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====================================================================== ====================================================================== CurveExpert 1.

3: A comprehensive curve fitting system for Windows Copyright (c) 1995-2001 Daniel Hyams All Rights Reserved. ====================================================================== ======================================================================

INTRODUCTION ====================================================================== Thank you for your interest in CurveExpert 1.3! CurveExpert 1.3 is a comprehensive curve fitting system for Windows. XY data can be modelled using a toolbox of linear regression models, nonlinear regression models, interpolation, or splines. Over 30 models are built-in, but custom regression models may also be defined by the user. Full-featured graphing capability allows thorough examination of the curve fit. The process of finding the best fit can be automated by letting CurveExpert compare your data to each model to choose the best curve. This program was designed to be simple but powerful, so that all users can obtain a model for their data quickly and easily. Documentation is provided in the form of a Windows help file. This on-line manual is complete and does not need the supplement of a printed copy. This way, we conserve our Earth's valuable resources while at the same time reducing the cost of this software. For the information on the latest features of CurveExpert, visit the CurveExpert home page at ===> <=== This software package is ShareWare.

SUPPORTED PLATFORMS ===================================================================== CurveExpert has been released for the following platforms: 16-bit version: 32-bit version: Windows Windows Windows Windows 3.1 or later 3.1 or later + Win32s 1.30 or later 95 NT 3.51 or later

Note that the 16-bit version is Windows 95 compatible, so it will run under Windows 95 as well as Windows 3.1.

IF THE INSTALLATION PROGRAM FAILS WITH A GPF (16-bit version only) ===================================================================== If the installer program fails with a General Protection Fault, please restart Windows immediately. CurveExpert has been installed correctly, and will run correctly once Windows has been restarted after a fault of this type by the installer.

open the help file by choosing 'Help' from the Help menu. or your particular shell.3 for an evaluation period of 30 days. CurveExpert is Shareware. if there is a charge applied. the user.3 and its documentation as long the only charge applied.REGISTRATION -. In Windows 95. use of CurveExpert during the 30-day evaluation period is free of charge. However.21 will be cvxpt121. and debugging. you must first unzip CVXPTxxx. Note that the xxx denotes the version number of CurveExpert that you have obtained (eg. If you would like for this project to continue and grow. is for the distribution of these unmodified copies of CurveExpert. go to the Control Panel Add/Remove Hardware applet to uninstall CurveExpert. please send suggestions and register.ZIP (using PkUnzip or WinZip -. Please support the shareware concept and register the software if you intend to keep and use it! The future of this product depends on the response that I receive from you.3. The registration fee of $35 [16-bit version] or $40 [32-bit version] can be submitted via mail or by a credit card. . The installation program will ask you where to install this software and give the space requirements required.if you don't have this.3 means that you agree to all terms stated in the disclaimer. Also.EXE program that was included in your CurveExpert distribution. From the Program Manager. you may give your name and company. Development of this software has taken countless hours of study. after which you must pay the registration fee to continue using CurveExpert 1. Should you ever want to uninstall CurveExpert. The rest of the process is automated -. if you use this program.CurveExpert will install itself onto your computer in the location you specified and will make its own Program Manager group. go back to your ftp site and pick it up) to unpack all of the distribution files. LEGAL MATTERS ====================================================================== Read the Disclaimer Warranty section in the included help file. select File Run and run the SETUP. programming. if you are a registered user. File Manager. Then click the 'Register' button in the help file. version 1. This will give directions for ordering CurveExpert as well as the order form.HOW TO REGISTER ====================================================================== To order CurveExpert. You may make exact copies and distribute these copies of the Evaluation version of CurveExpert 1. You are hereby granted license to use CurveExpert 1. INSTALLATION ====================================================================== If you obtained this program from an Internet simply double-click on the UnInstall icon in the CurveExpert program manager group. Using CurveExpert 1.

+ Uses the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm for quick and robust nonlinear regression performance. a ranking chart keeps track of the best to worst models + CurveFinder examines every possible regression model for your data set and returns the best one + Full-featured graphing capability with customizable. design. translated. sorted. edited by hand similarly to a spreadsheet + Analysis tools allow the location of exact points on the curve fit as well as differentiation and integration of any model. + Unlimited number of data points + As curve fits are applied.You are specifically prohibited from charging or requesting donations for ANY and ALL copies of CurveExpert or its documentation. along with over 15 additional models provided as user-defined models + User-defined models allow you to input. + Full featured toolbar and status bar increase your productivity WHAT'S NEW ====================================================================== See the HISTORY.TXT file for all of the latest additions and bug fixes. You are prohibited from distributing CurveExpert or any portion of CurveExpert or its documentation as part of another product (commercial or otherwise) without PRIOR expressed written consent from me personally. dynamic graphs gives immediate feedback on curve fit quality + User has the ability to terminate a computation at any time + Customizable plots can be copied directly to the clipboard for use in another Windows application + Easy-to-use point-and-click interface + Reads simple ASCII data files and can ignore comments or text in the file + Data set can be scaled. FEATURES ====================================================================== + Over 35 distinct data models to choose from. and manage your own regression functions with up to 19 parameters + Toolbox of fitting techniques includes linear/nonlinear regression and many types of interpolation/spline fitting. the outliers removed. .

author of CurveExpert 1.3 email: or dhyams@ebicom.---Daniel Hyams. MS 39759 .net phone w/ voice mail: (662) 323-4198 FAX: (662) 323-4198 US mail: 204 Winterset Drive Starkville.