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. events. References to real people. All other characters.GINEVRA by Hannah Shilling This is a work of fiction. organisations or locales are intended only to provide a sense of authenticity and are used fictitiously. establishments. and all incidents and dialogue.

Thank you for downloading this free ebook preview. mechanical. Copyright © Hannah Shilling 2008 All rights and ever Fancying strange comments in her dizzy brain . it remains the copyrighted property of the author. without the prior permission of the publishers. No part of this publication may be http://acedusa. in any form or by any means.wordpress. recording or otherwise. photocopying. Although this is a free book. stored in a retrieval system. or transmitted. electronic. Published by Acedusa Books http://acedusa.wordpress.are drawn from the author's imagination and are not to be construed as real.

" said one gentleman to the other. Consider the gradient of power.Of usual shapes. characters as slaves in the control of their master. its liveliness being measured in that it endangers all — a story should always have teeth. I think? — and tyrant is the only description of him. just as the nitroglycerine used in blasting mountains. oh mercy. I agree with it." "A story should ever have bonds?" replied the second gentleman and laughed a little." . not good for anything. 1 "A story is a vile explosive thing. For stories do have a master — we will not seek to evade that. and would present another possibility: a story is a wolf. and likewise a danger to its engineers. till the familiar train Of objects and of persons passed like things Strange as a dreamer's mad imaginings. "Given to bursting its bonds unexpectedly." "But a story as vulpine may be to condemn its participants to being weak and frightened sheep. so shut into his caprice and running on those rails. "I like what you put forward.

" replied the second gentleman."An interesting thought. a sign of growth. her shoulders bare. "Yes. which may also be a planting. I like the fertilisation involved. dragging it down to the homily. And here. as we know. my friend. which we know as two qualities. adjusted every day from person to person." He paused however. I persist in submitting to you. my good man. for stealth — and measured her energy. succours invisibly and will return. the inhumation at the end of life. with no other directive than to dig the most recent grave. the root of new life." Audrina digging in a graveyard at night and why? In its sultriness. but they do not hold their own stories forever." "Oh well. The dark earth which accepts. which does seem to infect so many of the lower breed of author and. true Science will never be sullied by moral. the burial is the vital part. she spaded and spaded against the clinging soil — a wooden spade as is usual in these matters. in this story. By communication." he continued. "Except in your beloved. In repeating arc. the tyrant always has a tendency to define his own truth. the seeding. that fatal addiction. a story ascends to its excellence. and a darker look came across him. that afternoon probably receiving its occupant. Too often this becomes the unfortunate driving-force of the story. travelled with a perfect . the generation. a stream of crystal. Earth and truth. the perspiration coursing down. " where Moral soon arrives. benighted Art. "Here. A worthwhile story travels. Burial. or even the parable. what to do with you!" the first gentleman replied in mock wrath. There is a democracy and a justice.

Maybe bottles would be next to them. However. shocking.objective. Clammy and chilly. A bride taken in her dawning. to locate the pine. fruition. Under the lid. the dew falling heavy. On a grassy bank. but finds none. doing the six foot customary in these parts. fast asleep. but to gain strength. laid out like a set of spoons. no better rewarded than twenty years: Hard past Audrina staring. If the insensibility of these young men were not caused by alcoholic beverage it would be surprising. the poor girl was there. the grave party. She paused then. Who nevertheless had walked to her new house with a glad heart. not emotions. far more spiritual than anything made by hormones. and wondering that she has not been discovered. at this juncture of opening. Audrina checks for wine or beer. Knowing her actions are not always to be held the most sensible. A bride filled with reluctance and concern. that early morning mist which soon burns off to bring a blazing hot day. of breaching. Though the moonlight is . A bride who had never seen long marriage. The morning will bring them stiff bones. emphatically no caprice here on the part of fate. still in her bridal attire. not to debate doing this. Audrina was expecting nothing less. electrical impulses or the teaching of others. boots upwarring the sky. a fancy six of them. unstoppably. children. Feeling herself at that moment under the control of higher powers. A dead woman. she glanced to her left to check — there they were still.

into the world.intermittent and it is possible the beer or wine was there. my friend. I have to point out. commutation. you say?" interrupted the first gentleman. affinity. Always gently. I could go on. which Audrina would never see again. "Truthful. consanguinity. Which. the stockings. such as: equality. While a story may well exist as a Boolean switch of value true or false." "Heaven? The body of our Christ? You go too far. carefully. unbuttoned her shift. the shoes. allow the natural divestment. equivalence. somewhere. and out. This tale being discovered mainly in a reading between the lines. a palimpsest — and without any attempt to present the superficial as a truthful rendering or even fair rendering. is where my leaning towards Art above Science makes its mark.. The jewellery. Certainly not if everyone has a different opinion of events. Ease the shoulders and arms away from the garment. She lays back to the pine wood the folded shift. Here is the flavouring." said the . cognation. a rich scarlet coral and plated gold brooch was left there. the undergarments. Intimate gesture. but obscured. Audrina extracted the body from the casket. that gift to Charon. This is the inclusion of Heaven's host into the previously dry bread. A tale is told of the doings of Audrina. the savoury and spicy addition. dilated an egress.. "Definite truth? Hah! There is more than that. stripping the corpse down. there are relations equally deserving.

) "Pray consider it more then. by gracious explanation of the Viennese professors). was questioned on his .second gentleman. Only an artist. a tall slim young man. this clever continuance. (And identity is something other equality. At dawn. 2 Grandeur. raised the alarm and many villagers convened. But. also surprised to find themselves where they did. how is that? he wonders. in this very village. And consternation on the part of the lowly villagers to find no care expended to disguise the theft. the rough opinion put forward — not yet answering — was body snatchers. this was their fell work." said the first gentleman. one Certaldo. I ask you. a criminal act. could demand that. At first. usually equable. The husband. the second gentleman would be doubtful for some time to come. an aesthete. they had found themselves Those sleeping men with headaches. awe and mischief done by the empty coffin: the sight immediately drilling to the place where signs are collated (since the soul is mainly of signs. and plain to see by his face. after some very random and ill-informed debate. not a sober scientist. It is there to be availed of. and that they should be hunted with general hue and cry.

waving arms or hands plainly removed from dissecting-room cadavers. as could most others.actions of the evening. but this occurring at what point in the night or evening and to whom. him presumably. One such example occurred in 1833 at a well-known Edinburgh hospital on All Hallow's Eve of that year. he could not say what had possessed him. after which his recollection was poor in the extreme. Maybe. He could speak of the wedding in the afternoon. On investigation. however. and his assistants who had awakened there. She would not be persuaded otherwise and afterwards reported the matter to the hospital board. in the nature of high-jinks likely to be committed by a group of young medical students. Several students were barred from their studies for some weeks. on being pressed. Some allegations of body snatching have a more mundane explanation: the suggestibility of a human mind in turmoil by reason of a recent bereavement. The gruesome show caused them to run One of the nurses. a group of nurses returning to their rooms after work were besieged by an unruly group of medical students. shame. Paramount. claimed that a severed head was carried and further that she was sure that it was that of her recently-deceased father. he could admit to a vision of white light and maybe swooning. notably. to cause the woman to be buried so hurriedly in the churchyard and without divine service too. but were adamant that no head was ever severed from its body. the medical students did admit their part. or indeed anything other than one single hand were used in the jest. he could not avouch. But the board of enquiry found that there was no evidence that any cadaver . Except he had been consumed by unhappiness and.

and He?" asked Paganino.. a cousin of Certaldo. Two questions needed their answering. but instead. Torello.had been obtained illegally and all were eventually reinstated in the hospital. a bride being then subject to carnal practices — even those a husband might legitimately require of her — and these proving beyond her endurance. But this was no evidence against body snatchers. "Then where is she now. Their reticence was obvious. our Saviour himself had come down. The undertaker. and of a pious cast of mind. a saviour seeking to right wrongs meted out by fickle Chance. put forward her idea. No body snatchers. but quietly whispered. an old woman. Any specific carnal practice not being voiced. such as is often donated by adverse happenings in a life. But no-one has yet voiced the primary question how had the poor girl come to die in the first place. taken from his sheds. a washerwoman. but there as an entity. they had already embarked on. reported that it was one of his coffins. The bridal gown was the bridal gown and no jewellery appeared missing. Of a bride already weakened by the exertions of the wedding. the situation further complicated itself by a second hypothesis to the second question. Speaking up. she claimed. . While this ignorance was abroad. (Tacitly. also a Messiah requiring a helpmeet) And she had been resurrected to serve him. The secondary question. dancing and celebrations.. the darkest hypothesis arose as to the primary.

and save us from Beckermann's extortionate prices?" But then thought he would not. another denier bursting onto the scene." A sharp edge to his voice. I will never adopt Truth. He thought he might ask also: "Should we expecting to see the Messiah of the World at the Gasthof tonight? Maybe he could brew us up some beer. ."I pray thee. as quickly as he is said to. a solid wight. a piece of bread. When the face of Jesus is seen in a tomato. explain to me that. and entering the fray. He had seen this before. These manifestations claimed by low persons are never true." And in the queer position of denying miracles unless on the trust of a person of birth or other position. he was a carpenter. The village priest. a refugee from the Prussian persecution of the times. they are made up in order to overturn society. Carpenters know never to be too wild or expansive. Suddenly: "Indubitably not! Never! No miracles!" he demanded. The sceptic priest said it to the air. these are the foolishnesses the church was put here to combat. summation of his credo: "I will be taught Truth by the Lord God's workings. Fra Ansaldo. 3 So the controversy had given rise to two factions.

How other people's metaphysics had sold him to this position. . and this phenomenon might well be a precursor sign of the latter Days. "And why would the Messiah need a bible?" he debated out loud. Important to professors. A little. more liberally. May you be fortunate and preserved. Against them. This division could be written on the village sign on the road.. or. known as Sinners. the Saints. with their priest dubious. the experiment need be done. He being the husband. Paganino remained dour and frowning on the journey. he was unsure of his fitness to command. the other faction. it was left to the mayor to send them off Six good men and true. such as pixies.First. this division was be christened with the name of the village. The universities of Tübingen or Heidelberg would be in touch. due to her outstanding purity. with two competing theories. So at the railway station. who stopped at the body snatcher solution. That the young woman had of a certainty been raised. of Pragmatics. forced to headman despite. they were becoming prideful that their small village has been selected for this remarkable occurrence. as he had done so often before. Whatever the agency of the disappearance. believers in the Messiah hypothesis. although his true wishes perhaps not being consulted. However. Certaldo was immediately sworn in as captain of the party.. other supernatural agents. it was clear that the lost woman should be looked for (dead or alive). The Mayor ploughing his path down the middle of the politics of it.

just in case. Paris. Passengers red stained by the evening hour. by the local devout faction. Berlin. would find another direction. asks his gallant band to begin their quest. that He would be spilling out new tracts of wisdom. that I am some great leader. Certaldo. variously concealed. and these passengers still with many miles to go. On the platform. stiff. Fortunately. Certaldo. or breath. a billhook and a paring knife. a sickly tint. for carrying out his duties in a fair manner. a terminus. if it be death to lie without motion. long experienced in making up So for that reason I will be myself. Passengers for Stuttgart. a station received them. as with all the brigade. and Old and a New Testament The thought must run. seeking logic rather than authority in his leadership. I cannot pretend otherwise to you. hesitant and humane. my friends. he knew that Ferondo. The dead woman lay on Audrina's bed. next to him in the carriage. "We have a difficult task in front of us." So saying they set out.Pushed into his unwilling hand. pulse. As the sunset hung over the city with stone buildings. and I will have no airs. Let us trust in ourselves. This will be done in the spirit of equality. Dead. Maybe young Certaldo had in mind the words of that witty playwright: Be yourself — everyone else is already taken. had on his person. The brigata would never have gained anything close to the success it did had he not been the wise head. . With waxen cheeks and limbs cold. and white.

" Audrina had achieved." And the lids closed up again. the anticipation. "You have all the safety in the world. bread and cured hock with pickles. with a hand lain on the shoulder. but gently wondering." Audrina said. be safe from all. "I am sufficiently rested. after her ordeal. Then. so easy it would seem to stop and . "You are safe." was the response. which was to have been wonderful. towards four in the afternoon. Surely she was deserving of better than she had gained up to now. ranked in power. Audrina in meditation of the wedding day. with tenderness. quartzy crystal made. "Be thine. without a start. a credit to all as she slept. be mine. to give more to this person. At that same sunset as Certaldo issued his rallying-cry at the station of the big city. the lashes meshed. do rest more. the banns read." Audrina urged. "If you are not strong enough. Stronger now. The day is gone. but Audrina thought. they lay down together to sleep. The marriage contracted. the breathing continued in regular rhythm. below even the worms and maggots. For now. The eyes opened. she was fit to rise. fixed. Audrina still lost in contemplation of the young woman with flaxen hair.And open eyes. she was low: the dead being indubitably the lowest of God's creations. The young woman prepared a simple but palatable meal. the woman softly woke. A violet vein in the temple gently pulsed.

start her. every bit as much. in her swapping. Of a great goddess who turned wine into water. never austere. or the fearsome Kali. she was playful. redeemer of the universe: she was magnificent.. the merest pressure of an index finger on the delightful skin. Something in her of Cybele. A long night. raised famine. removing. and Audrina dreamed a dream. unexorcising. remade the storm in its natural glory. .. Did all manner of things.

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