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St Giles Eastbourne Cost of Living Guide for Students 2011 - 2012 To help you to prepare for your stay

in Eastbourne, we have put together this cost of living guide. This should help you to estimate how much money you will need to bring to England with you. We look forward to welcoming you to St Giles Eastbourne! (All prices are for guidance only and are subject to change.) Entertainment / Social Programme St Giles Eastbourne offers a social programme to help you make the most of your time in the UK. Some activities, such as a film night at school or football, will be free. Others will have a small charge, such as bowling, cinema or salsa dance classes. You can also go on weekend excursions. A guide is included below. If you take part in one weekend excursion and 3 evening activities a week (where some a free) you should expect to spend about 50 (not including drinks at a pub night) Activity Price Swimming 4.50 Bowling 5 Cinema 5 Entry into a nightclub 5+ Day excursion on social programme 20 - 35 Drinks Price Glass of wine 4+ Pint of beer 3.30 * Discounts may be available with student card ** Some nightclubs offer discounted nights especially for students week. Eating and Drinking If you have booked half-board accommodation, we recommend that you allow at least 5 for extra food, snacks and drinks during the day. St Giles Caf Students can buy lunch at our on-site caf and can expect to pay the following: Item Sandwich Hot meal Pizza Salads Cakes/croissants/muffins/cookies Fruit Chocolate bar Hot Drinks Soft Drinks Price 1.55 - 2.30 2.90 - 3.20 2.90 1.65 - 2.30 45p - 1.50 40p 45p 50p 90p 75p

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Cafs in Eastbourne Please be advised that the following prices may vary depending on the place of purchase. Discounts apply in some shops and cafs when you show your St Giles student card. Item Hot Drinks Soft Drinks Sandwiches Soup Pizza Salad Hamburger and Chips A big Mac meal Supermarkets / Grocery shops Item Sandwich Can of Coke Fruit Crisps Bottle of wine Restaurant prices / Evening meals Item Budget restaurant meal Standard restaurant meal Exclusive restaurant meal Budget restaurant meal + wine Standard restaurant meal + wine Exclusive restaurant meal + wine Shopping Below are some common items you may need to buy during your stay here and the prices for them you can expect to pay. Item Inland stamp (first class) Stamp for a letter in Europe 4 AA batteries 20 cigarettes (main brand) Toothbrush Toothpaste Shower gel Shampoo Packet of washing powder (main brand) Price 41p 60p 4 7 2.10 2 2 2 5 Price 8 15+ 25+ 10 18 30 + 2.20 - 4 70p 50p 50p 4 + Price 2+ 2 2 - 4 2 - 4 7 - 9 3 - 5 5+ 4.50 Price

Public transport Here are some guide prices for travelling in and around Eastbourne during your stay: Item Single bus fare in Eastbourne for under 16s Single bus fare in Eastbourne for over 16s 7-day bus pass Day Saver Return to Brighton (bus) 1 day return to Brighton (train) 1 day return to London by train with underground ticket Price 90 1.80 11.50 3.30 18.10 anytime 9.10 off-peak (depart after 9am) 29.00 off-peak (depart after 9am) 51 anytime

If you think you will travel a lot by train, you may like to get a railcard. A Young Persons Railcard available to students aged 16-25 for 24, offering 1/3 discount on off-peak rail fares. You can visit to check train times and fares. In Eastbourne is possible to walk around from place to place in most cases. Your homestay will be within 30 minutes walking distance or you may like to buy a bicycle if you will stay here for a long time. Course books The course books are not included in your fees. We offer 10% discount on course books for you. Here is a guide to prices: Length of stay Up to 3 months 4-6 months 6-9 months Cost of course books 33 - 35 66 - 70 99 - 110

Students staying for up to 4 weeks can also borrow a book for a refundable deposit of 33. Examination Fees If you would like to take an examination during your stay with us, you will need to pay extra for the examination. You can arrange and take the following examinations at St Giles Eastbourne: Examination FCE CAE IELTS Fees 108 112 120 125

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