ASSESSM ENT Subjective : “Wala naman ako ikukwento”

DIAGNOS IS Impaired social interactio n r/t disturbed thought Objective: processes Patient is as observed evidenced to be by staring staring blankly blankly and once in a thought while. blocking. Thought blocking is also observed like answering questions may take longer. Maintains eye to eye contact but easily distracted by other patients.

RATIONAL E When thought processes are not in normal state, words and actions are not appropriate to the situation which can lead to unsatisfacto ry conversatio n or social interaction.



RATIONAL E To determine possible causative factors

EVALUATION After 6 hours of nursing intervention the patient was able to:

After 6 hours Independent: of nursing - Review intervention social the patient will history be able to: Goal: - Express desire to talk and convers e more often. Objectives: - Participa te in the activitie s prepare d Verbaliz e emotion s and feeling towards the activitie s


Observe for client’s actions and interperson al behaviours Encourage the patient to participate in planned activities

Goal: - Express To desire to determine talk and the degree converse of more impairment often. Objectives: - Participate To help the in the client activities make prepared positive - Verbalize changes in emotions their and interperson feeling al towards behaviour. the activities To avoid aggressive behaviour



Encourage the patient to verbalize feeling of discomfort in socialization

- Provide safe environmen t Safety of the patient and the other patients Encourage s continuatio n of desired behaviours / efforts for change. - Provide positive reinforceme nt for improveme nt in social behaviours and interactions. Dependent Administer drugs as ordered Collaborative .Participate in multidisciplinary clientcentered To evaluate client’s progress .

conferences . .

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