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A collection of good things people are doing with great love from around the world.

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W O R L D W I T H L O V E . C O M



Conquered The Darkness With Echolocation.

Daniel Kish has no eyes, but can ride his bike down the street and walk through an unfamiliar airport on his own. He travels the world teaching other blind people the bat-like navigational technique that gives him so much freedom and allows him to perceive trees, bushes, cars or the furniture in a hotel room. He makes short, sharp clicking sounds with his tongue and mouth, and is able to translate the slight echoes that

are returned into a spatial representation of a curb, a fence or a sofa a technique called echolocation that he taught to himself. As a baby, he lost both eyes to cancer. At two, he started clicking his way around. Friends and family called it his radar. He excelled at school, earned two masters degrees and, a decade ago, started a non-profit group, World

Access for the Blind. It is based in Southern California and has a no limits philosophy that challenges conventional wisdom about the capabilities of blind people. Now, the 45-year-old is collaborating with neuroscientists at the University of Western Ontario to learn more about how human echolocation works and how Mr. Kish can perceive the world from reflected sound waves.

sympathetic stormtroopers
''I have always had this dream to walk across Australia and I thought if I was going to put that much effort into something which would make me happy, I might as well make other people happy on the way,'' the Perth sales assistant said. ''I thought I might as well give people a bit of a chuckle at the same time by doing it in a Stormtrooper suit.''

For an ordinary man, the 2,553 mile trek from Perth to Sydney might seem daunting, but Paul French is no ordinary man; hes a Stormtrooper. In the hopes of raising money for the Starlight Foundation and attracting attention to the ill and hospitalized children of Australia, Paul French has resolved to walk five days a week, every week until hes crossed the continent. At his current paceabout 25 miles a dayhes expected to complete the voyage in six months, but the trooper is resolute. After all, this time hes fighting for a worthy cause.

Natsumi Hayashi goes by the name of Yowayowa camera woman and what she likes to do with her camera is take pictures of herself levitating. In a world full of bloggers taking pictures of themselves in cute poses and cute outfits, Natsumi is a refreshing change.

Before and After Shots of Joggers Project

"I wanted to show the difference between our natural and brute side versus how we represent ourselves to society," Goldberger tells us. "The difference was very surprising."

fight obesity a wearable

band called Up

A combination of a sensor-infused wristband and a smartphone app will provide nudges for healthier living, based on your behavior. Just an hour ago on stage at TED Global, Jawbone announced the grand project they've been quietly working on for years: A wearable band called Up, which is infused with sensors and smartphone connected, allowing you to track your eating, sleeping, and activity patterns.

"The CDC says that for the first time in history, lifestyle diseases such as diabetes are killing more people than communicable diseases," Travis Bogard, Jawbone's VP of product management, tells Co.Design. "We're trying to solve that problem." The Up's sensors collect data about how much you've been sleeping and how much you've been moving. That data is then fed into a smartphone app, which also takes in information about your meals. (You enter meal data manually, in part by taking pictures of what you've eaten.) Based on all that information, the smartphone program provides "nudges" meant to help you live healthier, day by day. For example, if you haven't slept much, when you wake up the app might suggest a high-protein breakfast and an extra glass of water.

Photo | Darko Sikman


A selection of the best eco-designers from around the world comes together to showcase their latest collections of environmentally friendly, trend-setting fashion. With collaboration from designers, buyers, models, agencies, fashion directors, trend setters and media, the message is global. EFW will be held biannually with focus solely on environmentally friendly designers and practices. There is a growing shift in the fashion industry to include the wellbeing of the environment into its practices and Vancouver has become widely known as a haven for independent designers who are committed to using recycled, organically grown, and locally produced fashion. A direct effect of EFW will be to stimulate the growth of eco-conscious fashion and accelerate the industrys renaissance into the environmental age.
Photo | Jason Hargrove

I am love

Nicole Bridger was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. She obtained her BAA in fashion design from Ryerson University in Toronto ON. She then went to London, UK to intern at Vivienne Westwood where she learned the art of sculpting fabric and returned with an understanding of doing more than just making clothes. Bridger came back to Vancouver looking to learn some of the business side of things and paired up with the owner of Lululemon Athletica to co-create Oqoqo, a casual eco clothing line. She was then ready to put her design and business sides together to create her own label of socially conscious contemporary women's wear, Nicole Bridger. Nicole Bridger Design believe in taking care of the earth and its people. To take care of the earth they use socially conscious fabrics and practices. They use fabrics that are from natural and renewable resources. We consider the impact that we have on the earth and do what we can to minimize it. To take care of the earths people we help spread the word of love through our affirmation labels I am love in each piece of clothing. We are dedicated to contributing to positive change in our modern world.

Acclaimed Vancouver designer Jason Matlo debuted his first eco-friendly collection in February 2011. His collections draw on a multitude of diverse stylistic and cultural influences; many of the principles and aesthetics reference the golden fashion decade of the 1930's. You will see a strong expression of femininity within each collection, and a design that appeals to confident women who celebrate fashion through a desire for innovative design, luxurious fabrics and textures and meticulous attention to detail. Jason's skill and talent as a designer allow him to adopt an uncompromising approach to quality and detail that places him in rare company.


What is ECO FASHION? ECO fashion, also called sustainable fashion, is a part of the growing design philosophy and trend of sustainability, the goal of which is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of environmentalism and social responsibility. Products are created and produced with consideration to the environmental and social impact it may have throughout its total life span, including its "carbon footprint".

Eco friendly
LIV GRN is a unique lifestyle brand dedicated to perpetuating the health of our planet. It is geared toward the modern-day eco-savvy market merging style and comfort with earth sustaining materials. LIV GRNs stylish, 100 percent organic cotton tees have quite the celebrity pedigree theyve been seen on everyone from Halle Berry to Ellen DeGeneres, not to mention official LIV GRN ambassador, Maria Menounos. This unisex tee is their signature design, simple but chic, with a clear message: respect the Earth and make mindful choices.

Organic Cotton Tees

Cherry Wood EAU De Parfum Spray

making ECO cool

Rapanui, an eco fashion brand set up by two surfing brothers has been nominated for the BrandNew awards at ISPO 2011. The BrandNew awards have been considered a barometer of future trends and will celebrate its 20th anniversary at ISPO 2011.

What started as an underground UK T-shirt factory in 2008 by two brothers who loved to surf is now a full-fledged eco-fashion brand that inspires our younger generation to go green. The company is called Rapanui Clothing, and its the brainchild of brothers Mart and Rob Drake-Knight. The brothers wanted to create a company that addressed the human, environmental and climatic impact of their product. Japan Earthquake Fundraiser Top Panda Bamboo Top

Achilles Bamboo Socks

Disco Striped Socks

clothing as dessert?
Food & eating designers Marjolein Wintjes and Eric Meursing of de culinaire werkplaats are specialized in the plate of the future, on which the meat and fish component experience a less prominent position.With their conceptual and applied food & eating designs, the design couple wants to inspire people to shake up their culinary lifestyle. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT Described as a novel eating initiative and experience, De Culinaire Werkplaats draws inspiration from seemingly unrelated sources, from architecture to emotions. Taste the Unwearables, a series of fabrics made from vegetables, fruits, and herbs, is part call to eat more greens, part commentary on the ephemeral nature of fashion.


The riverside art museum in california presents work by new york based artist josh blackwell, in an exhibition shared with roger white and curated by james bae. exploring the imaginative possibilities of detritus, this installation features the artists plastic baskets series, in which plastic bags are salvaged, embroidered with yarn, and thus repurposed into artworks. a topic which blackwell has investigated since the mid-2000s, the conversion of these disposable items into art objects questions the nature of waste and necessity, as well as what differentiates low from high culture. blackwell explains: ostensibly useless, plastic bags are the second most common form of litter in the world after cigarette butts. I began collecting semi-degraded plastic bags from kitchen cupboards and city streets about six years ago. the bags are sewn shut with yarn, deliberately thwarting their function. the protean shapes suggest faces, animals, or clothing. their textured, worn, or melted surfaces wear the remains of physical activity like dirty laundry left on the floor. the bags attempt to redress their impoverished status with the addition of colorful embroidery in geometric patterns.

Kiely recently teamed with Fair Trade fashion purveyor People Tree to produce a limited-edition line of bags that marry her playful aesthetic with sustainable design. The results: a functional satchel and large tote, both fashioned from 100% organic jute cotton, a rapidly renewable plant fiber that requires no pesticides for harvesting and is completely biodegradable. Ecofabulous editors are particularly mad for the oversized Lattice Tote, a roomy bag that serves well as a travel carry-on or handy farmers market sack. Its earthy beige base is livened up with a feminine flower print that nicely contrasts against bright summer skirts and dresses. As this is a capsule collection, the bags are virtually guaranteed to sell out by seasons end, so grab yours while the gettings still good.

Small handbag with long adjustable shoulder strap, hand printed with pretty floral design by Orla Kiely. Fastens with popper button and fully lined in cotton twill. Made from 100% cotton jute in Bangladesh.

tree of life & style

new kicks on the block

Move over Chuck Taylors, theres some serious competition in the Cool Kicks department heading your way, and theyre Earth-friendly to boot.


UK-based line Toast adheres to a thoroughly ethical business standard, with a commitment to using high quality raw materialsoften locally sourcedand employing a production process that focuses on creating the most durable products possible. These arent disposable threads that youll trash after one season; theyre future classics that will withstand wear, tear, and trends.

The Bio Tennis Shoe pictured here has a tough organic cotton upper, natural rubber sole, and classic, yet fashion-forward shape that is clean in both design and conscience. The men in your life will look oh-so-ecosmart wearing these and a pair of organic denim jeans.

graphic lenses

It started with the Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Barton Perreira Candy sunglasses, and gradually we have been seeing a graphic lens trend emerge, championed by the Junior market and early fashion adopters.

The subtle heart gradient on oversized circular spex channels the move to more attention grabbing Summer eyewear, while referencing vintage 60s cool. In the latest Marc by Marc Jacobs F/W 11 campaign photographer Jurgen Teller also features Elle Fanning gazing through a barely there heart-stenciled pair of aviators.

Beautiful Paper Rolls

This form of art is quite unusual but it is amazing. Mostly because all these beautiful perspectives were created using ordinary paper rolls and manicure scissors and tweezers. The author of these stunning rolls is illustrator from France Anastassia Elias. Definetly Anastassia have creative mind and a lot of patience.


Spanish artist lorenzo duran uses leaves as the canvas for his cutaway art. after washing and drying the leaf, he carefully cuts away segments in a technique akin to those of traditional spanish picado, chinese jianzhi, german scherenschnitte, or swiss papercutting.

word puzzle wrapping paper

Word Puzzle universal wrapping paper design and art direction by Fabio Milito and Francesca Guidotti. Simply locate the holiday you need, circle it, and youre good to go.

mood music machines

Sam Stringlemans MP3 player senses the warmth of the users hand and plays a song based on that information.

It seems that with all of the technology out there that is making daily activities more convenient as well as allowing us to stay in contact with loved ones easier, people are still craving an emotional connection that is slowly being met by tech companies around the world; enter Sam Stringlemans MP3 player.

The look of Sam Stringlemans music player already shows that it is different. Instead of focusing on a futuristic aesthetic, it embraces a more artistic, sculptural presence that reflects its true nature. In fact, Sam Stringlemans design invites users to experience it through touching it, which activates the emotional connection between the two.

French material designer marie rouillon has created daily haptics as the final project for her masters degree at central saint martins college of arts and design. comprised of cups that look the same but feel different, this series responds to contemporary societys digitization and aims to re-engage people with tactile, material experiences.

daily haptics
Rouillon explores this theme with a collection of variations on a simple white cup-shaped receptacle. Each permutation encourages the idea that visual information alone is not enough, one needs to touch it to get full infor mation: for instance, one is very light, another is very heavy, one vibrates, one is completely soft and hard to grab, etc. The user is invited to rethink his tactile habits on a daily basis, and find new ways to comprehend everyday objects. through this project, i want to make people aware of the plurality of their senses of touch, of their importance in terms of full perception of the world, and to reconnect them with tactility on a daily basis through my designs, rouillon explains. I took the decision to communicate my concept through everyday objects, without digital tools, in order to stress even more this urge to touch and experience the everyday world we live in, through multi-sensory experiences.

made of fish scales

An RCA grad fashions everyday items from a material that's commonly discarded, but used throughout the world in diverse applications.
That plastic take-out container from todays lunch, the disposable pens at your desk, and the bottle from the water you bought the other day will be around for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. Despite the promise of bioplastics (derived from such unlikely sources as corn, algae, castor beans, and chicken feathers), we have yet to hit upon a cheap, durable, and versatile alternative petroleum-based plastic. The latest bid to save the planet from plastic overload comes from a recent Royal College of Art grad, who has invented a new material out of fish scales. Fish. Scales. De Laurens likens the durability of the fish-scale plastic to bone or horn, even without the use of binding agents. Although biodegradable and compostable, it can last forever if properly looked after. And since it is heatproof and fire-retardant, de Laurens imagines it could be suitable in building applications. For the moment, hes looking for funding to investigate methods for bringing down production costs.

These beautiful pieces by Sivan Royz, a student studying textiles at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv, take shape and inspiration from the world of blooming nature. Building upon the geometries of nature, she relies on silk as the base fabric which is layered continuously to shape each piece. Whether it is a bracelet, necklace or purse, each piece reacts gracefully to movement just like a living organism.

The structure of the pieces is created through an extensive layering of laser cut silk pieces and a string keeping them attached. Each piece is evenly colored with a slight shade of dark tones created by the laser cut reacting and slightly burning the silk. The simplicity and extensive layering create a subtle and natural texture reminiscing of multicellular forms. from her accessories, the purse really captivates our attention as it opens to reveal an iPhone and lipstick.

Sivan Royz mentions that the purse really holds everything you need on the red carpet and although we think you might need one or two more things (keys and valet ticket), we believe the pieces are well conceived and elegant to accompany any special event. Her collection consists of true conversation pieces that will evolve with more experimentation. We hope to see more from Sivan and these magnificent pieces that blur the lines between art and design.

colorfully recycled cycles

Israeli design student dror peleg has designed 'frii' for for his degree at bezalel academy of art and design, jerusalem.

Focusing on the mass production of bicycles with limited resources, this single speed city bike is made with various recycled plastics using injection molding technology. compared to the construction of the traditional metal bicycle, this process is less labor-intensive and more accessible: it can be customized to characteristics of local industry--its abilities, advantages and disadvantages.

To construct 'frii', bearings are inserted into the mold before injecting, and tires are 'full' material, injected over the rims, making them 'flat tire'-proof. the saddle is injected in different sizes to accommodate various heights of riders.

This alternative material dictates a new aesthetic as well: 'frii' features smaller wheels, 20 inches in size, which calls for a shorter fork and adds strength. additional strength is created by plastic ribs, which are used throughout the design. the frame also includes a pyramidshaped bottom by the crank for stability.

A Wearable Planter Why should your plants stay at home? They help clean the air you breathe, are beautiful, and create a wonderful conversation starter. Carry a sprout, a succulent, or a flower you found on your morning walk.

pencil shaving necklace

Bring out the artiste within! Handmade in sterling silver with love by Victoria Mason, the pencil sharpening pendant is also a fabulous gift for anyone who loves to draw, paint, write, or even just admire art. The pencil shaving necklaces from Australian designer Victoria Mason. Its handmade from silver with a splash of enamel color. Available through Oye Modern.

Honeymoon Fragrance

Milk & honey

Inside this sea urchin shell is an organic perfume made from grapefruit and basil essential oils. This bottle, designed by Stephanie Simek. The Honeymoon-themed fragrance is all natural: made from plant-based oils and contains no alcohol or chemicals. Milk and Honey, an indubitable pair. A golden honeycomb beeswax pendant encased in plastic hangs from an oxidized sterling silver chain. The links are interwoven with a milk protein-based fiber.

100% Shea Butter & Tea Tree Oil Balm Tea Tree oil remains aromatherapys most effective oil in the fight against bacteria. Shea Butter is effective for treating dry skin, aging skin, and damaged skin. Use as an every day skin salve for normal to dry skin, acne, aftershave balm and to support the treatment of eczema & psoriasis.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil - 100% Organic Trilogy's Rosehip Oil is 100% organic and is rarely out of the glossy beauty pages. This miracle rosehip oil is extracted using a certified organic non-solvent process to protect the combination of 80% essential fatty acids and nutrients that make trilogy's rosehip oil the purest premium rosehip oil available. Kae L'Huile de Beaute Organic Argan Oil Packed with 3 times more anti aging Vitamin E than any other natural oil and 80% essential fatty acids, Argan Oil has been the beauty secret of Moroccan women for generations. Primavera Organic Sweet Almond Oil Dry, rough skin doesn't stand a chance with this sweet oil from Spain. Pressed from the kernels of certified organic Sweet Almonds in Spain. This is the most popular allpurpose carrier oil because of its pleasant texture, lack of scent and rich proteins. herbfarmacy Organic Skin Rescue Balm A luxurious herbal blend which melts into the skin leaving it feeling soothed and nourished. With Marshmallow, Calendula, Chickweed and Comfrey.

natural beauty
Parissa Parissa 2 in 1 Roll-On Body Sugar is a natural, washable hair remover with 2 mess-free, precision rollers. Easily roll on product & zip off hair from the root for salonsmooth skin. Quercetin and Oak Night Cream This night cream is made with natural ingredients and is free of harmful chemicals, such as parabens, sulphates, artificial dye, petro-chemicals, and GMOs.

Dr. Hauschka Lip Care Stick Shea butter, jojoba, and carrot extract provide intense hydration in a lush, moist bullet, says L.A. makeup guru Monika Blunder. Use it to restore chapped, flaky skin or slick it on at bedtime and wake up to plump, pillowy lips.

Love Peace & the Planet The hair care collection, available at TigiFree of parabans, sulfates, and artificial fragrances, the line contains natural and organic ingredients, and its packaging is recyclable and made from 50% postconsumer recycled materials.

Wonderbar You could cleanse, exfoliate and lightly moisturize your face all by using one 100% vegan cleansing bar. Wonderbar actually technically not a soap, but a pH-balanced cleanser that is perfectly compatible with the acid mantel of the skin.

21 DROPS The 21 therapeutic blends form a unique palette of wild-harvested, organic and 100% natural oils, that consist of by-no-means-average ingredients like Black Pepper, Rosewood and Juniper Berry. Sourced from artisan distillers around the globe, the blends combine hard working adaptogens with more targeted and delicate plant species for specific effects.

Green Science Firming Face Crme, Awarded a Cradle to Cradle certification by the design firm MBDC. This award recognizes Avedas use of environmentally-friendly ingredients, recyclable packaging, renewable energy, efficient use of water and overall social responsibility in every step of production.

SCOTCH NATURALS Scotch Naturals Waterbased Nail Polish is a safe and eco-friendly alternative to conventional, solventbased polish. its a new and revolutionary waterbased formula that nourishes and conditions nails without harmful toxins.

How exactly does aromatherapy work? Aromatic molecules are carried through the lining of the nasal cavity via tiny olfactory nerves, located in the roof of the inner nose, to the part of the brain called the limbic system. The limbic system in turn influences the endocrine system and the nervous system, affecting not just your mood, but your physical well being.

honey chocolate yogurt

face mask

Cocoa Loco
This recipe contains lots of good for your skin ingredients. Antioxidants from the cocoa, probiotics from the yogurt, and antimicrobials from the honey plus even more good stuff. Heres what you need: 1/3 cup organic cocoa powder 3 tablespoons plain yogurt 1 tablespoon honey (I use raw honey) A squeeze of lemon Combine cocoa powder and yogurt in a small bowl, until a thick paste forms. Next, add in the honey and blend until well combined. Squeeze a small amount of lemon into the mixture to act as a natural preservative. Apply a thin layer to your face and let sit for 10 minutes. Gently remove with warm water and a wash cloth. You can keep any unused mask in the refrigerator for several days. Enjoy!

remove skin moles

You might like to try out your own mole removal home remedy. Some of these have been used for hundreds of years.

A. Apple cider vinegar remedy wash the mole

with warm water for 15 to 20 minutes so the skin around the mole becomes supple. Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and leave it on the mole for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash off with clean water and dry the area completely. Repeat this procedure 4 times a day.

D. Aloe Vera gel use by applying to a mole with a

B. Baking soda and caster oil make a paste with

a pinch of baking soda and couple of drops of caster oil and apply to the mole overnight. Repeat every night until the moles disappear.

cotton bandage and leave for 3 hours so that it is completely absorbed. Then apply more using a fresh bandage. After several weeks, the moles will have gone.

E. Surgery is another method to remove moles either C. Milkweed herb remedy apply extract of the
milkweed herb made into a tea, and leave it on overnight. After a weeks treatment, the mole will whiten and gradually disappear.

by excision followed by stitches or by excision with cauterization to burn away the mole. There is some pain involved and the procedure may result in a scar.


35mm Film USB sticks Oh, the irony! Film and digital photography finally unite! Now in 4-gigabyte capacities! This repurposed canister of 35mm film now houses a 4-gigabyte USB flash drive.

Bamboo Bicycles by Bamboosero Using bamboo makes this possible. It grows in most of the developing world and makes it far easier to supply a bike builder with raw materials. And it makes a common resource more valuable. Much better than mining or cutting down the forest. Oh. . . and it rides like a dream!

The Anti-Status, Status Bag Cop this! Thursday Friday are giving conspicuous consumption the bird with their Together bag.Featuring the iconic Birkin bag, printed on the front, back, bottom and sides, this canvas tote creates a fabulous trompe loeil from any angle. Its fully lined and theres an inner pocket to keeps all your treasures in one place.

walk around bookmark

The walk-around bookmark Offers a way for users to carry diverse books at easy access on their person while keeping track of the page. the construction utilizes a shoulder strap and stretch band, in conjunction with a bookmark placed within the book. In the words of the designers: simple and innovative, it can carry books, workbooks, pads and especially guidebooks. it allows the user to keep the book close at hand with the hands free and to never lose the book or the page. in tram or on the orient express, you can use it everywhere. showing the cover of your new bag, you will tell something about you.

Recycled Toy Sculptures

Robert Bradford creates his life-size and larger-than-life sculptures of humans and animals from discarded plastic items, mainly toys but also other colorful plastic bits and pieces, such as combs and buttons, brushes and parts of clothes pegs. Contrary to some reports, hes not a self-taught artist who tinkered in his shed one day and suddenly decided to create something out of his kids discarded toys. He is a London-born and U.K. and U.S.trained visual artist who, like many artists, also had another career on the side. His was that of a psychotherapist. In 2002, he started to consider the possibilities that his childrens forgotten toys could have as part of something bigger. Bradford says he likes the idea that the plastic pieces have a history, some unknown past, and that they also pass on a cultural history as each of the pieces represents a point in time. Recycling is not his primary concern, but each sculpture certainly keeps quite a few pieces from becoming landfill.

Washed Ashore is a community art project that proposes to turn the appalling reality of ocean trash into compelling sculptures that celebrate marine life, inspiring us to re-think our use of plastics and change our habits. Thousands of pounds of plastic pollution collected on Oregon beaches were used to create the sculptures. The project is the vision of artist Angela Haseltine Pozzi. Pozzi is the lead artist and director of the Washed Ashore project, based in Bandon, Oregon. Angela has been an exhibiting artist and educator for more than 30 years and runs artist residency programs and workshops through her Artula Institute for Arts and Environmental Education organization. The ultimate hope for the Washed Ashore project is global action to create a stream of events, discussions and awareness that lead to active solutions. Go see this exhibit!

Vacuum brand Vax has teamed up with Jake Tyler, a British design student, to create an unconventional and eco-friendly yet efficient vacuum cleaner. Dubbed the Vax Ev, this high performance vacuum cleaner is made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Corrugated cardboard panels create the body of the Vax Ev while the other components are made from a recyclable pure nylon plastic. Although a vacuum made entirely out of recyclable parts may not last as long as other competing models, the corrugated cardboard and recyclable plastic will result in a very cheap production cost, saving consumers a lot of money. The parts are also all designed to be easily ordered and replaced when needed.


In case you ever wondered how the residents in your city could become more responsible when it comes to littering. A fun and innovative awareness campaign was implemented for the the city of Lucerne in Switzerland. The action Lucerne shines was launched already in 1999. At that time, within three years, two thirds of urban waste was replaced by larger models and intensified cleaning. This was a success but there was still a littering problemi.e. careless dumping of waste in public places. The city of Lucerne spends 4.5 million francs annually to clean public spaces. This campaign was created to sensitize the general population about this problem. A total of 16 bins in the city of Lucerne were converted to game stations. The campaign slogan is: Lucerne shines, very easily. We are really curious if this campaign will give any significant results. All in all, we find it creative and worthy of being implemented in various cities across the world. What do you think of it?

the DIY pen

The DIY pen, created by glasgow-based designer fraser ross, is assembled by users from a single, postcard-sized sheet of plywood, with no additional tools or materials required besides a hairdryer to set its heat shrink exterior coating. Finalized from over 100 prototypes, the structural components of the flat-packed design punch out of the plywood sheet for construction, while a range of colours and custom printing is possible on the shrink rubber finish.

2D/3D chairs
Japanese firm yoichi yamamoto architects has completed 2D/3D chairs for tokyo fashion labels issey miyake store. featuring a series of traditional dining chairs, the installation transforms from a two dimensional graphic into a tangible piece.

The perspective is manipulated creating a unique appearance from different vantage points for onlookers. graphics of legs in varying perspectives are printed onto a horizontal plane while the chair backs rest upon the surface.

four chairs in one-family chairs

The Magic chair is truly magical. It is both functional and stylishly simple. It is also a model of efficiency. The nesting concept of four chairs in one saves not only a great deal of space but is economical in construction. Not much material is lost in its making. The four solid wood chairs were created using the bentwood technique where the furniture is sculpted via steaming and molding. Just perfect as the Papa, Mama and two baby chairs!

The industrial designer is Dripta Roy, co-founder of the Canadian company Purr Design with a vision of Make it so no one can fake it. The Magic chair will be available in Montreal in the spring.

Cocoon has launched two products that feature an organizational system called GRID-IT that fits nicely into your laptop bag, briefcase, and luggage. The GRID-IT Wrap is made of neoprene and is available in 7 tablet, iPad, and MacBook Air, and can hold power cables, sunglasses, gum, pens, and all kinds of doo-dads. It comes in black, red or gray. The Sleeve is made of Deflexion, which is a more heavy-duty material than neoprene, although still lightweight enough for you to easily tote around. Inside, it fits a 13 MacBook and an iPad 2 and has a removable GRID-IT. It is is available in black and red.

Plastic Love

Love has inspired Joel Escalona to design a chair. This is a plastic seat that has been described the features of love, the feeling of love can be seen from this seat design. The seat resembles a heart shape, which we know as a symbol of love. Chairs in a semicircle in red, tip seat form the heart. The beauty of love will bring us on a pleasant situation, included with this chair. This can be used in public places.

First glances at these Lawnge Chairs designed by artist Lisette Spee in collaboration with architect Tim Van Den Burg.


chairs grass seating

The Eco Lawnge is 100% made from recycled materials, preferably found local and 100% biodegradable. The Eco Lawnge is covered with real grass and requires the same love an attention as your own garden. This Lawnge is more sensitive than the Public Lawnge. Therefore it is particularly recommended for closed or private areas. But nice add-ons are the daisies which can be sown on to the Eco Lawnge.

And theyre actually sturdy! Far too many people toss their outdated clothes or, worse, send them to Salvation Army assuming, wrongly, that someone else wants to snatch up a pair of 1987 Z. Cavariccis. Tobias Juretzek aint one of them. He takes his old shirts, jeans, and other garments and turns them into something actually useful: furniture. Jabbing zippers aside, you'd be forgiven for doubting whether worn-out clothes can make for decent furniture. After all, they've got to support a persons entire body weight. Juretzek assures us that the chairs are plenty sturdy. Each is composed of some 13 pounds of clothing - taken from friends, a used-clothing company, or Juretzeks own closet that the designer soaks in resin, then compresses in a mold.

old clothing glued together

Juretzek, a German designer, throws together disused clothes to create stylish little chairs that could almost pass for something youd find around the dining-room table, if not for the occasional exposed zipper.

running powers
No exposed cords or cables, floor poke through devices that act as a tripping hazard or the old fashioned tombstone power source when you cant afford to drill into the slab; with Yill, you can have an open and clean floor plate that allows you to move and power up anywhere.

Now we can create open plans where there is no designated area per individual; you are just as mobile as your mobile equipment. Energy comes to you, rather than you locating to it. Now you can actually put your investment into what matters most, the people and the comfortable environment that impacts the bottom line.

The mobility and effectiveness of this high tech storage unit lies in its design. A battery transformed into a wheel to serve dual roles feels very natural. With a simple retractable handle, energy now moves with you. Designed byWerner Aisslinger, Yill is practical, sleek, and mobile. I see it as the Apple of energy. It acts and feels like your own personal energy luggage.

E-M Electronic Melody Lamp is an awesome piece of creation that is made from biodegradable materials, LED and solar paneling. Besides being decorative and functional, I love the way you can twist and create magical luminous lines that are different everyday. Let your imagination get the better of you!


all in one
BBQ & Garden
The Hot-Pot puts your BBQ and garden in one, helping you not only save space, but also save you from a horrible eyesore in your outdoor living area. Made from stainless steel and a heat insulated ceramic coating, the Hot-Potallowsyou to maximize your outdoor square footage by growing your garden on top of your grill. It is the perfect solution for those of us living in areas with limited outdoor space. With the Hot-Pot BBQ you will finally be able to have that sizzling steak you have been craving, as well as the fresh home-grown herbs for the marinade.

If you have been dreaming of joining the summertime cult of men and women who are OCD about BBQ-ing, but you are short on space for a grill, check out Black + Blums Hot-Pot BBQ.

crafty cake toppers

You could totally whip something like this up, buy a plain cake from Whole Foods or a local bakery, and voila! You have an adorable little centerpiece for your reception.

Are you sick and tired of looking at your plain old iPhone case? These wacky Japanese iPhone covers from iMeshi will turn your pet into some highly realistic looking Japanese food. Its just too bad you wont be able to eat it.

yummy iPhones?

The iMeshi cases for iPhone 4, produced japan-based cell phone accessory manufacturers strapya, put traditional japanese foods in users pockets with their realistic plastic models of ramen, mocci, sushi, and other dishes.

New releases for this summer include the cold ramen and unagi don (eel on rice) cases from the strapya webstore. select iMeshi models are also available for the sony xperia.

you provide the water

If youve been on the hunt for non-toxic cleaner that also boasts a long-lasting reusable bottle, then Replenish may be just the thing youre looking for. This household cleaner is shipped in small pods of super concentrate that can be snapped into a reusable bottle and mixed with water, significantly cutting down on the shipping weight and material use of other cleaning products. Each bottle has been engineered to last up to 3 years, each concentrate pod can make 4 bottles (64 ounces) worth of cleaner, and the fluid is not only 98% plant-based, but completely biodegradable its so pure that the company says you could even drink it! Moreover, by providing an empty bottle that you fill with water from your tap at home, youll help drastically reduce the carbon footprint associated with distributing the average household cleaner where 95% of the product is just plastic and water, and only 5% is cleaner. Replenish provides a durable bottle that is built to last, and pure cleaner thatll both curb the plastic pile-up and ultimately keep your home toxin-free.

help save the earth


International green architect Chad Oppenheim sets a new benchmark for design and ecological sensitivity with the Wadi Resort located in Wadi Rum, Jordan, set for completion in 2014. The Wadi Resort will include 47 desert lodges and villas carved out of rock in Wadi Rum, an hour and a half away from the ancient rose-red city of Petra. Other building elements will be created with a mixture made of rammed earth, cement, and local red sand. The Florida-based company will utilize the natural cooling effect of the rocks to create cross ventilation, and will use passive cooling systems to protect the lodges in the summer using natural shading devices.

How about a tourist in a small town walking very slowly? These people these people in the crosswalk, they could be you: You people drive me insane, with your slow walking and your taking up the sidewalks and your labored, unpredictable weaving and bobbing. And thats just the lot of you that arent drunk. You do this, and the walk to the store that usually takes me 3 minutes ends up taking me 15. Just to walk three blocks.

Oh, I hear you. You say things like, Hey, stop right here. Take a picture of me in front of this staircase. And you stop JUST as Im sliding up behind you to pass. So instead of making a clean sweep around the outside of your hilarious Pikes Peak: Getting This High Would Be Illegal In Most States t-shirts, and I touch your boob. And you think its funny. Lady, Ive touched three boobs just this week. It aint funny.

You stand in the middle of the sidewalk right smack dab in the middle and you talk to each other. And then, when I go to pass on the inside, you poke up your arm to point at something, and you jab your finger in my nose. You let your kids run willy-nilly all over the sidewalk, as they scream and throw pieces of funnel cake at each other. That funnel cake doesnt just magically disappear, people. It has to go somewhere. And that somewhere is usually the bottom of my shoe .

the day you stopped me

I get so frustrated. And its all because I NEED TO GET TO THE STORE TO BUY CASHEWS BECAUSE IM REALLY CRAVING THEM. I need to get there. NOW. Fast. Im in a hurry and you guys are SO slow. So slow and so stoppy and oblivious to the other people around you.You make me say things like, This town is so annoying. Why do I live here? Until one day, when the clouds are roiling after a mid-summer storm and Im in my usual hurry to get back home with a handful of fruit and a camera thats about to get wet. My head is down and Im watching your feet.

Im watching them, because sooner or later, theyre going to stop.And sooner or later, they do. And one of you points and says, Oh my gosh, Dad. Look at the sky! Look at the trees! Look at the mountains! This must be the most beautiful place in the world. Im going to live here when I grow up. Its going to be killer. Everyone here is so happy.You made me look.And you were right. Everyone here IS so happy. When they slow down. When they take the time to look at their town as if they were tourists falling in love with it for the first time.

So thank you for slowing me down. My pretend need to get to and from the store in a hurry isnt as important as the joy youre feeling. Keep walking slowly. Keep taking your pictures. Keep pointing at things and exclaiming, so I can look at it with new eyes, too. Just please keep your finger out of my nose.



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