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STEPHEN LAFFERTY 42nd Legislative District Baltimore County Environmental Maners Comminee

Annapolis Office The Maryland House of Delegates 6 Bladen Street, Room 306 Annapolis, Maryland 21401 410-841-3487 800-492-7122 Ext. 3487 Fax 41O-841-35OI Stephen.

District Office 220 Bosley Avenue Towson, Maryland 21204 410-296-1699

August 8, 2011

The Baltimore County Council 400 Washington Avenue Towson, Maryland 21204 TO: The The The The The The The Honorable Honorable Honorable Honorable Honorable Honorable Honorable John Olszewski, Sr., President, Councilman, District 7 Tom Quirk, Councilman, District 1 Vicki Almond, Councilwoman, District 2 Todd Huff, Councilman, District 3 Kenneth Oliver, Councilman, District 4 David Marks, Councilman, District 5 Cathy Bevins, Councilwoman, District 6

Dear Council President and Members of the Baltimore County Council, The Baltimore County Council is in the midst of one of its most important responsibilities: setting the geographic boundaries for County Council representation for the next ten years! I know this is not an easy task and that each member takes this obligation very seriously. There are many factors involved in trying to establish Council districts. In an effort to find equity in population, you must also look at the impacts on neighborhoods throughout the County. I fully realize that one boundary adjustment can impact other adjacent council districts. The Advisory Committee proudly said that their proposed plan helps to reunify Reisterstown, Mays Chapel, Perry Hall and Hillendale. But, at what cost? Towson. Towson - the County Seat - is one community that has been ripped apart by this redistricting process. Two precincts aligned with Towson have been moved from the s" District and tacked onto the edge of the s" Council District. In doing so, Loch Hill and Glendale-Glenmont have been artificially removed from being part of the Towson electoral community. Similarly, Loch Raven Village has been divided. Precinct 9-15 is entirely on the west side of Loch Raven Boulevard yet Precinct 9-16, which is also on the west side, remains in District 5. And, by pushing 9-17 into District 6, Loch Raven Village is further split. These all belong together and should be part of District 5. What do either have in common in any regard with the balance of the s" district? The move ofthe Loch Hill community to District 6 is equally startling. Their children go to Stoneleigh Elementary School, are a part of the Greater Towson Council of Community Associations and invested in the activities in the neighborhoods adjacent to its west. Yet, the proposal joins them with Parkville and communities to their east with which they have absolutely no relationship. This is neither fair nor right for those residents.

I believe that the proposed configuration violates Charter Section 207 (b) which clearly requires the creation of "districts that are compact, contiguous and substantially equal in population and in due regard is given to the current natural, geographic and common boundaries". I strongly urge the County Council to reconsider the proposed alignment. Keep Precincts 9-15 and 9-17 in District together.

5 and reduce District 5 by, perhaps, Precinct 11-003 and 11-020. I know this is not a perfect solution. But, I am confident that you are capable of crafting a District that keeps the Towson neighborhoods The integrity of our communities to redraw these lines. Sincerely, and the County Seat demand a different configuration

of District S. I urge you

~~//L,11cStephen LaffertY?llf;#,~