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Allen Zhou Dinner essay

Bennett 2BD May 26th, 2011

Throughout the 19th century many events have occurred throughout it to help shape American to the way it is today. Some of these important events span from the gore of the civil war to the discrepancy of City in the industrial revolution. Other events that were more positive that occurred during the 19th century spanned from Abolitionism and suffrage movement to the Transcendentalist movements and communal experiments like New Harmony, Oneida community, and the Fourier phalanxes. One of the most exceptional movements that changed the American way of life throughout the developing country was the Abolition Movement. The Abolition Movement was an attempt to end slavery in the South and the bulk of the abolitionist population was of northern USA descent. Among the abolitionists, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, and William Lloyd Garrison were the main backbones of the movement: Harriet for her liberation of slaves, Douglas and Garrison for their publicity and activism. Although all three of these people contributed significantly, however, there¶s one more man who did far more effort than the latter; his name is Wendell Phillips and I¶d like to have dinner with him. There are many reasons why I would like to have dinner with a man like Mr. Phillips. One of these reasons is that Mr. Phillips was an actual hero of the majority people. Garrison, Douglas, and Tubman only invested their time in emancipating the slaves. Wendell Phillips devoted time to Abolitionism and towards the Civil rights of immigrants, especially the Irish, and Native Americans. In Regards to the Natives he stood by the Native Americans even though his popularity and opinions were unfavorable after Custer¶s Last Stand. Mr. Phillips earns an invitation to a dinner with me because his civil rights activism extended to more broad range of ethnicities and people than Mr. Garrison and etc. Another reason why I would like to meet Mr. Phillips is because I think he¶s underrated. Although it should be noted that Garrison, Tubman, and Douglass were backbones because they formulated arguments, freed slaves, and etc, it should be noted that Wendell was the voice of the movement. It was Mr. Phillips who attracted the most publicity towards the movement with his voice and the hours that he devoted towards speeches at the lyceums, huge halls where people went that they can hear debaters give speech and rhetoric. Another thing that impresses me about Wendell is his labor movement after the civil war. I personally respect Wendell in the political arena because he was one the few third party candidates who were able to get a high ranking political office. Throughout the life of Wendell Phillips, he has left many questions unanswered about his life. One aspect of his life that I¶d like to question him about would be his activism in slavery. Wendell was raised in Bostonian Aristocracy; I would ask him why he, who originated from the wealthiest families of Boston, would want to help slaves coming from his background. Robert Kennedy and Franklin Delano/Eleanor Roosevelt never saw the poverty that the other half of

During our conversation. and destitute. Wendell Phillips is given far too little credit that modern society gives him and should be as renowned as Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman. I personally am confused over the reasons why Wendell supported the civil rights of Irish and slaves simultaneously. however.´ His advocating for labor reform also is another thing that makes me respect him. He contributed more to the abolition movementaccording to historians. I would also like to give me a first-person description. a primary source about one of his more famous portrayals in history: the Anthony Burns Fugitive Slave Rescue.America-the poor. .due to his convincing speeches in American educational facilities as the ³Abolitionists¶ Voice. Given this fact and that Wendell also had the same economic background as the Roosevelt family and Kennedy family. Although there are many topics I¶d like to question Wendell Phillips about. Another topic I would discuss with Wendell Phillips is his reasons for supporting Irish Civil Rights in the USA and why he didn¶t feel hypocritical to support the Irish and Slaves. Aside from my rationales. I would like to ask Mr. Phillips that if he himself ever saw the cruelties of slavery first-hand and if he did. For Wendell Phillips the Anthony Burns controversy is one of those events in one¶s life that one will never forgot: the drama. I would no doubly try to get Wendell to describe to me that night. the outrage. Wendell Phillips is an individual who contributed to American History in a way that makes him worthy to have dinner with me.lived in until they personally viewed the poverty of the African-American neighborhoods for themselves until they were of 30-40 years of age. I want to learn about his rationales and I¶d like to document Wendell¶s description about the Anthony Burns Prison Riot. the homeless. and the emotions that had rung during that night. I¶ve always wondered about happened during slave rescues during the fugitive slave act. was the cruelties of slavery a bigger catalyst for his abolitionist views than the murder of Elijah Lovejoy. even though the majority of Irish during the Civil War were pro-slavery.