suntan lotions, perfumes, aftershaves, shaving cream, etc., we may

actually put more chemicals into our bodies through our skin than we do through our mouths. It only makes sense that one way to lower your risk of cancer or to ght cancer is to stop putting all those chemicals on your skin. If you use a lot of makeup, you may want to cut back or stop altogether. Personally, I have quit using shaving cream and cut way back on aftershave. I just use plain water for shaving, and I only occasionally use aftershave. By all means, before you put anything on your body, take a moment to look at the ingredients, but remember, some ingredients dont have to be listed. There could be things in commercially produced soaps and shampoos that you dont know about. On the other hand, you can use the home-made soap and not worry about whether it is raising your risk of developing cancer. You can let it stay on your skin and help ght cancer and help moisturize your skin. You can feed your body beta carotene instead of some harsh petroleum derivative or chemical. Also remember that spending a little more now can help to save money, and maybe even a life, by helping to prevent cancer in a loved one or yourself.


Chapter 10
Th e S e l f- exa m Bre a s t D ev ic e

For the rst time, the Food and Drug Administration is regulating a non-prescription breast self-examination (BSE) pad for athome use. The Pad is composed of two plastic sheets (eight inches in diameter) with a small amount of liquid lubricant sealed inside. When used properly by a woman during her monthly exam, the pad reduces the friction between her ngers and breast and enhances her sense of touch during the exam.

Self Exam With Condence

This is a simple test women can do to maintain breast health, and statistics show women still dont do it on a routine basis, says Katherine Alley, MD, Director of The Breast Center at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. The Pad can help women feel more condent in their ability to conduct exams by making it easier and more comfortable for them. The ultrathin, soft-plastic breast pad may be reused each month. The pad is latex-free and comes with a step-by-step reference guide. Some women have found lumps right after having had


a mammogram or a doctors visit. This device is worth looking into for all women and men also.

Clinical Trial of Effective Use

A clinical trial conducted with seventy-two breast-cancer patients revealed that patients who used The Pad were able to use the product as effectively as nurses familiar with the proper breast examination technique. A similar study showed that women who used the device had higher tactile awareness than with a bare hand or than using soapy water (simulating device in the shower). It can be used for many exams. It is not a one-time-use and toss-it item.

Early Detection Increased Survival

Routine breast self-examination helps women become familiar with how their breasts normally feel, making it easier to detect any changes that may occur. According to the American Cancer Society, when breast cancer is discovered early and conned to the breast, the ve-year survival rate is over ninety-six percent. Early detection of breast cancer increases the possibility that you may only need minimal surgery on the breast and axilla, which will reduce pain and suffering. The very small tumors (less than 1.0 cm) may not need to be treated with chemotherapy. Some studies estimate breast cancer mortality can be reduced by as much as eighteen percent through increased use of BSE. The American Cancer Society recommends that all women 18 years of age and older should perform monthly self breast exams. Men should also preform the monthly self breast exam on themselves. Presently, seventy-one million American women do not perform exams for a variety of reasons including lack of condence, not knowing what to look for, limited tactile sensitivity with a bare hand, fear of nding an abnormality, and discomfort in touching

their own breasts. Although ninety-six percent of women are aware of the importance of breast exams, only twenty-nine percent perform self-exams on a regular basis. When I rst brought home The Pad, I didnt use it for six months because I didnt feel condent that I would be able to detect a lump on my own, said Mary G. of Chevy Chase, Maryland. Once I started using it, I was amazed at how The Pad was able to enhance my sense of touch. The Pad helped me nd a lump that both a mammogram and my doctor had missed.

Alice H., a special education teacher in Cleveland, knew she should do a breast self-examination every month. But like many women she found them confusing. I never knew if I was pressing hard enough or too hard, or if I was missing places, recalls the 52-year-old mother of four. So most of the time, I just didnt do them. But six years ago, the hospital where Alices husband was a social worker had a breast-cancer education program that featured a new product called the Touch Enhancing Pad. A thin, supple plastic disk that women place over their breasts during self-exams, it was designed to make it easier to detect lumps. Mark H. bought the pad for his wife, and she tried it the same day - even though her annual mammogram, taken only six weeks earlier, had been normal.

This product makes no explicit or implied claim to nd breast cancer, breast lumps, or any other type of breast disease. However, a lot of women and men are very thankful for this device. It has already helped countless women nd that little pest called breast cancer and also helped reduce the severity


of the situation. You will want to get more information, and here is how: Write to Jeff Beck P.O. Box 50372 Nashville, TN 37205 Or phone Jeff at 1-615-799-0994 or e-mail him at to purchase your own breast pad.


Chapter 11
Ca p i t a li z ing on I nfor m at ion

Remember that some principles are good to keep in mind and follow occasionally, but some should be made rules. One of the rules in my household is to always put our children in the proper child seats with seat belts. One night I was going to drive just a little way down the road to give our little 4-year-old a ride. I decided to put him in the front seat, because we wouldnt be going that far. That decision almost cost me my sons life. I drove about the length of a football eld and turned onto a road, and as I was turning, the door popped open and my Scott went ying out of the car, hanging onto the seat belt while dragging on the road. Though we werent going that fast, I was scared that he was going to be run over by the back tire. I got the van stopped and got him inside, and we sat there for a while in the middle of the road. I dont know which of us was more petried. Did we ever give thanks to God that day! You may want to turn some of the principles you have read in this book into rules to help prevent cancer.

How often have you heard of friends or relatives who have spent their lives building their businesses or their nancial portfolios only to have everything stolen by cancer? That is right. Cancer steals from us not only our health but the lives that we have built for ourselves. Roy, a real-estate investor, has spent years building his real-estate company, and all he has worked for will be taken from him by cancer. He was drafted into the war with cancer, and after spending all that money on insurance and medical expenses, the doctors cant do anything more for him but send him home with hospice, with not very much time left to live. This is why I am trying to get the word out. There are so many that are falling to cancer that do not really have to, if they would just use a few basic principles to help prevent or reduce the risk of cancer in their lives.

Now, About Results:

Not all of the people I have talked with have survived their cancer. Some have gotten better, and then it came back. Some who were in hospice have died. Some I have met with face to face are doing some things that we talked about them not doing, and they make up an excuse as to why they are doing it. So, to get more accurate information about the plan, I am starting a cancer study with people who are interested and will keep accurate records of how well they stick to the plan and the outcome of their disease. This is going to be a private study, and no placeboes will be used. No sugar pills will be given to the participants in the study. It is strictly research to discover how well the plan works on different types of patients depending on how strictly the patients adhere to it. If you would like to be a participant, you have to ll out the form at the end of this book and send it to the study address. You can use the same doctor you use now. He will have to work with the study by providing the information it needs. Please


look over the cancer study pages and make copies to ll out and send to us. And yes, it will cost you something to be in the study. We need to make sure the participants will follow the regimen that is set forth so we can actually see true results when it is nished. We have found that people are more likely to follow a plan using the products and information if they have to pay for the plan. Let me just say that my wife is an almost 10-year brain-cancer survivor. The doctors cant believe she is still alive, much less doing all that she does. While my wife was working as a hospice nurse, I was afraid she could get AIDS from dealing with it everyday. I got a glimpse of what people go through as she dealt with the grief of losing her patients to cancer and AIDS. Needless to say, I was not prepared for the idea of having to deal with losing her to brain cancer, yet I knew that when you get brain cancer you dont live. With Gods help in giving us what we needed when we needed it, however, we have made it through the situation and are still making it. Valerie is still taking the tea to combat the possible recurrence of disease, and I take it to prevent disease. Please, if youre not on heart medication, at least try it. You can take the rst step in ghting cancer right now. Start with principle number two. Cleanse your body on the inside (or detox your body). Buy some of the UL DE Tea or get some type of cleansing tea from your local health-food store today. You can order the UL DE Tea right now from the website, www. And dont forget, to get more accurate information about the plan, I am starting a cancer study with people who are interested and will keep accurate records of how well they stick to the plan and the outcome of their disease. As I said before, it will be a private study with no placeboes. It is strictly research to


discover how well the plan works on different types of patients depending on how strictly the patients adhere to it. If you would like to be a participant, ll out the form at the end of the book and send it to the study address. You and the doctor you use now will work with the study by providing the information needed. Please look over the cancer study pages and make copies to send to us. Because people who receive things for free often fail to take the freebie seriously, the study is not free to participants; however, the cost will be well worth it for all concerned and will help you to stay on track and do your best to see that your investment yields high returns, both for yourself and for possibly millions of others who may be helped by this study.


Cure for all Cancer: Copyright 1993 By Hulda Clark, PH. D., New Century Press 2232 Verus St. San Diego, CA 92154. Energy Times Inc. Feb. 2000 ISSN # 10733-1369 US Vol. 10 No 2 2500 Grand Ave. Long Beach CA. 90815. An Alternative Medicine Denitive Guide to Cancer, W. John Diamond, M.D. And W. Lee Cowden, M.D. Future Medicine Publishing, Inc. 1640 Tiburon Blvd., Suite 2 Tiburon, CA 94920 Copyright. 1997. Understanding Cancer. John Laszlo, MD. Harper & Row Publishers, INC. 10 East 53rd Street, New York N.Y. 10022 ISBN # 0- 06- 015754-2. DR. Gaynors Cancer Prevention Program, Mitchell L. Graynor, M.D. Kensington Publishing Corp. 850 Third Ave. New York, NY 10022. Return to Wholeness. David Simon, M.D. Published John Wiley & Sons INC. 605 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10158-012. Eating Right: Globe Communications Corp. 5401 NW Broken Sound Blvd. Boca Raton, FL. 33487. Healing Fruits and Juices From the Bible. American Media Mini Mag, INC. 5401 N. W. Broken Sound Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33487. The Essiac Report. Copyright 1993 Richard Thomas. Published in the United States by The Alternative Treatment Information Network. Los Angeles, CA 90069 ISBN 0-9639818-0-3. The Essiac Handbook: Copyrighted 1994 by James Percival, Published by Bernard Barbieux Associates, forth Edition ISBN Number 0-9651484-9-1, Sybil Leeks Book of Herbs, by Sybil Leek, Copyrighted 1973. Sybil Leek. Thomas Nelson Inc. Nashville.


Response Form: To avoid destroying the book, feel free

to copy this page. Fill out this form and send it to us, and we will send you some recipes to help with cancer. Send it with your order, if you like, or just send it to Jeff Beck, P.O. Box 50372, Nashville, TN 37205. We will not sell or give your information to anyone. You do not have to ll in all the blanks. We just want to know how useful the book is, where it is being purchased, and who would like to help. Go to Name ____________________________ Spouses Name _____________________________ Address _______________ City _______________ ST _____ Zip __________ Phone __________________________ Email____________________________________ Where did you buy this book? _____________________ _____________ What was the deciding factor in your decision to buy this book? _____________________________________ __________________________________________ _____________________ Would your share this book with others?_________ WHY? __________________________________________ __________________________________________ ___________________ Which country do you live in? ____________________ How Long at this address? _____________ How Many Children? _____

What type of work do you do? _____________________ What type of work does your spouse do? _____________ _________________________________ Have you had cancer? _____ What Kind? __________________ How many times? ___________ Is it gone? ___________ How did you treat it? __________________ What other diseases do you deal with? _______________ ______________________ Do you try to live healthy? ____ Would you help me with my war effort on Cancer? ____________ Do you have ideas you would share with me to help me educate people about cancer? _____ Would you place a banner or link on your home page, web site or in your outgoing emails?______ Do you have a business or a place where you could place my book for others to purchase? ______ If you could buy some books to sell in your business, how many would you buy? ______ Would you buy books to share with your friends and relatives? ______ How many? _______


Private Inoperable Cancer and AIDS Study.

The information you will be given will be useful in helping with the medical treatment of cancer. It will help each cancer patient answer the question, What else can I do to help win the battle with cancer? These ideas you will encounter will change your life. In most cases you will see changes in as little as two weeks. There are some guidelines that you will have to follow, and you will be charged a consultation fee. You do not have to use the specic products we offer or suggest to you; you are free to buy or use whatever you wish as long as you follow the guidelines. You will see a difference in your grocery bill. You must ask yourself this question: Is it worth it to me to spend about $100 to $200 more in a month to win the battle with cancer and to live longer? If your answer to this question is No, dont read any further. In the last study like this, all 5 of the AIDS patients survived using some of our ideas when medical treatments were no longer available. We have worked with brain, lung, prostate, breast, and liver cancers. Bonnie consulted us about her liver cancer, and it was gone-without chemotherapy-after using our suggestions for two weeks. One man who had lung cancer and a hole in his side has now gone back to work. We are not doctors, and we can not diagnose or prescribe. What we can do, however, is share with you some information that could save your life and then let you make the choice. We can advise you in ways that doctors cant because the FDA wont let them. We will work with your doctor to obtain medical information for the study. Your doctor will have to send us your medical history and diagnosis. If you want to be in our study, you must agree to carry out our ideas under your doctors watchful eye and to follow the

recommendations we lay out for you. One person with lung cancer used our ideas while in the hospital, and the doctors could not gure out why he was getting better. The information we have is very benecial to winning the battle with cancer and can be used along with chemotherapy and radiation. We used it with a brain cancer patient in our own family, and it worked after chemotherapy and radiation had failed. This study does not use placebos (a substance with no treatment value), and no one in it will receive a placebo. The study will use about ten different avenues to attack cancer instead of only one. This is why the liver cancer patient saw changes in just two weeks. We suggest hitting the cancer with everything you can right off. As the old saying goes, Hit it with both barrels. This study will be divided into 4 different groups: * Group one will be the newly diagnosed cancer and AIDS patients. * Group two will be newly diagnosed cancer and AIDS patients whose conditions are inoperable (Newly diagnosed inoperable). * Group three will be people who cant receive any more medical treatments and people who are just starting treatments that are not working. This would also include inoperable cases (Just beyond treatment). * Group four will be people with more severe cancer and AIDS development who have no more medical treatments available for their advanced medical conditions (Severely beyond treatment). Things used to help ght the cancer include: 1. 2. 3. 4. Building the immune system. Eating foods that ght cancer. Avoiding feeding the cancer. Reducing the root of the cancer.


and many more techniques. Please keep in mind that, under FDA rules, we cannot say that our method will cure your cancer or AIDS. We can, however, say how it has helped other people and give you the opportunity to try it and see how it helps you. If it does not help with your disease, then you can move on to whatever other treatments are available to you. The consultation fee is $85.00. This is about what you would pay for a doctors visit. While the money helps to cover our expenses, it also helps to assure that those who are placed in the program will stick with it. People who pay for advice are more apt to follow it than those who receive advice for free. Last, but hardly least, the fee also enables us to keep helping people win their battles with cancer and AIDS. The cost of the products will be extra. We have a release form that you will need to sign, just like you would at the doctors ofce when they tell you there is a possibility that the treatment will not work. Your cancer could be gone in as little as two weeks, so try it, and see how it will help you. You could not only save your life but also save yourself from a lot of distress. If you wish, you may receive the consultation and not join the study. Step 1: Copy the form, ll it out, and fax it to us at 615-7990994. We will contact you. Step 2: Pay the Consultation Fee. Step 3: Have your doctor send us a brief medical history. Step 4: Set a time for the consultation. Step 5: Start the study if you desire and are chosen. (You are entitled to use the information yourself, even if you are not chosen for the study.)


Inoperable Cancer and AIDS Study Release Form, With Contact Information
Consultation choices:[ ] Phone[ ] Video Conference[ ] Email [ ] Cancer or [ ] AIDS Categories: [ ]Newly diagnosed [ ] Newly diagnosed inoperable [ ] Just beyond treatment [ ] Severely beyond treatment Agreement: [ ] I agree to follow the guidelines set forth in our conversation and will follow them to keep the study on track. [ ] I understand that you are not a doctor and that you cannot diagnose or prescribe for me in a medical way. [ ] I know that you will not be using any drugs or placebos. [ ] I agree to participate in this study along with my doctor and give you the information that the doctor shares with me about my condition and how it is progressing. [ ] I give my permission to use my rst name (only) for informational testimonies for others. [ ] I understand that this is a private study, that it is not connected to any medical group or organization. [ ] Neither I nor anyone in my family will hold anyone in this study liable or responsible for the studys outcome, or for the outcome of my disease. [ ] I understand that I may participate in the consultation but I can choose for myself not to be in the study, but that I will be allowed to put into practice, if I so choose, the ideas and principles that we discuss to work with the cancer or AIDS on my own.


PLEASE PRINT EXCEPT FOR SIGNATURE Name: ______________________ Address: ______________________ City: ______________ State: _____ Zip: ___________ Phone: ____________________ E-Mail __________________________ Coach Name: _____________________ The person you want to help you stay with program and encourage you. $85.00 consultation Fee. Talk with the author multiple times, after the rst 45 min session. Pay by: Check ____ Cash ____ Which Credit card: _____________________ Card Number: _________________________ Expiration Date: ________ Name and address on card: ______________________ __________________________________________ Signature: _______________________ Todays Date: ___________ We need your medical history including date of diagnosis and medical services the doctor may have given. You must instruct your doctor to send us a brief medical history so that we understand your medical standing. Make sure you give us your phone number so we can contact you quickly. If you have no access to a fax machine, mail form to Private Cancer Study P. O. Box 50372, Nashville, TN 37205 You may also contact us for more information at: please put cancer study in the subject line. Fax form to 615-799-0994

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