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Sex-Influenced Trait

Autosomal gene with traits expressed in one of the sexes, either because of internal hormones environment or anatomical dissimilarities. e.g., Bulls have genes for milk production that may be transmitted to daughters, but their sons are unable to express this trait.
Another example of sex influenced trait: in man Pattern Baldness b+ = bald b = non-bald PHENOTYPE GENOTYPES MALES FEMALES b+b+ bald bald b+b bald non-bald bb non-bald non-bald

Determine the phenotypic expectation of their children.Sex-Influenced Trait Question: Let’s consider two sex-influenced traits simultaneously. Genotype B1B1 B1B2 B2B2 Male Bald Bald Non-bald Female Bald Non-bald Non-bald Genotype F1F1 F1F2 F2F2 Male Shortfingered Shortfingered Longfingered Female Shortfingered Longfingered Longfingered . both of which are dominant in men and recessive in women. “bald-prone” woman. A heterozygous bald man with long index finger marries a heterozygous long-fingered. pattern baldness and short index finger.

long (women) 1/2 F1F2 = 1/4 B1B1. long (women) 1/2 F1F2 = 1/4 B1B2.Sex-Influenced Trait P: B1B2. long fingered . long (men) / bald. long fingered Women: 1/2 bald. F1F2 B1B1 1/2 F2F2 = 1/4 B1B1. long-fingered man F1: 1/2 Dichotomous branching system x B1B1. long (men) / non-bald. F1F2 bald. F2F2 bald. short (men) / bald. F1F2 bald-prone. long (women) F1 summary: Men: 1/2 bald. long-fingered : 1/2 non-bald. F2F2 bald. short-fingered : 1/2 bald. long fingered women bald. short (men) / non-bald. F2F2 bald. long (women) 1/2 B1B2 1/2 F2F2 = 1/4 B1B2.

Sex-limited Traits • Traits that occur in only one of the two sexes • For example in humans – Breast development is normally limited to females – Beard growth is normally limited to males • Another (textbook) example: Feather plumage in chicken – Caused by an autosomal gene – Hen-feathering is controlled by a dominant allele expressed in both sexes – Cock-feathering is controlled by a recessive allele only expressed in males .

Sex-limited Traits • The pattern of hen-feathering depends on the production of sex hormones • If the single ovary is surgically removed from a newly hatched hh female – She will develop cock-feathering and look indistinguishable from a male Genotype hh Hh HH Phenotype in Females hen-feathered hen-feathered hen-feathered Phenotype in Males cock-feathered hen-feathered hen-feathered .