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Page – 1 To provide the families of needy women of Gujarat a graceful social and financial status by providing them industrial

training. Page – 2 Part – 1 Saurashtra Medical & Educational Charitable Trust, Project 'Life', Rajkot is serving the society in the fields of Health, Education, Environment and Women Empowerment since 1978 AD. Sometimes a noble thought of a compassionate heart becomes instrumental in the overall benefit of the society. To illustrate this Shree Harshadbhai R. Mehta, the Chairman of Project 'Life' urged to take up the programme leading to Women Empowerment in the Board Meeting of May 2008. All present in the meeting accepted that proposal unanimously to provide training to all the Below Poverty Line (BPL) women of the age group to 18 to 40 years. Part – 2 At the outset survey of the needy women is taken up. Staff of the Organization visit the homes of women and identify the need of the individuals and provide them information regarding the training. After the completion of survey, registration of the beneficiaries in various trades is done according to the competence of the trainees. Training in different trades is given to the selected trainees by expert trainers mainly in the following trades: – Sewing – Embroidery (by hand and by machine) – Computer operation – Catering Page – 3 Assistance in the Form of Instrument Aid is given to the trainees who have completed their training successfully, so that they can be self-reliant. Market Linkage & Employment ‘Gramshree’, Amdavad and Heena Mahila Mandal give full co-operation to the trained women in getting fair price of their products by establishing co-ordination between the 'market' and the trained women. More than 3300 women have already been trained and more than 60% of them are self-reliant, because of the Training and Instrument Assistance. Impact: 1. Smt. Manishaben Patel of Amdavad acquired the skill computer-operating in the training classes at Amdavad. She was appointed as a Computer Trainer. This she has become self-reliant. Thereafter her dedication and proficiency has enabled her to get a job in a Multinational Company. 2. Smt. Naliniben Patel acquired the skill of tailoring in the training classes conducted at Gandhinagar. She has become so proficient in tailoring that Project ‘Life’ appointed her as a Tailoring Trainer for trainees of the said skill.

Page – 4 Life’s activity – as motioned in all certificates of Blood Donation. Today she is self-reliant.000 to Rs.e. Maru of Amdavad had hardly stirred out of her home after becoming widow. 6. Gauriben D. – Socio-economic status of the child’s family.3. 5. Heena Mahila Mandal are taking orders from the big catering companies and earning Rs. 4. Smt. not only that she has purchased one more sewing machine and maintains her family comfortably. Donor is provided with: – Report for all the trained women with their names and testimonials. Self Help Groups (SHG) i.000 per month. . Project ‘Life’ encourages donors to relate with the sponsored women. But she was persuaded to acquire training in the trade of tailoring. For catering trade.