What is the modern invention you cannot live without?

The technology of 21st century plays a big role in everyone¶s lives. Hardly would people get into the habit of not using it anymore, after being so used to the comfort that the inventions give them. I, for example, could not live without my phone or my computer. Even though some people say that the humans had lived without them before and they¶ll be able to do it again, I do not agree. Let¶s say I have forgotten my cell phone at home, how my friends or family will be able to find me when they need me. Cell phones give a lot of convenience. I could see how much is the time, and with the new accessories like a photocamera I can take pictures. Rarely would I go out without my headphones, so that I can listen to the music that is on my phone. No matter what people say, in my opinion no one would be able to live without a phone. Another technology that I am so used to and admire is the computer. That thing represents my whole life. Loosing it means loosing memories with my friends , like pictures , videos and chats. Computer and Internet gives people the opportunity to see and read more about the things they are interested in. Contemporary inventions are an irreplaceable comfort. Their advantages make people¶s lives easier.

Many people believe that women make better parents than men and that this is why they have the greater role in raising children in most societies. Others claim that men are just as good as women at parenting Write an essay expressing your point of view. Give reasons for your answer. A child could not have a fulfilled life without his two parents. However there are many cases where there is only one person who is taking care of a child. Contrary to the popular belief, that a kid is more attached to his mother than his father, and nothing could compare and replace a mother¶s love and caress, fathers are as good parents as women. Both parents can make well parenting. My personal believes are, that when it comes to rising a child both parents are equally qualified. Even though women are said to be more loving, men can give love as much as them. Both parents have the ability of educating their children. The two of them go to work, do the house chores. A good father parenting example is my dad. Having my mom working in a foreign country, my father took care of me and my brother. He used to cook for us as good as mom, he cleaned and did all the house work, which is believed to be women¶s work. The result was not as bad as I thought it would be. Of course it is better for little girls to be with their mothers and boys with their father. That way they could have their parents as a role model. However even if a girl has only father and a boy has only mother, the daughter can be as lady-like as the son can be manly. These outcomes depend only on the fact what kind of parent is the person, it has nothing to do with the fact what sex is the objective we are talking about.

I only can hope for Ayumi to have success with the things she wants to do. The others of the group didn¶t understand that they were near us until I started looking towards them and then towards our group. The other one stayed and listened carefully what my friends had to say. They got us! The two ticket inspectors closed up on our cheerful group from both ends of the bus just as we were discussing the inconveniences of public transport. especially if the child is a rebel. it is much cheaper than other vehicles. Then unexpectedly cheerful. Not different from the other teenagers she makes her parents go crazy sometimes. How does he/she look like? What are his/her interests and friends? What are your relations with him/her? How do you imagine his/her future? Having a child is not as easy as almost every kid thinks. I try my best to be her friend and understand her.Begin a diary-entry with: They got us! The two ticket inspectors closed up on our cheerful group from both ends of the bus just as we were discussing the inconveniences of public transport. I will always try to draw out her so that she could comfortably tell me what the problem is. It doesn¶t matter if she is sad or just not in a mood. She has a Bulgarian mother and a Japanese father. have fun with friends and live a normal life like a normal teenager. For now it is only enough for her to be good at school. You are the parent of a teenager. One of his arguments was about the price. Ayumi goes to singing lessons. singing. I cannot imagine what her future will be. After he finished talking we apologized to him for speaking so loud and got down of the bus because we arrived at the place we wanted to. she is a good kid. even strict mother like me. on purpose of course. she looks like Snow White. Together with her friends she made a dance group and now every day after finishing school they practice together so that they can rest from it. hanging out with friends and doing normal things which every child likes to do. turned his back on us and went to check the new people who came. They were looking at us with no so approval look. it stops on almost every key spot in the town and it can be used every half an hour. long black hair and white pale skin. Having big black eyes. Her sneaky eyes and big smile can make everybody do things which he doesn¶t want to. However except of going through the teenage years. Her name is Ayumi. One of the inspectors made an unpleasantly and irritated face. Martin and Lora continued to discuss even louder. Luckily for me my daughter is not that kind of teenager. doing that again and again embarrassed look. He pointed out the disadvantages and the advantages of travelling in a public transport. he started to say his thoughts about the problem that has been discussed. Describe your son/daughter. Her dream is to become a famous singer. She loves dancing. .

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