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Selling and Sales Skills

A Day in the Life of a Salesman
Group no. 14 Section I

Members: Atul Gupta Kirandeep Kaur Swati Kapoor

. They offer precise solutions for wide-ranging applications in manufacturing plants and infrastructure projects through a complete range of Hoists and Cranes. an M. Murthy. they are steadily marching towards becoming a global brand of repute Products Sold: Double Girder Cranes Customers: 1.R.V. today ElectroMech is the largest crane manufacturer in India commanding highest market share and recording 50% average annual growth. The CEO of the Company is Mr. They are an exclusive India partner of ABUS Crane Systems. Lanco Infratech Ltd. With a significant presence in more than 17 countries and a subsidiary company in Dubai.Sal sp son s name: Prajeesh Vijayan Designation: Sales Engineer Contact No.Tech from IIT. Germany one of the world's leading crane manufacturers. : +91-9560179992 Number of customers seen: 2 Compan Profile Establishe in 1979. Mumbai.. Gurgaon £ ¢ ¡    . ElectroMech is known for ensuring service excellence through a wide-spread network of own offices across India. Haryana 2. Donaldson India Filter Systems Pvt. A. The manufacturing plant in Pune is the largest crane m anufacturing facility in India practicing international standards of manufacturing and quality assurance. Udyog Vihar. Manesar. Ltd.

We first went to Donaldson India Filter Systems Pvt. So the salesman did not have to make any calls other than just to fix an appointment so that he could go to the company and do the sales presentation. Description of initial product knowledge. This helps them to identify the kind of business the buyer is in and the types of products he would require. and time. the salesman requires to gain an in-depth knowledge about the customer and his needs. d. The salesperson discussed the terms and conditions with the technical head in regards to the specifications required by the buyer. It was basically a technical presentation explaining all the specifications and features of the product. . This is very important step as generic presentations leave no impact on the buyer. he is trained on the technical aspects of the product he has to sell. He should have an industrious approach and work hard to sell the product. This meeting was in continuation to the meeting held a day before. This is done either by visiting their website or going through their own company s database. The next company we visited was Lanco Infotech Ltd. How do you prepare for a sales presentation? The sales person starts with the background check of the customer. Before the salesperson starts selling his products. b. This was followed by a commercial discussion regarding the price. He should be well-dressed. Ltd. This would help him to structure his sales call and provide a check list so that he doesn t misses out any relevant points. A salesman should have a written sales call skills as well as on legal aspects of the sales. getting product knowledge and selling skills training. selling skills. How do you prepare for a sales call? The salesman that we approached to was a sales engineer and he was given the task to sell the products to only those companies who wanted to buy the cranes. This would help him to understand the problem faced by the customer and hence provide a solution to him. communication skills. They are also given training on the competitor s products. If he himself doesn t believe that the products would benefit the customers. Members from their company and the salesperson sat together. he would never be able to sell it to the customer. This requires intensive study and training which requires 2-3 weeks. c. The salesperson should have the n-depth i knowledge of the product and the company as well as about his customers before the actual selling process takes place. initiative and resourceful. at Udyog Vihar. What does it take to be successful in sales? The salesperson must have belief in his company and the products he sells. a.The group members met the salesperson on 25th March 2011 at 1000 Hrs. However in other cases. Hence the salesperson can then customize his/her presentation according to the needs of the buyer. in Manesar where he gave a sales presentation to the company about the products they see. This is followed by training on how to handle the commercial aspects of the deal. The customer must have the confidence when he interacts with the customer and should be courteous and honest.

This usually includes a few slides to give an overview of the company. eye contact etc. Let the customer clarify his/her objection. But in most cases. What's the best way to ask for the order? The best way is to ask for the order after the sales presentation and the objection handling is done. Never respond immediately to an objection. h.verbal communication aspects and should always wear a smile. He laid a great emphasis on the services they provide along with their products in order to positively impact the sales. How do you handle objections? In the sales meeting that we attended. The salesman that we went along with didn t have to ask for the order as they themselves placed the order after the sales presentation was over and their requirements were fulfilled. It should contain all the necessary details required by the customer. y Encourage interaction. the salesperson should keep a check on his non. Then spend the rest of the presentation showing how you can solve the problems you understand the audience to have. the salesman started the presentation with an introduction to the company and the different products they sell. y Build credibility. wait for a few seconds to think about it and then present him with a compensating benefits or present him with an answer backed up by testimonials. The first and foremost task of the salesman is to listen carefully to the objections raised by the customer. Give the presentation a solid start so as to relax the customers and grab their attention. y Demonstrate empathy. this doesn t happen. g. . Does non-verbal communication play a part in sales? Non-verbal communication is very important and leaves a huge impact on whether the sales would be successful or not. i. What's involved in giving a good presentation? A good presentation should have a limited number of slides and customized according to the needs of the customer. its products and the services it offers. This would include the way the salesperson is dressed. the salesman was very patient and tactful in his approach to handle the objections. The salesman should add enthusiasm to his voice and always encourage the customers to ask any queries they would like to be answered. f. The basic aim of all of these approaches is to grab the attention of the customer and sustain it.e. references or some information you have which is relevant and accurate. his energy.This can be done by posing a question to the audience. body postures and gestures. In our case. This type of approach puts the audience into a constructive frame of mind. What's the best way to start a presentation? There are a number of different approaches to start the presentation.Draw the audience in by presenting an outline off the issues they face. voice modulation.

j. additional purchases and also referrals and testimonials which can be used as sales tools. Is follow-up service important? Why? Follow. at the right time.up service is the most important aspect of the sales to be successful. . The follow-up can also lead to uncovering new needs. proper training provided. This is a critical step in creating customer satisfaction and building long. installed properly. It is necessary for the salesman to make sure the product was received in proper condition. and that the entire process was acceptable to the customer.term relationships with the customer.