I apologise for my lack of proper forewords this semester, but I am currently in no shape to hammer out something adequate and readable without sounding like a drugged up hippy with depression in my veins. Believe me, I tried, but the resulting product was not something I hope will ever see the light of day on the pages of this publication. This semester has been difficult, more difficult than I’ve ever known and will probably ever know, and for the second time in three months, I find that my own words have failed me again. Until I find my own voice again, here is somebody else speaking on my behalf. I apologise in all sincerity, and thanks for reading. The Space Between by Elena Georgiou stuck in an unnamed place half way between love and in love, you call me late at night and ask if i’m sleeping. i tell you, i’m writing. you ask about what? love, i say. when i write about us, i stop myself from saying we make love or we have sex. i search for a euphemism that won’t bind me, won’t define us. i arrive at the phrase move together. and only now, in writing this poem, do i see how fitting it is. the way we moved together vertically is what made me want to move with you horizontally. music joined us, but even in the joining, i didn’t know how to behave, how much or how little to say, how to choose to be me. an old friend told me if i feel smaller than myself with a lover this is the wrong lover for me. yes, i make myself smaller; i shrink my politics, my conversation. i shrink in mind, but i grow in body. and don’t think i don’t know when the movements are fluid we look for ways to draw each other nearer, name each other soulmates. i have been a two-time witness to how easily the soul-thread can be cut, leaving the so-called soulmate dangling in an empty world of one. the same old friend comes back to say a lover should love in me what i love in myself. trouble is, we don’t know what we love in each other. we exchange tapes of songs to hint at the possibility of a feeling, admitting nothing, partially exposed in lyrics so, if pushed, we can deny we meant the words that way. we skirt around edges hoping the space between will stop closeness because close is where we are fighting ourselves not to be.

i preach distance to you. i inflict it on myself. i invent barriers like age-gaps and bad-timing. but only now, in writing this poem, do i learn how the word distance can magnetize lovers. you obey my demands. you don’t call. we don’t speak, but you find a strand of my hair in your freezer and i still write with the taste of you in my mouth.

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Weird Snacks
? Jacqueline

Love, Geraldine

ired of seeing the same snacks greeting you from supermarket aisles and 7-11? This issue, we will be shedding light on interesting food that might illicit curiosity or perhaps, disgust —but let’s not be myopic; after all one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Although not guaranteed that all the snacks featured here can be found on this little island, like the bible said, seek and you shall receive. Winifred

ver heard of pig ears as snacks? And chicken hearts? No, not for dogs – these snacks may sound mildly disturbing but they have been widely enjoyed by those brave enough to try them. Some time ago, after routinely using nearly the entire pig for various forms of delicacy, a certain astute Chinese farmer decided to heavily marinate the pig’s ear in savoury sauce – the result is a crunchy snack, delightfully chewy and sweet. I find it served best with chilli or a little dash of vinegar. Chicken hearts can also be marinated to be served as snacks, but I find that they taste best grilled. Much more richtasting compared to pig ears, they can almost take the place of a dish. Places in Europe actually serve this delicacy along side other culinary weirdo-s like tripe, gizzards and kidneys.



Chocola’s Review
? Nafeesa

Interesting Snacks a la NTU style
? Daniel





was wandering along the aisles of Mustafa Shopping Centre in the wee hours of the morning one day when I chanced upon these scrumptious chocolate delights. I found these unassuming Belgian chocolates sitting on a shelf in a little corner. Priced at $4.40, the packaging was really simple and cheap looking. I must admit that I only picked these up because they resembled Royce’s heavenly chocolate potato chips. Entitled “Hamlet 36 Chocolas”, the box enticingly stated that these were made of “59 % Cacao.” I instantly knew that they had to be good. I picked up two conservatively flavoured ones: Crispy Cacao and Crispy Mint. The former is dark chocolate heaven, bitter with a hint of sweetness. They are definitely not made of potato chips, but are as light and thin as the pringles crisps. Crunchy with little rice puffs, they are wonderful for that after school respite. The latter, on the other hand, smells strongly of mint and it adds a lovely punch to the bitter chocolate. Other interesting flavours include caramel and orange. I have no idea where else to get these though, so trawl along Mustafa’s food aisles and grab a box. These sold out really fast.



f you thought that Japanese/Korean supermarts are the only places where you can get exotic imported tidbits, think again. Set foot in our very own Nanyang Supermarket and you will be immensely surprised (trust me, I was) by the amount of never-seen-before brands on the racks. And before you write them off as not-for-me products catered to the Chinese population in hostels, you might just walk away with a lighter wallet and a new loot to boot. Product 1 : Beer Yeast Soda Biscuits Packaging: I think this caught my eyes for the wrong reason. Helming from Taiwan, the word “beer” stood out so prominently that I barely hesitated to grab one. A peek inside the box revealed 6 individual packets with 4 pieces of soda cracker each. Taste: I think I was trying a bit too hard to detect alcohol in this, as double-

checking on the nutritional label showed no such content at all. Still, there was a very faint lingering taste that somewhat resembled the after-taste of beer - either it really existed or my stubborn mind was purely playing tricks on me. Nonetheless, if you look past the fact that it was made with beer yeast, the cracker really was quite a tasty treat, having a light, crunchy texture while containing a savoury seaweed f lavour. Price: $3.50 Worth a try? Yes, at least to satisfy your curiosity! Product 2 : Fox’s Chunkie (Fruit & Nut and Chocolate) Packaging: Looking remarkably like a Mark and Spencer’s product, you can’t help but to be attracted by its classy, matt wrapper and aura of British aristocracy. Okay I’m exaggerating, but it really is from a UK brand with a century of

history. Fruit and Nut? Score! Emphasis on “extremely chocolate”? Excellent. Well my only gripe was the need to get a airsealed container once it is opened, but it wouldn’t matter if you plan to finish it in one go anyway. Taste: The cookie itself had sort of an identity crisis. When you bite into it, it wasn’t your typical cookie that crunches and brittles, neither was it of a doughy Subway-like texture. I’m not sure if that was due to a generous amount of nuts and raisins, but the in-between compromise might take some time to adjust to. As for the layer of chocolate on top, it was decently smooth and creamy but definitely not close to any praline-grade that you are imagining. Price: $3.70 Worth a try? Yes to impress your friends with psudo-atasness. But hey, it really is worth buying when even Isetan Supermarket is selling it at $4.50!


eatures F
Ed’s Note T
aking a look at international headlines, one cannot help but draw rather alarming concerns. Going back a year, we’ve seen Nature wreak her worst; the ground shook, the waves crashed inland, the weather brought extreme conditions whilst volcanoes erupted. Are these to be taken as signs of an impending Armageddon? Are we nearer to our synchronized doom as 2012 draws closer? The world is rife with viral rumours, as fear and paranoia continue to sweep across popular and fatalistic mindsets. We thought that this apocalyptic topic would serve as excellent food for thought, and our team began to ponder over our lives thus far and how we approach it. See, if it does come down to the end of the world, there really isn’t much we can do to avert a natural apocalypse, isn’t it? What we can do, however, is an introspection and reflection of our persons and characters, to remedy our flaws and become better people. So what will complete annihilation of Earth and everything you know mean to you, if the world (hypothetically) ends tomorrow? Will you die with regrets, or spend the last few hours alive happy and content that you’ve lived your life as best as could have? All these thoughts about death and its impact reminds me of the film ‘127 hours’, based on the true story of climber Aron Ralston’s close brush with death. It was intense and deeply moving, inspiring both tears and endless contemplation within me. There is the apotheosis of a person who only began appreciating what he has in life, and who became a more responsible and engaged person, but only after a traumatic and painful experience in which he nearly lost his life. It really is quite pathetic, to need to know we’re about to die before we regret or begin effecting positive changes – why not make that change now? Now here’s a guide, with two basic creeds I live by. Foremost are the words the famous Roman poet, Horace: “Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero” which translates to “seize the day, place no trust in tomorrow”. Essentially, to make every day count and to grab every opportunity, leaving nothing that can be done today till tomorrow (I see that many a procrastinator today probably do not know who Horace is, yes?). Another defining creed for me is to treat others the way you want to be treated. Honestly, karma’s a bitch, and it’s gonna stab you right through your heart without almost immediate effect. Hence, to (try to) be the best person you can be: to respect and be filial to our parents, practice patience, be kind and generous, and then some. “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools”, said Martin Luther King Jr. once, and how apt in this apocalyptic context! For those who are hosting their own private Armageddon over personal woes and struggles, take heart. “Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict”. Look at it this way: life is temporal. So if things are good, enjoy it for it won’t last forever. And if things are bad, don’t worry, it can’t last forever either. For the rest of us, keep going as the midterms stretch out over weeks and the essay and project deadlines close in and rob you of the precious bonding time with your bed. Examinations are not the end of the world, and even if you feel like dying, know that there’s the entire summer break right after beckoning you to luxuriate and indulge in the excess of time. Good luck for your exams, and take some time to reflect on your life today! Warmest, f

If the world ends tomorrow, what will you do today? I
? Jiayi

? Fabian

Disaster Watch
an estimated 200 people were killed as scores of buildings and infrastructure were destroyed, including Christchurch, New Zealand’s second most populous city. For the world’s most prepared country against the devastation of natural disasters, the double destruction of the Tohuku (9.0 magnitude) earthquake and (up to 23.6m high) tsunami waves which mercilessly tore across Japan’s eastern coast left the nation in shock. As the death toll exceeds 10,000, a reported 17,500 people are still missing, survivors are left homeless, facing severe shortages of food, water, electricity and supplies while drowning in fear of nuclear reactor meltdowns and radiation sickness.


t has never occurred to me to make provisions for the last day of my life, thus I found this a refreshing subject to expound upon. As far as tradition entailed, it seems customary for families to huddle together, hands clasped in prayer. With this despairingly hopeful image in mind, I began my ref lection upon an end befitting my venerable 20 years of life. I found myself in a dilemma; should I, at my life’s end, seek comfort or significance? If it is the former, I fear I shall die lazily in bed cuddled up with my smelly soul mate- an elderly bolster named Jack.

It seems to me an ideal end, for those of us who have led an unburdened life, with little to regret and nothing to fear. Nevertheless, fear not if you fall within the unfortunate end of the spectrum. I now offer you the Brutal Truth, and some practical advice. Readers, for those of you who have led a life of malice, know that you are certainly going straight to burn in hell. At this point there is no longer redemption, therefore I suggest that you head straight to the Institute of Mental Health and get yourself checked in for a vague mental illness which might justify your misdeeds, after which pray fervently that God is sufficiently blind and obtuse to buy your lie. You MUST do so with as sincere a heart as you can possibly summon for this could be your sole salvation. It is further recommended that you fall to your knees in sudden overwhelming pangs of guilt for the hurt and grief you have caused in your unworthy life. Stab yourself to death in penance while shedding vile bucketfuls of crocodile tears. Have no fear; the last few hours of your life are inconsequential for if you are truly such a character, this might actually prove an immense kindness to the world (brownie points Ka-Ching!). Resist every urge to sneak a snide wink at your inner monstrosity. As with all Aunt Agony columns, the moral of the story is, if tomorrow is your last, miscreant perpetrators, rejoice! You no longer fear legal (or not) repercussions (which as I have recently enquired at no small expense) are pretty dire. A word of caution, however, in reality the world will probably escape doom for a long time yet, thus retribution is very much inescapable. Also, as a disclaimer, above mentioned methods will only prove effective in a ceteris paribus situation in which the assumed factor is that God is stupid.

ere’s a quick overview of some of the devastating disasters brought about by the wrath of Nature since 2010. (photograph credits to A year after the disastrous 7.0 magnitude earthquake, which shook Haiti, the country is still in shambles. 230,000 people were killed in the disaster, with 350,000 injured and another million left homeless from the wreckage. Approximately 51 million people, suffering one of China’s worst droughts in the century, had to endure severe water shortages as water sources dried and cracked. As a blanket of volcanic ash swept across Europe after a volcanic eruption in South Iceland, panic followed and left hundreds of thousands of travelers stranded as f lights were cancelled. Fires raged through Russia as widespread smoke covered the country, in Russia’s hottest summer yet. Up to 15,000 people died in heat waves and fires, as fears of remnant radioactive particles from the 1986 Chenobyl nuclear disaster being thrown up raised concerns. In a 6.3 magnitude tremor that ripped across New Zealand’s Canterbury region,

10 Ways to end a NTU student’s world
? Cindy

Yet perhaps, after a mundane existence on Earth, one should reasonably seek to end with a Big Bang. As such, my 3-step guide to the end of my life is thus: First, I shall dispense with all the money I will never see again, in a huge extravagant banquet with every delectable food imaginable, where my family and friends, strangers and foes (for who would bear their hatchets to death?) shall convene. We shall defy all customs in our refusal to wallow. Instead, indulge in gastronomical delight, for it is said there is no love more sincere than the love of food.

The Japan quake has had everyone talking about the impending demise of the world, but if one scales it down just a tad, we realize that it doesn’t take a tsunami to bring apocalypse upon us. Or at least, send us into an FML frenzy. 1. 3000 words and 10 straight hours of typing at your laptop later, some idiot tries to use a foreign electrical appliance in the hall pantry and the power in the entire building goes out. You have not saved your document. 2. The exam starts at 10am. You somehow manage to sleep through 3 different alarms and wake up at 11am. 3. You are on the last page of an online quiz when your computer hangs/you have itchy fingers and decide to refresh the page. And the questions are different when you try to redo the quiz. 4. You skip an exam and decide to take an MC. The doctor tells you, “No, you don’t need an MC.” And you still have to pay for the consultation fee. 5. You knock into some random dude and do not say sorry because you’re rushing for a class. Five minutes later, the same dude walks in and introduces himself as your professor. 6. You miss the S/U deadline.


? Shruti

The End is not Near, it’s Here
Of course, being this neutral about it is probably exponentially stupid. After all, there is SO much I want to experience before being wiped off the face of the earth. With barely a couple of years left to achieve all of this, I really should be doing some major panicking; I should be putting together a disparate list of things to do before it’s too late. A part of me wants to do all these things; scuba diving, bungee jumping, writing a book, touching lives, falling in love, not tripping over f lat ground, and so much more. However, these are not things that you just do off a list. Yes, you have to make them happen, but no, you cannot just set a deadline, like 21st December 2012. Live in the moment; take every day as it comes. Don’t become a train wreck of worry thinking about all the things you need to do before you’re wiped off. At the same time, don’t become too complacent with the assumption that you have your whole life in front of you to do what you want to do, like watch your favorite band play live, or to keep a golden retriever that you want to name Heinz for no apparent reason. Just go for it, embrace it. Embrace life. In my second act of protest, I will build an urn, into which I shall channel all my angst, ripping up the certificates and awards I have painstakingly accumulated, along with the essays over which I have mulled, cried and deliberated suicide. All of which, have done absolutely nothing to recommend me to a higher institution in after-life, and lament “Ah. My education has failed me!” I will smash my guitar, burn my piano, butcher my laptop, and f lush down the toilet bowl every last page of words. The vagabonds and customarily unaccomplished shall grin their final triumph over us, paper chasers who have thus squandered our lives. After all, we are but equal – beggar and King alike - especially when everyone dies a synchronized death in Armageddon. The final moments shall inspire my yodeling revolution, so that our ridiculous, happy voices may drown out the last morsel of fear and thus die in absolute glee.

? Youying

Firstly, let us establish that these days, the fashionable belief is that the world will end on December 21st, 2012. Mark that on your calendar because the Mayans say so. Let’s move on to the speculated reasons why… Therefore, somehow or other, the Earth as we know it is destroyed by the sheer power of Thought. That’s new. Reason #4: Or, forget Thought, we could always use Nuclear Weapons Having numbered the World Wars that have come to pass, one cannot help but anticipate the advent of a Third. Add the fact that we all know that human beings already possess the technology capable of emulating the common online gaming battle move of self-destruct. It can be done, all with the ease of obscene excess of power in the wrong hands and the slightest provocation. Having been presented with a hypothetical scenario that we can have no hopes of preventing or understanding, I hereby propose that one simply picks his or her favourite apocalyptic scenario (or lack thereof ) and toast to humanity’s fate because this certainly beats choking on your morning brew over how chaotic the world is becoming. Instead, take time to savour that cup of caffeinated goodness; it may just be your last. Reason #1: The death of our Sun All stars have a lifespan which far exceeds our own. But then again, we haven’t been around long enough to know for sure that our life-giving star isn’t just about to blast our entire galaxy into smithereens with one glorious supernova that unfortunately no one would survive to witness. Reason #2: The tree-huggers were right The world slowly becomes a giant sauna; the ice-caps melt and the poor penguins and polar bears have nowhere to live and in the end, neither do we. Provided that we do live. Reason #3: There comes a great Shift in the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. With Capitalized Letters. Human beings spontaneously reach a great epiphany that the purpose of their entire existence transcends that of simply inhabiting the Earth.

hen I think of the end of the world, I honestly don’t freak out; not a bit. I don’t panic, I don’t worry, I don’t start with a spout of palpitations, nor do I experience an adrenaline rush. No horror nor excitement, no wonder regarding how or why it could happen. Nothing. Selfish, maybe? Not really. Truth be told, when the world ends, it is not as if the only people who will be gone are you, your parrot and your greatuncle Martin. It is not going to be just the annoying neighbor who loves Bon Jovi a little too much, or his dog that overly loves your cat’s tail. It is going to be all of us; every single one of us. Which is perhaps why not feeling bad about this isn’t the most selfish thing to do. In reality, it doesn’t matter, because we’ll all be long gone, and there’s nothing we can do about it. This is not something that is our fault like global warming or the melting of ice caps; if the films “Armageddon” or “2012” are as real as people say, this “ending” is going to happen regardless. The sad but real truth is there, right in front of us, mocking us, every second of every minute of every day.


he world is ending. The speculation buzzes increasingly loudly; people furrow their brows in serious contemplation once the topic ruff les light-hearted banter over now90-cents Kopi-O (or Starbucks coffee, for our more aff luent compatriots). As the media throws up yet more grave tidings of widespread destruction courtesy of Mother Nature, people’s attitudes have shifted from careless dismissal to urgent discussion. Concerns are no longer confined to a select few who would have previously been labeled as over-alarmist tree-huggers. In the spirit of playing the role of the mass informant, here’s a summary of the most talked-of possible endtime scenarios, ranging from the stoic and scientific to the wacky and wooly:

7. You try to print an essay just before the deadline for a professor that insists on having the essays at the start of class, but the auntie at the printing room has gone “out to lunch”, as the sign on the locked printing room door says, at 9am. 8. You misread the deadline of a paper and your professor refuses to accept it without a grade deduction. 9. You get a straight F for a paper because the computer system accuses you of plagiarism. You actually just have a limited vocabulary. 10. up Your girlfriend/boyfriend with you just before the breaks exams.

Mary Baker Eddy sums it all up only too aptly, “Sin makes its own hell, and goodness its own heaven”. So the only functional take-home advice is, no matter your circumstance, mould your attitude to it. Live as you should and you shall fear no last day, hour or minute, nor judgment; mortal or immortal.


? Cirie

Editor’s Note

? Melissa

Treasure Troves
BARRAGE is an online shopping website that specializes in trendy footwear such as booties, pumps, wedges and heels. Prices are reasonable, ranging from $30 -$50. While the website is currently under major revamp and construction, regular updates are still available on their facebook page ( thefashionbarrage). Offering a wide variety of shoes, directly imported from the States, you can expect the latest shoe styles and trends available on sale. However, they bring in only a limited number for the different sizes and the popular styles are often snapped up within days. So your best bet is to add them on facebook to constantly look out for their latest offerings. Meanwhile, STRUTT, an online apparel site, offers unique pieces which are often unavailable elsewhere. STRUTTT’s collections of clothes are both exclusive and inspired pieces that are sure to impress you. More often
? Yanni and Sof

Photo Spread #1

“Faith is about taking the first step even if you don’t see the whole staircase” - Martin Luther King. As we approach the end of the semester, in a flurry of assignments, deadlines and exams, everything moves quickly and before we know it, the holidays are here. For most of us anyways. So ask yourself, what will you be doing this summer break? Head back home to wherever you’re from? Travel to a destination of your choice? Clean out your room which has files and notes strewn everywhere? Whatever you do, take the first step to do something new. Whether we’re talking about the fight for emancipation or the pursuit of style and fashion; it is always useful to have some faith. Have faith in yourself and the choice you make. After all, you only live once.

“Didn’t I just wear this on Monday?” “This looks really similar to what I wore the day before!”Running out of clothes for school? Fret not, because you are certainly not alone in this. While most first year students, especially those from junior colleges are eager to be rid of the school uniforms that they have donned for over ten years, polytechnic students as well as the university seniors have gotten over the novelty of wearing home clothes for school. Retail outlets have always been the preferred mode of shopping; online shops have been hot on their trails. THE FASHION

than not, you might actually find yourself eyeing more than one piece for every new collection launched. Backorders are open for the more popular items so it’s best to leave a comment before you forget. Delivery is efficient and you can expect to receive your desired items within three to five working days. With the increasing number of online blog shops, it has become more convenient for one to go shopping. Take a break while doing your assignments and start blogshop hopping! You may just find your outfit amongst the choices.

The Top-to-Toe Trend Report
? Cirie

To do this, men need to ensure that the length of their pants end right at the top of your shoes, just like those of our model Danial. If you are comfortable, you could go for shorts which end at the knee. And the buff short men should keep his tops simple. Dorothy knows all too well the qualms of petite ladies: everything is just too long or too big. When you’re petite, go for ruff les to give you that oomph upfront and take that hemline just a wee bit higher to make your legs look longer. Heels give a boost to both your height and your booty.

tailored tops with f lared lower halves to look proportionate. To change it up, highlight your legs with crazy tights like Sophie did. For the Artsy geeky men around town who are buff from hours in the gym, it’s time to create and illusion (or delusion) in well cut clothes and highlighting those manly shoulders with tops that fit. Emphasize your shoulders, just like the one Moses has on.


rend; it’s a cycle, vicious or not, it is often repetitions of this or reminiscence of that. The only way to stay afloat if you’re a trend chaser (or not) is to keep staple pieces and match them with various items from the looks you’re looking for. With the summer break looming round the corner and Inverse takes its annual hiatus, we’ve prepared a topto-toe trend report to tide you over.

instead. At the salon, discuss with the stylist on the type of bangs/fringes you want. A myriad of cuts are available, from blunt front/side bangs to sloped sheared fringes. Not all will look good on you so have a thorough discussion with the stylist and consider these few points: your hair texture, hair line and time you’re willing to spend each day styling your hair. Bangs certainly frames the face but like photo frames, some just don’t go well with the photographs or paintings no matter how beautiful they are.

with the lips as their focal point. Bright or dark reddish and burgundy hues on the lips bode well with the nude facial canvas upon which it is painted on. The 60s on the other hand, subverts this. Twiggy fans know how much big doe eyes play a big role when you think of 60s makeup looks. Defined brows, thick lashes with properly lined eyes gives wide eyed innocence to the look. Keep everything else plain and matte with nude lips and cheeks.

Spring/Summer 2011 and even the projected Autumn/Winter season see more and more of simple hairstyles on the runway. With models for Gucci and Prada donning the fashion houses latest collections with mere ponytails and updo coiffures. Simplicity does not equate to insipidity. Sleek, pulled back, high ponytails and neat updos allow you to concentrate all the attention to either your eyes,lips or that amazing outfit you have on. However, if you are not comfortable with showing every inch of your face or want to hide that zit which appeared out of nowhere, opt for bangs which are suited to your face shape. As much as you’re tempted to cut your own bangs, leave the wielding of scissors to the hands of masterful hairstylists



Two options: Feminine Grunge or Old School Romantic. The end of Spring/Summer and the coming foray ino the Autumn Winter season sees a shift to the cool palettes of nudes, blues and burgundies. Taking these dark colors into consideration, update the look with a metallic finish. Adopt metallic colors of blues, grays and greens on your eyes while leaving the rest of your face fairly clean and matte. The idea is to let your eyes assume the focal point. If metallic colors are not your thing, you could instead be inspired by the makeup looks of the 40s and 60s. The 40s saw mainly nude faces

Androgynous styles are still going strong through 2011. Do not mistake androgyny for lazy, baggy clothing which you pick out of your brother/boyfriend/father’s closet. No maam, this style calls for well cut, clean, clear silhouttes and lines. You could go with Chanelesque hardy masculinity with sharp and smart outfits or follow Fendy with their robust fabrics and stiff silhouttes. Otherwise, with 40s and 60s trend of feminity will do you well too this year. Think 40s nostalgia and hollywood glamour while the 60s was all about innocence. Go for the 40s shift dresses which nips at the waist or 60s drop waist tunics which requires no diet on your part to pull off. In terms of colors,

the bright colours of spring/summer fades away as autumn/winter approaches. Second half of the year would see more muddy colors, rich burgundies, blacks and whites. But if you are a rebel (without a cause), don’t be afraid to still attempt bright colours but keep them solids (think billiard balls). Don’t forget to dabble in textures, prints and patterns too this year. The international fashion runways sound much sequins, feathers and dots. All of which provide a silhoutte that gives you room for movement while intricately making your outfits even more aesthetically pleasing.

Many, like our True Blue Geeks, wish they were taller, while you might not be able to grow any taller, you can create the illusion of height.

If the Man up there (or your plastic surgeon) has given you boobs, f launt them with class. Go for scoop necks and


Bags and shoes will be your best defence and best friends. Stiff bags with structure to the style are much preferred this season and the next. Whether you’re going for small purses or oversized briefcase-like bags, adopt this mantra: If it slouches, it’s a no go. Keep your bags simple and instead leave the details to your outfits or footwear. As for your dainty feet, keep a lookout for heels with strap details. Be inspired by Lanvin’s satin heels with a modern leather ankle strap or Louis Vuitton’s all black heels with triple ribbon straps.

When you’re a Tech Geek, comfort is key. Being bottom heavy, Yanni pairs loosely fitted tops with fitted cigarette-esque pants to create a more hourglass like shape.

If you happen to be a not too tall, skinny Tech Geek (like almost all tech geeks), add bulk to your frame with stripes. Also wear your pants slightly higher to give the illusion of longer legs.




? Helda Sandwich

Don’t Judge a Cover
friendship. I myself once jammed a couple of songs with her at her studio in her house, and I remember it as a rather amusing experience-just like this interview I had with her online. Hi Mary. Hi Helda. This first question is really stupid but… Just tell me how you would define the term “cover songs”? They’re songs that are sung not by the original artist and they usually involve some sort of creative re-interpretation. Let’s say if a band had to change one of their members who plays a critical role in the band, like singing, I would consider it a cover of a song, just because it’s a different version. Because, yeah, it is technically a cover if it is not the original version. How about remixes? Technically speaking, remixes and songs where they change the singers should really fall under covers but I think that the modern definition of covers have really come to mean someone’s reinterpretation of a song that wasn’t produced by them. If you’re already good at composing and writing music, why would you cover a song rather than write something new? You can see it’s quite a trend in Youtube to take the biggest pop song and show the world what you can do with that already overheard song. Like Umbrella, Just A Dream, Firework to name a few. If anything, covering songs showcase your style more than ability. I think that’s what people look out for, no? How do you go about choosing a song to cover? For me, I would choose songs that have the potential for harmonies. To me that gives a song more depth and dimension. Of course, you have to choose a song that suits your vocal range. I’m not going to choose some Celine Dion song and hope I give her a good run for her money. You spoke of reinterpreting songs, do you have some sort of pattern or style that is unique to your music? If so, describe this unique style of yours, Marybob. There is no formula to what I do. I play both the guitar and the piano, and there’s just a gut feeling in me when I hear a song on the radio and I think I want to slow it down with the piano or speed it up with the guitar. But either way, I try to make an effort to make it different. If you could sum up your cover style in the form of a sandwhich, what sandwhich would it be? Don’t even know how to spell sandwich? Oops. Sorry, which sandwich, I mean. A sandwich with white bread on the top, baguette on the bottom, a whole lot of vegetables and meat in the middle. My songs usually somehow start slow and sometimes towards the middle I put in a couple of layers of instruments just to build that epic feeling. “To build that epic feeling”? How self-indulgent of you to take someone else’s song, and make your own version of it with “epic feeling”. HUH? You’re really mean. Just the response I was going after. So, what are your feelings towards cover song haterz? There’s always that bunch of self-righteous clowns who hate anything that isn’t the original. People have different reasons for covering songs. Some people are really seeking fame, some just for their own entertainment. I guess we all have no right to hate if that person’s just doing it for fun, even if they sound terrible. Marybabe, I think your cover songs are really sweet. ?! I was just kidding about the self-indulgence part. I generally have very little confidence in myself. I really don’t think highly of my voice or my musical skills… I cover songs for fun : ) Your songs are great as they are Marybob. Thanks, Helda. I try my best to keep things sleazy.
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OVER SONGS. They’re like the parsley in your meal-- love them or hate them, they inevitably come with what you ordered. I once knew a strange boy who takes parsley off the plate and out of the restaurant to plant in the grass. It’s this sort of ambiguous attitude from the general audience toward cover songs that further encourages more and more people to make their own covers. When you cover a song really well, people like you so you cover more songs. Conversely, if you cover a song so badly that people eventually have to blame you for their flatulence, you should not cover any more songs, but you still do it because it’s fun. (Sometimes it’s fun to cover songs for the sake of covering them, or for the sake of irritating others, or both). To understand the phenomena of cover songs, we must find ourselves in the perspective of one who covers songs. I recently had a conversation with one of my closest friends, Marybob Mistwalker, a promising multiinstrumentalist whose music was sworn to obscurity after a bad decision involving her attendance at a certain pop star’s concert because she had thought it was a joke she was agreeing to. Aside from making the best potato salad I’ve ever tasted, Marybob writes and composes songs and she has also sent me many covers within our 4 beautiful years of

The genre only really took off in the late 90’s, incidentally (but not coincidentally) with the break up of the popular metal band, Pantera. Ex Pantera lead singer, Phil Anselmo, decided to begin a supergroup featuring musicians from Crowbar, Eyehategod, and Corrosion of Conformity, to be known simply as the band Down. Combining the drawling, perpetually drug fueled vocals of Anselmo with the signature slow-riffing of southern sludge, Down opened the doors to an entire new generation of fans – the stoners and apathetic hedonists of America. It had the appeal of the “underground” and the “indie” (Down started out with demo tapes and word-ofmouth, highly unbecoming of the individual members’ popularities in the scene), but was infinitely more accessible and easier to the unwise ear as compared to other types of “underground” music (read as: Black Metal). There is romanticism of the banes of life in their music, but it is also straight laced, blue collared grievance about the futility of existence in a society that only seeks to divide by class and race. One can almost taste the sludgy, mosquito infested saltiness of the Bayou, the all-enveloping claustrophobia of the swamp jungle, the tragedy of old roadhouse beauty queens long decayed. Modern Influence Sludge metal has since risen from its dank southern incubators and made its mark upon the World, with people from Japan to Russia taking this concept and making it their own, sonically and culturally. A notable band that really buys into the whole “me against the world” concept are Corrupted, from Japan. While noteworthy for playing extremely brutal, yet cerebral music about human suffering and the usual thematic suspects, they are most well known for their blatant refusal to participate in any interview or photoshoot, and their idiosyncratic compulsion to pen lyrics almost exclusively in spanish. They state: “this is an attitude we would like to keep. Our expression of being... is in the sound, lyrics, and artwork of the records.” Another band that follows this ethos is a group from Venezuela, known as Cultura Tres. Currently unsigned, they are nevertheless making cult status in South America for their brand of dark, depressive music coupled with angry lyrics raging against the sometimes unjust social and political situations (read as: military dictatorship) that plague their homeland. Music is a constantly evolving entity, aimed solely at the seething biomass that is the people. The southern sentiment that is conveyed in their alternative form of music will nonetheless stay within the collective consciousness of its Youth for generations to come, deconstructing and reincarnating as neo-progressive versions of itself, like culture normally does. Remember, it is always good to explore, and experiment. Swan – Young God (EP) (a wall of discordant noise beating your skull in)


magine the dense, leaden heat of the midday sun beating down on your back, cicadas screaming unworldly bug screeches from within the ghost branches of many a dead pine tree, living a festering, ungodly existence from the front porch of your house with a bottle of moonshine and a fistful of hash engaging in violent disagreement with the overly Pentecostal sentiments of the people around you. And not giving a Flying Fandango Ffffuuuuu-. Such was the sentiment of many a disgruntled, repressed youth of the Great Deep American South in the 90’s. In their world of music, fast was becoming overrated, glam was completely uncalled for and crushing, stink-palming doom was fast becoming embraced all over again. Protodoom metal bands like Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Pentagram, and Saint Vitus were the inspiration for a new generation of moody, tenebrous rifflords, and the lyrical and sonic merits of what will become known as Sludge will become a mouthpiece for an angry, yet adamantly apathetic generation of stoners and the riff-raff of life. Genesis In the beginning, there was The Melvins. Aside from having a totally badass name, they were one of the first to combine with efficiency and purpose heavily downtuned guitars and distortion at its most palm-muted magnificence together with raging, cerebral lyrics about murder and drug abuse. Strangely enough, these guys hailed from the state of Washington, as far away from the south as one can get. Their early years were heavily influenced by the mixture of punk and metal Black Flag effected on their music, as well as the bone-shattering heaviness of an Iommi riff. The slow tempo and droning quality of their music gave birth to two very distinct and powerful genres: Sludge metal as well as Grunge. Kurt Cobain himself was a huge fan of the Melvins, and his friendship with them helped the band gain prominence in the wake of Nirvana’s success. They have also stated Swan, an avant garde noise rock band as well as Saint Vitus as influences in the development of their style. The True Pioneers It is with the advent of the Melvins that sludge metal really took off. Spearheaded by several bands from Louisiana and New Orleans, people started rebelling against the Metallica’s and the Motley Crue’s of the day, opting to infuse the Melvins’ experimentation with their signature “sludge” droning sound and feedback ridden, afflicted vocals with southern blues and misanthropic, anti-social lyrics to a whole new art form. What is significant about these new bands, like Crowbar, Soilent Green and Eyehategod is their adamant refusal to stick to lyrical convention. Bucking the trend to use music as a discourse of political critique IS a new trend; a new, hedonistic, marijuana hazed trend.

Suggested album listens:
Sunn O))) – Black One (droning so intense, time slows down)

The Melvins – Gluey Porch Treatments (a stoner’s essential soundtrack)

Mastodon – Crack The Skye (psychaedelic mind trip)

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Double Takes
Golden Skans was covered live by the Kaiser Chiefs. The reworking is, by comparison, upbeat and a little messy, but effectively retained the distinctive sound of Kaiser Chiefs’ acoustic tracks. “A Teenager In Love” Cover: Red Hot Chili Peppers Original: Dion and the Belmonts Dion and the Belmonts’ original version from 1959 achieved critical success and charted on the Billboard. There have been several covers of this track (including one by the highpitched, playable characters in the popular Rayman Raving Rabbits). Red Hot Chili Peppers’ version, however, deserves a mention for the distinctiveness that Anthony Keidis’ vocals add to the song. The 2002 revision by the Red Hot Chili Peppers remains largely true to the original version. “The Man Who Sold The World” respect and admiration for the glam rock star, whose album, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, Cobain listed in his journals as among his favourite all-time albums. There is a distinctively different feel about both versions of the same track, though that should not detract from the genius that is David Bowie. “Mad World” Cover: Michael Andrews and Gary Jules Original: Tears for Fears Before there was Adam Lambert, there were Michael Andrews and Gary Jules. Their interpretation of the 1982 release from British band Tears for Fears turned a slightly off-beat, though popular, track into moody arrangement that seemed to comment on the state of the world. Recorded for cult classic Donnie Darko, this slow-paced reworking enjoyed success on the charts. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” Cover: Broken Social Scene Original: Joy Division Canadian collective Broken Social Scene’s arrangement of this classic features on the film soundtrack of 2009’s The Time Traveler’s Wife. Their version of post-punk stalwarts Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart took the track into a slightly different direction. Released in late 1979, the track became Joy Division’s first commercial success. Heavily revisited by several different bands and artistes, Love Will Tear Us Apart has remained a favourite over the years. While retaining the original’s delivery of vocals, Broken Social Scene’s version is slightly slower, and features a different choice of instrumentation from the original. “American Boy” Cover: Sam Sparro Original: Estelle, featuring Kanye West Kanye West rarely makes a wrong move with his music, and his involvement on Estelle’s American Boy is no exception. While it might be a tall order for someone to adequately cover a Grammy-winning track, Sparro does the song justice in his cover. Australian singersongwriter Sam Sparro’s version is soulful and jazz-driven in comparison to the original, and altogether very enjoyable. “Such Great Heights”


hroughout the years, recording artistes have taken to reinterpreting and reworking songs that are personal favourites. Some releases end in the track experiencing a resurgence of success on the charts, while others remain under the radar. We take a look at very different revisits of some very different songs. “No Diggity”

Crowbar – Crowbar (eponymous title)

Cultura Tres – El Mal Del Bien

Cover: Klaxons Original: Blackstreet, featuring Dr. Dre On one end of the spectrum is the Klaxon’s Brit-accented cover of Blackstreet’s R&B classic from 1996. The Grammy-winning original which charted well internationally receives a light-hearted tribute from the Klaxons, who stay true to the original track. Not as good an effort as the original, but this cover is nevertheless an enjoyable outing. “Golden Skans” Cover: Kaiser Chiefs Original: Klaxons Another light-hearted cover comes from the Kaiser Chiefs, a loud, raucous and fun version of Klaxons’ Golden Skans. Charting reasonably well on the UK charts, and receiving several accolades for its significance to the genre,

Cover: Nirvana Original: David Bowie Nirvana’ unplugged reworking in 1993 of the 1970 release taken from David Bowie’s third album is distinctive, and a personal favourite. Kurt Cobain never shied from declaring his

Cover: Iron & Wine Original: The Postal Service This slow, acoustic interpretation of the slightly more upbeat song by The Postal Service is pared down and stripped to its barest. Sleepy and almost romantic, Iron & Wine’s version is best left for quiet afternoons spent in warm sunshine. While the sound might work for Iron & Wine’s original tracks, Such Great Heights becomes, in personal opinion, unbelievably slow, and unbelievably boring.


? Marguerita


Facebook Has Movies?
When you look at it strategically it sounds like a good move. With the high traffic on Facebook, Warner Bros wins by pocketing more revenue into their company. Furthermore, with internet-users spending more time on Facebook watching movies, Zuckerberg gains higher traffic, and advertisers get longer facetime. But when you look at it closely, there are many fine air pockets beneath the surface of this tightly sealed deal. Watching movies directly from the laptop or computer has become an ongoing social trend among internet-users. With websites such as Netflix and Amazon, along with the millions of other avenues available, watching a film online is not that hard to do. So what difference should streaming movies from Facebook make, especially when it comes at a cost and a limited viewing period? Warner Bros hopes are that streaming movies from Facebook will satisfy those internetusers whose computer proficiency goes only as far as Facebook itself, i.e. the parents who can’t work a keyboard with all ten fingers and still have trouble shutting down a computer without pulling out the plug. For them, they would not mind paying the extra cost of being able to stream movies from their home computers from a fool-proof avenue. And, if they get to “like” the movie afterwards for all their relatives and friends to see, all the better. But it is apparent that for youths, the cheapest means is the status quo. Even on The Dark Knights’ discussion page, there are already Facebook users who “helpfully” put up links to websites where you can view the movie free, albeit the pirated contentions behind them. The pioneer of streaming movies on a social network such as Facebook has stapled online movies as a communal experience. With a society that is leaning towards this trend of watching movies online, one must ask how it challenges the traditional ways we used to view films. Rather than the ticket stubs, the overpriced popcorn and the elbow-rubbing compatriots of the theatre, watching movies at home provides a very different environment, one that filmmakers definitely did not intend for their movies to be viewed in. For most internet-users, it is up to personal preference whether they choose to view certain films at the cinema or online. One of the most logical factors internetusers take into account is whether the film is worth paying a ticket stub and maybe more for, or whether it is best left downloaded for less. Another factor would be whether the movie is still available in cinemas. Often times the mainstream movies of Hollywood are given the highest accolades in cinemas while independent films are either available for a limited period of time, or not at all. For the latter, internet-users usually resort to searching for them in their most dependable movie-streaming websites. In the case of Facebook, its success in streaming online movies comes in competition not only with the factors already mentioned, but also a million more, including the quality of the movies and the range of movies available for streaming. It has won itself as a prominent social network, but whether it is able to change the way we view movies online is another story entirely. If Zuckerberg and Warner Bros are able to pull it off, however, the streaming of online movies will probably be another dreaded excuse for us internet-users to distract ourselves from our daily lives and turn to Facebook once more.

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Barney’s Version
actions, by reviewing his version of his life story. The movie is largely based on the beloved novel “Barney’s Version” by Canadian writer Mordecai Richler (author of The Apprenticeship of DuddyKravitz).Richler narrates the tale assuming the persona of Barney Panofsky, who relates detailed accounts of his life.“Barney’s version” is the brainchild of the combined efforts of screenwriter Michael Konyves, director Richard J. Lewis and producer Robert Lantos. Lewis is known mainly for his production role in the Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) series. Despite not being a big name in Hollywood, Lewis has definitely bagged his masterpiece with this film, owing to the worldwide popularity of the book. The message Lewis aims to get across is that ‘the truth of a man’s life story depends on who tells it’. Barney’s Version was produced and released in September 2010. However, it was originally only screened in selected cities such as Montreal,Lake Memphremagog, Rome and New York. In spite of its minimal outreach, the film was nominated for the Golden Lion in the 67th International Film Festival at Venice. It also received generally positive reviews from movie critics, such as Rotten Tomatoes, which gave the movie an 86% positive review percentage. It is now being rescreened in other selected cities and Singapore is one of the lucky few this time round. Paul Giamatti cleverly combines humor and warmth, through his amusing speeches and equally amusing character. When questioned on why he married his first wife, he ‘practically’ answers ‘cuz I got her pregnant man’. When questioned on why he divorces his second wife, he says it is because she is ugly. Throughout the movie, Barney comes up with amusing ways to look at the ugly things in life; from his first his second wedding…to finally finding true love.


arney’s version, a comedy-drama film, is definitely a must watch for those of you looking for a night of laughter and love.


ell, currently only The Dark Knight, and it isn’t even viewable in Singapore, where the Facebook credits have yet to be accepted. But Warner Bros has made plans with Facebook to allow their movies to be streamed directly from the site most of us log onto the moment we turn on the computer (don’t lie, you do it too).

It follows the life of Barney Panofsky (Paul Giamatti) as he endures three marriages, has two kids, is suspected of murdering a close friend, and eventually finds true love. Despite the plot being that of a typical “bad guy” movie, there is an interesting twist. Through the assumption of a “sympathy for the devil” attitude, the movie seeks to justify Barney’s

? Sean

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis Officially a Couple
equally quick to issue denials. The actresses themselves made efforts to dispel the rumors, and declined to comment countless times in the months to come, as every interview with radio, talk shows, magazine and television reporters would inevitably lead to the topic of their rumored romance. The paparazzi were hot on the chase as well. Dozens of pictures surfaced of the two seemingly leaving the same building within a short time, exchanging knowing glances, and with marks that could be hickies –all signs of fresh love. Friday, March 25th, rumors and speculation were finally put to an end when Portman tweeted: “Yes, Mila and I are dating. Sorry for all the subterfuge, but it was necessary”. The tweet was soon followed by a joint statement released by both their publicists: “Yes, Natalie and Mila are indeed a couple. This is a very recent development, and they would like to apologize for misleading their fans by claiming there was nothing going on. There was indeed something going on, but nothing firm. They felt the need to give things time to settle before they had the confidence to make any announcements, as their attraction could have turned out to be residual emotions from making such an intense movie, and thus evanescent”. Since then all has been quiet, as the couple have apparently left America for a secret getaway where they might spend some time in each other’s company. But this writer thinks this will not be the last we hear of Hollywood’s most talked about, most attractive couple ever!

? Sean


Dogtooth: A Twisted Tale of a Twisted Family
? Sher Li



he last we saw of Dominic Toretto, Vin Diesel’s charismatic, car-racing, outlaw character, he was on his way to jail for 25 years, before getting rescued by his buddy, ex-FBI agent Brian O’Conner, who finally stepped to the other side of the law. In Fast Five, Dominic is back with an assemble cast of various characters from all four films in the series. This includes: Tej (a hilarious black guy played by Ludacris), Han Lue (the Asian), and Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson from the second film). Dominic and his crew are pitted against some Brazilian drug lord and the police in some largely irrelevant plot that will involve lots of badass cars and car racing scenes, and gratuitous numbers of crazy hot girls in bikinis. But best of all, the federal agent on Vin Diesel’s tail is played by none other than Dwayne Johnson, The Rock! In an unexpected turn, Vin will NOT be the biggest bald guy in this movie. While I hope they avoid shooting their backs, because it would be difficult to tell the two actors apart from behind, I can’t wait to see these two stars go head to head in the movie. Fast Five releases locally on May 5th.

In fact, the first few minutes of the movie alone ought to serve as a warning: the movie opens with the three children being taught heavily distorted meanings of certain words, for instance, the word ‘sea’ is taught to them to mean ‘chair’, and it all simply goes downhill from there. A normal day for this family includes: mutilating dolls (above) and attacking animals with garden shears (below), among other things. Dogtooth is a difficult movie to watch, not only because of the content itself, but because as the film progresses, you truly begin to question why director Yorgos Lanthimos would make such a film. Why the depictions of such abuse, such madness, such depravity? Was there a point to it all? (I certainly hoped so, sincenothing hammers the point—whatever it might have been— home harder than watching a young woman smash her face bloody with a dumbbell.) As bad as this looks, this isn’t even the worst scene in the film. Other critics have considered it a commentary on the case of Josef Fritzl, who similar to the film’s patriarch,confined and abused his daughter well into adulthood; while others think it might refer to home-schooling. I personally view it as a horror film, of sorts— there are no monsters or serial killers here, but the nightmarish, surreal quality of this tiny,

As bad as this looks, this isn’t even the worst scene in the film.

mad world is no less frightening and horrific, perhaps all the more so, because of the otherwise normal setting that this film takes place in. This is perhaps the quality that won Dogtooth its various accolades, and the reason you find yourself watching even as you cringe at the acts being performed onscreen.It evokes such horror, yet you find yourself watching on, hoping for some sort of resolution at the end, to provide a saving grace from this madness, but since the director cleverly gives us no actual resolution to the movie, the discomfort and repulsion remains long after the end credits. That is not to say that the movie is without its flaws, of course. No doubt the first thing people might find problematic with the film is the graphic nature of the movie, and the acting might appear a little stiff at times, but one could argue that both are essential to what gives the film its intriguing, yet horrifying quality. In short, Dogtooth is not a film that you will enjoy, not in the slightest, if you choose to give it a shot—what it is, however, is a film that will intrigue, shock, horrify and perhaps make you laugh a little uneasily at the madness of it all.

midst a swirling storm of rumors that has been moving about for months, Natalie Portman and her Black Swan co-star, Mila Kunis, have finally confirmed that they are an item. And I think we all agree when I say: they are the hottest item since… no one! The two started to raise eyebrows at the Black Swan world premiere in Venice, sources say. “There was an obvious electricity between the two of them. It’s not like they had their hands all over each other, they were being discreet. But all it took was a glance here and a stroke there, which told us everything”. Says an inside source who was close to the budding lovers at

the time. “It all started with the scene between them (Black Swan’s steamy lesbian scene involving the two co-stars), everyone that was on set during that shot was like: ‘damn, these girls are really putting all they’ve got into acting this right.’ Five minutes later, after the director had yelled cut, they were still going at it. After they had a taste, they couldn’t get enough of each other.’” Was what T. Rickman, an onset producer, told Deadline Hollywood. Reports say that after their sex scene, Portman and Kunis were acting differently around one another and spending more time together. News of the two possibly hooking up quickly got the town talking, and their publicists were


ogtooth is a multi-award winning film that tells the tale of a heavily dysfunctional family (which is an understatement, to say the least), comprising a middle-aged couple and their three young adult children, all of whom remained unnamed throughout the film. Make no mistake: this isn’t the story of a family that is amusingly and quirkily dysfunctional,but onethat runs the gamut from child abuse to sexual abuse to incest(among other things) -to the point that the only sections of the movie to not contain any particularly objectionable content are the opening and ending credits.
November | issue#03

Quite possibly the of the family in

most normal shot the entire movie.

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od/Travel Fo The Many Faces of Kit Kat
1. Baked Sweet Potato Kit Kat Made with white chocolate with a subtle hint of purple sweet potato and brown sugar 2. Petit Cheese Kit Kat Unique mix of white chocolate and savoury cheese 3. Sakura Matcha Kit Kat A blend of Green tea flavoured white chocolate and cherry flavoured cream. 4. Maple Kit Kat Nicely balanced white chocolate with creamy maple syrup 5. Ito En Vegetable juice Kit Kat Tangy flavoured white chocolate


id you know that Japan has had over 100 different f lavours of Kit Kat to date? Although Kit Kat originated from UK and is well known across the globe, it has a huge following in Japan, which could be partly due to its name sounding like the Japanese expression for guaranteed victory—Kitto Katsu. In Japan, Kit Kat bars are used as good luck charms especially for students taking their exams. Every year, different f lavours are produced to signal changing seasons or to ref lect food fads, some f lavours are even region-specific. Here are a few interesting variations of the humble chocolate we have enjoyed since time immemorial.

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