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America N36-61 y Manosca Piso 3. .INDEX • A BRIEF INTRODUCTION • THE SERVICES WE PROVIDE • NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION AUTHORIZATION • THE WAY ECUACARGAS IS ORGANIZED • BOARD OF DIRECTORS • MEDIA • ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS STATEMENT Av.O.Box: 1717900 operacionesuio@ecuacargas. Quito – Pichincha – www. 011-593-2-2448743 * 011-593-2-2441949 * 011-593-2-2468591 Copyright 2011 ECUACARGAS all rights reserved.ecuacargas.

Argentina. and traffic supervision. Services provided included legal advice regarding foreign trade. The members of our Board of Directors have more than 20 years of business experience each. Our primary responsibility is to be work with foreign trade. Uruguay. P.O. (as related to customs declarations and permission to leave the country).com 011-593-2-2448743 * 011-593-2-2441949 * 011-593-2-2468591 Copyright 2011 ECUACARGAS all rights reserved. and Paraguay). HOW THE SYSTEM FUNCTIONS ECUACARGAS’s main objective is to transport freight nationally and internationally over land.Box: 1717900 operacionesuio@ecuacargas. with imports as well as with exports. . Av. This is done as part of the Andean Community Nations and an agreement involving five South American Nations (Chile.ECUACARGAS. The international operations is based on the idea of responding to client’s freight transportation need.A.A.1990. We are fortunate to have an excellent business management team at our disposal. This is done through the conferring of transportation documents and the necessary insurance policies. S. Quito – Pichincha – www. AN INTERNATIONAL OPERATOR AND CONSOLIDATOR FREIGHT COMPANY OUR BEGINNING ECUACARGAS S. the receiving of small shipments weighing less than 20 metric tons. America N36-61 y Manosca Piso 3. and to help make international operations a success. Brazil. It’s based on the idea of taking responsibility of the freight beginning at its point of origin and continuing to its final destination. was founded on January 11.. the temporary storage of merchandise being transported to the most frequently used customs destinations. multiple transport operations.ecuacargas.

as well as on national borders. All of this ensures safety and efficiency. INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT DOCUMENTATION In order to protect our client’s merchandise.399 and Resolution 300 of the CARTAGENA AGREEMENT. which regulates the international land transport of Andean Group members. Our SUITABLE CERTIFICATE NO.A.THE LEGAL FRAMEWORK We have an OPERATIONAL PERMIT. P. which permits us to transport nationally. 00393-RPO-17-2008-CNTTT. We also hold a PERMISSION TO LEND SERVICES. which include: • An International Authorization Letter to Transport Over Land “CPIC” • International Freight Manifest “MIC” • International Declaration of Customs Transit “DTAI” • The Land Crew Journal * “LTT” * These documents were given by the National Ecuadorian Immigration Office. given to us by the National Council of Transit and Land Transportation of Ecuador. allows us to transport internationally. relating to merchandise and cargo operations. HUMAN RESOURCES Human resources are the most valuable resources that ECUACARGAS S. operation. and to provide efficient customer service.A. We have 1500-ton daily displacement capacity – which greatly assists moving the freight.Box: 1717900 operacionesuio@ecuacargas. They provide complementary services. which includes the most recent technological information. They all have ample experience in transportation matters. enables information to flow fluidly throughout each level of our organization. There include executive and technicians who thoroughly know their job. and containers. they are highly-qualified professionals who give excellent customer service. as well as the backing of their Board of Directors. Av. from Colombia. located in the largest 011-593-2-2448743 * 011-593-2-2441949 * 011-593-2-2468591 Copyright 2011 ECUACARGAS all rights reserved. unloading and transportation.C.-EC-0001-98. has. America N36-61 y Manosca Piso 3. . Quito – Pichincha – Ecuador. small trailers. Our network of main offices. These areas receive drivers.O. Customs and insurance agents are also part of the ECUACARGAS S. No. Some of these vehicles are our own. As a result. making sure that the products arrive at their ultimate destination in the same condition in which they left.I. No. has at its disposal modern vehicles. MATERIAL RESOURCES ECUACARGAS S. We also have access to other vehicles on a permanent basis. These norms were established by Decisions No. as well as No. and mechanical assistance. we are providing the documentation given us by the Comite Andino de Autoridades de Transporte Terrestre (“CATT”)–the Andean Land Transport Authority Committee–. have customs offices and information. have all the necessary equipment needed to communicate and to control traffic effectively.A.PPS-PE-0009-99. from Peru. Our system.ecuacargas. This allows us to have the necessary equipment at our disposal to be able to meet service demands on the most widely-used routes. provide storage. Our network covers the Andean highway system. Many of them have more than 20 years’ of organizational and international freight transport experience. Sheds known as CUSTOMS ZONES are located on the borders between countries. which include trailers. PPS-CO-023-93.

who have a great amount of experience in each country in which ECUACARGAS is located. with the idea being to offer complete quality control to the client. BOLIVIA. ASSOCIATED COMPANIES AND OFFICES ECUACARGAS S. ECUADOR.A. They include prestigious and recognizable businesses.COMMUNICATION SERVICES The efficiency of communication services is what determines international transport operations level of success.Box: 1717900 operacionesuio@ecuacargas. which allows us to communicate effectively with our Andean Community transportation 011-593-2-2448743 * 011-593-2-2441949 * 011-593-2-2468591 Copyright 2011 ECUACARGAS all rights reserved.O. They have associated themselves with us through the signing of agreements in international road transport. P. They are interconnected using a central computerized system. America N36-61 y Manosca Piso 3. Quito – Pichincha – Ecuador. We provide the efficiency and high quality of service which foreign trade requires. Due to this logistical support. We are located in COLOMBIA. access to e-mail. which allow us to monitor our drivers and vehicles. Georgi Luzuriaga CEO and Founder ECUACARGAS Trust in Transport Av. This allows us to keep our clients up-to-date regarding the status of their merchandise on the open road. We have direct-dialing. PERU and VENEZUELA. We have HF and UHF radios. and drivers obviously report any new events which have occurred during their journey. we are able to provide instant and accurate information regarding the status and location of the merchandise. They are in constant communication with the control base. all offices have had communication equipment installed in them. . has grouped together some businesses related to our activities. and fax www. For this reason. Sincerely. in which all information received from branch offices is stored.

com 011-593-2-2448743 * 011-593-2-2441949 * 011-593-2-2468591 Copyright 2011 ECUACARGAS all rights reserved.ecuacargas. fax machines.Box: 1717900 operacionesuio@ecuacargas. • Storerooms and offices close to international borders. • Consolation of merchandise to Andean Community countries and to the above-mentioned South American nations. It also provides security measures along the route. The main office provides instructions and assistance to the drivers and to control bases along the route. as apply to vehicles owned by ECUACARGAS. • Assistance with customs declarations and border passes. NATIONALLY: • • • • • • Short-term storage in the Huaquillas customs area General merchandise transport (in Sacos and Al Granel) Land pipeline transport and automatic machinery The transportation of liquids (such as palm oil) Hoisting and containment services Customs declarations at ports of call and international borders VEHICLE CONTROL: • Maintenance • Land routes with daily transportation schedules • Choosing professional drivers to become company employees OPERATIONAL CONTROL: • Freight offices report daily to the main office regarding their shipments. Brazil.SERVICES WE PROVIDE INTERNATIONALLY: • Direct transport to Andean Community nations and specific South American nations (Chile. P. and radios. and Paraguay). Av. Uruguay. Quito – Pichincha – Ecuador. • Access to e-mail. • Loading and unloading merchandise supervision • Provides regular and refrigerated containers • The same rules and regulations apply to the vehicles of third parties related to the business. to the final office. as well as prepares for the arrival of the products. Argentina. • Multimodal www. . America N36-61 y Manosca Piso 3. and to clients.

from 011-593-2-2448743 * 011-593-2-2441949 * 011-593-2-2468591 Copyright 2011 ECUACARGAS all rights reserved.S. • MAIN SUITABLE CERTIFICATE. P. from Venezuela.-PE-0009-99.NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT PERMITS • NATIONAL OPERATIONAL PERMIT No.I. Quito – Pichincha – Ecuador. • PERMISSION TO LEND SERVICES. P. C. 00393-RPO-17-2008-CNTTT.O. . No. from Ecuador.S. No. No. Av.005-PPS-YV-93.P.P. P.ecuacargas. • PERMISSION TO LEND SERVICES.CO-023-93. from Colombia.Box: 1717900 operacionesuio@ecuacargas.-EC-0001-98. • PERMISSION TO LEND SERVICES. from Peru. America N36-61 y Manosca Piso 3. No.

Lote 8 Nextel: 99. ARMANDO ESTUPIÑAN Chief Executive Officer Address: Carrera 5 No.38 Phone: (4) 2627589 PERU TRANSPORTE INTERNACIONAL INTEGRADO S. Cáceres Mz B.147*3297 RPM:*336096 Cellphone: 99076-9340 COLOMBIA TRANSPORTADORA REDECARGAS IPIALES Av. 14-36 Cellphone: 57-3154154579 BOGOTA IVAN DELGADO Contact Address: Carrera 32 Nº 7 .BOARD OF DIRECTORS ECUADOR GEORGI LUZURIAGA CEO and Chairman of the Board DALIA TORRES Vice-president OSWALDO DEL POZO President DANILO LUZURIAGA Logistic Manager GUSTAVO TORRES Sales Manager LIGIA YANCHAPAxI Accountant CALI FREDDY LEDESMA Contact Address: Carrera 6 Nº 26 .74 Phone: (2) 4442724 MEDELLIN ALFREDO VELASCO Contact Address: Calle 34 Nº 52 . San Borja Phone: (00511) 2251034 Fax: (00511) 2254936 E-mail:alfonso@transporteintegrado. 401.Box: 1717900 E-mail:amanosalva@transporteintegrado. Quito – Pichincha – Ecuador.ecuacargas. 011-593-2-2448743 * 011-593-2-2441949 * 011-593-2-2468591 Copyright 2011 ECUACARGAS all rights reserved. Aviación 2836 Oficina No. America N36-61 y Manosca Piso GUAYAQUIL LUIS CONTENTO Chief Executive Officer HUAQUILLAS WILSON LUZURIAGA Chief Executive Officer GALO LUZURIAGA Custom Manager TULCAN WILLIAM CHAVEZ Chief Executive Officer ASSOCIATED OFFICES TUMBES MIGUEL DAVILA CHAVEZ Administrative Officer Address: AAHH Andrés A.A LIMA ALFONSO MANOSALVA Commercial Manager Address: Av.71 Phone: (1) 3602447 .com www.

higher-end virgin magazine paper (used for magazines like National Geographic and many others) uses a little more than 15 trees (15.Box: 1717900 operacionesuio@ecuacargas. Trust in Transport www.MEDIA BLOG ECUACARGAS WEBSITE ECUACARGAS BLOG ECUACARGAS YOUTUBE ECUACARGAS FACEBOOK ECUACARGAS TWITTER ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS STATEMENT This brochure was designed to inform the services we provide in ECUACARGAS S. P.A. If you wish to print it.wordpress. or 20#) contains 40 cartons and weighs 1 ton.3 sheets. REMEMBER THIS: • 1 ton of 100% virgin (non-recycled) newsprint uses 12 trees. Therefore. For more eco tips please visit our blog at: http://ecuacargas.ecuacargas. • A “pallet” of copier paper (20-lb. America N36-61 y Manosca Piso 3.36 trees). Our media and publishing material was designed to see on-line on your computer.67 reams of copy paper or 8.A. 1 carton (10 reams) of 100% virgin copier paper uses 0.333. please do on recycled paper sheets. • 1 ton of coated.O.6 www. ECUACARGAS S. • 1 ton of coated. • 1 tree makes 011-593-2-2448743 * 011-593-2-2441949 * 011-593-2-2468591 Copyright 2011 ECUACARGAS all rights reserved. Quito – Pichincha – Ecuador. Thank you. We do not print any advertising material except of business cards and commercial sheets (recycled paper).com/ Av. lower-end virgin magazine paper (used for news magazines and most catalogues) uses nearly 8 trees (7. We are helping to reduce the amount of CO2. • 1 ream (500 sheets) uses 6% of a tree. sheet weight. and a flyer that appears in the ecuadorian national business directory once a year.68 trees).com .