Par¢nt p¢rmission slip to us¢ saf¢ Int¢rn¢t tool - Moodl¢

?our chlld has Lhe opporLunlLv Lo learn ln a safeţ prlvaLe lnLerneL envlronmenL called a
Moodle LhaL ls accesslble onlv bv Lhe Leacherţ admlnlsLraLorţ and members of vour chlld's arade
aL SLŦ 8ernard SchoolŦ 1hereţ vour chlld can use lnLerneL resourcesţ parLlclpaLe ln dlscusslonsţ
posL lnformaLlon s/he has learned and work s/he has creaLedţ and even conLlnue dolna school
work durlna a snow davŦ SomeLlmes vour chlld wlll use Lhe class Moodle durlna schoolţ
especlallv aL Lhe bealnnlnaţ whlle oLher Llmes vour chlld mav use Lhe class Moodle from a
famllv lnLerneL compuLerţ a school compuLerţ or a publlc llbrarv compuLerŦ Work|ng |n th|s
env|ronment w||| he|p your ch||d |earn about us|ng the Internet and Internet too|s safe|y and
appropr|ate|yţ wh||e support|ng the schoo|'s curr|cu|umŦ amples of Lhe klnd of work we do
on Lhe Moodle are aLLachedŦ
As ln Lhe faceŴLoŴface classroomţ Lhe Leacher seLs sLandards for sLudenL behavlor and
monlLors sLudenL behavlorŦ SLudenL use of Lhe Moodle ls based on approprlaLe behavlorŦ ln
Lhe rare case LhaL a sLudenL posLs lnapproprlaLe words or lmaaesţ LhaL sLudenL's work wlll be
prompLlv removed and LhaL sLudenL mav lose access Lo Lhe MoodleŦ
SLudenLs who do noL have access Lo Moodle for anv reason wlll be able Lo access
asslanmenLs vla dllne and Lhe classroom homework boardţ and are Lhus epecLed Lo compleLe
all Moodle asslanmenLsŦ

O l alve permlsslon for mv chlld Lo use Lhe class Moodleţ and oLher lnLerneL Lools LhaL
keep mv chlld's ldenLlLv prlvaLeŦ
O lf mv chlld has dlfflculLv accesslna Lhe Moodle for anv reasonţ mv chlld can Lvpe Lhe
work and hand lL ln on Llme for credlLŦ Mv chlld should noLlfv Lhe Leacher lf
eperlenclna Lhls problemŦ
O lf mv chlld posLs hurLful or lnapproprlaLe words or maLerlalsţ Lhese wlll be removedŦ ln
such clrcumsLancesţ mv chlld mav lose access Lo Lhe Moodleţ and wlll have Lo Lvpe
asslanmenLs and hand Lhem ln on Llme Lo recelve credlLŦ
O lf l would llke Lo vlew mv chlld's work on Lhe class Moodleţ l can arranae a Llme wlLh Lhe
Leacher Lo do soŦ
O lf l have anv quesLlons or concernsţ l can reach Lhe Leacher aL flo«salnLŴbernardŦcomţ or
(860) 848Ŵ1271Ŧ
ÞarenL name (please prlnL)ť ____________________ SLudenL nameť ____________________
ÞarenL slanaLureť ____________________________ uaLeť ____________________
Introduction to Moodl¢ for Par¢nts
Moodle ls a LMS (learnlna manaaemenL svsLem) / CMS (conLenL manaaemenL svsLem slmllar Lo
8lackboardţ u2Lţ and AnaelŦ) lf vou have ever Laken on onllne course for school or workţ vou have
probablv used one of Lhese LoolsŦ
lL provldes a place for course work Lo Lake place LhaL's accesslble from anv lnLerneL compuLerţ
buL for student safety and pr|vacyţ access |s restr|cted to the teacher and members of the ch||d's
grade at 585Ŧ ven Lhouah Lhe Moodle ls on Lhe lnLerneLţ lL's noL avallable Lo Lhe lnLerneLŦ
Some of Lhe Lhlnas we do wlLh Moodleť
Þ|ace Internet resources |n a centra|
|ocat|onŦ Pere's an eample of some
resources from lasL vear's sLudv of A
MlJsommet Nlobt´s uteomŦ
ave on||ne d|scuss|ons about top|cs
we are study|ng |n c|assŦ
O SLudenLs can parLlclpaLe
aL anv Llmeţ so don'L have
Lo be someplace aL a
parLlcular LlmeŦ
O Dnllke whaL can happen ln
Lhe faceŴLoŴface classroom
where onlv a few sLudenLs
are comforLable ralslna
Lhelr handsţ all sLudenLs
aeL a chance Lo
O ln addlLlonţ sLudenLs who
need Llme Lo Lhlnk abouL a
Loplc before addlna Lhelr
LhouahLs Ŷ who are ofLen
lefL behlnd durlna ln class
dlscusslons Ŷ have a
chance Lo parLlclpaLe
O Pere's a Llnv ecerpL from
one dlscusslonţ wlLh
sLudenL names removedť

Þost student work |n a centra| |ocat|on so that |t can be
used by a|| studentsŦ lor eampleţ sLudenLs posL
lnformaLlon abouL vocabularv words LhaL all sLudenLs
can use Lo sLudvŦ Slnce Lhere ls a loL of varleLv Ŷ plcLures
lllusLraLlna Lhe concepLsţ deflnlLlonsţ svnonvmsţ use ln
senLence Ŷ sLudenLs have rlch resources Lo useŦ Pere's
an ecerpL of vocabularv work sLudenLs recenLlv dld
abouL a word used ln 1o ki// o MockinobirdŦ -oLlce LhaL
Lhe sLudenL aave Lhe source for Lhe plcLure used Ŷ
sLudenLs aeL Lo pracLlce Lhe lmporLanL sklll of alvlna
credlL for where Lhev found lnformaLlonŦ 5tudents hove
become much more proficient with vocobu/ory since we
storted studyino it in this woyŦ
SLudenLs learn abouL Internet safety (avoldlna spam and
predaLorsţ lmprovlna vour ºdlalLal fooLprlnL") as well as
abouL llLeracles Lhev need ln our modern world (how to search for |nformat|onţ how to eva|uate
Internet mater|a|s) and abouL free Lools LhaL can help sLudenLs do Lhelr work more easllvŦ
ÞarenLs are noL alven dlrecL access Lo Lhe Moodleţ slnce lL lncludes Lhe work of oLhers' chlldrenŦ
8uL lf vou'd llke Lo see whaL vour chlld ls dolnaţ make a daLe wlLh me Lo look Lhrouah vour chlld's workŦ
lf vou ever have quesLlons or concernsţ please leL me know aL flo«salnLŴbernardŦcom or (860)

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