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f ( x ) = ) v 3- 7 x 2 - 5 x + 4

(a) Find the remainder whenf(x) is dividedby (x-1).

(b) Usethe factortheorem showthat (-r+l) is a factorof f("x). to

(c) Factorise completely. f("lr)


(b) find the valueof6. (4) Giventhat. Give eachterm in its simplest form. (2) .2. of the binomialexpansion of (3+ b.r)5 whereD is a non-zero this ascending powersof . coeffrcient x2 is twice the coefficient the of ofx. (a) Find the first 3 terms.

-l @) log.(x-2)= (2) (2) . giving your answer 3 significantfigureswhereappropriate. value ofx for which (a)s'=10.the to Find.

(2) as the (c) the coordinates the points where C crosses y-axis.c 4' Thecircle hasequation x2+ y2+4x-2y-rr=0 Find (a) the coordinates ofthe centreofC. (4) . giving your answers of simplifiedsurds. (2) (b) the radiusof C.

5.andangle shown' OA the two straight edges. (2) . a circlecentre of radius cm. andthe arcAB as Find OlB. (a) the areaof the sector (b) the radiusofthe circle C' OAB the The regionoutside circle C andinsidethe sector region' (c) Find the areaof the shaded (2) (3) in is shownshaded Figurel . andOB. Figure I of It consists a sectorOAB of shownin Figure t is a pattemfor a pendant' The shape touches the AOB =L' ThecircleC' inside sector' 6 O.

termsof the series looo' gl .are series 192and144respectively' and The second third termsof a geometric find For this series. (a) the common (2) (2) (2) (b) the frrst term.. exceeds (d) the smallest valueof n for which the sum of the first . (c) the sumto infinitY. ratio.

for 0 ( x < 2z' all the solutions x x+2='7 cos 2sinz giving Yourarswersin radians' your answers' You mustshowclearlyhow you obtained (6) . giving your answers degrees 3 sin(r+45') = 2 (4) of (b)' to I decimal in 7. (a) Solvefor 0 ( x < 360'.

as shown in Figure 2 The volumeof the cuboidis 81 cubic centimetres' edgesof the cuboid is given by (a) Show that the total length' I fui1herdifferentiation. 1 .that the value of I Figure 2 is wherethe lengthofthe rectangle equalto twtce cross-section A cuboidhasa rectangular its width. of the twelve L=nx+$ x- (3) to (b) Use calculus find the minimum value of I' (6) I that you havefound is a minimum' (c) Justify. .t cm.

9.r+4 cutsthe curvewith thepoints.x 2 + 2 x + 2 4 a r line The straight with equationy: .x z+ 2 x + 2 4 Y=x+4 Figure 3 y equation = . asshownin Figure3 B' of to (a) Usealgebra find the coordinates the pointsI and (4) in the curveandis shownshaded by The finite regionR is bounded the straightline and Figure3.4 andB. . to (b) Usecalculus find the exactareaof R' (7) .