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Music Notes June 2011 Johannes Brahms' somphony no.4 - Brahms composed all six genres except opera.

-He gave new interpretations to the classical forms. - He used different harmonies from time to time. - He was a master in theme and variation compositions. - He used pholyphony quite often. - his works protray a great differentiation in atmosphere and character. - His music is rhythmically exciting. - His sound palette is individual and distinctively Brahmsian. Somphony no. 4 was his last somphony. The Forth movement: - Allegro enerigico e passionato. Which therefor means fast, energetic and passi on. - The theme and veriation form is very similar to the passacaglia. - A passacaglia is basd on a short melodic phrase in the bass, and on the top th e voices move freely. - A passacaglia theme is always in triple time and is normally constructed with desending notes. - The forth movement consists of no fewer then 30 variations with an extended co da at the end. - The melody is Bach's contata. ( unto thee, o lord, i lift up my soul) - Brahms added a single chromatic note to enrich the original melody. - The variatitions convey a number of different moods: playful, passionate, lyri cal. - Brahm wanted the listener to be aware of the different changes in music and no t the repetitions of the theme, so much that in some variations the melody is hardly recognisable. - The variations are played without a break. - An 8 bar structure is maintained throughout and the time is always in 3/4 How the movement proceeds: - In variation 1-3, theme heard in middle & igh registers. - In V. 4, melody in bass, with of melodies in upper registers. - From V.12 to end, theme appears in any register. - ABA : Ternary form - A bars 1-11 : intensive atmosphere and minor. - B bars 12-15 : lyrical and relaxed and major and slow. - A bars 16 to end : A returns - The structure ABA is strengthened by similarities in the melody, rhythm and te xture. - When the main theme returns, in bass, coda starts. Theme is flexablw between t rombones, woodwinds and full? - Ends with powerful repeated cord, played by full orchestra. Answer Questions on these notes* Symphonic Poem: Smetana's: The Moldau Smetana was viewed as the father of Czech music. His music is saturated with fol kloric charac. dance and Bohemian legends. The use of tradional elements was enchanced by the political situation.

Musical grew from operettas that were ritten in american in the 20th centuary. decor and movements. A country dance with lively polka rhythm is heard.Though his was know as a pianist . Daytime becomes night time. At the age of 50 Smetana became deaf. at this point we hear a clear river theme. She returns but relationship stays unresolved. octuplets and tremolos in the srings. In concentrating on the success of the experiement. Composer of songs. partly coloured in sound.Bohiemian in character. Distinguished in the dotted rhythms in the brass intrume nts. You can hea r these rapids in the triplets. Smetana's compisitions were viewed as mediocr e and were despised. Song: The Rain In Spain! The Phantom Of Opera: . He only returned to Austria in 1862 because the austians rulers had been defeate d. Prisioners were released and the Czech were allowed to be involved in the community again. orchestra. septuplets. Other musicians writ e the music. Goldern era for musical was 1920 to 1960. wants to prove to his friend Colonel Pickering. He composed a series of tone poems called MA Vlast. First hear two rivuletsp one cold(Flute) and the other warm (clarinet) small riv er. Spoken dialogue. dress and sense of social belonging. Higgins regets his mistake and sings his feelings for her. that he is a good teacher. Voices are amplified by mics. of times. Range isn't as big as opera. Higgins takes Eliza Doolittle.of which the Mol dau forms part. Melodies are simpler with easier harmonies and forms. On it s way passed the ruins of Vysehrad castle. This is heard a no. nymphs dance on water. The two rivers become a single larger river. Social classes were pronounced. into his home and trains her in veries courses wi th funny resulys. m anners. The Moldau channels through the St John rapids on its way to Prague. Learned professor Henry Hggins. Shaw. Oklahoma! After 1960 composers didn't use AABA structures. not responisible for their ochestration. The theme is heard broader as the mighty river flows onto Elbe in Germany. in total deafness. Musical Theatre: Musicals are composed in veries styles that cannot be compared to opera although also tells story. My Fair Lady: Based on play called Pygmalion by Goerge B. She returns to a flower girl. Higgins ingores Eliza. transforms her accent. behaviour.My Country. They each represent a river. Performed by means of song. A misty night scene emerges. The music becomes softer as it disappears in the distance and ends with a strong candence. Higgins takes a poor girl from local market. Jazz and rock had little influence on musicals. The StorySet 1912 London. Next section is a hunt.

Intrumentation. Blamed on Opera Ghost. He tries to kill her.Scott Japlin Blues.odies & LH has cordal accompany. Intrumentation.. she rips of his mask. she trapped with him or roual dies. precussion Chacateristics. Song: All I ask of You! Jazz Styles: Ragtime. Envolved spirtual and work songs. Composed music specially for wife.. accepts his affection.Vocal and Guitar Chacateristics-(9) -Almost always in Quadruple time. trumpet. -12 Bar harmonic frame work -3 basic cords (1-4-5) -1-4 bars cord 1 -5-6 bars cord 4 -7-8 bars cord 1 -9-10 bars cord 5 -11-12 bars cord 1 -Unique elements are blue notes. Based on simler musical by Ken Hill. her takes her to lair. by African Ame rican Pianists Intrumentation. Definition. Christine faints went seeing mannequin of herself. Forces her to wear wedding dress. The Phantom calls her through mirror. piano. Definition. -Form AA BB A CC DD -Several Melodies similar in Charac. She follows through tunnel to his lair. She visits dads grave. 2 works-Lost your head blues and Dippermouth blues 2 artists-Bessie Smith Bebop Definition.-4 to 6 players -sax. speach like inflection and emot ional expression. He tells his feels to her. thinks of The Angel Of Music sent by her dad.(9) -The beat is fast marked by pizzictao and Ritt symbol -Drummer suplies inregular accents .Piano Chacateristics (5) -Performed in duple time. Phontom sees her promising love to another man. She kisses phantom. roual goes free.Vocal and Instrumental.Written by Andrew Loyd Webber. Roaul saves her. Christine misses her dad.Composed piano music played in dance halls. old bars. Phontom sings to her. Phontom gives her a ring.A complex style of music for a small jazz ensamble. Backdrop falls on singer. 2 works. The StorySet 1881 Paris.. They leave together.The Enterainer and Maple Leaf Rag 2 artists. Roual and Christine run away.. 2/4 -Moderate March Tempo -RH has mel. bass. Gives her a choice.

(7) -bass drum maintains pulse while percussion stress 2nd + 4th beat. 3 main sections: sax.-piano: complex cords at inregular intervals -theme. Marabi: Increasing urbanisation of black south africans in ming led to development of gh ettos where new forms of hybrid music began to arise.Jazz style performed mainly by big band Intrumentation-14 to 15 musicians. theme -free structure -Melodic phases od inregular intervals -Disonent and cromatic cords -Complacated cross Rhythms -Listening rather then dancing 2 works-Bloomdido 2 artists-Charle Parker Swing Definition. Kwela means Get Up or warning about police.Mirriam Makbeba -Dolly Rathebe -Letta Mbulu Fusion of Amerian Big Band Swing and black urban music ( music with strong bass that pushes it forward) Also known as "Township jive" African stomp style gave music an african rhythm impulse to the music and making it quite irrestible. improve. beass. Spokes Mashiyane Hits with pennywhistle. Lemmy Mabaso famous pennywhistle star. . Kwela building block for sa jazz. rhythm Chacateristics. -Melodies are performed by entire sections. -solo impro restricted in length -Quick interchanges og brass and sax reffs -May be bassed on 12 bar blues or melodies or harmonies of 32 po p songs. Repetitive harmonies and rhythms Kwela:Get Up Penny Whistle is primary instument. Can be best described as a mixture of dixieland and ragtime. -Form AABA -Dance orientated 2 works-Sea Jam Blues and Satin Doll 2 artists.Dulce Ellington and Benning Goodman South African Jazz: Mbanqnga: .