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Eleven Planning Board

§350a‐Att. 1 Table of Use, §350b‐Att. 2 Dimen Table

As part of King St zoning changes package, relax many uses consistent with Sustainable Northampton Plan.

Section 350a-Attachment 1 Table of Uses {Delete HB column in its entirety. Add the following table as a distinct table in Attachment 1. }

Section 350b-Attachment 2 Table of Dimensional Standards {Delete all rows in the subsection HB. Table below replaces the HB portion. }


park. (indoor or outdoor). Applicable for all projects that trigger site plan review. If off-street loading is necessary. entertainment Drive through establishments including restaurants. school . The Planning Board may waive any or all for intermediate site plan projects. PARKING Building/ Site Design ALLOWED USES (by-right unless otherwise noted) any mix or their accessory uses/structures including common drives Same for All Uses  0 As part of site plan. layout.000+ triggers site plan If checked Special Permit approval required by designated board DIMENSIONS See attached graphics for required treatment from curb to developed area LANDSCAPING MIN. Shall be 2. home office/occupation Commercial or public parking facility or the addition of 6 or more parking spaces Single or multi-modal passenger terminal Municipal facility Warehousing/Commercial storage as a principal use Manufacturing. it must be shown on any site plan submission that might otherwise be required.13 No portion of such use shall be <500’ from any church/house of worship.28. Outdoor Commercial Recreation Use Residential use above the first floor. construction. bar. 10’ upon maturity. Trees may be limbed up to a maximum of 5’ from the finished grade at planting. applicant must show plan for parking  1 bike rack per 10 parking spaces up to 15 rqrd.11 for location. 6’ sidewalk Side= 0’   Planning Board Rear= 0’ Min Height = 20’ Max Height = 65’ Open Space = see landscape/ screening requirements Width/Depth =0 Tree Belt(10’) between curb and sidewalk = Shade trees 1 per 25’ of entire street frontage unless otherwise approved by Planning Board. indoor recreation. wholesale and business sales and supply of goods and services Lot Size = 0 Office Restaurant. with drive through windows and other uses with a drive through function Temporary event Artist space. residence or other adult establishment Frontage = 0 Setbacks Front =0’ measured from beyond a rqrd 10’ tree belt. playground. requirements for lots. Storage must allow locking of bicycles to racks or inside storage containers. See §350-10. membership club operated for profit or non-profit Adult Establishments. motor freight terminal and warehousing associated with adjacent commercial and industrial uses Facilities for essential services   Or (cont. Same for all See standards below. which display live or private booth nudity and adult establishments with adult material.1 new construction of 2. day-care center. trades Research and development facilities Hotel/motel Health/athletic club. See Also 8.)  8/8/2011 .HIGHWAY BUSINESS If checked Site Plan approval required by Planning Board See 11.5” caliper upon planting and 20’-30’ minimum height at maturity. All retail.

   Planning Board   Indoor junk cars. family day care (with registration with Building Commissioner). Plants & trees considered invasive to Massachusetts shall not be allowed. Berms or evergreen shrubs min. Planted berms 3’ in height may be incorporated as a mechanism to create this screen. 9). PARKING Building/ Site Design ALLOWED USES (by-right unless otherwise noted) any mix or their accessory uses/structures including common drives Same for All Uses Same for all Veterinary hospital in which all animals are kept inside permanent buildings Automotive repair (not junkyard) or service with or without convenience commercial   Telecommunication antennas on existing towers or other structures which do not require the construction of a new tower (in accordance with § 350-10. or similar facility or building Storage of a fluid other than water (as principal use) More than one curb cut (>1 existing may remain unless change of use triggers site plan)  Planning Board      Planning Board  Planning Board Front Buffer Planting (min. Historical association.1 new construction of 2. must be above first floor) Agricultural uses. Noninvasive existing.HIGHWAY BUSINESS If checked Site Plan approval required by Planning Board See 11. Site/Parking Lot Landscaping: See Also 350 . and nonprofit museum (residence of a caretaker. preserved plants shall be counted toward these requirements. The remainder may be either native plants or noncompeting exotic species. religious use.9) New commercial structures or substantial improvements in Watershed Protection Overlay. motor vehicle accessories. ground cover. See § 350-8.1 and 350-10. meeting all requirements under the State Building Code.9) New telecommunications structures/facilities (in accordance with §§ 350-2. flowers. 3. Shade trees (same standard as tree belt). 2. 3’ in height shall be located along the edge of the parking field to screen at minimum upon planting the grills of parked cars. depth 12’): Dense landscaping required between the sidewalk and the first row of parking or building that does not abut the sidewalk. Ornamental grasses.) 8/8/2011 . scrap metal. etc up to 5’ in height (3’ height within 3’of street/driveway corners) shall fill out the remaining 12’ buffer strip. 4. day care. Wetlands Protection Act.8L Private utility. Trees shall be selected from the City of Northampton’s tree list approved by Planning Board http://www. substation.9 for additional landscaping requirements in parking lots (cont. and city ordinances Educational.000+ triggers site plan If checked Special Permit approval required by designated board DIMENSIONS See attached graphics for required treatment from curb to developed area LANDSCAPING MIN. A majority of the plants shall be native. 28A. 1. Turf grasses only allowed if expressly permitted by Planning Board.8. school-aged child-care program (MGL c.northamptonma.

reducing the need to plant additional trees.1 new construction of 2. 1 shade per 15 parking spaces-2. 3.9 shall include the following as part of meeting the 1shade tree per:15 parking space tree planting: 1. grasses. etc only used as secondary material. and free of refuse and debris. Trees may not be cut down in this strip without site plan approval. The buffer may be reduced to a min. Buffer to residential districts: A 30’ wide buffer strip shall be planted along the boundary with any residentially zoned lot.HIGHWAY BUSINESS If checked Site Plan approval required by Planning Board See 11. neat and orderly in appearance. All landscaping shall be maintained in a healthy growing condition. Shrubs. and individual trees thereafter shall be maintained by the owner or occupants so as to maintain a visually impervious screen (upon planting) year round. Individual shrubs shall be planted not more than five feet on center. ground cover. 20’ width if the Planning Board finds that a sight-impervious wall or fence will be erected of appropriate materials and sufficient height to screen abutting properties and will provide at least as much mitigation as the vegetated barrier described above. It shall contain a screen of plantings of vertical habit in the center of the strip not less than three feet in width and six feet in height at the time of occupancy of such lot. 2. Same for all Access to parking over residential lot see §350-8. Engineered rain gardens or other green infrastructure elements are strongly encouraged for these islands. stone. At least 50% of the plantings shall be evenly spaced. Mulch.9  8/8/2011 . All plantings shall be arranged and maintained so as to not obscure the vision of traffic. flowers ranging up to 3’ in height.5”caliper at planting. Existing trees and ground cover should be preserved in this strip. PARKING Building/ Site Design ALLOWED USES (by-right unless otherwise noted) any mix or their accessory uses/structures including common drives Same for All Uses  Planning Board Landscaped islands constructed to meet requirements of §350-8. Islands shall primarily contain vegetation and/or sidewalk.000+ triggers site plan If checked Special Permit approval required by designated board DIMENSIONS See attached graphics for required treatment from curb to developed area LANDSCAPING MIN.

} 5 . {Amend 350-11.6G and.6 G (design guidelines) by deleting subsection entirely} {Add the following attached to and as part of Highway Business Table of Uses in proposed HB ordinance changes.Eleven Planning Board §350 11. modify design guidelines for uses in HB. 1 As part of King St zoning changes package. §350a‐Att.

or at an intermediate level. Cycle tracks may be one-way or two-way.1 Definitions in alphabetical order:} Cycle Track A cycle track is an exclusive bike facility that is physically separated from motor traffic and distinct from the sidewalk. a curb or median separates them from motor traffic. parking lanes. and sidewalks. add definition for cycle track {Add to 2. on-street parking. If at sidewalk level. . at sidewalk level. In situations where on-street parking is allowed cycle tracks are located to the curb-side of the parking (in contrast to bike lanes).Eleven Planning Board §350 2. If at street level. or bollards. and may be at street level.1 As part of King St zoning changes package. Cycle tracks have different forms but all share common elements—they provide space that is intended to be exclusively or primarily used for bicycles. they can be separated from motor traffic by raised medians. and are separated from motor vehicle travel lanes. while different pavement color/texture separates the cycle track from the sidewalk.

landscape screens.1 Non-Conforming by initial Enactment as follows:} The provisions of this section apply to actions in connection with nonconforming uses. and parking requirements within any commercial district.Eleven Planning Board §350 9. structures. buffers and curb cuts. The above sentence shall not apply to landscaping. plantings. . Any change of site within such district that triggers site plan approval or entails a change of use requires that the site come into compliance with the ordinance with respect to parking lot layout. amend Findings Section {Amend section 9.1 As part of King St zoning changes package. sidewalks. and lots as created by the initial enactment of this chapter or by any subsequent amendment thereto.

and 2.Eleven Planning Board §350 10. It must be designed around and to accommodate safe pedestrian flows within the site and to/from the site. . add standards for issuance of a special permit for drive through establishments. It must not require a second curb cut to the street to serve the drive through function. and 3. including raised crosswalks and/or other extraordinary measures. It may only be allowed when such use is not the principal use on the lot. {Add new section 350-16 as follows} 10.16 As part of King St zoning changes package.16 Establishments with drive through component allowed only by Special Permit from the Planning Board must meet the following in order to receive Planning Board approval: 1.

including provisions for sidewalks. buffers. during first two years must be specified on the plans. 11. this shall include considering the location of driveway openings in relation to traffic and adjacent streets. cycle tracks. cycle tracks. massing. The requested use will promote the convenience and safety of vehicular and pedestrian movement within the site and on adjacent streets.. Adequate schedule for maintenance. existing buildings and other community assets in the area as it relates to landscaping. setbacks. and: Access by non-motorized means must be accommodated with facilities such as bike racks. egress. the arrangement of parking and loading spaces. cycle tracks. .5 B3e Adequate pedestrian access. Landscape plans must be designed and stamped by a certified landscape architect or arborist. and bikepaths. to the extent possible. If applicable. sidewalk connections from the building to the street. including trees and other plantings (including the size and type of plantings). The requested use site will promote a function harmoniously in relationship of to other structures and open spaces to the natural landscape. screening. and fencing. cycle track. and bikepaths. bicycle and vehicular traffic movement on site must be separated. building orientation.Eleven Planning Board §350 11 As part of King St zoning changes package. minimize traffic impacts on the streets and roads in the area.6 B. cross-access easements to abutting parcels.5 B2(h) Existing and proposed landscaping. and sidewalks must be provided between businesses within a development and from public sidewalks. sight lines.6 F(2) Pedestrian. drainage. stone walls. access by public safety vehicles. C. amend portions of site plan criteria {Amend 350-11 sections as described below in redline and strikethrough} 11. and bikepaths to provide access to adjacent properties and between individual businesses within a development 11.6 H(payment-in-lieu of 2nd story) as follows: Delete subsections in their entirety. and provisions for persons with disabilities. and bikepaths that are clearly delineated through materials and/or markings to distinguish the vehicular route from the non-vehicular route. and 11. Rear and/or side wall facades within 50’ of a completed or planned section of a cycle track or bikepath shall have features that invite pedestrian access from that side of the building. Amend 350-11.