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RESEARCH PROPOSAL Candidate Name: Ashmee Sharma Enrolment Date : Candidate reference number: etola 17460 Project Title

: Work satisfaction of working international students in the UK. Project Background The education in the United Kingdom has always been regarded as one of the best in the world. And since the introduction of Tier 4 visa policy for international students, and even before that, hundreds of thousands of foreign students thronged to the universities and colleges in the United Kingdom. Mostly in and around London. Though, all the students are supported by their parents or sponsors for their tuition, the international students work at various places with diverse nature of work so as to support their day-to-day life in the UK. There's no doubt about their contribution towards the economy of the UK, either in the form of tuition fees and as a part of the national qualified and unqualified labourers and workers in the UK. Such part-time working students belong to various cultures and ethnic background. Hence, it is self-evident that those students will find it difficult to adapt to the newer work environment and working ethics of a different nation. As with other business, it is important for those international students to feel satisfied with the working culture of UK. Hence, I want to study the satisfaction level of the international students, studying in various academic institutions. Aims and Objectives From this research, I intend to find out how the international students feel about the

Procedures Since this is more of a qualitative research than quantitative. 7 Then I will present my research and its findings in a graphic methods and prepare a report and submit it. . 4 Then. I will prepare a questionnaire regarding various aspects of the work place. 2 Then. I will qualitatively analyze the database and find out the satisfaction level of the international students. I also aim to find out the ways to make the work places more comfortable and international student friendly. I will tabulate the findings and analyze. And thus prepare a questionnaire based on the outcomes of the interview. I will carefully tabulate the findings of the survey using MSExcel. 100 international students studying in various universities and colleges within central and outer London. 6 Next step will be finding the ways to make the working environment better. I will use the following methodology. For this I will interview at least 5 ± 6 international students working in various places. Apart from this. I will prepare a questionnaire. 1 Firstly. the allowed allowance of 20 hours per week as well as the minimum wage limit.working environment. 5 Afterwards. And distribute it to at least. 3 Afterwards.

e-mail. diary and pen Interviewing randomly selected students Preparation of questionnaire 3 days 2 days Distribution of the questionnaire Collection of questionnaire Updating the data in database management software Analyzing the data Remedies. email. personnel etc) Recording device.Key Activities (Milestones) Time-scale (Plan of action) 2 -3 days Resources required (Equipment. MS Excel 4 days 5 days Previously prepared database on MS-Excel The findings 10 days 33days The questionnaire. Computer. software. MS Excel. pen computer Computer. internet. internet. email Total . Xerox copies of questionnaires Computer. computer. MS Word. methods for reinforcement Graphic Presentation and report 2 days 4 days Recording device. Xerox. internet. MS Word. diary.