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The Anna commenced an auspicious task to counter - corruption, which is budding and penetrating in the independent India (democratic one) more than the British India (non-democratic one). But, whether the fighting measures he adopted is ethical on his ideals if admired from Gandhi, who is famous for fast unto death to compel adversaries to kneel down. Another, fast unto death practiced to blackmail GOI and gain cheap publicity is not the idea of Gandhi, who never bother about media rather believe in himself to make accept anyone his principles. Baba Ramdev, who is famous to deceive nave public and arousing people to build an army of people with weapons, has veiled babas ambition to control India, but not to fight corruption and black money. The fast of Anna ended in four days, but of baba ended in nine days. Anna gathers supporter without his money and following, compared to baba. Why did baba take so long to end fast, but with bare hands? There are many questions sprouting in the heart s of million people. What the hell is wrong with this country? Every day new revolution is catching eyes of millions. The answer is either the democracy or the illicit people behind the whole scene. Is there is something seriously behind the curtain which cannot be seen. The last few days of babas fasting is not to counter corruption or bring back the black money, but to deceive people to gain support to dismantle the government and gaining political support. Because the baba broken his fast without the fulfillment of his demands or agreeing with him. Its not the baba who is controlling these events but it appears to be some cunning minds behind him. The fast was gaining various criticisms about the main players behind the curtains. Whether behind is any party or people of emerging India. No party is supporting the Lokpal bill instead trying to reap benefit out of current situation. The judiciary, the legislator and executioner is the main components of our constitution. The recent footage of scams hit judges, ministers (MLA, MP) and IAS officers is no more hidden. Even the accountability of this machinery is questionable, then how you ensure the accountability of LOKPAL committee if they have given paramount powers to question dignified post of our country. Do you want to see prime minister, president and judge to answer each allegation made against each other? Did the people our country doesnt know about the vested power of police, which is main cause of the emerging crime and corruption. The police, which can arrest anyone and can put charges an innocent and hence make him culprit. Did the Anna Hazare really want these to happen or really counter corruption, which is in us not the one standing in front of us? Everyone knows about the BJP, who claimed to build Ram Mandir in the Ayodyay. They have demolished the Babri Masjid where the Ram Mandir has to be built. BJP has always projected issue to gain votes and to come in power. Even they are targeting congress to fight corruption, what about their party ruled states Karnataka. The Yedurappa, charged with corruption charges, has refused to offer apology to public and resign from chief ministerial post. On the other side, congress sacked its ministers on the charges of corruption in Adarsh Society Land Scam, Common Wealth Committee Corruption Scam, or 2G telecom scam is evident and clarifies the intention to fight corruption. The GOI, fully accountable to fight corruption and black money needs sometime. Neither, the black money can come back in a day or two, nor the corruption can be stopped with magic stick. The corruption is not only enrooted in everyone but also in the fighters of corruption. Because we are the developer of corruption, we never stop paying to police whenever we drive without helmet or license, we never stop paying extra money to process our file in government office, we never stop misusing

public property, and we never stop paying bribe. The cause of corruption is not the government, which is merely our representation in the parliament, but we the people of our country, The India.