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Microsoft Certified Trainer Program Guide APRIL 1, 2011 ‒ MARCH 31, 2012 This Microsoft Certified Trainer (“MCT”) Program

Guide (“Guide”) describes the MCT Program. Use this Guide for basic information about the MCT Program, including membership requirements, resources, and enrollment policies and processes. 1. OVERVIEW OF THE MCT PROGRAM Microsoft is an innovative company, and frequently releases new software and technologies into the marketplace. Many of Microsoft’s software and technologies are technically complex, and computer professionals and other end users may require training from knowledgeable trainers in aspects of their use. In order to make such training generally available, Microsoft has developed the MCT Program (the “MCT Program”), which grants certification to professional trainers and learning consultants who demonstrate and maintain technical and instructional expertise on Microsoft technologies and who have complied with all requirements detailed herein and in the MCT Program Agreement. The requirements for MCT certification reflect the skills necessary to train computer professionals and others on developing, implementing, supporting, and maintaining solutions using Microsoft products and technologies. The MCT certification allows students, training providers, and organizations to identify skilled professionals who can deliver training on Microsoft technologies and software. Trainers with a MCT certification are a vital resource in today’s information technology (“IT”) and information worker (“IW”) training communities. Microsoft provides MCTs with a valuable set of resources to help them become some of the best technical instructional professionals in the world through its MCT Program. MCT Program members receive a number of benefits and special offers. You can find information on the MCT Program benefits at the MCT Benefits web site. 2. How to Become an MCT Program member 2.1. Initial Enrollment. You must complete the following steps to enroll in the MCT Program: a. Earn and hold an accepted Microsoft Certified Professional (“MCP”) Certification b. Prove your instructional presentation skills c. Review and agree to abide by the terms and conditions in the current MCT Agreement and this Guide d. Complete and submit the application form to become an MCT and pay all applicable fees If you have questions about the MCT Program requirements, please contact your region’s Microsoft Regional Service Center (“RSC”). STEP 1:

STEP 3: OBTAIN OR IDENTIFY YOUR METRICS THAT MATTER ID Microsoft uses the MTM tool to collect post-training evaluation data and followup training data on 4.11-3. pay the annual MCT Program fee.12 MCT Program Guide Page 2 of 7 .com/learning/en/us/certification/mct.) STEP Fees vary depending on your country/region of residence.Before you apply to become an MCT. c. MCTs may only teach Microsoft Official Courses (“MOC”). you must provide evidence that you have completed at least one of the following requirements (please indicate on your MCT application which one(s) you have attained): a. you may use your current MTM account ID MCT Competencies). and submit all requested documentation to the address specified in the MCT enrollment tool. and IW courseware (collectively “Microsoft Courses”) that map to the Microsoft Certifications they hold (see Section 3. Proof of your instructional skills by providing evidence of: ○ your certified instructor credential from any one of these vendors listed at http://www. Please refer to the online MCT Program Fees table for specific information. (Note: application process and timeline may vary by country or region. In order to enroll in the MCT Program.aspx#tab3. The purpose of this requirement is to verify that you have a proven technical base of skills and competencies from which to teach. Achieved the Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) certification from CompTIA. you must acquire an MTM account. See Section 4. If you already have an MTM account. or ○ your employment status with a Microsoft IT Academy member. Microsoft Dynamics courseware.aspx#tab3. STEP 2: PROVE YOUR INSTRUCTIONAL PRESENTATION SKILLS To demonstrate that you possess instructional presentation skills. The MCT enrollment tool requires you to enter your MTM account ID number during for additional details on MTM. You must complete the online MCT application. Earning a Microsoft Certification demonstrates proficiency in working with Microsoft software and technologies in the field or job role(s) associated with the Microsoft Certification. Passed a presentation skills course or train-the-trainer course taught by one of the vendors listed at http://www. b. you must acquire one or more of the applicable Microsoft Certifications listed on the Acquire a Valid Microsoft Certification list. STEP 4: REVIEW AND AGREE TO ABIDE BY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS IN THE CURRENT MCT AGREEMENT AND THIS GUIDE 5: APPLY AND PAY THE ANNUAL MCT PROGRAM FEE The MCT enrollment tool is available on the MCP Member Site.

as well as the terms of the MCT Agreement. and MCT Program requirements. If you fail to meet these requirements. Review and abide by the terms and conditions in the current MCT Agreement. MCT Program Requirements Certain requirements must be met at all times to maintain your MCT Certification. Compliance with all MCT Program requirements.11-3. 1. • Participate in any audit that Microsoft and/or its designees may conduct. You will be notified by email when your re-enrollment application has been approved. the MCT website. MCT Competencies The MCT Program encompasses the instruction of a wide range of Microsoft software and technologies to a wide range of audiences. • Deliver one or more trainings using Microsoft Courses to (a) current Microsoft Partner Network (“MPN”) program members in good standing. and to access and use any MCT benefit. • Strictly comply with any end user license agreement and other terms and conditions that are applicable to. Use of the Microsoft Courses and Microsoft materials is subject to the applicable end user license agreement and all applicable terms and conditions. this Guide and the obligations listed on the MCT website.12 MCT Program Guide Page 3 of 7 • . or (d) any other entities preapproved in writing by Microsoft (collectively “Authorized Customer”). and the MCP Agreement. 3. • Your use of the MCT logo complies with the MCT logo and trademark guidelines. (b) MPN members that currently hold the Learning Competency status (“Learning Partners”). Meet all customer satisfaction. or is included with any Microsoft Course. Be an active MCP and MCT in good standing. Annual Re-Enrollment You must complete the following steps to re-enroll in the MCT Program: 1. MTM.1. 1. All Competencies are found in the Competency Document. To help ensure relevancy to particular audiences. the MCT Agreement. and you will also receive an MCT Welcome Kit and be granted access to the MCT member site. MCT credential or MCT logo: • Compliance with the terms and conditions contained in this Guide. You will be notified by email when your application has been approved. “Competencies” identifies the job roles and/or technologies that correspond to a particular Microsoft Certification. 2.1. Complete the MCT Program application form and pay the annual MCT Program fee. 1. 4. and any Microsoft materials provided under or associated with the MCT Program.Please allow at least two weeks for the processing of your application. your MCT Certification might be removed and all rights granted to you under the MCT Program will be revoked. accompanies. 2. Restrictions on Microsoft Course Delivery 4. MCTs are assigned to one or more Competencies based on the Microsoft Certification(s) that they hold. (c) Microsoft IT Academy Program (“IT Academy”) members.

“Restrictions on Microsoft Course Delivery”). Private Training Sessions are not advertised or promoted to the general public and class attendance is restricted solely to MPN’s employees and individuals contracted by the MPN. Some Microsoft Courses may require that the MCT hold multiple Competencies in order to conduct training (see Section 4.2. Public Training Sessions MCTs may teach instructor-led. 2011 through December 31. Your MCT Certification may be rescinded if your DSAT scores exceed 10% in each of two consecutive quarters. 2011 • Quarter 2: July 1.5. 2011 • Quarter 4: January 1. 1. 4.MCTs may only teach the Microsoft Courses associated with their Competencies. A list of Microsoft Courses associated with each Competency is available at Microsoft courses and Microsoft IW courses. Public Training Sessions may be advertised through marketing materials or the Internet and can include individuals from one to many organizations and/or individuals not affiliated with a particular company or organization. 1. 2011 • Quarter 3: October 1. 1. the MCT Program requires that each MCT consistently maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and a minimum level of training activity throughout the MCT Program term to remain in the MCT Program. 2011 through June 30.3. it is important that MCTs perform instructionally and technically at the level required to deliver the best possible training to IT professionals and developers. Multiple Competencies MCTs must hold all necessary Microsoft Certifications for each Competency to which they belong. open enrollment training classes offered and delivered to the general public (“Public Training Sessions”) using Microsoft Courses only for and at Learning Partners and Microsoft IT Academy members’ facilities. Customer Satisfaction Scores Microsoft recognizes and promotes MCTs as professionals who are skilled in Microsoft software. 1. The 2011 MCT Program term is divided into four quarters: • Quarter 1: April 1.. and learning products. 2012 through March 31.4. technologies.12 MCT Program Guide Page 4 of 7 . The MCT’s transcript will list the MCT’s Competencies as well as the courses that the MCT is qualified to teach. no more than 10% of your customer satisfaction scores as reported by MTM may be in the dissatisfied (“DSAT”) range (1-4 points on a 9-point scale). 2012 On a quarterly basis.11-3. Because MCTs play such an important role in the learning process. 2011 through September 30. Private Training Sessions MCTs may use Microsoft Courses to teach a predefined learning objective for individuals employed by or contracted by a particular MPN at the MPN’s facilities. For this reason. provided the facilities’ hardware meets the hardware requirements listed in the trainer kits for the Microsoft Courses being taught (“Private Training Sessions”).1.

Approved Courseware The following courseware is approved courseware that may be used for delivering training sessions under the MCT Program: • Microsoft Courses • Fifty percent (50%) or more of a Microsoft AUDITS AND REVIEWS Microsoft reserves the right to audit all aspects of your participation in the MCT Program in accordance with the audit provisions in the MCT Agreement. You will secure all adequate rights required for Microsoft to perform an audit under the MCT Agreement. provided that the Microsoft Courses for the customized Training Session are obtained from a Microsoft-authorized MOC distributor. at any time.1.MTM reporting is provided to Microsoft automatically on an ongoing basis. Audits Microsoft will conduct audits each year to ensure that MCTs are fulfilling MCT Program requirements. For clarification purposes. CHANGES TO THE MCT PROGRAM Microsoft may make changes to. Microsoft will notify you of such changes by posting them on the MCT Program website. 6. Microsoft will use the customer evaluations received and recorded in MTM to determine if an MCT complies with the customer satisfaction requirements listed above. 6. 6. or cancel the MCT Program. Reviews Microsoft reviews each MCT’s compliance with the requirements listed above on a quarterly basis. Microsoft Courses in electronic or digital format cannot be used for customized Training Sessions.12 MCT Program Guide Page 5 of 7 . including rights to share customers/students’ PII with Microsoft. Microsoft will provide thirty (30) days email or written notice of any substantial changes to the MCT Program or if Microsoft intends to discontinue the MCT Program.knowledgeadvisors. You are responsible for notifying Microsoft if your address changes. If you are contacted regarding an audit. These notices will be sent to the email or address provided in your MCT Program application. or three MOC modules (whichever is less). At various times during the MCT Program term. you will be required to provide proof that you fulfilled these requirements. 4.1. • Microsoft Official Academic Courses (“MOAC”) for IT Professionals and Developers when delivered at an IT Academy’s location. 5. 1.2. Microsoft will use data provided by MTM to determine whether MCTs are compliant with the MCT Program requirements. More information about MTM is available at http://www. This documentation should match the information listed in your renewal application. Microsoft may also conduct reviews and audits of your MTM scores to ensure reporting compliance and integrity. MCTs are required to prepare and keep documentation on file to provide proof of delivery of Training Sessions using Microsoft Courses.

MCTs that do not renew their MCT status during the renewal period may still elect to re-enroll in the MCT Program. MCT Certification Status 7. • Teaching a Microsoft Course that is not in accordance with the MCT Agreement. Where the cause is sufficiently severe. (iii) this Guide. 4. (ii) the relevant licenses located on the MCT Download Center. • Using the MCT Logo in a manner that violates the MCT Program logo and trademark guidelines.12 MCT Program Guide Page 6 of 7 . you may be terminated from the MCT Program and/or permanently prohibited from participating in the MCT Program. and (vi) the MCT Agreement. • Distributing Microsoft Courses for self-paced training purposes. or reselling Microsoft Courses or Microsoft materials in a manner that is not consistent with (i) the accompanying licenses. Depending on the severity of noncompliance. Individuals who are MCTs in good standing may renew their MCT status during the renewal period (March 1. • Using. 7. • Distributing trainer kits. This strict application of the requirements is intended to protect the value of the MCT Certification. • Teaching a Microsoft Course in a Competency in which you are not certified.11-3. the individual may be permanently prohibited from participating in the MCT Program. 6.1. 5. distributing. • Teaching a Microsoft Course without using the applicable Microsoft Course. Losing Your MCT Certification In addition to reasons delineated in the MCT Agreement. Renewing MCT Certification The MCT Program is an annual program for individuals. • Fraudulent reporting of MTM customer/student evaluations.If an audit determines that you have intentionally falsified your credentials.3. • Not representing Microsoft or an Authorized Customer professionally and ethically. 2011 through April 30. you will be decertified. but their transcript will reflect an interruption in their MCT Certification status. MCTs may lose their MCT Certification for any of the following reasons: • Teaching a Microsoft Course without providing each customer/student with a licensed original copy of the applicable student kit for the Microsoft Course. 2011). Individuals who are not currently MCTs may elect to join at any time during the current MCT Program term. or you cannot produce evidence of your compliance with the requirements. copying. • Violating Microsoft Certification Exam Policies. Involuntary Decertification MCTs that are terminated from the MCT Program with cause (see Section 6 above) will not be allowed to re-enroll in the MCT Program for a period of one year following their decertification.2.

7. Microsoft is a trademark of the Microsoft group of companies. Reinstating Your MCT Certification If you do not renew your MCT Certification during the annual renewal period. you will be decertified. All rights reserved. reference purposes. You may copy and use this document for your internal.11-3. Information and views expressed in this document. However. This document does not provide you with any legal rights to any intellectual property in any Microsoft product. you maintain your MCT Certification start date although your transcript will reflect the interruption in your MCT Certification history. may change without notice. you can use the MCT enrollment tool to apply for reinstatement at any time.3. This means that you will lose your MCT benefits and will no longer be able to provide training using MOC courses. which you can access from the MCP Member Site. including URL and other Internet website references.12 MCT Program Guide Page 7 of 7 . When you are reinstated. 4. This document is provided “as-is”. © 2011 Microsoft. You bear the risk of using it.