WORKING  DRAFT     A  Community  Action  Plan  –  Safeway  at   Good  Hope  Marketplace  

  Draft:  August  6,  2011   Hillcrest  Recreation  Center  

SWOT Analysis
Strengths:   • We  can  choose  where  we  want  to  spend  our  money   • Access  to  public  officials   • Strong  social  network   • Energy  of  younger  and  seasoned  residents  (multi-­‐generational)   • Communication  tools  (i.e.  newsletter,  listserv,  facebook,  twitter)   • Residents  are  invested  in  the  community   • Knowledge  of  City  government   • Active  community  organizations  (i.e.  Friends  of  Francis  A.  Gregory  Library)   • Strong  Advisory  Neighborhood  Commissions     • Collaborative  with  Palisades     Weaknesses:   • Ineffective  at  reaching  out  to  new  residents   • 80-­‐90%  of  people  that  patronize  the  Safeway  may  not  see  a  problem   • Many  Hillcrest  residents  do  not  use  Safeway   • Do  not  have  relationship  with  population  that  use  Safeway   • We  are  as  inclusive  as  we  could  be   • Communication  –  not  everyone  is  on  the  listserv   • Development  is  needed  and  we  can’t  seem  to  get  it  done   • Succession  planning  –  developing  new  leaders   • Many  residents  can’t  spend  money  in  other  place  because  of  transportation  or   money   • We  know  how  to  influence  government,  but  do  not  know  how  to  influence   private  sector     Opportunities   • Building  partnerships  with  neighboring  communities  

  Threats   • Push  back  from  other  communities  because  Hillcrest  is  seen  as  privileged  

Education  –  show  residents  that  patronize  Safeway  they  deserve  better  and  they   can  demand  better  

Safeway  does  not  respect  our  community  because  they  feel  they  don’t  need  our  money    

What is the problem we seek to address?
• • • • • • Service  –  lack  of  respect  of  employees   Cleanliness   They  need  to  expand  their  product  offerings   Quality  of  food   Training  of  employees   No  response  from  management  


How will we demand respect?
• • •   Store  manager  attends  Hillcrest  Community  Civic  Association  Meeting  to  report   back   Safeway  Corporation  –  we  may  have  to  go  to  the  upper  management  of  the   corporation  to  get  demands  met   Publicize  our  attempts  and  progress  (or  lack  thereof)  via  youtube  and  social   media  

What is the goal of our campaign?
• • • • A  grocery  store  that  respect  our  community   Neighborhood-­‐serving  Safeway   Responsiveness   Accountability  


Who is the TARGET of our campaign? Who has the POWER to create the desired change?
• Safeway  Corporation  


• •

o How  do  they  govern  local  Safeways?   o What  are  they  doing  in  other  neighborhoods?   o What  is  the  mission  of  Safeway?   o What  training  do  they  provide?   Store  Managers   Secondary  Target  –  Property  Manager  

• Neighboring  Communities   o Park  Naylor   o Randle  Highlands   o Penn-­‐Branch   o Fort  Dupont  


Next Steps
• • Complete  Action  Plan  with  timeline   Taskforce  reports  back  to  Civic  Association  at  next  meeting   o Allow  time  on  September  Agenda  to  continue  working  on  action  plan   o Invite  residents  from  other  communities  to  attend  a  Taskforce  meeting   that  will  convene  after  the  next  September  HCCA  Meeting  

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