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PROJECT TITLE “BINGO LAYS & KURKURE ( A COMPARATIVE STUDY )” THE REASON OF SELECTION OF THE ORGANISATION As a student of management, with marketing as specialization, I had to choose a company, which carried on a large scale, which has strong distribution network and which was diversified into various business. ITC LTD is one of India’s foremost private sector companies with a market capitalization nearly $14 billion and a turnover of over us $ 5 billion..ITC LTD has a diversified presence in cigarettes, Hotels, Paperboards & Specialty Papers, Packaging, agri-business, Packaged Foods & Confectionary, Information Technology, Branded apparel, Personal care, Stationary, safety matches and other FMCG products. The Project purports to decipher the satisfaction level as well as the preferences of consumers per training to the various flavors of BINGO with LAYS & KURKURE a new range of savoury snacks launched by ITC. We aim to analyze the Success marketability and future growth prospects of BINGO with LAYS & KURKURE. We also intend to study the spending habits and motivation of consumers for buying Snacks.



I choose this topic because; I got a chance to interact with the customers directly regarding the product they are getting. The had to carry out this research for their purpose, which was very important. As this work had to be done in the field of fmcg product. I was eager to go for this work, as clubbing is very competitive, which would give me lot of experience during the working on this topic. With the help of this study I can make our sales effective.


PROCEDURE USED FOR CARRYING OUT THIS PROJECT This project was carried out by on the basis of questionnaire about various factors related to the company from his existing & non-existing customer. A survey was conducted were in I need to go top each ?& every customer i.e. Door-to-Door, and get the opinion from the customers about what they feel about product and services. AREA OF OPERATION : Patna


: 300



OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT The main objectives of our research were as follows: 1. To find out what percentage population likes snacks. 5. To find out the preference of people for different brands. To know the satisfaction level of consumer who eat BINGO. 6. To find out how much people spend on snacks weekly. 7. 4. To find out which flavor of bingo is most preferred. 8. 2. To find out market comparison of all the available brands of the snacks in the market. SCOPE OF PROJECT 5 . To analyze the reason for popularity of the most preferred snacks. To realize the role being played by advertising and promotion on the sales volume of the company. 3.

This study related to the Marketing Department of ITC Ltd. 6. 3. 2.1. It provides opportunities to the marketing people in developing new skills. CHAPTER 3 6 . This study will help in providing feedback for the process of sales. This study helps to understand the members buying behaviour. 5. And researcher has collected data in 50 days. This study helps to take action to improve sales of the products. This study provides a brief overview and solutions to the processes of the fmcg business. 4.


Type Founded

Public (BSC:ITC) 24th August,1910 Radha Bazar Lane, Kolkata, India

Headquaters Key People

Kolkata, India Yogesh Chander Deveshwar, Chairman, K. Vaidyanath,(Director) ,Partho Chatterjee,CFO


Revenue Employees Website

Tobacco, foods, hotels, Stationery, greeting cards, Products Cigarettes, Packaged food, hotels, apparel . $5 billion USD (2008) 21,000 (2008)


Sustain ITC’s position as one of India’s most valuable corporations through world class performance, creating, growing value for the Indian economy and the Company’ stakeholders.

To enhance the wealth generating capability of the enterprise in a globalizing environment, delivering superior and sustainable stakeholder value.

Core Values includes: Trusteeship Customer focus Respect for people Excellence Innovation Ethical Corporate Citizenship


Company slogan ITC ltd TOUCHING YOUR LIFE EVERYDAY Bingo! Bingo! Is the name for a snacks brand launched in March 2007 by ITC Foods, a division of ITC Ltd. The slogan of the brand is "No Confusion. Great Combination". The snacks brand was strategically timed around the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 to leverage on the popularity that such leisure and cocktail snacks will find among cricket lovers in the country.

ITC LTD working for you, working for India.



among India's Most Respected Companies by BusinessWorld and among India's Most Valuable Companies by Business Today. While ITC is an outstanding market leader in its traditional businesses of Cigarettes. it is rapidly gaining market share even in its nascent businesses of Packaged Foods & Confectionery. ITC has a diversified presence in Cigarettes. Packaging and AgriExports. ITC is widely perceived to be dedicatedly nation-oriented.* ITC is rated among the World's Best Big Companies. Personal Care and Stationery. Agri-Business. Branded Apparel. in a study conducted by Brand Finance and published by the Economic Times. Packaging. Branded Apparel. Stationery. As one of India's most valuable and respected corporations.ITC is one of India's foremost private sector companies with a market capitalisation of nearly US $ 14 billion and a turnover of over US $ 5 billion. Hotels. ITC also ranks among Asia's 50 best performing companies compiled by Business Week. Asia's 'Fab 50' and the World's Most Reputable Companies by Forbes magazine. Safety Matches and other FMCG products. Personal Care. Packaged Foods & Confectionery. Paperboards. Information Technology. ITC ranks among India's `10 Most Valuable (Company) Brands'. Paperboards & Specialty Papers. Chairman Y C Deveshwar calls this source of 10 . Hotels.

significantly enhancing the Company's marketing reach. superior brand-building capabilities. Over time." 11 .000 shareholders.inspiration "a commitment beyond the market".53. This overarching vision of the company is expressively captured in its corporate positioning statement: "Enduring Value. The Company's 'e-Choupal' initiative is enabling Indian agriculture significantly enhance its competitiveness by empowering Indian farmers through the power of the Internet.2 billion in the last decade). ITC's Agri-Business is one of India's largest exporters of agricultural products. ITC employs over 25. In his own words: "ITC believes that its aspiration to create enduring value for the nation provides the motive force to sustain growing shareholder value. For the Shareholder. is expected to progressively create for ITC a huge rural distribution infrastructure. the strategic forays into new businesses are expected to garner a significant share of these emerging high-growth markets in India." ITC diversified status originates from its corporate strategy aimed at creating multiple drivers of growth anchored on its time-tested core competencies: unmatched distribution reach. ITC is one of the country's biggest foreign exchange earners (US $ 3. ITC practices this philosophy by not only driving each of its businesses towards international competitiveness but by also consciously contributing to enhancing the competitiveness of the larger value chain of which it is a part. The Company continuously endeavors to enhance its wealth generating capabilities in a globalising environment to consistently reward more than 3. This transformational strategy. fulfill the aspirations of its stakeholders and meet societal expectations.000 people at more than 60 locations across India. which has already become the subject matter of a case study at Harvard Business School. effective supply chain management and acknowledged service skills in hoteliering. For the nation.

In 1975 the Company launched its Hotels business with the acquisition of a hotel in Chennai which was rechristened 'ITC-Welcomgroup Hotel Chola'.the full stops in the Company's name were removed effective September 18.L. which came up on that plot of land two years later.C.Cigarettes & Tobacco. 2001. A leased office on Radha Bazar Lane. The objective of ITC's entry into the hotels business was rooted in the concept of creating value for the nation.T.000. Its beginnings were humble. Foods. Agri-Exports. The Company celebrated its 16th birthday on August 24. for the sum of Rs 310. Chowringhee. The Company now stands rechristened 'ITC Limited'.HIST ORY ITC was incorporated on August 24. Though the first six decades of the Company's existence were primarily devoted to the growth and consolidation of the Cigarettes and Leaf Tobacco businesses. (now renamed J. 1926. Packaging. Kolkata. It is today India's most sophisticated packaging house. It was to mark the beginning of a long and eventful journey into India's future. Limited in 1974. ITC's Packaging & Printing Business was set up in 1925 as a strategic backward integration for ITC's Cigarettes business. the Seventies witnessed the beginnings of a corporate transformation that would usher in momentous changes in the life of the Company. and the name of the Company was changed to I. ITC chose the hotels business for its potential to earn high levels of foreign 12 . Information Technology. Paperboards & Specialty Papers. 1910 under the name of 'Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited'. Nehru Road) Kolkata. The Company's headquarter building. Hotels. was the centre of the Company's existence. In recognition of the Company's multi-business portfolio encompassing a wide range of businesses . 'Virginia House'. The Company's ownership progressively Indianised. by purchasing the plot of land situated at 37. This decision of the Company was historic in more ways than one. would go on to become one of Kolkata's most venerated landmarks. Lifestyle Retailing and Greeting Gifting & Stationery .

create tourism infrastructure and generate large scale direct and indirect Since inception. British American Tobacco and various independent shareholders in Nepal. ITC Infotech India Limited. in 2002.a fashion brand in the popular segment for the young woman. Permanent Ink Markers and White Board Markers in 2009. In 2008. In 1990. To augment its offering and to reach a wider student population. To mark the occasion. ITC spun off its information technology business into a wholly owned subsidiary. in Nepal as an Indo-Nepal and British joint venture. Wills Lifestyle became title partner of the country's most premier fashion event . To harness strategic and operational synergies.2009 saw the launch of Children Books. In 2000. The merged entity was named the Tribeni Tissues Division (TTD). Today ITC Infotech is one of India’s fastest growing global IT and IT-enabled services companies and has established itself as a key player in offshore outsourcing. Geometry Boxes. The Wills Lifestyle chain of exclusive stores later expanded its range to include Wills Classic formal wear (2002) and Wills Clublife evening wear (2003). Surya Tobacco became a subsidiary of ITC Limited and its name was changed to Surya Nepal Private Limited (Surya Nepal). ITC set up Surya Tobacco Co.that has gained recognition from buyers and retailers as the single largest B-2-B platform for the Fashion Design industry. A line of premium range of notebooks under brand “Paperkraft” was launched in 2002. In 2000. Financial 13 . the popular range of notebooks was launched under brand “Classmate” in 2003. In August 2002. Since then ITC's Hotels business has grown to occupy a position of leadership. ITC also initiated a foray into the popular segment with its men's wear brand. with over 100 owned and managed properties spread across India.Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week . Slam Books. ITC launched a special 'Celebration Series'. In 2006. providing outsourced IT solutions and services to leading global customers across key focus verticals . “Classmate” over the years has grown to become India’s largest notebook brand and has also increased its portfolio to occupy a greater share of the school bag. ITC repositioned the business as the Education and Stationery Products Business and launched India's first environment friendly premium business paper under the “Paperkraft” Brand. taking the event forward to consumers. to more aggressively pursue emerging opportunities in this area. Gifting and Stationery products business with the launch of Expressions range of greeting cards. Pens and Pencils under the “Classmate” brand. a Specialty paper manufacturing company and a major supplier of tissue paper to the cigarette industry. Years 2007. ITC also entered the Lifestyle Retailing business with the Wills Sport range of international quality relaxed wear for men and women in 2000. In 1985. TTD was merged with the Bhadrachalam Paperboards Division to form the Paperboards & Specialty Papers Division in November 2002. BFSI (Banking. In 2007. “Paperkraft” offers a diverse portfolio in the premium executive stationery and office consumables segment. Paperkraft entered new categories in the office consumable segment with the launch of Textliners. ITC forayed into the Greeting. its shares have been held by ITC. the Company introduced 'Miss Players'.Manufacturing. John Players. ITC acquired Tribeni Tissues Limited.

ITC entered the confectionery and staples segments with the launch of the brands mint-o and Candyman confectionery and Aashirvaad atta (wheat flour). Sandalwood. THT (Travel. ITC's foray into the Foods business is an outstanding example of successfully blending multiple internal competencies to create a new driver of business growth. ITC's foray into the marketing of Agarbattis (incense sticks) in 2003 marked the manifestation of its partnership with the cottage sector.Services & Insurance). Aim. with an enviable distribution reach. Paperboards & Packaging. Hospitality and Transportation) and Media & Entertainment. Agri Business and Information Technology. In 2002. ITC's philosophy of contributing to enhancing the competitiveness of the entire value chain found yet another expression in the Safety Matches initiative. In just seven years. CPG&R (Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail). Sambrani and Nagchampa. a premium range of Shampoos. 2003 witnessed the introduction of Sunfeast as the Company entered the biscuits segment. Madhur. the Foods business has grown to a significant size with over 200 differentiated products under six distinctive brands. Continue to focus on the chosen portfolio of FMCG. 14 . The Company also launched the 'Superia' range of Soaps and Shampoos in the mass-market segment at select markets in October 2007 and Vivel De Wills & Vivel range of soaps in February and Vivel range of shampoos in June 2008. In 2002. ITC's popular agarbattis brands include Spriha and Mangaldeep across a range of fragrances like Rose. Jasmine. Bouquet. Aim Mega and Aim Metro. Mangaldeep. ITC's entered the fast growing branded snacks category with Bingo! in 2007. a rapidly growing market share and a solid market standing. ITC now markets popular safety matches brands like iKno. ITC’s corporate strategies are : Create multiple drivers of growth by developing a portfolio of world class businesses that best matches organisational capability with opportunities in domestic and export markets. October and December 2007 respectively. It began in August 2001 with the introduction of 'Kitchens of India' ready-to-eat Indian gourmet dishes. Ensure that each of its businesses is world class and internationally competitive. Paper. Shower Gels and Soaps in September. Hotels. Continuing with its tradition of bringing world class products to Indian consumers the Company launched 'Fiama Di Wills'.

Awarded to cigarette factories at Kolkata and Munger. New Delhi CII National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2006 Awarded to Paperboards unit at Bhadrachalam. Packaging and Printing unit at Munger. Welcome Hotel. UK: Five Star rating 2006. Cigarette factory at Munger Silver Award to Cigarette factory at Munger. Hotels in Agra and Jaipur Gold Award to Leaf Processing Plants at Chirala and Anarpati. Packaging and Printing unit at Munger. Cigarette factories at Bengaluru. Continuously strengthen and refine Corporate Governance processes and systems to catalyse the entrepreneurial energies of management by striking the golden balance between executive freedom and the need for effective control and accountability. Packaging and Printing unit at Munger. HONOURS: 2006-2007 British safety council.Enhance the competitive power of the portfolio through synergies derived by blending the diverse skills and capabilities residing in ITC’s various businesses. Saharanpur and Kolkata. Paperboards and Specialty Papers unit at Bollarum and Tribeni Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA): Gold Award 2006 for Occupational Safety Awarded to Packaging and Printing unit at Munger. Cigarette factory at Munger CII New Delhi: National Award for Excellence in Water Management 2006 Awarded to Cigarette factory at Munger Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA): Gold Award 2007 15 .

FOREIGN EXCHANGE EARNINGS ITC Ltd continues to view foreign exchange earnings as a key priority. The ITC group’s contribution to foreign exchange earnings over the last ten years amounted to nearly USD 2.8 billion. Earnings from agro exports is an dicator of ITC ‘s contribution to the rural economy through effectively linking small farmers with international markets. of which agro exports constituted nearly 65%. 16 . All businesses in the ITC portfolio are mandated to engage with overseas markets with a view to testing international competitiveness and seeking growth opportunities.




22836634-38 (Branch Office) Fax 22478576 (District Office). Kolkata 700 071 A TRADE MARKETING EASTERN DISTRICT KOLKATA ITC Limited 2 Lee Road. 1st & 2nd Floor. Kolkata 700 020 ISD Code 91-(0)33 Tel 22472281-5 (District Office). Nehru Road. L. Post Box No. 52 Patna 800 001 ISD Code 91-(0)612 Tel 2222504. Guwahati 781 007 Ashiana Chambers Exhibition Road.DIVISIONAL HEADQUARTERS Virginia House 37 J. 22836642 (Branch Office) GUWAHATI ITC Limited 6th Floor. 2204706. 2234235 Fax 2221422 VISAKHAPATNAM Virginia House Thompson Road Visakhapatnam 530 001 PATNA 20 . Peace Enclave.

Centre 1.6 Fax 26128402 NORTHERN DISTRICT 21 . Ashram Road Navrangpura Ahmedabad 380 009 ISD Code 91-(0)79 Tel 55614701/2/3 Fax 26580829 Grams POWHATTAN INET 32720201211 BHOPAL Ranjeet Towers. Pune 411 001 ISD Code 91-(0)20 Tel 26128403 . 2566545 Fax 2508639 WESTERN DISTRICT MUMBAI World Trade Centre. ISD Code 91-(0)22 Tel 22172200 Fax 22189359/22152199 AHMEDABAD Karaka Building 2nd Floor.511 City Tower 17. Plot No. Colaba Mumbai 400005. 2554301 Fax 2554302 NAGPUR Burhani Complex 105 Mount Road Nagpur 440 001 ISD Code 91-(0)712 Tel 2524988/6835 Fax 2526850 PUNE 508 . Dhole Patil Road. Cuffe Parade. 18th Floor. 2554029.ISD Code 91-(0)891 Tel 2508638. 8 MP Nagar Zone II Bhopal 462 011 ISD Code 91-(0)755 Tel 2554028. 2nd Floor.

2378168 (BM) Grams POWHATTAN JAMMU 164-A/D. Gokhale Marg Lucknow 226 001 ISD Code 91-(0)522 Tel 2209726/2209614 Fax 2209833 Grams POWHATTAN SAHARANPUR Tobacco House ‘D’ Bajoria Marg Civil Lines Saharanpur 247 001 ISD Code 91-(0)132 Tel 2715050. 4033106 (Branch Office) JAIPUR 201 Durlabhji Chambers D-24 Prithviraj Road. 299. C-Scheme Jaipur 302 001 ISD Code 91-(0)141 Tel 2379958. 2361219. Gandhi Nagar Jammu 180 064 ISD Code 91-(0)191 PABX Tel 2430870. Gurgaon 122 001 Haryana ISD Code 91-(0)124 Tel 4171717 Fax 4173100 (District Office). 2439620. 1st and 2nd Floors 1/1.NEW DELHI ITC Green Centre 10 Institutional Area Sector 32. 2715237 Fax 2715658 SOUTHERN DISTRICT BENGALURU ITC Infotech Park Pulikeshinagar PO Bengaluru 560 005 ISD Code 91-(0)80 Tel 25498501-4. 9829364443 Fax 2375542. 25801571/72 22 . 2453224 Fax 2432447 LUCKNOW P O No.

66325714. 3851 Coimbatore 641 018 ISD Code 91-(0)422 Tel 2301108/2304276 Fax 2300442 Grams POWHATTAN ERNAKULAM Shenoy Chambers.28467970/77 Telefax 28467972 23 . 25498506 (Branch Office) Telefax 25498505 COIMBATORE 30. Sarojini Devi Road Secunderabad 500 003 ISD Code 91-(0)40 Tel 66264025. West Club Road Post Box No. 2 & 3 Floor Siddharth Plaza 44. 66326052 Fax 27800663 Grams POWHATTAN B PRODUCTION BRANCHES BENGALURU ITC Limited Meenakunte Village.28555280. Fax 28418346 Grams POWHATTAN SECUNDERABAD 9-1-125/3/2. 2529 Shanmugam Road Marina Drive Cochin 682 031 ISD Code 91-(0)484 Tel 2360087. 5th Floor Post Box No. 2363151 Fax 2351426 Grams POWHATTAN CHENNAI ITC Centre 4th Floor 760 Anna Salai Chennai 600 002 ISD Code 91-(0)44 Tel 28555279.Fax 25498507 (District Office). Bengaluru (North) 562 157 Tel 28467709/10/11/13/14/15. Jallahobli.28555287.

17203 Kolkata 700 043 ISD Code 91-(0)33 Tel 24390757. 24397260 Fax 24390241 MUNGER Basdeopur P.O. No. No. 24396586.2725182.4227328 Gate House 4220658 Fax 4227585 24 . 24397061.Fax Branch Manager 28467974 Commercial 28467707 SMD 28467708 Engineering 28467977 HRD 28093030 MIS Telefax 28467972 SAHARANPUR Sardar Patel Marg P. Gha .2725027. District Munger Munger 811202 ISD Code 91-(0)6344 Tel 220789/505/515/516/517/546/222126 Fax Commercial 222276 Engineering 222964 HRD 222258 Production 222331 Grams POWHATTAN C SURYA NEPAL PRIVATE LIMITED REGISTERED OFFICE Shree Bal Sadan P.2724718. 24393994/95/96.4220909. Kathmandu. B.2725212. 24393824/25 24395061.4248280.B. Nepal ISD Code 00977-1 Tel 4248260.2513 Kantipath. Box No 25 Saharapur 247001 ISD Code 91-(0)132 EPABX Lines 2725111-2725115 (5 Lines) 2725011.2725214 Fax 2726286 KOLKATA (Kidderpore) 93/1 Karl Marx Sarani P. 1864.O.

Bara. BENGALURU Doddajala Post Yarthigana Halli (Via) Bettahalasur Bengaluru North 562 157 ISD Code 91-(0)80 Tel 7680438.520035. NJ-07652 USA ISD Code 001-201 Tel 8450511. 7680497.520175 Fax 520034 KOLKATA OFFICE ITC Centre. 8432092 E ITC FILTRONA LIMITED REGISTERED OFFICE & WORKS.520036. Suite # 304 Paramus.520039.22882260 D KING MAKER MARKETING INC. 3639. 4th Floor 37 J L Nehru Road Kolkata 700 071 ISD Code 91-(0)33 Tel 22889371 Extn 3638. 8456471/800 317 0377 Fax 8453911.FACTORY Simra. 7682418 (incoming) Fax 7682420 25 .8430377. 3660 Fax 22882259. USA 12 Route 17 North. Nepal ISD Code 00977-53 Tel 520031.

CHAPTER 4 26 .

27 .

offering the consumers a choice of flavours that are fast becoming popular. as well as some innovative variants inspired by the snacking habits of different parts of the country like Chatkila Nimbu Achaar.FMCG Business Initiatives Branded Packaged Foods:Leverages: Unique Agric sourcing skills ITC Welcome group’s specialist cuisine & bakery knowledge FMCG distribution synergies ITC R&D Centre. Bridge products: Bingo Bingo! The launch of Bingo! in March 2007 marked ITC's foray into the fast growing branded snack foods segment. Bangalore Salty Snacks Potato chips. Masala and Tomato flavours. 28 . Bingo! is positioned as a youthful and innovative snack. The Potato Chips offerings comprise the ever-popular Salted. Bingo’s portfolio includes an array of products in both Potato Chips & Finger Snacks segment.

giving it a truly international flavour. Chilli Dhamaka and Achaari Masti. takes Bingo!’s philosophy of ‘combinations’ forward with two exciting flavours . Keeping in sync with the Bingo! philosophy. Finger Snack ‘Hatke Jhatke’.Tomato Mischief. The fingerSnacks segment.Funky Masala & Tomato Twist. appropriately shaped like a wave. this variant brings with it a unique combination of cheese.Bingo! – International Cream & Onion is the brand’s latest addition to its existing unique and exciting range. 29 . cream and spring onions. the innovative 'khakra inspired' Mad Angles has become an instant hit among consumers and is available in 3 flavours .

Watch the TVC here. According to the company press release.It will be a treat for marketers and consumers . The organised snack foods market is only Rs 2000 crore and is dominated by the iconic Lays brand with over 77% market share.look on the media strategy for this brand since the company was trying to leverage the worldcup fever in India. Bingo will be another test for ITC's marketing muscle. Spices Biscuits Sunfeast 30 . staples and Ready to eat market. Staples Aashirvaad Atta. Bingo comes in 16 flavors. The brand takes the tagline : No Confusion Great Combination.. Vango Pongo The launch of Bingo is going to see a fight between two marketing giants in the Indian market. The exit of Indian team from worldcup may force a re.The TVC's are now on air and the company intends to position this brand as a fun brand targeting at the youth. The ad tries to be funny but fails to make the audience laugh.Indian snack food market is dominated by unorganised sector. The poor execution can create problems for the brand. It fights in this segment with none other than Pepsi.. Its potato snack has 4 innovative variants taking into consideration the taste difference across Indian market. Chanachur etc) Western Snacks and the newly created Finger snacks segments. Bingo it seems is following the leader. new tastes will be a key in marketing success.Bingo is ITC's challenge to the monopoly of Frito Lays. ITC launched Bingo in the highly fragmented Rs 4500-5000 crore ($1 Billion) snack food market. The golden line is that the market is so large that every player will have a space provided.. Salt. the brand keeps the promise. ITC is aiming at a 360 degree brand building effort to boost the new launch.. Indian snack food market is divided into : Traditional Snacks ( bhujiya. Bingo. Snack foods : because of the low financial risk (low price) for the customer. The high profile brand launch of Bingo will see the market expanding thus benefiting all the players . Bingo is entering both the potato and finger snacks market. The brand is promoted through a series of funny ad which I feel is little too complicated. Having tasted success in Biscuits. variety and brand to reach the leadership position. Lays succeeded by offering great quality. The Finger snacks line has six variants. The task is very tough for ITC to fight with Lays. The brand tries to differentiate from Lays by focusing on innovation (in flavors).

Confectionery Candyman. Mantra of continuous and consistent offering of value added world –class products to the Indian consumer. Aashirvaad Instant Mix. Mint-o Ready to Eat Kitchens of India. once again. leverages the e-Choupal network for cost-quality optimization and region specific offerings Sunfeast Biscuits: Differentiated & innovative products. a unique IT –enabled ‘six sigma’ based product development process was implemented during the year 2007. Sunfeast Pasta Aashirvaad Atta: Current market leader amongst national branded players. Aashirvaad Ready Meals. distributed & outsourced supply chain being ramped up FMCG. Market leadership 31 .ITC’s tobacco research laboratories obtained the ISO/IEC 17025 certification from the national accreditation board for testing and calibration laboratories (NABL) earning international recognition for ITC’s R&D capabilities from the scientific and regulatory communities. Followings points related to the tobacco sector which makes the ITC the leader in cigarette industry in India. amongst the top 5 FMCG brands in India. Strategies borne out of deep consumer insights nurtured by ITC and supported by substantial investments have resulted in three of the brands featuring.Cigarettes ITC uncompromising commitment to providing superior value to consumers through world class products helped in sustaining its leadership position in the cigarette industry. continues to build consumer franchise.

00. Robust distribution network in place to scale up the Stationery business significantly • ‘Classmate’ brands already the most widely distributed brand in India. 32 . Relaxed wear market growth > 25% p.cultural exposure.a Up market product range available in exclusive Wills Lifestyle stores and multibranded outlets/ large format retail stores across the county.Powerful brands across segments Leadership in all segments .000 markets & 2 million retail outlets World-class state-of-the-art technology and products Investment .geographic & price Extensive FMCG distribution network Direct servicing of 1. Premium segment comprising the ‘Classic’ range of formal wear. ‘Wills Sport’ relaxed wear and ‘Wills Club life’ evening wear • Strong distribution network in place for the mid-market brand ‘John Players’ FMCG BUSINESS INITATIVE Greetings.growth driven by increasing cross.10 billion in six years Exciting long term growth potential. State-of-the-art Master Facility aids speed of execution. Gifting & Stationery:Leverages print and paper know-how An emerging market in India . Cigarettes account for only 15% of tobacco consumed in India unlike world pattern of 85% due to prolonged punitive taxation FMCG Business Initiatives Lifestyle Retailing Leverages trade mark and services expertise of hotels. ITC’s ‘Expressions’ range commenced with greeting cards.Rs. Outsourced JIT plant for ‘quick response’ manufacturing. now widened to include stationery & gifting. Serves to expand the width of ITC’s FMCG distribution capability with negligible incremental investment.

‘AIM’ – India’s largest selling Safety Matches brand. 1250 crores p. 33 .FMCG Business initiative Safety Matches • • • • • • • • Current industry consumer spends estimated at Rs. for 24 billion match boxes. Strategic Rationale Blend multiple competencies residing within the ITC Group to create new avenues of growth. ITC markets its brands with value added products across each price point Support SMEs with complementary marketing strengths. Fragmented supply base arising from policy of reservation for small scale industry. ITC markets its brands with value added products across each price Point Support cottage sector with complementary marketing strengths ‘Mangaldeep’: the only National brand in the country.a.

CHAPTER 5 34 . Each segment enhances the depth and width of ITC’s FMCG distribution capability.Best fit between internal capabilities and emerging market opportunities .

Need to understand: • • • why consumers make the purchases that they make? what factors influence consumer purchases? the changing factors in our society. A firm needs to analyze buying behavior for: • Buyers reactions to a firms marketing strategy has a great impact on the firms success. 35 . lays & kurkure The 'Bingo!' range of Finger snacks was augmented during the year with the launch of 'Hatke Jhatke'. These differentiated offerings through varied shapes. a wave shaped snack in two exciting flavours. Similarly the potato chips platform was also enhanced with the addition of a new flavour 'International Cream and Onion'. textures and flavours provide a distinctive consumer experience. Consumer Buying Behavior refers to the buying behavior of the ultimate consumer. Definition of Buying Behavior: Buying Behavior is the decision processes and acts of people involved in buying and using products.Consumer buying behavior of Bingo. The clutter breaking communication strategy encompassing a multi-media campaign has enhanced the visibility of the brand and has re-inforced 'Bingo!'s' positioning as a youthful and innovative snack.

discussed next.. All consumer decisions do not always include all 6 stages. Rank/weight alternatives or resume search. the evoked set. A successful information search leaves a buyer with possible alternatives. see a commercial for a new pair of shoes. features the buyer wants or does not want. Hungry. evoked set is chinese food indian food burger king klondike kates etc 3. Can be stimulated by the marketer through product information--did not know you were deficient? I. Information search-o Internal search. Deficit in assortment of products. public sources etc. memory. May decide that you want to eat something spicy. o o o o 36 . indian gets highest rank etc. Problem Recognition(awareness of need)--difference between the desired state and the actual condition. Friends and relatives (word of mouth). Hunger stimulates your need to eat.• • The marketing concept stresses that a firm should create a Marketing Mix (MM) that satisfies (gives utility to) customers. therefore need to analyze the what. Marketer dominated sources. when and how consumers buy. determined by the degree of complexity.E. Evaluation of Alternatives--need to establish criteria for evaluation. o External search if you need more information. Not all decision processes lead to a purchase. Actual purchasing is only one stage of the process. Marketers can better predict how consumers will respond to marketing strategies. where. 2.. comparison shopping. The 6 stages are: 1. Stages of the Consumer Buying Process Six Stages to the Consumer Buying Decision Process (For complex decisions).. stimulates your recognition that you need a new pair of shoes. want to go out and eat. Hunger-Food.

need very little search and decision effort. Post-Purchase Evaluation--outcome: Satisfaction or Dissatisfaction. product availability. perhaps. have you made the right decision. 4. snack foods.If not satisfied with your choice then return to the search phase. High involvement purchases--Honda Motorbike. Cognitive Dissonance. Limited Decision Making--buying product occasionally. After eating an indian meal. Marketers try to influence by "framing" alternatives. purchased almost automatically. Purchase decision--Choose buying alternative. 5. Examples include Clothes--know product class but not the brand. products visible to others. When you need to obtain information about unfamiliar brand in a familiar product category. Types of risk: • • • Personal risk Social risk Economic risk The four type of consumer buying behavior are: • • Routine Response/Programmed Behavior--buying low involvement frequently purchased low cost items. and the higher the risk the higher the involvement. 6. includes product. Can you think of another restaurant? Look in the yellow pages etc. after sales communication etc. method of purchase etc. high priced goods. Buyers level of involvement determines why he/she is motivated to seek information about a certain products and brands but virtually ignores others. time lapse between 4 & 5. Information from different sources may be treated differently. Requires a moderate amount of time for information gathering. package. Examples include soft drinks. 37 . Types of Consumer Buying Behavior Types of consumer buying behavior are determined by: • • Level of Involvement in purchase decision. Importance and intensity of interest in a product in a particular situation. milk etc. Purchase--May differ from decision. may think that really you wanted a chinese meal instead. store. This can be reduced by warranties.

whether it is an anniversary celebration. Social The marketer must be aware of these factors in order to develop an appropriate MM for its target market. expensive and/or infrequently bought products. store personnel etc. Categories that Effect the Consumer Buying Decision Process A consumer. Psychological factors 38 . Spend alot of time seeking information and deciding. Information from the companies MM. Personal Unique to a particular person. For example: Going out for dinner for one person may be extensive decision making (for someone that does not go out often at all). Personal 2. Go through all six stages of the buying process. Examples include cars. Young people purchase things for different reasons than older people. homes. making a purchase decision will be affected by the following three factors: 1.• • Extensive Decision Making/Complex high involvement. friends and relatives. no conscious planning. Psychological 3. Age etc. Impulse buying. Demographic Factors. unfamiliar. Sex. computers. ket. High degree of economic/performance/psychological risk. but limited decision making for someone else. Product can shift from one category to the next. The reason for the dinner. or a meal with a couple of friends will also determine the extent of the decision making. Race. The purchase of the same product does not always elicit the same Buying Behavior. education. Who in the family is responsible for the decision making.

If marketers can identify motives then they can better develop a marketing mix. Motives often operate at a subconscious level therefore are difficult to measure. 39 . and was almost terminated. It was therefore targeted at consumers whose needs were for either love and Belonging or esteem. not just one. organizing and interpreting information inputs to produce meaning.. BM-S therefore had to redesign its MM to better meet the needs of this target market. Perception What do you see?? Perception is the process of selecting. Their motivation to purchase was completely different to the motivation that B-MS had originally thought.Psychological factors include: • Motives-A motive is an internal energizing force that orients a person's activities toward satisfying a need or achieving a goal. Selective Exposure-select inputs to be exposed to our awareness. IE we chose what info we pay attention to. hearing. Information inputs are the sensations received through sight. MASLOW hierarchy of needs!! o o o o o Physiological Safety Love and Belonging Esteem Self Actualization Need to determine what level of the hierarchy the consumers are at to determine what motivates their purchases. a fitness drink. They would purchase Nutrament as a substitute for a meal. Nutrament. More likely if it is linked to an event. The product was not selling well. smell and touch. a product marketed by Bristol-Myers Squibb originally was targeted at consumers that needed to receive additional energy from their drinks after exercise etc. These consumers were at the Physiological level of the hierarchy. intensity of input changes (sharp price drop). satisfies current needs. It was determined that the consumers for the product were actually drug addicts who couldn't not digest a regular meal. taste. organize it and interpret it. Upon extensive research it was determined that the product did sell well in inner-city convenience stores. Actions are effected by a set of motives.

Interpreting information is based on what is already familiar. because they assume that the greater price indicates greater quality. need to give them new information re: A current example. have to be very careful that consumers do not distort the facts and perceive that the advertisement was for the competitor.500 advertisement per day. South Africa. buyers must process information.000 products in a shopping visit lasting 30 minutes-60% of purchases are unplanned.MCI and AT&T. Learning. Non-alcoholic Beer example: consumers chose the most expensive six-pack. Therefore to change consumers' behavior about your product.. Knowledge is the familiarity with the product and expertise. When making buying bottle of wine and pour it!! Also educate american consumers about changes in you ever get confused? Selective Retention-Remember inputs that support beliefs.Drive perceptions 40 . Problems marketing wine from South Africa. Can't be expected to be aware of all these inputs. Inexperience buyers often use prices as an indicator of quality more than those who have knowledge of a sample etc..... Ability and Knowledge Need to understand individuals capacity to learn. inconsistent with beliefs. Advertisers that use comparative advertisements (pitching one product against another). Attitudes Knowledge and positive and negative feelings about an object or activitymaybe tangible or intangible. and certainly will not retain many.. on knowledge that is stored in the memory..Selective Distortion-Changing/twisting current received information.. forgets those that don't.. Need to sell a whole new country. and hence its products. Consumers have strong perceptions of the country. changes in a person's behavior caused by information and experience.. living or non. Average supermarket shopper is exposed to 17. Exposed to 1.. Learning is the process through which a relatively permanent change in behavior results from the consequences of past behavior.

Consumer attitudes toward a firm and its products greatly influence the success or failure of the firm's marketing strategy. person's family.Individual learns attitudes through experience and interaction with other people. learning. Nike ads. Social Factors Consumer wants. motives etc. uniqueness arrives from a person's heredity and personal experience. EXAMPLE healthy foods for a healthy lifestyle. 41 . Sun tan not considered fashionable in US until 1920's. Traits effect the way people behave. There is a weak association between personality and Buying Behavior. Marketers try to match the store image to the perceived image of their customers. reference groups. Now an assault by the American Academy of Dermatology. Consumers buy products that are consistent with their self concept. social class and culture. Lifestyles are the consistent patterns people follow in their lives. Personality all the internal traits and behaviors that make a person unique. natural lifestyle. this may be due to unreliable measures. Lifestyles Recent US trends in lifestyles are a shift towards personal independence and individualism and a preference for a healthy. Examples include: o o o o o o o o o o o o Workaholism Compulsiveness Self confidence Friendliness Adaptability Ambitiousness Dogmatism Authoritarianism Introversion Extroversion Aggressiveness Competitiveness. are influenced by opinion leaders.

... older married couples with dependant children empty nest I. young.. The Family life cycle: families go through stages. older married couples with no children living with them.... father.Chevy Chase • Roles and Family Influences Role. 42 ..they actually use (pay) spokespeople to market their products. employer/ee.. older married couples. head in labor force empty nest II.. no children.... youngest child 6 or over full nest III. Michael Jordon (Nike. each stage creates different consumer demands: o o o o o o o o o o bachelor stage. Marketers try to attract opinion leaders. retired Modernized life cycle includes divorced and no children.things you should do based on the expectations of you from your position within a group. head retired solitary survivor. Gatorade etc. Individuals role are continuing to change therefore marketers must continue to update information.OJ Simpson. People have many roles. youngest child under 6 full nest II. Husband. Family is the most basic group a person belongs to. McDonalds. in labor force solitary survivor.) Can be full nest I..• Opinion leaders Spokespeople etc. no children living at home.Michael Jackson.most of BUAD301 newly married. Marketers must understand: o o o o o that many family decisions are made by the family unit consumer behavior starts in the family unit family roles and preferences are the model for children's future family (can reject/alter/etc) family buying decisions are a mixture of family interactions and individual decision making family acts an interpreter of social and cultural values for the individual.

CHAPTER 6 43 .

these problems tend to become more complex and decisions taken to solve them have far-reaching effects. recording. According to American marketing association. It is sound business practice that marketing policies should found on carefully planned research: this is possible only by applying the systematic approach of research methodology used in other areas of investigation.DEFNITION & MEANING Marketing research implies a disciplined approach to marketing problems of various kinds. “Marketing Research is the systematic gathering.” The above definition stresses on: 44 . and analyzing of data about problems relating to the marketing of goods and services. With the development of sophisticated business organizations and changing nature of consumer behavior.

Research approach: Directly from the In this descriptive research research primary and secondary data is collected as follow: Primary data: Primary data has been collected field. The data so collected and analyzed is used to solve various marketing problems relating to goods and services. personal opinion and attitude towards product. The problem may relate right from the idea stage to eventual consumer satisfaction. These are made to learn bout people.Marketing research is a systematic process and not a haphazard activity. “The survey is done in Patna district” Secondary data: 45 . Knowledge. Survey is research approach used in this research project. It includes not only collection of data but analysis of the data so collected.

Population: Population means the aggregate of the elements from which a sample is to be drawn. Sampling unit 2.The secondary data has been taken from company booklets. B) Retailers. Sample Procedure Sampling unit: Who is to be surveyed? This is the question that we have to answer under this heading in this project sampling. This has been used to known about the history of the organization. Questionnaire includes the personal information as well as the product information. This plan calls for three decisions: 1. A) Customers. sales policy etc. informational manual etc. Research instrument: In this project “Questionnaires include all type of question”. Sampling plan: After deciding the research approach sampling plan must be designed. Sample size 3. market share of the company. Questionnaire was structured for both ended and closed ended questions. C) Pan shops D) Bakery shops Sample size: 46 .

Contact method: Once the sampling has been determined one must decide how the subject should be contacted: 1 Personal –interview. For this area given (Patna district) sample size was: 300 Sample procedure: How should the respondents be chosen? In this project simple random sample was taken to carry out survey. Mail Time The data was collected within 60 days. 3. We based our study on survey of people who like to eat snacks.The sample size is approximately of the population size. Location The area covered was whole Patna Region. To collect the data we designed a questionnaire. 2 Telephone. There for our aim was to find the most popular flavor among all the offerings We began our analysis by dividing people into those who like to eat snacks and those who don’t. Advantages and disadvantages of questionnaire method 47 . This survey was conducted in Patna. in the month of June and July.

who are covered under this method.interpreting questions and getting ambiguous replies.Advantages 1. There is a possibility of mis. Disadvantages 1. It is appropriate for respondents who are busy and difficult to contact personally. Survey can be conducted quickly through questionnaires. which suit the people of all intelligence. The responses obtained through this method are usually valid and reliable. 48 . 3. It is suitable for a large sample. 2. 2. 4. It has been found difficult to construct such questions.

CHAPTER 7 49 .

. Q1: Do you like snacks? Response YES NO Total no of respondents 280 20 % of respondents 93 7 7% YE S NO 93 % INTERPRETATION The primary and the secondary form of data collection.How often do you have snacks? 50 Response Total no of respondents % of respondents .ANALYSIS OF DATA In order to extract the meaningful information from the data collected an analysis of data is done using pie charts. says that nearly 93 percent of the people like snacks. Coffee or with Cold Drinks. The snacks are the compliment for the Hot and Cold Beverages Company. People always consume it with Tea. bar graphs etc. Q2 :.

affect your purchase decision? RESPONSE YES NO Total no of respondents 170 110 % of respondents 61 39 39% 61% YES NO INTERPRETATION From the data it is clear that the discount offer affects the purchase decision of the customer 51 .Q16 Do discounts/free gifts and so on.

42% rate it as average and 22% haven’t said anything.How do you rate the bingo? Response Excellent Very good Average None Total no of respondents 43 58 119 60 Rate of the Bingo 140 120 100 Responses 80 60 40 20 0 1 Rate 43 58 60 119 % of respondents 15% 21% 42% 22% Excellent Very good Average None INTERPRETATION 15% rate it as excellent.Q17:.21% rate it as very good. 52 .

d) Markets having great potentialities and opportunities to increate the sales force of Bingo product. f) After interpretations it can be said daily snacks is not possible for approximately people. we come to know that a) ITC LTD. c) Bingo having good reputation among the brands likes Lays & Kurkure. name is the main attraction for the consumer in comparison to Lays & Kurkure. b) Advertisement is doing an excellent job in influencing the consumer for the new product.FINDINGS After analyzing all the information collected. i) 70% customers believes lays & kurkure is the best snacks. k) It can be said that most of customer use the snacks. 53 . e) Major preference is for flavor followed by spicy and then Nankeen & Sweet. j) 42% customers rated bingo snacks is average. h) 45% customers are satisfied with Bingo. g) More than 70% customers likes lays & kurkure.

bio-technology etc. Vast network of manufacturing facilities all over the country Vast domestic market Urbanization Weaknesses • • • • High requirement of working capital Low availability of adequate infrastructural facilities Lack of adequate quality control& testing methods as per international standards Inefficient supply chain due to a large number of intermediaries Opportunities • • • Rising income levels and changing consumption patterns Favorable demographic profile and changing lifestyles Integration of development in contemporary technologies such as electronics. material science. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths • • • • Abundant availability of raw material. offer vast scope for rapid improvement & progress.l) Before started Bingo 71% customers like to snacks Lays & Kurkure. • Opening of global markets Threats 54 .

• • • • • High packaging cost High inventory carrying cost Competition between national and regional players High taxation Affordability and cultural preferences of fresh food. CHAPTER 8 55 .

The limitations in this report are as follows:-  The research was conducted in Patna City.  The major limitation was scarcity of time available for the study. The conclusion would be different.LIMITATION OF THE PROJECT The Market research has to face certain problem while doing research work. which was used to given suggestion to the company. are spread out all over the country and therefore study is restricted to secondary data collect from the industry. The time available for the study was only 50 days.  Only sample of customers were surveyed because of limited time and economic constraints. it only offer accurate information.  The company rules and regulations didn’t allow me to go in depth regarding some confidential strategies. 56 . If the research would have been conducted in other city.  It difficult to conduct marketing research as the agent of ITC CO.  Market research cannot provide solution to problem.

CHAPTER 9 57 .

of competitors in market these are lays & kurkure &others snacks. • • • More than 70% customers like lays & kurkure. Most of customers use the snacks. • As we found in research lays & kurkure market has been saturated and bingo & others snacks market is growing stage of its life cycle. • Bingo has less customers in comparision to lays & kurkure due to not advertising in market. As it is found that bingo is good snacks in India.CONCLUSION • As per the analysis it could be said that market is most inclined towards the brand name of a company. So bingo has potential. but lays & kurkure is best snacks. • Bingo has large no. 58 . • It has been found that bingo name in sncks facility is quite new compare to lays & kurkure.

Tie up with an local media for future product launches. so Bingo must launch new schemes to attract more and more consumers. There is a lot of potential in the market which needs to be tapped through aggressive marketing & analytical studies with Corporates inorder to tap the great market potential. Increase the marketing budget in terms advertising. I would like to suggest to provide promotional facilities as soon as possible. • • • • • • • 59 . Need to focus on individual brands than umbrella branding. advertisements thereby creating the awareness in the market of its presence. Company should invest more on Media Expenditure and other promotional activities. I suggest company to target rural urban areas which is less accessable.RECOMMENDATION I recommend following suggestions on the basis of my research: • The sales promotions should be done through right marketing strategies. Consumer who is the first and major target should be given vital importance.

CHAPTER 10 60 .

Channel management & Retail Marketing - David Gilbert Meenal Dhotre Web sites: 61 .BIBLIOGRAPHY 1.itcportal. R. Retail Marketing Management www.allbusiness. Marketing Management BY Philip Kotler 13th edition 2. Kothari ( 2008) 3. Research Methodology C.Bingobingo.



CHAPTER .12 64 .

Contact No:__________ Q1.. Which do you like most? Bingo……………… Lays…………………. Why do you like most Lays & Kurkure? 65 . Everyday………………………. Kurkure………………. 2 or more a day………………. Do you like to snacks? Yes…………… No………………. Others………………… Q4. Income:__________ General Instructions: 1. 3.. Answer all questions Indicate your answer by marking a tick against an appropriate option. Q3. 2. How often do you have BINGO? Once a week………………. 2-3 times in month……………. Q2 . Mark only one option in all questions.ANNEXURE -QUESTIONNAIRE COMPARATIVE PROJECT ON THE STUDY OF BINGO This is survey on Bingo by Uma shankar kumar for the partial fulfillment of the requirements for awads the degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION So kindly give your response to these questions:- Name:-__________ Age:____________ Address: ………………………………………………………………….

Will bingo exist similar as lays & kurkure on market? Yes ……………… No………………. Others…………. Namkeen……. Compare to other snacks (such as Kurkure.. Availability…………… Q12.. Much worse………… Q11. Taste………………… Packaging…………… Q6.. Q9.. Quality……………….. Sweet………… Q10.Taste…………………… Price……………………. According to price which product do you like most? Bingo…………… Lays……………. No…………… Q7. Lays. would you say that Bingo is? Much better………. Why kurkure & lays are more popular? Advertising………….. Q5. Is the price of Bingo is satisfactory? Yes…………. On what basis do you select snacks brand? Popularity……………… Brand………………… Image………………… Current trends……….. Haldiram etc) that are available. Kurkure………. More popular…………. How likely are you to recommend BINGO to others? 66 . Better………………. Which flavors do you like most in Bingo? Spicy…………. Can’t say………… Q8. Same………………… Worse………………..

. Availability……………. No……………... Haldiram…… Others……….Definitely will recommend………….. Quality……………….………………… Probably will not recommend……………………. Q17.. Who is the best snacks in Indian market? Bingo. What do you considered while buying Bingo? Flavour………………. Q13..... Before switching on to BINGO... which snack did you prefer? Lays……… Kurkure……. Do discounts/free gifts and so on. Q15. Definitely will not recommend…………………. None……………… 67 ... Probably will recommend………… Not sure………. Average…………. Q16.. Brand Ambessdor…………. affect your purchase decision? Yes…………….. How do you rate the bingo? Excellent………… Good……………. Lays………. Kurkure…… Others……… Q14..