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SAP Cutting edge tips

To end the current transaction Enter: /n. Caution: Unsaved changes are lost without warning

To delete the current session. Enter: /i.

To generate a session list Enter: /o.

To end the current transaction and return to the starting menu Enter: /ns000.

To log off from the system Enter: /nend.

To log off from the system without a confirmation prompt Enter: /nex. Caution: Changes that were not saved are lost without warning.

Su01 Creating a user in SAP (giving the person a user name & password plus authorizations) F4 & F2 F4 Transaction code Gives you Today’s date For searching Actvity/use

MM50 Extend material.(in the strict value range).by simply entering va05 and then you can see a list of the Sales Orders. Vk32 Changing price conditions Vk33 Displaying price conditions Tip: If you are to search for an item.. the S. U can check who created the Sales Order. changes made etc etc. by who.... Condition Vk31 Creating price conditions. distribution channel. used to show which Sales Organisation.who created them. when and the exact time.. Delivery . Division etc etc.Orgs. SALES ORDER Va01 Create a standard sales order Va02 Change standard sales order Va03 Display standard sales order Va05 List of Sales Orders. when the material was created and the material number etc etc. make sure that you keep your DIVISION to 00.. when it was created.

Stock for Posting Date): Checking for goods available in stock for sale.e analysis reports). Vk33:Checking materials with prices. MB5B (Materials Management >Inventory Management >Environment >Stock >MB5B . MM03: Displaying a material. you cannot change the quantities on the Delivery document. Mcte: Sales Organization analysis: selection (Checking reports in SD for instance. NB: Once the billing document has been created. Invoicing Vf01 creating an invoice NB: If it is a Standard Sales Order (dealers. . Service materials are billed against the Order since a delivery document is not created for them.VL01N Creating an outbound delivery with reference to a sales order. the amount received in which location/Sales Org. it can show the goods sold.. enter the delivery number unless you are invoicing service materials. VA02N Change a delivery. franchises. corporate). you can zero down to the report of each particular item i.

click on “Options” click on “Local Data” and click on “Clear History”. Displays possible entry values. Its just after the question mark.its the last icon on the standard tool bar.. Its on the same line with the T-code entry field or the green tick for entry.Troubleshooting The errors with the transaction codes on left are emanating from the activities on the right... check the prices of the said items and ensure that they are well maintained.. Alt + F12: Clearing history (User). Tip: Services are non-delivery items hence they cannot be delivered.. You can not physically deliver a service. PR00 Pricing. menus. .. F1 F4 Displays an explanation of fields. Alternatively click on the Green/red/blue box which appears like a book. you will get an error message. functions and messages. If you try delivering them..

standard (dis is contained in the shipping conditions)  Loading equipment e. The shipping point cannot be changed in the outbound delivery.g express. Type in the command field: “search_sap_menu” to search for SAP transactions. ship-to party record and material master record. customer master data.Questions: (1) When do you create/use Customer master data (Sales and distribution) – one that does not post to Financial accounting? Experiments: Check out.  Shipping requirements e. . SAP Note: 205487 Extras > Administration information (see SAP note 161053).g contained in the loading group. Rdisp/max_alt_modes Shipping The shipping point depends on the following criteria: (Wat to consider -while doing shipment).  Delivering plant determined from.

LR:Returnsdelivery  . Deleting an Outbound Delivery: Go to Change Outbound Delivery and click at Delete icon just beneath the Outboundary Delivery XXXXXXX (80000078) Change: Overview. NL:Replenishment delivery Blocking an Outbound Delivery: Go to the “Change Sales Order” and then in the Billing Block field. click on “Goto” and then “Header”. LO: Delivery without reference (no sales order necessary to create a delivery)  . LD: Decentralized shipping (used in decentralized shipping in connection with R/2 RV)  . from then select Administration (or even shipping). click on “Environment” then “Document flow/F7”. The delivery types defined in the standard system include the following:  EL: Inbound delivery (shipping notification)  . LF: Outbound delivery  . LB: Delivery for subcontract order  . . The delivery types take into account the various business transactions in delivery processing. To view the status of the document.To view the details of the shipping point. Select a reason for blocking the Outbound delivery by clicking on the radio button next to teh field. LP: Delivery from project  .

: 0020245239 Your User ID and Password for the SAP Service Marketplace are as follows : .Shipping 1. Types of Deliveries 2. Functions of the various Deliveries 3. Processing delivery documents which you have done S0003992761 I701G449 IDES no.

za.Your registration password is: AOBN8PBA User name: S0005355116 Password: 7P2G0YTG (la nom de ma mere) Satreno DEV.35.satreno.dc.6 system number : 01 system ID: FI2 Username: HGABZIE Password: 00Gabzie!! Client: 100 .8.: ip: 10.

com Username : hassan.10. change the IP 10.77.gabzie Password : 00Gabzie!! for IDES.fw.53 once vpn is successful client 800 hgabzie vpn01 Name : url : Username: hassan.71 to 10.Satreno IDES URL : .gabzie Password: 00Gabzie!! vpn02 Name :

com Username: hassan.satreno. .url : vpn. A business area may also be shared by several company codes.dc. Business areas are used for internal reporting and are Password: 00Gabzie!! Pricing 1. How do you specify limits for manually entering of conditions types? Billing A sales organization is always assigned to only one company code. Business areas can be defined for more than one company code. How do you enter condition types manually in Sales Documents? 2.