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Notice of sampling rules for BTEC Standards Verification 2011-12

May 2011
To help you plan ahead for 2011-12, we are giving you advance notice of the sampling rules for BTEC Standards Verification next year. This notice concentrates on changes for 2011-12. Full, detailed instructions will be published in the Quality Assurance Handbook 2011-12 before the end of the Summer term.

Which qualifications does this cover?

We sample across a group of programmes defined by a Principal Subject Area. We will select units from each level of programme offered, including:
BTEC Nationals BTEC Firsts Foundation Learning and/or Level 1 BTEC Programmes BTEC Specialist Short Courses from Level 1-3

Who will be included in Standards Verification?

Standards Verifiers are allocated in three ways:
In October we will select a sample of accredited Lead Internal Verifiers to be included in

Standards Verification for confirmation sampling. We will inform both Quality Nominees and the Lead Internal Verifiers.
After each Lead Internal Verifier standardisation window we will scrutinise the results. Based

on individual performance, we will allocate a Standards Verifier where we feel that a Lead Internal Verifier would benefit from further support straight away. no-one has attempted Lead Internal Verifier accreditation.

At the end of the second standardisation window, we will allocate a Standards Verifier where

How do I make sure Im still accredited as a Lead Internal Verifier?

If you gained accreditation in 2010-11, this lasts for the next three years, subject to reregistering and confirmation sampling.
In September all accredited Lead Internal Verifiers must re-register. You can do this by

going into Edexcel Online / OSCA2 and simply confirming that you are still the Lead Internal Verifier. lose accredited status for that Principal Subject Area.

If a Lead Internal Verifier has changed or does not confirm their registration, then you will

How will Standards Verification be carried out?

We are moving to greater control of the sample in relation to standards on centre-assessed programmes. This is in line with our intentions to make sampling more structured and rigorous and to meet our regulatory obligations. The Standards Verifier is still there to support you and provide guidance, but they will now select the sample.
If you are selected for Standards Verification, you will have plenty of time to prepare a

sample for the Standards Verifier. So that we can fully and fairly monitor standards, the Standards Verifier selects the sample.

Notice of sampling rules for BTEC Standards Verification 2011-12 May 2011

You can expect to hear about confirmation sampling by 7th November. If you run new

programmes or have a lot more learners you may be included in a further sample and we will let you know about this in December. We may include centres later in the year as necessary to deal with unusual patterns of delivery or to assure standards in line with regulatory requirements.
The Standards Verifier will contact the Quality Nominee and then the Lead Internal Verifier

during November to agree the sample. You should confirm with the Standards Verifier which of the units set by us will be included within the sample.
After consultation with the Quality Nominee and Lead Internal Verifier, the Standards Verifier

will confirm to you, by email: o o o

the unit(s) being sampled the date of the sample the date by which a sample of learners will be selected

Approximately four weeks before the agreed sample date you should provide the Standards

Verifier with a list of learners and their anticipated grades for the unit(s). This allows the Standards Verifier to select the learners to be sampled. You will have 2-3 weeks to prepare the sample. feedback and any potential issues can be resolved in plenty of time.

We still encourage you to provide samples as early as possible, so that you can receive early The deadline for first samples is 30th April 2012 and all sampling activity (including any

second samples or remedial action, if required) should be completed by 31st May 2012.

What is included in the sample?

In 2011-12 we will be concentrating on mandatory units.
The sample should be:

o o o

from each level you deliver in the Principal Subject Area mandatory units from the BTEC programme specification from the largest programme delivered at each level

The unit should be a full, completed unit. The unit should be at the same level as the programme. If you are delivering a programme for which there are no mandatory units, the Standards

Verifier will agree the sample with you.

You can use learner work from 2010-11 or 2011-12, provided that learners are still on the

programme. Most programmes operate over two years, so this should provide ample opportunity to provide a sample by the end of April 2012.
If units are still to be completed, agree a date for sampling with the Standards Verifier. If you anticipate problems, discuss it with your Standards Verifier.

What is the sample size?

The number of units to be provided is the same as 2010-11:

Programmes being delivered Level 3 Diploma or Extended Diploma Or, if none of the above Level 3 Certificate or Subsidiary Diploma Level 2 programmes Level 1 or Foundation Learning

Number of units sampled two units one unit one unit one unit

Notice of sampling rules for BTEC Standards Verification 2011-12 May 2011

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The number of learner samples for each unit is linked to registrations and is the same as


Number of learners registered 1-3 learners 4 to 100 learners 101 to 250 learners 251+ learners

Number of learners for each unit sampled all learners sampled 4 learners sampled 8 learners sampled 12 learners sampled

The Standards Verifier will make the final selection of learners to be sampled, based on the

number of learners on a programme and their anticipated grades. If a unit is graded (Pass, Merit, Distinction) the learner sample should include the full range of grades that you are awarding.
You should already track and record learners achievement as they progress on the

programme. This can be used to provide information to Standards Verifiers when the sample is being selected. Ideally, the sample should include learners who are most marginal in terms of the grades awarded (for example learners who have achieved some but not all Merit criteria).

Learners included in the sample must have been internally verified. The outcomes of Standards Verification remain the same as before. If the first sample is

blocked and a second sample is required, the Standards verifier will ask to see extra learners:

Number of learners in first sample 1-3 learners 4 learners 8 learners or 12 learners

Extra learners required for second sample no sample increase +2 learners (or all learners if less than 6 registrations) + 4 learners

Where do I find out more?

The full BTEC Quality Assurance Handbook 2011-12 will be published shortly. It will

contain the full details and instructions about all aspects of the quality assurance process.
The website will be updated during the Summer to reflect the arrangements for


Notice of sampling rules for BTEC Standards Verification 2011-12 May 2011

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