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Introduction: We conducted this feasibility study because nowadays ability and hard skills is not enough for professionals

to be competitive in their respective lines. Many graduated students are having so many problems regarding on how they will present themselves in front of an interviewer, how to sell themselves and get the job they want to have. Even some managers and other officials are having problems regarding on how they will report the result of operation, and status of their respective segments. Globalization calls for a higher qualification of an employee. It is not enough that you are good; you must also know how to present yourself in front of many people especially to your executives. For this reason we want to help preparing our young professionals in facing the real corporate world with confidence, and positive outlook towards life. We want to help them create their own image, boost their confidence, improve their communication skills, and bring out the best out of them. As an ugly being turned out to be so beautiful as a butterfly, we want to help people especially students to realize what they have, to overcome their insecurities, and face their world with confidence. Metamorphosis aims towards a successful corporate environment with individuals being a walking image of each company. Chapter 1 Project Summary A. Name of the Enterprise The name of the enterprise is Metamorphosis. It is a service type of business that helps an individual especially students and incoming professionals to prepare his/her self in facing the real world where he/she is destined to live. Metamorphosis is there to help individuals to create their image, improve their communication skills, and bring out the best out of them. As an ugly being transforms into a very beautiful butterfly, metamorphosis is here to take out the beauty out of each individual. As the purpose of the enterprise is stated the logo of the entity will be the word metamorphosis with a human divided into 2 (a male and a female) in the middle of a butterfly spreading their hands wide standing as the letter M and a folded human at the end resembling the letter S. We also include rainbow colors shattered all over the text; this symbolizes how many beautiful things an individual possessed inside him/her unconsciously. B. Form of Business Entity We chose partnership as the form of business entity because of the difficulty in raising capital. A partnership, by virtue of combining the credit potential of the various partners, has an inherently greater opportunity for business credit than is generally available to a sole proprietorship. In addition, the assets that are placed in the name of the partnership may often be used

the duties. potentially. In a partnership. A sole proprietor knows that his or her actions will determine how the business will prosper. To endow every single person with skills that they must possess and they have to possess. To prepare individuals in facing the real corporate world. Note. as does a corporation. The pooling of the personal capital of the partners generally provides the partnership with an advantage over the sole proprietorship in the area of cash availability. there may be certain tax advantages to operation of a business as a partnership. 4. In order to clarify the rights and responsibilities of each partner and to be certain of the tax status of the partnership. the simplicity of this form of business can be deceiving. To optimize a sense of uniqueness in each individual for them to avoid comparing their selves to others. 2. As with the sole proprietorship. as opposed to a corporation. Income from a partnership is taxed at personal income tax rates. as is the case with the distribution of corporate profits in the form of dividends to the shareholders. 5. . a partnership is often the structure chosen. as noted above. it is good business procedure to have a written partnership agreement C. Project Objectives 1. To help every people to overcome their insecurities and let them realize that they are important. the partnership does not have as great a potential for financing. However. Location of the Project D. The profits generated by a partnership may be distributed directly to the partners without incurring any double tax liability. personally responsible for the success or failure of the enterprise. this aspect could prove to be a disadvantage. 3. however. Less start-up costs are necessary and there is limited regulation of partnerships. obligations. However. and that he or she is. and commitments of each partner are often ill defined. For a business in which two or more people desire to share in the work and in the profits. however. To equip individuals with positive societal competence and professional presence. To boost up the confidence within every person and help them to bring out their potentials and capabilities. 6. ultimately. that depending on the individual tax situation of each partner. a much simpler form of business organization than the corporate form. It is. This lack of definition of the status of each partner can lead to serious difficulties and disagreements.directly as collateral for business loans.

To help individuals in creating their own image and improve what they have. 9. To promote accessible and experiential coaching. 8. To enhance discipline in every persons life. 10. .7. And build a style of learning that is more up close and personal.

accessible. and experiential coaching. our service will aid every individual in preparing his/her self in facing the real façade of the corporate world. They will also be sharpen up on the best that they can be. This project will change put the learning process to the next level with a more up close and personal approaches. As globalization calls for a much deeper professional personality requirement. a new starting point full of positivity. a fresh start without worries. They will also be thought of Ideology concept to be their guide al throughout their journey towards their metamorphosis. Our program is divided into three major phases 1st is the Creating Executive Image and Dignified Character In this phase the apprentice will be guided through their stronger side before they enter the world of colors. . bond their class together. Program Layout: 1st Saturday 8:00am 12:00nn Leave it all Behind In this session they will be encourage to leave everything behind them. revealing their strengths. In this session a new beginning will be initiated. They developed manuals to simplify the learning process and bring out the best out of every apprentice. they will undergo an interactive. This session will prepare them on the next activities.Technical Aspect y Service Characteristics The services being offered focused on the needs of an apprentice to face and carry his/her self in the complex world of business and commerce. and they will be thought of how to use colors to brighten their image and harmonize their attire. and using their weaknesses to be an asset. and let them realize that each of them is important. Their confidence will be boosted up using recreational activities and continuous appreciation of what they are. Every apprentice will undergo step-by-step learning process but not as like the typical learning techniques. After the session a special lunch will be waiting for the whole class that will serve as a welcoming party for all of them as a part of each other and the family. They will be emptied in this session as if they are new born individuals.

including Cervical Retraction (procedure: take a chair and sit straight. chest up and out and your belly completely tucked-in. Repeat it as many times as you can on a count of five). Shoulder Blade Squeeze (you simply need to sit on a chair with your hands resting on your thighs. and help each other within their groups to find the best clothes perfect for their co-member. Simply pull your tummy in while inhaling then exhale gradually at ease. These techniques will also help them to enhance their adaptability by interacting with different persons equipped with different personalities. With this . In this stage everybody will feel so beautiful in his or her own little way. giving them time for a one on one session with their respective facilitators and a time to share what they ve realized and learn with their respective groups after each session. Appreciation and Honoring will also be applied to them. yet comfortably. Repeat it few times for correcting your cervical posture). slowly move your shoulders backward and squeeze your shoulder blades together). This will be their entourage in the world of colors. Proper combination of colors will lead them to the best image that they may have. They will have a trial and error fitting session with their respective facilitators. Now when you feel at ease. lets try it! In this session they will be thought of the clothes that they should wear in every event and occasion depending on their body type and skin tone. This includes to a correct posture exercise such as. Introducing them in the new trends of fashion and what colors and styles will fit their skin tone and personality. 3rd Saturday 8:00 12:00nn y Description of the selected Coaching Techniques The coaching techniques that will be applied on the apprentices will be more up close and personal. Abdominal Pull-In (the best way to tuck in your bulging belly. your clothes. 2nd Saturday 2:00 6:00pm Posture and Personal Grooming This session involves an effective orientation on the proper postures in some given situations. sitting with your back straight. This technique is based on the belief that an individual will learn more effectively when he/she has a companion beside him/her. And also certain exercises. 2nd Saturday 8:00 12:00nn Your Body. this technique will boost their confidence and will help them to realize their strengths and develop a sense of uniqueness within them. etc.Saturday 2:00pm 6:00pm Lets enter the World of Colors In this session their metamorphosis will start. on it with your feet touching the floor. Now relax for a while and then simply pull your chin straight in without nodding your head up or down.

This size will be divided into 5 groups. Each class will last for 3 months making it possible for the company to make 4 periods of operation per year. but if it is still not enough excess enrollees will be having their choice to have a reservation for the next period on a discount or withdraw from being enrolled. There would be 9 meetings per period. In case of emergencies when the enrollees exceeds the maximum amount expected. each group will have their own facilitator. The quality of the training cannot be sacrificed just because of the reason that so many enrollees should be accommodated. . y Determination of the size of each class and class schedule The limit of each class size will be 25. hiring extra employee will be necessary and extension of the class size to 30 will be also necessary. The operation will be limited to a 1 whole day Saturday classes.techniques every apprentice will definitely boost their moral and step-bystep bring out the best out of them. At the end of the day the main purpose will always be the biggest point in consideration. The schedule will depend on the number of enrollees in each quarter.