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Quit Following Vain, Greedy Preachers

When will My people stop playing church and get down to the business of loving one another as I have loved them? I see church being slowly but surely turned into a big business racket not too different from the buyers and the sellers doing business in the Outer Court of the Temple. If anything, its grown much slicker and more sophisticated in this electronic age. What do I think of this new one-arm-bandit tithing machine which has made its grand entrance into the vestibule of the so-called mega-church (where is THAT concept found in Scripture)? Like a grim-faced sentry of steel, that computerized Judas Junk Box stands there as just another mediator between My people and their God. It reminds them that while the Way of Salvation is free, that its still a toll road and you better pay up. Millions who dont yet feel the financial bite dont mind indulging their puppy-faced prosperity preacher. They pet him by providing luxurious holidays, sports cars, and yachts, or anything his spoiled rotten heart desires. Meanwhile, I see so many broken-hearted saints realizing theyve been had because the miracle harvest blessings promised BY THE PREACHER for tithing on money fail to materialize. Theyre still driving a sick, wheezy old car that breaks down all the time without the money to fix it. Theyre still wondering how the light bill will get paid. Theyre still struggling to pay last years Christmas debts and their credit cards are maxed out. Theyre in arrears for last months rent. Many get laid off from their jobs and must move in with relatives till they get on their feet again. While pew Christians get in one messy trial after another, only the preacher and his inner circle are in clover.

After spoiling the leadership with more blessings than they can consume, the poor fleeced sheep feel broke and downtrodden. Until the preacher perks them back up with religious emotional candy dispensed from the pulpit, so as to renew false hopes of rewards for obedience to his scripturally unsound preaching. Tears of joy flow once again as the supercharged song service gets hands clapping and people jumping and the offering flowing. Like programmed robots, even the poorest believers respond to this evil indoctrination from the pulpit: Give TO God (US) just ONE MORE TIME and your miracle will surely come! Some people go back over and over and over again to set themselves up for yet another fall. They seem to be addicted to pain and disappointment. If the preacher lets them down, where can they turn? It isnt always easy to trust in an invisible God. People find it far easier to turn to a grinning clown doing a circus act and making outlandish promises on behalf of their prosperity god, for they count on the fact most people dont seriously study their Bibles. If they did they would discover that Biblical tithing is almost the polar opposite of what is taught today and it does NOT apply to the church of Jesus Christ! Neither the promises nor the curses of the old tithing law apply today. I have made My people hundreds of promises to take care of them out of GRACE, not as wages performed for religious works and donations. Why isnt that taught more at prosperity churches? Whenever a saint is placed back under a tit-for-tat law relationship with the Lord, where I only give to you if you dig down deep in your pocket, that saint has been made much poorer spiritually. Far better to possess spiritual riches which endure for eternity than illusory gold and silver of this world which shall pass away. When the preacher presents a pressing need such as new carpeting or a salary hike for the music director, the saints dig deep, with reassurances that we really do love you. But when one of the pew saints gets sick or loses his job and needs to feed his children, tough luck. Instead of practical help, they often get a sour-faced lecture about irresponsibility and needing to learn a better work ethic. This from a pastor who takes at least two luxurious vacations a year from the reality of the real world. STAND ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET! The pew saints are told in multitudes of different ways. Get a job! Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, and that includes working every hour you can find around the clock! But dont you dare neglect personal Bible study and the training of your children! Jesus was a political conservative so there is no free lunch in Gods kingdom! Oh, really? After Jesus fed the five thousand, did He send Simon Peter around with an ice cream bucket to take up a love offering to defray costs? When do you ever read of Jesus soliciting funds for any other purpose except to feed the poor? When My dear Son was crucified, did He tell Mary to go shift for herself, or that she had to sink or swim? NO! With the understanding that His kingdom was a family of love, Jesus entrusted to the care of the disciple nearest to His heart the one treasure closest to His heart at the time: His own precious mother. The rich say Jesus is one of them, and it is a shame to be poor. Any decent man or woman worth their salt will plan for the future and all its possible needs. But Jesus said, Take no thought for tomorrow. Its enough to bear the burdens of today (Matt.6:25-34). Jesus commended faithfulness in laboring to further the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Jesus commended faithful stewardship. But Jesus was no worrier. Jesus did not chase after mammon like so many believers do today. Jesus had no big stock portfolio, not even a simple credit card. His net

financial worth was what He wore on His back and maybe a few pennies in the bag carried by a treasurer who ended up betraying Him. Jesus was born in a filthy stall with hay for his bed. Joseph did what he could to make Mary comfortable when her time came to bring Jesus into the world. Joseph appeared cheerful for her sake, but his secret sorrow was that he couldnt provide better for Mary at the time of her Sons birth. Joseph toiled very hard to the point of weariness and painfulness. But in this cursed world, taxes and troubles took their toll from the fruits of his daily labors. How do you suppose Joseph could have financed the Flight to Egypt if it hadnt been for the visit of the Wise Men who brought Jesus valuable gifts? The Savior Who had nowhere to lay His head did not have the use of these gifts when He was so needy He had to forage fruit from a tree to ease His hunger (Mark 11:12-14). The experience of My Son upon the earth was often what you might describe as hand to mouth. But I sustained Jesus in health until it came time for Him to surrender His health, peace and life on Calvary for your sake. Some of my people can be led astray by a pretty face, though it is the face of a politician rash enough to poke a stick at an angry bear with a chip on its shoulder. In the coming days a bear nation which seemed to be asleep shall flex its muscles once again. It takes watchfulness and prayerfulness to combat feelings of insecurity, whether individual or on behalf of your nation. For you fight not against flesh and blood, but against evil forces in heavenly places. The enemy within world communities is SIN, not some foreign foe. All nations are corrupt in My sight, and I am calling out of each country individuals who will be faithful to the true Christ of the Bible and to His Word. People willing to be salt and light in their communities. A certain high profile political party claims Jesus would have been one of them and the other main political party is of satan. Really? Would Jesus have made a preemptive strike on any country which didnt attack His own nation? It is plainly commanded in My Word that you are not to strive (fight) with anyone if they have done you no harm (Prov.3:30). Would Jesus have dropped bombs or food on Iraq? When Christ returns to the earth, what sort of ruler will He turn out to be? Will He heavily tax His mortal subjects in order to build bomber planes and weapons of war? Will He choose guns or butter as His main priority? Will He show partiality to the rich and let the poor go hungry? And lest anyone think Christ would have belonged to the OTHER major political party, the clear standards of My Word arent open to compromise. Immorality is still sin, regardless of changing times. Jesus wore a beard and sandals, but that isnt sinful. But confusing gender roles is. Women are still women and men are still men. Their roles are still prescribed in My Word. Mothers should be there for their kids as much as they possibly can, instead of seeking carnal fulfillment in the world of politics and business. It is NOT a sin to be a stay-at-home mom, and I wish EVERY mother could afford to stay home with their children because they need to be mothered by MOTHERS, not surrogate parents-for-pay. Children need TWO parents, a father and a mother. A sperm bank is a poor substitute for a loving, godly dad. But in cases where tragedy strikes in this very imperfect world and only one parent is in the home, I am there to fill that gap. Marriage is still the ONLY acceptable context for sex. Marriage is ONLY to be between one man and one woman. Children dont need to know all the many details of the facts of life till they are developmentally ready, and it is a SIN to deprive an

innocent small child of its childhood through perverted sex education. Kids and teens need discipline and loving, firm guidance. Everyone needs the love of Jesus. Of course My Son loves the unborn with a very tender love. Jesus loves children and hates the ending of innocent life in a clinic. He hates the conditions which drive women to even consider abortion. He loves the mother carrying the child. He offers redemption, forgiveness and restoration to those whose pregnancies were terminated. Jesus longs to bear all a mothers burdens as a shepherd gently leads those who are with young (Isa.40:11). Of course He hates abortion with a vengeance. But just as importantly, He deeply loves children already born. Why is the love of so many of My people limited only to children who havent been born yet? My people campaign zealously for the rights of the unborn. Yet their love for the child dims once it is outside the womb. AFTER THE CHILDS BORN it becomes somebody elses responsibility, according to those double-thinkers. My people continually ask Me for more good things in their lives to make their own families lives more pleasant, but turn a blind eye to poverty in their own neighborhoods. They resent legislation which pays for important programs to feed hungry kids and call that socialism. Well, if the church were doing its job, government wouldnt have to step in to take up the slack! Members of the earliest church suffered NO lack of basic necessities because all the members of My Body truly cared one for another (Acts 4:34-35). Faithfulness and diligence in daily tasks were expected of church members, but the sink or swim doctrine was not taught in that particular church. It makes no sense for you to find fault with government safety net programs for the poor, then complain about swarms of unloved, fatherless kids who run riot through neighborhoods because social programs have been cut and Mother must go out to work instead of watching them. So no one is around to teach those kids right from wrong. They learn their values from their peers. The blind lead the blind and all fall into the ditch of eternal perdition. Do you think My Son would turn away people who come to the church office asking for temporary help so they can have a meal? Do you think Christ would scold helpseeking churchgoers who have faithfully supported their church but now need help themselves, just to eat or keep a roof over their heads? Why dont pastors show more compassion when they preach their manmade tithingon-money doctrine, one NEVER taught by any New Testament apostle? Why is the original purpose of the tithe ignored, that ALL, not just a little of it, went to satisfy hunger (Deut.14:22-29)? The hungry worshipper ate the tithe. Old Testament Tabernacle ministers ate the tithe. More significantly, the bulk of it was stored for hungry Levites and poor people so they would never need to die of starvation. Instead, tithes are taken FROM poor people, reducing the food they have in their cupboards at home. These unscriptural money tithes are squandered on building funds, mortgages, pastors salaries, ministry perks, administrative costs, travel allowances, etc. Uses which the original tithe was NEVER used for! So many of My people never get to go anywhere but work, work, WORK! And when they get to church its little more than a preacher pep rally to get the feel-good hormones raging so people get in a good mood to give even more! I am sickened by the way My sheep are being duped, especially My younger ones freshly converted and easily exploitable. Unscrupulous preachers appeal to their

gratitude toward Me for saving their souls and say that the amount they give is a true reflection of their love for Jesus. What hogwash! I am not for sale! Nor does My favor have a price tag on it that it should be peddled by carnal wolves in sheeps clothing. When these precious young people get hurt and struck by disillusionment as false prosperity teachings fail in their lives, whos going to pick up the pieces and take the blame for Why didnt it work? When these starry-eyed young zealots finally wake up one morning and decide theyve had enough of seeing their spiritual fathers whipping money out of the sheep for their own pleasure, where will they go to get their gaping wounds tended? Quit being deceived, My people. Read My Word to find out what church was like back in the Book of Acts and in the epistles. Those people certainly werent perfect either, but at least the REAL apostles knew how to say no to self-exaltation, covetousness and greed!