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NRAES PUBLICATIONS Cooperative Extension PO Box 4557 Ithaca, New York 14852-4557 Phone: (607) 255-7654 E-mail: NRAES@CORNELL.EDU Web site: WWW.NRAES.ORG Composting for Municipalities: Planning and Design Considerations (NRAES-94) Composting to Reduce the Waste Stream: A Guide to Small Scale Food and Yard Waste Composting (NRAES-43) l VIDEO - Farm-Based Composting: Manure and More (NRAES-150) Field Guide to On-Farm Composting (NRAES-114) Natural Rendering: Composting Livestock Mortality and Butcher Waste (NRAES163) NEW! On-Farm Composting Handbook (NRAES-54) VIDEO - On-Farm Large-Scale Chicken Carcass Composting (NRAES-110) Sludge Composting and Utilization: A Design and Operating Manual (NJ-1) Cornell University Composting Home Page Agricultural Composting: A Feasibility Study for New York Farms 1

html The Science and Engineering of Composting http://www. Blending Materials for the Composting Process.TOC. consultation for compost operations. food wastes.html On-Farm Composting Handbook (NRAES-54). and food processing wastes.sheets/Fact. and research on compost. and compost usage.cals. published by British Columbia Ministry of Maine.nraes.On-Farm Composting: Effects of Technology & Intensification on End-Product Quality and Costs Composting School Food Scraps Composting Potato Culls and Potato Waste Processing School Food Scap Composting Composting and Using By-Products from Blue Crab and Calico Scallop Processing Plants in Florida Composting Fish By-Products: A Feasibility Study Organic Growing Mix: Use of Compost in Potting Mixes Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in Paper Bedding 2 .MSW Composting Fact Sheets http://www. B. Woods End Agricultural Institute in Mt.) through: Resource Management CoComposting with Off-Farm Wastes. specializes in compost and soil analysis for organic farmers.bc. compost analysis.cornell.. Composting Methods. and management. B. V3G 2M3. 607254-8770.toc. Cooperative Extension.FactSheets/msw. 1767 Angus Campbell Road.html Cornell Composting Resources and Publications http://www.S. has published numerous articles and publications on the composting process. It is probably the best all-round publication on this topic published by the Extension Service. Dr. Vernon. It provides a nice complement to the NRAES publication mentioned above.cornell. site and environmental considerations.html B. .fs.woodsend.C. Descriptions of the for-sale compost publications listed below are available on their website at http://www.cornell. Ministry of Agriculture and Food. It provides a comprehensive summary of the composting process. William Brinton.html MSW Operator's Fact Sheets http://www. 4853-5701. http://www. and others. Contact: NRAES. Agricultural Composting Handbook.cals. is a 186-page guide to on-farm composting. The cost is $ 152 Riley-Robb Hall. Characteristics of On-Farm Composting Materials.cornell.cornell. composting methods. http://www. plus shipping and handling. These publications are especially useful because they document practical efforts to compost farm wastes. Using Compost. 607-255-7654. 604-556-3099 Fax.C.C. NY. Economics.cfe.sheet. using compost.cals. Topics covered include: The Composting Process. raw materials. director of the laboratory. Copies of the publication may be obtained for $10 Canadian (about $8 a Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service publication. economics. 604-556-3100. Site Selection. is a handbook consisting of eighteen composting fact

http://www. Systems and Infrastructure of Composting. Working with Traveling Composters. The sections on composting systems and compost biology are particularly useful. Beneficial Effects Induced by Composts. It lists for $95 through: CRC Press LLC . Microbiological and Utilization Aspects. Health Risks and Bio-Degradation Woods End Agricultural Institute on-line articles and publications: -Basis for Interpretation of Compost Analyses http://www.pdf Science and Engineering of Composting: Design. 717 p.woodsend. Facility 3 . contact: BioCycle. It provides a comprehensive review of composting with lots of engineering and technical specifications data. http://www. 728 -Dynamic Chemical Processes in Biodynamic Horn-Manure Preparation http://www. Low-Cost Compost Pad Options. 419 State Ave.. 610-967-4135. This is a CRC Press-Lewis Publishers handbook edited by Roger Haug. Composting High Moisture Manure. biocycle@jgpress. Emmaus. Lists for $75 through JG Press/BioCycle. Economic Considerations. Topics addressed include: Turning a Disposal Problem into a Profit Center.jgpress. 610-967-1345. Compost Stability and In-Vessell Systems and Anaerobic Digestion Technology. Boca Compost for Manure Management is a special 77-page BioCycle report that focuses on turning livestock waste into a valuable soil amendment. Boca Raton.pdf -Volatile Organic Acids in Compost http://www. Odor Control. Making.pdf -Compost Use for Control of Powery Mildew (Uncinula necator) http://www.Compostability. Emmaus.woodsend. Customer Service 2000 NW Corporate Blvd. It is listed here mainly as a library reference book.pdf -Sustainability of Modern Composting: Intensification Versus Costs and Quality http://www. Selling and Applying Composted Manure. 561-998-9114 Fax. 610967-1345. Edited by Harry Hoitink and Harold Keener of The Ohio State University. Handling Liquids and Carbon http://www..pdf -The Dewar Self-Heating Procedure http://www. Heavy Metals. Getting the Right Materials Mix. PA 18049. PA 18049. FL 33431. biocycle@jgpress. 561-994-0555 . The Practical Handbook of Compost Engineering. FL.pdf -Bavarian On-Farm Composting Biodegradation of Organic Pollutants During Composting.crcpress. Environmental. Lewis Publishers. It lists for $39 (includes postage and handling) through: BioCycle.woodsend. 1993.pdf -Living Compost . Proceedings of 1992 Composting Research Symposium. . 610-967-4135. Major sections include: Microbiology. By R. 419 State Ave. adjunct professor at Loyola Marymount University.

html -Organic Potting Mixes (ATTRA) http://www. Pub#: 421-98-007 -Composting Facilities.epa. and Habitat Revitalization http://www. Pub#: 422-96-050 -Compost Demonstration Project. Fresno County: A Comparative Analysis of Soil Amendments Used in Peach Production. Monterey Bay Region: Demonstrating New Opportunities for -Innovative Uses of Compost: Disease Control For Plants and Animals -Innovative Uses of Compost: Erosion Control.pdf -Innovative Uses of Compost: Reforestation.attra.epa. Pub#: 421-98-006 -Compost Use on Vegetables and Nursery Plants--Stanislaus Solid Waste Management: Composting Resources http://www.epa. Pub#: 422-96-048 -Compost Demonstration -Alternative Nematode Control (ATTRA) http://www. Pub#: 421-98-005 -Compost Use on Peaches--Fresno Pub#: 251-97-005 4 Stanislaus County: Green Material Compost Use on Ornamental Nursery Plants and Field Crops.attra. Tulare County: Green Material Compost in Field -Crop Pub#: 422-96-053 -Compost Demonstration Project.html -Worms for Composting (Vermicomposting) (ATTRA) http://www.attra.pdf -Analysis of Composting as an Environmental Remediation Technology http://www. Turf Note: CIWMB publications are downloaded as MS-Word formatted publications -Compost Demonstration Project on Use of Yard Trimmings Products: Agriculture in Partnership with San California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) Publications on Compost & Yard Waste http://www.html -Disease Suppressive Potting Mixes (ATTRA) http://www.epa.txt http://www. Pub#: 422-96-051 -Compost Demonstration Project.txt Pub#: 422-96-052 -Compost Field Experiment Guide for California Communities -Compost Market Development: A Literature Review -Compost Use on Cotton and Corn--Tulare County.html -Sources for Organic Fertilizers and Amendments (ATTRA) http://www. Pub#: 421-98-008 -Compost Use on Vegetables--Monterey Bay Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA) publications -Compost Teas for Plant Disease Control (ATTRA) http://www. and Landscaping http://www. Wetlands Restoration.

edu/~agexten/wastmang/utiliow.hawaii.html Organic Composting for Horticultural Use North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service http://www2. Pub#: 421-96-070 -Recycling Organic Materials on the Texas A&M University Large Scale Utilization and Composting of Yard Waste University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service http://hammock.ncsu. Linton's Environmental Engineering Notebook: Compost Links Southern Region SARE A Cost Analysis of Municipal Yard Waste Composting Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics.TAMU-commerce.shtml Effect of Windrow Composting on Weed Seed Germination and Viability Pub#: 421-97-024 -Resource Conservation District Projects Using Mulch and Compost From Pub#: 422-97-029 -Southern California Mulch and Compost Demonstrations Expanded.ncsu.html Internet Recycling and Composting Resource Page http://www.M. North Carolina State University http://www.pdf In-Vessel Composting Research & Development and Rotating Tank In-Vessel Composting Demonstrations. Pub#: 422-97-042 Composting Animal Manures: Precautions and Processing University of Hawaii.html Composting Manure and Other Organic Residues University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension Service http://ianrwww. Pub#: 422-97-043 -Results of Northern California Compost 5 .htm Utilization of Organic Wastes: On-farm Composting West Virginia University Extension Service Research into the Use of Organic Soil Amendments by Agriculture in California -Northern California Compost Demonstrations.unl.pdf D. College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources http://www.ab.htm Low Cost Compost Screener Producer

htm CRIS (Current Research Information System) database CRIS is USDA's computer-based documentation and reporting system for on-going agricultural.usda.Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (AFSIC) A topic-oriented information centers at the National Agricultural Library (NAL). QBs are bibliographic in nature.usda.htmT 6 .Compost: Application and Use. QB 97-01 (June 1997) [390kb] http://www. publicly supported research projects of the USDA research food and nutrition. These publications focus on specific topics of current interest.htm -Compost: On-farm AGRICOLA.usda.uvm. and are reflective of materials contained in the National Agricultural Library collection and/or indexed in NAL's database.htm -Composts: Soil Application and Effects (6/28/96) http://ctr. QB 97-11 (September 1997) [105kb] http://www. agricultural experiment stations. and land-grant university systems. and forestry research. The report titled Composts: Soil Application and Effects is one of the first eight Theme Reports and Bibliographies posted at: http://ctr. The CRIS database contains over 30.nal. Special Reference Briefs (SRBs) and AgriTopics (ATs).gov:8080/ CRIS Theme Reports and Bibliographies is a series of pre-searched research topics that address current issues. Quick Bibliographies on compost at AFSIC's website include: . CRIS can be searched by keyword at the web address: QB 97-12 (September 1997) [275kb] http://www. AFSIC staff create and publish Quick Bibliographies (QBs).usda.000 descriptions of -Compost: Small-scale and Backyard Systems.