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FUN FACT Each of your eyelashes has a life span of around 150 days, before it falls out and is gone for ever

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Down 2 Amuse (9) 3 Showing a TV show again (9) 4 Club ___ : popular game (7) 5 Room where food is prepared (7) 7 Sound a horse makes (5)

Across 1 Irish singing duo with distinctive hairstyles (7) 6 Consume food (3) 8 The highest mountain (7) 9 Tense (7) 10 Frozen water (3) 11 Make bigger (7)

Did you hear about the wooden car? Wooden engine, wooden seats, wooden wheels, wooden doors, wouldnt start . . . May Jackson, 8

I went to see Around the World in 80 Days at the Scoop theatre, which is a free outdoor theatre right next to Tower Bridge in London. It was a sunny evening and I had a great time. It followed the story of Mr Fogg who went on an adventure around the world. It was full of singing, music, great costumes, puppets, very good acting, and lots and lots of laughs. It is on every ThursdaySunday evening through the holidays at 6pm and is definitely worth seeing. Robert Tower


Crack the code

How do you think we know so much about history? Partly it is thanks to diaries that people such as Samuel Pepys and Anne Frank wrote. So why not try writing your own diary someone might find it in the future and learn a lot about 2011! Weve been inspired by the Imperial War Museum in London, which is hosting a kids litera-

Can you crack the code using a mobile phone keypad? All the words are items you might find in a kitchen:

1 77666 2 3733937 3 722537

For answers see tomorrows G2

the festival activities is based around the wartime diarystyle book Archies War, written by Marcia Williams a G2 Kids favourite! In the story, 10-year-old Archie Albright makes a scrapbook of the first world war.


A large blank notebook or scrapbook Pens and pencils Glue Souvenirs 1 Decorate the cover of your scrapbook this could be with pictures of your favourite places, drawings of yourself, your pets and your friends. 2 On the inside page, put your personal details, your name, age and the town you live in. This is the sort of information historians would use to trace the origin of a diary or scrapbook in the future. 3 Date the top of every page, from today until the last day of the summer holidays.

4 Write an entry for every day of the holidays, about what you have done that day, where you have been and what you have seen. 5 Always be on the lookout for interesting things to collect for your scrapbook: ticket-stubs from places you have visited and natural objects such as leaves or flowers are good. You could draw pictures of something you have done that day. 6 Your scrapbook is a book of memories from your holiday, so make sure you keep it in a safe place. Then you can look back on it and remember what you did in the summer of 2011. For information about the IWM literature festival visit:
archies War by marcia Williams is published in paperback by Walker books priced 7.99. you can buy it from the Guardian bookshop for 6.39 (rrp 7.99) with free uK p&p. call 0330 333 6846 or visit guardianbookshop.


Name: Theo. Age: Five months old. Breed: Standard schnauzer. Best trick: We put a treat on his nose and he tosses it up and catches it in his mouth. Favourite food: Cheese he once stole my cheese sandwich! Lucy Corbett, 10

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Mondays answers Spot the difference: Henrys jumper has a green stripe; no ladder; no sword; smile upside-down; no bow-tie on the penguin; different-coloured stripes on the socks. Word wheel: There are lots of words, but the nine-letter word is chocolate.

ture festival from 13-21 August to coincide with its exhibition Once Upon A Wartime: Classic War Stories for Children. One of

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