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Asian Plays: The Coffin Is Too Big For The Hole

Identify the theme of ³The Coffin is too big for the Hole´. Discuss how the theme is developed in the play. In our daily life, we always encounter some people who are too concern about their title and status. For them, status and own reputation are their priority compared to other things around them. They will try to do something which is different from others in order to make themselves the focuses of the public. Same goes to this play entitled ³The Coffin is too big for The Hole´. The author, Kuo Pao Kun, is showing us the people who want to show off of their power in life and in death as well. The theme is developed well through the characteristics of the characters that found in this play. At the beginning of the play, the readers can observe that the manager was portrayed as a person who stood firm to his principle and treated everyone in the same manner. The manager¶s principle can be sensed when he said to the funeral man that µeveryone is treated in exactly the same manner¶ and no one could get two plots for a coffin. Thus, the officer-in-charge insisted that one person could only have a plot. When the grandson contended to the manager that µthe only way out is for you to give us another plot¶, the manager rejected because µthat will be running against the national planning¶. The theme continues to develop when the officer-in-charge gives inconsiderate suggestions to reject the grandson from demanding two plots. The manager tends to humiliate and make fun of the coffin in front of the grandson because the coffin was different compared to others. The manager gave several options for the grandson to look over which are µchange to a smaller coffin¶, µchange to private cemetery¶ or µchop off the extra wood on the sides of the coffin¶ and finally µremove the body and bury it with wrapped in bamboo sheets¶. This shows that the manager sarcastically tells the grandson that they were actually trying to show off their power even after the person has died. However, the manager gave in to the request after being threatened by the grandson. The manager got shocked and unsecured when the grandson said that he will get µthe whole family to camp overnight¶ in the middle of the cemetery
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From the play. This can be seen when the grandfather was put in a huge coffin which was different from others and asked his grandchild to make his funeral as grand as possible. Besides. His grandfather also hired servants to tidy up their house.Asian Plays: The Coffin Is Too Big For The Hole if the manager refused to give him another plot. but he insisted to have a huge coffin to indicate he was indifferent from those ordinary people in their country. threat of the grandson had made the officer-in-charge to allow this particular case as a very special exception. In the grandfather¶s mindset. we can see that the grandfather of the persona was a very rich man in their town. We can see that it was such a grand funeral because the coffin was too big until they needed to hire sixteen coolies to carry it from the funeral coach to the grave. he felt that he was a high status person and did not satisfied by the things that ordinary people did. the persona did feel that his grandfather was enjoying the honor of getting buried in such a rare. The decoration of the coffin also showed us how snobbish the grandfather was with the intention of showing off until there was news about the specialness of the coffin. we can feel that the grandfather wanted everyone to know about his death by having huge coffin during the funeral. As the grandson kept firm and stood his ground. Therefore. Apart from that. He also claimed to the funeral man that µone man. grand and heavy coffin. From this scenario. polished. one grave. For example. The persona¶s grandfather even wanted to show off of his power after he has died. From this situation. everyone was just having a standard coffin for every corpse which was suit in the plot which already standardized. we can sense that the grandfather wanted to show off to others that he was very rich and able to stay in a huge house with servants all around. [Type the company name] 2 . When his grandfather was alive. refined. the manager had no choice and finally he chose to consult his superior. one plot!¶ and µno such request will be entertained¶ after this case. the author also created a path that leads to us to the snobbish mindset of the grandfather. he was trying to show off by staying in a big house which have many rooms and can accommodate at least fifty people.

This shows us that the grandson was concerned about his reputation. the narrator is being portrayed as an arrogant grandson. he threatened the manager when his demand was rejected. This shows that he was inconsiderate and wanted to go against the rules and regulations in the country. the third character ± grandson. He felt excited to have a truly [Type the company name] 3 . He felt pride that people were all came around to have a look at the grand funeral. For example. the characteristic of snobbish was implant into the grandson by the author. the grandson can counted as inconsiderate. He kept demanding a big hole for the big coffin although the undertaker said that the wall of the next grave may collapse if they dig it bigger. He would feel embarrassed when he could not solve the problem in front of so the crowd. However. He wanted to be unique without caring about the consequences of his words or actions on other people. he insisted to have two plots as his grandfather¶s grave because this showed their status as a rich family.Asian Plays: The Coffin Is Too Big For The Hole Other than the two characters mentioned above. The inconsideration of the grandson also can be seen when he tries to demand for two slots of grave regardless of the regulation which is ³one dead is allotted one plot´. This can be clearly seen when the grandson tried hard to argue with the undertaker in order to get the coffin into grave. Same as the grandfather. As we can see. he threatened the manager that he will get the whole family to camp overnight in the middle of the cemetery if the manager did not give him another plot. He could not tolerate with the undertaker although the undertaker mentioned that every grave in the cemetery is in standard size. He felt proud of the burial event because his grandfather¶s coffin was big and special. is another character that the author used to develop the theme smoothly. He concerned and wanted to show off about his social status. he thought that he was more superior compared to other family members and showed off of his power towards the others. The grandson also tried to show off his power as a leader of the family when the big coffin could not be got into the hole. As a leader of family. Furthermore. For example.

solemn. colourful burial in front of the crowd and the presence of the media. As a conclusion. the actions of those characters tell us that once people are in power.Asian Plays: The Coffin Is Too Big For The Hole grand. they would like to show off no matter he is alive or in death. the author has successfully developed the theme well by giving certain characteristics to the characters in this play. 4 [Type the company name] . From every single events. This has shown that the grandson is a snob.