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Year 10 - Society & Environment - History RESEARCH INVESTIGATION NAME: DATE: MARKING RUBRIC CRITERIA CONTENT A myth, legend or story is clearly identified (4). The time period is presented (1). Various sources of information are presented that relate to the topic (5). The information and notes collected (4) are relevant to the topic that has been chosen (4). There is a comparison between other myths, legends or stories from other time periods (3) and this has clear relevance to the topic presented (3). The cultural aspects (3) of the myth, legend or story have been identified including traditions, roles, and responsibilities (3). STRUCTURE Introduction addresses the myth, legend or story chosen (4). There is evidence (2) that the paragraphs are linked to the argument (2) presented in the introduction. The conclusion emphasised the main ideas contained in the essay (4). Extensive planning has been demonstrated. MARKS AVAILABLE MARKS AWARDED 30 5 5 1 = Myth or Legend clearly presented (up to 4 marks). 1 = Time Period is identified 1 mark per source used. 1 = The information and notes collected neat and organised (up to 4 marks). 1 = Relevant materials (up to 4 marks). 1 = Comparison of topic with other myths and legends (up to 3 marks). 1 = Shows a connection with topic chosen (up to 3 marks). 1 = Cultural aspects shown (up to 3 marks). 1 = ID traditions, roles and responsibilities (up 3 marks). 1 = Must address what, who and why (up to 4 marks). 1 = Evidence shown (up to 2 marks). 1 = Linked to paragraph (up to 2 marks). 1 = The main ideas are revisited and summarised (up to 4 marks). Books, online research, pictures and articles have been used in planning. 8 6 6 4 4 4 3 Correct referencing techniques are shown. 2 Spelling, grammar and punctuation. 3 TOTAL MARKS 50 Teacher Comments: The information shown in the marks awarded column would be displayed on an overhead projector and students would be encouraged to take notes to understand the marking criteria. A strong emphasis on the notes and research information presented would be stated as it totals 11 marks (content and 1 structure sections). The neatness and organisation of the research notes is an important process that will facilitate the writing of the essay. E: 0 - 30 D: 30 - 34 Year 10 Essay: Topi Example - Nordi Vi in s Example Introdu tion (A Level 1050 AD. They were not restricte to northern Europe and their acts Swedish Vikings. In this essay I will discuss the various myths from this time period, and mention the importance of the Gods in their culture and everyday life. I will also compare and contrast the Vikings to Roman Culture s myths and legends. Example Paragraph Thor (A Level Clear evidence that there will be an anal i comparing and contrasting two cultures. The paragraph is linked to the introduction and has clear relevance to the topic presented. Thor was the eldest son of Frigg and Odin and he was perhaps one of the best loved gods of all. Thor was red haired and red-bearded, who Characteristics of the legend had the tendency of acting first and thinking later, a fact which often have been discussed. landed him into trouble. Thor was loved by men because he gave them good crops. When his sheets of lightning flashed across the skies it was said that he was ripening the crops to grow food. When the lighting flashed across the horizon they knew that he was battling the giants and hunting the trolls. As discussed in the Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Myths and Legends (pg. 29 , besides his mighty hammer, Thor possessed a belt that when worn increased his already great strength without them he would not be able to hold his fiery hammer or catch it when it flew back at him like a boomerang after each throw.    ©  Links to various myths from the time period. The importance of culture and Viking Gods will be shown. of piracy extended as far as North America. There were three major groups of Vikings; the Danish Vikings the Norwegian Vikings and t he    eV s rule northern Europe from approximately 750 AD to © ¦   The ti e peri i i enti ied. ¨ § ¦ ¥¤¢£ MA NG G C: 35 - 39 ¢¡   ¦ B: 40 - 44 A: 45 - 50 Clear use of referencing. Thor¶s mythological powers are discussed in the paragraph. 2 Example Referen ing (APA Style) Bibliography Creating a bibliography using word would be taught to the students to facilitate research and referencing techniques and skills. Cotterell, A. (1989). The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Myths and Legends. Sydney: Collins Publishers Australia. Crossley-Holland, K. (2003). Viking! Myths of Gods and Monsters. London: Orion Publishing Groups. Miller, P. (2010, August 25). Oracle Education Foundation. Retrieved September 15, 2010, from Viking Myths and Legends:  3 YEAR 10 SOCIETY & ENVIRONMENT (HISTORY) Grade GRADE A escriptors - yths & Legends esearch Investigation CONTENT & STRUCTURE (ESSAY) There is a sound analysis of the myth, legend, or story. A time period is identified. Sources collected relate to the information presented. Alternative methods such as timelines, illustrations and pictures have been used to justify the topic. The culture of the time period has been discussed clearly and accurately. There is a clear introduction, body and conclusion. B Notes are well organised and neat but The essay is well structured and a are missing some important points introduction, body and conclusion is about the subject being presented. shown, however it is not fully developed. The major aspects of the topic have been displayed but more information could have been presented. C Notes are organised and fairly neat and The topic chosen has only been are clearly missing some important partially displayed in the essay. The points. sources have not been applied in the essay clearly. There is limited knowledge of the myth, legend or story chosen. D Notes are unorganised and the The essay is brief and incomplete. presentation is untidy. There are no links shown between the Introduction, Body and Conclusion. There is little use of subject terminology. E Notes are difficult to read and have no There are several spelling and correlation to the topic. grammatical mistakes. There is no evidence or examples used in relation to subject. HAVE I DONE EVERYTHING I NEED TO DO TO GET AN A GRADE ? E: 0 - 30 D: 30 - 34 C: 35 - 39 B: 40 - 44 A: 45 - 50 WHAT ELSE CAN I DO? (STUDENT NOTES): RESEARCH NOTES Notes are extremely well organised and neat providing clear relevance to the myth, legend, and story presented. Considerable planning and preparation is evident. This Grade Descriptors Handout would be given to students before research begins but after the topic has been introduced. This will give them a guide to refer to as the prepare there notes and essay. 4