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Islamic Fatwa Prohibits Soccer

A strange Fatwa (Islamic religious sanction) demands that Muslims who play soccer must wear traditional full-length attire. In addition players are to spit in the face of the player who scores a goal. The fatwa asserts that the game is unlawful and he that plays it is an infidel The strange fatwa was published in an Islamic Internet websites. It has caused uproars of controversy in sports circles, especially in Saudi Arabia. As a result some players decided to retire the game, others has simply disappeared. Al Esbouaa Magazine publishes here excerpts from that fatwa which is attributed to a number of Saudi Sheiks and which prohibits the game of soccer unless certain conditions are met, such as:

The soccer field must not be marked with boundary lines because this is what the infidels do. The FIFAs internationally recognized rules of the game should not be observed. The customary soccer terms such as foul, corner kick, penalty kick, out, and goal, must be forbidden from use. A player that uses them must be expelled from the playground after telling him, You have emulated the infidels and the polytheist. The game cannot be interrupted if a player was injured while playing, even if it is a fracture in the arm or the leg. Showing a yellow or a red card to an offender must not be allowed because the Islamic Sharia should be the basis to settle all disputes in accordance to the dictates of the Quran and after hearing testimonies of those who witnessed the incident.

Among the provisions of the strange fatwa, the team should be less or more than the normal 11 players, to avoid conformity with the infidels.

The players must wear the Islamic traditional garb not the shorts and T-Shirts that have numbers because this is not the way Muslims dress.

The fatwa demands that the game is played in one single session, or three thirds, instead of the customary first and second half. There should be no over time, or penalty kicks to decide the winner, as the infidels do.

The fatwa doesnt allow game referees, because to utilize them implies compliance with international laws. In addition, there should be no spectators because the purpose from the game is to exercise, this is why everybody should participate in playing rather than just sitting on the sidelines.

The goals perimeters should be only two vertical posts. There should be no horizontal post in order to not conform to the infidels. If any player celebrates after scoring a goal, he should be rebuked and punished by spitting in his face because there should be no correlation between joy, hugging, and sports.

The fatwa forbids having alternate players, the reason, of course, is to not imitate the infidels.

Can we someday find a soccer game played according to this strange fatwa?!! The strange thing is that a number of players in unpopular teams in Saudi Arabia have accepted this fatwa and announced retiring the game.

Translation of an article published in Arabic by Al Esbouaa Magazine in Cairo