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Last Man LANing
Singapore Games Creation Competition Round 1- Game Document
Riteam2: Kenneth Sim (Team Leader) Joseph Chin Abdul Musawwir Bernard Boey


Number of weapons 4. Section I . Development Progress Introduction 1. Play Flow 4.4.Contents Page 1. Number of enemies 3. Game Name 2.2.4. Gameplay 4.2.1. Section II . Theme 1. Level #2 (Work-in-progress) .Game Overview 3.3.1. Number of levels 3.2. Mission/challenge 4. Game Progression 4.1.Gameplay and Further development 4. Target Audience 3.1.1. Project Scope Genre 3. Game Concept

The game depicts the enemies as addicted computer geeks which move like zombies.1 Theme In the modern 21st century.2 Game Name We chose the title of “Last Man LANing” to satirize a society addicted to Information Technology. we are trying to explicitly demonstrate the detriments that addiction can bring about in an exaggerated way and through the platform of games. they have allowed the excesses of the IT to inundate them and become overcome of the dependence on their gizmos. This also alludes to the fact that the world will become infested with literal zombies if we become over-reliant on the IT. It shows that that the last man not influenced by the taint of excessive addiction is valiantly combating against the ‘zombies’. Only by drawing clear boundaries and being cognizant of the schism between the two phenomenons aforementioned can we truly work towards a society that has a healthy cyber culture. As information becomes a freely available commodity. 1. In line with SGCC’s theme: Towards a healthy cyber culture. the demand for information has exponentially increased. It may also indirectly foreshadow the inescapable fact that the Last Man will become one of them during his quest to eliminate the banes of addiction to IT. . There is a need of our Generation Y to draw the fine line between utilizing IT for our purposes and being controlled by IT. Imagine the world without the internet highway and our gadgets. Yes. Rather than making their gadget do their bidding. The Last Man is ironically LANing to fight against these zombies. that flipside is none other than computer addiction. it is an accepted notion that the internet has brought about its pros but that also entails that there is a flipside.Introduction 1. Therefore. the very root of the problem in the first place. we live in a world where the internet and information technology is king.1.

Development Progress Early June – Brainstorm of ideas. Designing of Sprites for protagonist and enemies Late June – Modification of character sprites and inclusion of background scene Early July – Designed the buttons. Created Game Introduction Animation Mid June – Finalizing Game Plan. projectile sprites and minor tweaks to colour scheme Mid July – Begin on coding Process Late July – Finishing touches on coding and troubleshooting bugs and glitches .2.

1 Game concept Last Man LANing revolves around the very simple idea of one man against the rest of the world.4. We the advent of 3D graphics. the protagonist is flooded by enemies on all side and bullets. We were inspired by old time favourite games such as Space Invaders.3 Target Audience The game is generally aimed at young children who are newly exposed to the world of information technology. The Last Man is the world’s final hope in eradicating the problem of IT addiction. the player controls a lone character. 3. We wanted to make a game that exaggerated the current situation in the world where the enemies are zombies controlled by IT. 3. 3. This is supposed to symbolize the exponential rise in the addiction amongst the youngsters in our society. the message is generic and applicable to all and we feel that everyone regardless of age and gender should be exposed to the subject matter that we are trying to expound in our game. We hope that by playing the game. on repeated failures. often a spacecraft and shoots large numbers of enemies that spawn continuously while simultaneously dodging their attacks. the speed of the game will hasten and conditions will change slightly on repeated attempts. The important message that we wanted to convey was that addiction is a virus that can go out of hand and can very easily take over individuals if he/she is negligent. We want to spread the pertinent problem of addiction in an innocuous way.Section I – Game Overview 3. shmups became a niche genre catered to specialist enthusiasts. However. Though the game play is skewed towards the youngsters. they will become cognizant of the severity of the issue and refrain from allowing any form of technology to take over their lives. we only have one level.4 Project Scope 3. It takes great will to resist addiction when it comes knocking at your doors and we hope to warn others that the detriments of addiction are manifold and uncontrollable. The enemies will spawn at a greater rate but at the same time. more spawn in its place. .3. It is contagious as it has the power to influence others to follow the same footsteps. The protagonist faces off against a society of addicted and for every one that he defeats. In the conventional old school games. We think that this subgenre of shooter video games will aptly bring out the simplicity of the game idea but at the same time not lose the effect that the effort of the lone warrior (Last Man) against the rest of the addicted society is futile.2 Genre This Flash Game revives the Shoot ‘em up (shmup) genre of computer gaming that has its origins in the 1960s. We use shmups to accentuate the sheer magnitude of the situation and that as the game progresses. The player is allowed to retry on failure to complete the game. the protagonist will gain movement speed and firing rate will boost significantly to raise the player’s chance of completing the game.1 Number of levels At present stage of development.

4. However they have yet been implemented and is a feasible continuation of the project.3 Number of Weapons The main weapon used is the pistol at the start but as the game progresses. there will be weapon crate drops by defeated enemies.2 Number of Enemies In essence.3. Each enemy possesses different lives and thus the difficulty of destroying the enemies vary with type. . there is only one enemy sprite but there are numerous variants of enemies that serve different function and possess unique abilities.4. These will serve to aid the player is providing greater ease in clearing the waves of enemies. Some of them have the abilities to shoot huge projectiles while others fire scatter shots that cover a greater area but deals decreased damage. 3. There are also others that ‘kamikaze’ and rush head-on towards the protagonist to deal a huge amount of damage on contact.

there will be an instruction page that provides the player with basic information on how to play the game. there will be a greater spawn of enemies and bullet speed will increase corresponding to increase the pace of the game. Then. the player takes on the role of a lone protagonist who shoots down the enemies in his way and reaches the next stage on achieving a set amount of points.1. 4.2 Mission/Challenge The appeal of this game is attributed in part to the simplicity. there will be an option to replay and allow the player to pit his skills again at slightly different conditions mentioned earlier. 4.Section II – Gameplay and Mechanics 4. Aforementioned.4.1 Game Progression On the first try.1.2 Level #2 (Work-in-progress) The work on transition animation from level one to level two is under way. In the process. the enemies move at the normal set speed and fire at a constant rate. If he fails. 4. We are planning to include a short cut to introduce the detriments of addiction and introduce new variables in the new stage such as weapon drops and a greater variety of elements such as obstacles and types of enemies . the player will score points based on duration of survivability and the number and type of enemies killed.1 Gameplay 4. with each retry. Clicking on the play button.2 Play Flow The game starts will an animation that displays the credits and group title.1. The game simply requires the player to eliminate as many enemies as possible while at the same time avoiding the enemies’ attacks.