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Ans:66sec 2.) I gave my sis x chocolates.she told me she gave half of them to mom, half a choc to dad, half of remainingand a half choc to doggy and remaining 1 she ate?how many chocolates were given to sis. Ans:7. 3.) X(Got param veer charka in 1948) he died when his age was one thirty ninth of his year of birth.whats his year of birth. 4.) There are x trees in woods. Y is no. of birds. Gate keeper tells on each tree no of birds is equal to total no. of trees in woods.tell the number of trees. Given total number of birds is between 2000 and 2100. 5.) Enum,ekum,ebum,eskum,epumand 2 more 6 names were given and 4 races were given. Following a few statements find the winner of each of 4 races. 6.) Five color houses,five people,five diff drinks,five diff smokes,five diff animals and following a huge set of constraints find all the matches to answer 3 parts. 7.) Carter,milne,savage,Flynn are 4 people architect,banker,druggist and grocer in not that order, Income of milne=3776+income of savage. Income of drugg=2*income of grocer Income of architect=2*income of druggist Income of banker=2*income of architect Carter is older than every one who earns more than Flynn but Flynn does not earn double the amount of carter.find who?s who? 8.) cost of a=5bit/pound , cost of b=3bit/pound. Mixture ab is sold at 100/3% profit and qty sold is 40 pound tell the weight of compound a sold in mixture.bit is money unit.

Placement Test Problems. IF rose code as 6786 hot coded as 879 then search will code asin this q there is one no. is assigned t each take search and letter by letter see the given condition. 2.600,180,54«««..complete the series.

Two persons met each other.there r 20 men and 5 women then how much maximum couple can be made«.3 10.1001power of 999 9. 13. Later I came to know that penny and cent are equal(not sure). 14. 11. Candy cost 4 cents and 2 fruits of Gumdrops costs 1 penny and 4 fruits of Chocolates costs 1 penny.l.(a)apple is as much equal as mangoes. 5.ans: 20c1*5c1=100. for 15 years.the cost of 15 apples & 20 mangoes is much as equal to the 15 mangoes & 20 apple then what is the relation between their cost. 8.product of two no is constt.c. and if we multiply fourth and fifth digit we get third digit.a bag contains 8 white and 6 black balls find the prob. at the rate of 5% p. And totally there are 20 fruits and it costs 20 cents..ans: 4/7 place blindly. (a)half 50%of 50 (b)3times 40%of 40see the obtion & place 3times 40% of 40 blindly.sedane:pain :: solace:««. if one no. Three types of fruits Candy.. 7.m & h.a. is increased by 50% then other no is decreased how much.if x is 90% of y then y is how much % of x. One person is having certain age and the other person is . of drawing a white ball«. of two no is 84 & 21 respectively and the ratio of these two no is 1:4 findthe gretest no ans: 84 place blindly.river:dam :: traffic(a)signal (b)motin (c)vehicle (d) 6.find the compound interest of 1000 rs.ans: 33. 4. A five digit no whose third digit is one greater than the sum of the first two digits and the third digit is double the fourth digit and fourth digit is double the fifth digit and second digit is greater than first digit by :: newsans: editor.. blindly (a) obtion. 2. Gumdrops are available. how many fruits of different types are there.find the greatest of 1000power of 1000. SOL) Actually I did not attempt this question bcause I don't know the relation between penny and cent. 12.3. SOL) 16842 3.ans: grief.find the greatest no. place 100 blindly.

it is from r. B says lie whenever he says I had eaten SOL) B: D ate it( check once) 5) Two pipes r filling the tank 10 min and 15 min respectively. After 10 years they got married the bride age is 30 years and the groom's age is 9/10th of the bride. D ate it C. But one among the four had eaten the samosa. A won 3$ and .agarwal. A. They had abet of $1 for every match. Actually one samosa should be available.s.2/15 = 30 min 6) Five thief's are decided to stole the diamond from a jewellery shop. one by one entering into the kitchen room and they r taking the samosas(some item) and returning. B ate it B.having half the age of first person plus seven years.e x/2 +2 Then the remaining diamonds are x-[x/2+2] = (x-4)/2 second person went into the shop and taken half plus 2 =(x-4)/4 + 2 then the remaining diamonds are (x-4)/2 . After sometime all the members went into the kitchen collectively then they found that no samosa is available(some item). And the tank is having leak and it is taking 7 1/2 minutes to empty the tank. First person went and taken half of the diamonds plus 2 i. What is the groom's age. Four friends r chatting in a room . I cant be D.Among the following options only one person is telling the truth and remaining are all lying.((x-4)/4 + 2) and this will be continued and the answer is 76 7) Two friends are playing a game. How namy diamonds are there in the shop? SOL) let us think there r x diamonds in the shop. Three r simaltaneosuly opened and how much time it will take to fill the tank SOL) I think it's a very simple problem . 1/10 +1/15 . First person went into the shop and he stolen half of the diamonds plus 2 and the second person went into the shop and he stolen half of the remaining plus 2 and the third person stolen half of the remaining plus 2 and the fourth person stolen half of the remaining plus 2 when the fifth person entered into the shop only one diamaond is left. SOL) let the age of first person=x Then the other person's age is x/2 + 7 After 10 years they got married means X+10 and x/2 + 7 + 10 And x+10=30 Then x=20 and x/2+7+10 = 20/2 + 7 + 10 = 10 + 7 +10 = 27 (9/10)*30=27 Hence the groom's age is 27 4.

B won 3 matches means he won 3$ .where as B won 3 matches. How many matches are totally played SOL) this question if from shakuntala devi (more puzzles) book.