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Good practical knowledge of C programming Language. Experience of working on any microcontroller using C compilers.

Course Contents
1. Introduction to Embedded Electronics
What is Embedded System? Usage / Applications? Microprocessor vs. Microcontroller Introduction to microcontrollers Which Microcontroller to choose and why?

2. Introduction to Atmega-128 Microcontroller
Peripherals Differences in the At-mega Family Features Pin Configuration Block Diagram Pin Descriptions Registers

3. Embedded Development Tools
Cross Compilers and IDE – AVRGCC and AVR STUDIO Firmware vs. Software Programmers / Firmware Loaders Debugger JTAG vs. ISP Programming Using JTAG programmer and Debugger with AVR STUDIO Creating Project in AVRGCC Make-Files Compiling, Linking and Object Files Embedded C : Bit Operations on Registers Using additional libraries

SPI: Serial Peripheral Interface Theory of Operation Data communication functions 8. . I2C :( Inter Integrated Circuit) Communication Theory of Operation Data communication functions 9. Introduction to Wireless communication Introduction to Wireless communication 1.4. Interfacing Digital Industrial Sensors Interfacing digital Temperature sensor Reading Temperature value Interfacing Digital Light Intensity sensor (LUX sensor) Reading Lux Value 10. I/O Ports: DDRX (Data Direction Register) PORTX (PORTX Data Register) Output Pin Input Pin PINX (Data Read Register) 5. Docklight Terminal 7.4 GHz Discussion on Wireless Sensor Networks Routing Algorithms Interfacing 2. 16x2 character LCD Interfacing Overview of LCD Display BLOCK DIAGRAM OF LCD DISPLAY Circuit Connection Setting up in Microcontroller Printing Functions 6. USB to UART Converter. UART Communication Theory of Operation FTDI Chip.4 GHz CC2500 wireless modules to microcontroller Communicating sensor data between two microcontrollers.

Apart from demo experiments. This Kit is not included in the course fee. Advanced Embedded Kits will be issued to each group. Kits and Lab Groups Groups of 3-4 students will be formed for performing experiments in the LAB. Cad-Soft Eagle: Schematic and PCB designing. students will also be given extra LAB assignments. Networking (Ethernet) with microcontroller! Interfacing ENC28J60 Ethernet IC using SPI Porting uIP TCP/IP stacks on Atmega-128 Microcontroller Understanding driver for ENC Mac-Phy Chip. Schematic and PCB designing Proteus: Simulating Embedded Circuits.11. Kit has to be submitted back after every lab session. . Students will have to repeat all demo experiments in the lab. Simulation. In Lecture Demo and Lab Session Practical demo of ALL the topics will be given in the lecture for in depth practical understanding. Introduction to Networking (OSI Model) TCP/IP Stacks Networking Layers Ping and HTTP Ethernet Data communication 12. Implementing Ping Implementing basic data transfer Implementation of a Web Server Device control using Web Server based Control Panel Reading Sensor Data through Web-Server 13.