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Release for reprint: Friday, 10th June – 12:00 am

premiere: bi-monthly radio show for Indian Classics starts on Pentecost in Austria...
(Hamburg/North Germany - 10th June 2011) The promotion initiative IMC India meets Classic (founded in 2005) is expanding its media productions (radio) from Germany to Austria shortly after the start in Switzerland (6th and 9th May 2011). After more than five (5) years producing radio shows for Indian music culture (Hindustani, Carnatic) of round about 4,200 broadcasting minutes with very unique topics ( ) IMC - India meets Classic starts broadcasting on 12th June 2011 in Austria, regularly. The date of premiere is on Pentecost Sunday @ 11:00 pm . All details pls see here: During next 2.5 years (less) all existing shows will be re-broadcasted in Austria, as contracted. On every 2nd and 4th Sunday the inhabitants of Austria, the different communities of round about 14,500-15,000 Indians can enjoy at 11:00 pm European time the most outstanding Indian music maestroes of Hindustani and Carnatic music. All IMC radio shows same can be relistened later on (link of audio archive here: ) and re-read (moderation scripts (1:1 reprint): ). The initiator, founder/owner and media producer/moderator Lothar J.R. Maier had the pleasure to welcome in the Hamburg studio some unique guests e.g. Kala Ramnath (leading violinist of North Indian Classics), Ramesh Shotham (percussion), Trilok Gurtu (percussion/tabla), John McLauglin (Shakti / The Mahavishnu Orchestra), Arun Ghosh (IndoJazz Clarinetist) and others... some new and unique StudioTalks are following. IMC - India meets Classic designs all shows following its self given policy as InfoEduTainment (Information + Education + Entertainment) for promoting the inter-cultural dialogue between South Asia / India and Europe. Behind the show is a social project, too. Pls take notice of . Easily the audience can listen all broadcasting dates via Internet Radio worldwide, for now seven (7) regular dates of broadcasting in Germany, Switzerland and Austria during one month. The Internet Radio streams can be picked up from here: Enjoy listening to good music !

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