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Numeric :-0 hbtu 0-:happy birthday to you @WRK At work 2bctnd to be continued.

2d4to die for 2g4uto good for you 2Ht2HndlToo hot to handle. 2l8too late 2WIMCTo whom it may concern 4eforever 4yeo for your eyes only A AAM As a matter of fact. AB Ah Bless! ADctd2uv Addicted to Love AFAIK As far as I know AKA Also known as ALlWanIsU All I want is You AML All my love ASAP As soon as possible ATB All the best ATW At the weekend AWHFY Are we having fun yet


B4 Before BBFN Bye Bye for now. BBS Be back soon BBSD Be back soon darling BCNU Be seein' you BF Boy Friend BGWM Be gentle with me (please) BRB Be right back BTW By the way

C Cld9? Cloud 9? Cm Call me Cu See you CUIMD See you in my dreams Cul See you later CUL8R See you later

D Dk Don't know Dur? Do you remember

Own Home GTSY Glad to see you . GG Good Game GMeSumLuvin Give me some lovin’! Gr8 Great GSOH Good Salary.E E2eg Ear to ear grin EOD End of discussion EOL End of lecture F F? Friends F2F face to face F2T Free to talk FITB Fill in the Blank FYEO For your eyes only. FYA For your amusement FYI For your information G GF Girlfirend.

. IOU I owe you IUSS If you say so J J4F just for fun JFK Just for kicks ..H h2cus Hope to see you soon H8 Hate HAGN Have a good night HAND Have a nice day HldMeCls Hold me close Ht4U Hot for You H&K Hugs and Kisses I IDK I dont know IGotUBabe Ive got you Babe IIRC If I recall correctly IMHO In my humble opinion IMI I mean it ILU I love You IMBLuv It must be Love IOW In other words.

JstCllMe Just call Me K KC keep cool KHUF know how you feel KIT Keep in touch KOTC Kiss on the cheek KOTL Kiss on the lips L L8 Late L8r Later Lol laughing out loud LTNC Long time no see LtsGt2gthr Lets get together M M$ULkeCrZ Miss you like Crazy! M8 mate MC merry Christmas MGB May God Bless Mob Mobile MYOB Mind your own Business .

I see. OTOH On the other hand P PCM Please call me PPL People Q QT Cutie .N NA No access NC No comment NE Any NE1 Anyone No1 No-One NWO No way out O O4U only for you OIC Oh.

R R Are RMB Ring my Bell ROTFL Roll on the floor laughing RU? Are you? RUOK? Are you Ok? S SC Stay cool SETE Smiling Ear to Ear SO Significant Other SOL sooner or later SME1 Some One SRY Sorry SWALK Sent with a loving Kiss SWG Scientific Wild Guess T T+ Think positive T2ul Talk to you later TDTU Totally devoted to you Thx Thanks T2Go Time to Go TIC Tounge in Cheek .

U U You UR Y ou are URT1 Your are the one V VRI Very W W4u Waiting for you WAN2 Want to WLUMRyMe Will you marry Me? WRT With respect to WUWH Wish you were here X X! Typical Woman .TMIY Take me Im yours TTFN Ta ta for now.

X Kiss XclusvlyUrs Exclusively Yours Y Y! Typical Man YBS You’ll be Sorry Z SMS Meaning :-) Smiley (-: Also smiling :) Smiling without a nose :' ) Happy and crying :-( ) Smiling with mouth open 8-) Smiling with glasses .

-) Twinkle . without nose :-* Kiss .[:-) Smiling with walkman :-)8 Smiling with bow tie {:-) Smiling with hair d:-) Smiling with cap C|:-) Smiling with top hat (:-) Smiling with helmet :-)= Smiling with a beard &:-) Smiling with curls #:-) Smiling with a fur hat :-D Laugher .) Twinkle.

without nose :'-( Crying :-c Unhappy :-|| Angry :-(0) Shouting :-< Cheated >:-( Very angry SMS Meaning :-O Wow .--- A rose :-( Sad :( Sad.@}--\-.

:-| Determined :-* Bitter O :-) An angel :-9 Salivating :-|/:-I No face/poker face :-<> Surprised %-6 Not very clever :-( ) Shocked :-~) Having a cold :-o zz Bored :-\ Sceptical :@ Shouting :-o Appalled .

:-X Not saying a word |-I Sleeping |-O Snoring %-} Intoxicated :-v Talking :-w Talking with two tongues B-) Sunglasses B:-) Sunglasses on head 8:-) Glasses on head {:-) Toupee }:-( Toupee blowing in the wind =|:-)= Uncle Sam <:-| Monk / Nun .

:^) Broken nose -:-) Punk @:-) Using a turban :=) Two noses :-# Razes <|-) Chinese :-{) With a moustache :-{} Lip stick :-? Smoking a pipe TXT SYMBOLS (EMOTICONS) / .

.) Cheeky wink .-) Flirty :* Kiss or :-x or :o* :x Blush Tongue-tied A person with multiple chins Marge Simpson John Travolta in 'Grease' quiff I am a vampire! .LET ME SEE IF I CAN DO THESE TO @@@@@:-) @:-) :[ ((:-/ I am bald £$£:-) I am rich! #:-/ My hair's matted.SMS Smileys WOW. arghhhh! :-))))))) D:-) Look I am wearing a sailor hat }:-(= Dracula :-& ( '}{' ) Boy and girl kissing :") .

Secret's safe with me ..^< Cat ####@### C=:-) Chef C8<] Darth Vader >:-) Devil }.o) Wink *^_^* A huge dazzling grin c|B-) Ali G o:-) :*) ? Are you drunk? £:-) Bad hair day :-o zz zz ZZ Bored or tired :-E Bucktoothed vampire })i({ Butterfly >^.-)> Devil A: ) Dick head 5:-) @:-) Elvis Presley Elvis Presley Centipede in a sombrero Angel .

9) Frog ~B-) Geek :-% :-]= :-) :-) .-)Zzz I'm sleepy :'-) :***-) I'm wearing body glitter B-) :-{} (-: It's the left hand smiley! (_x_) Kiss my butt @(*o*)@ Koala %-) Like my new glasses 8(:-) I'm wearing glasses ( therefore 'cool!') I'm wearing lipstick I'm so happy I'm crying Get Lost Goofy Happy I have an outie belly button have an innie belly button I have tangled hair .-) :-s I'm not making sense (-. :-) . #.

Mickey Mouse <:3 )~ }:-( My toupee is at risk from a high wind :-p Naughty (:-( Noel Gallagher :-O Oh no :-* Oops =^) Open-minded :@) Pig (:::[]:::) Plaster :-$ Put your money where your mouth is :-( Sad :-O Shouting (8-) Smiley (alternative!) Spider Mouse /\(oo)/\ .

:o) Sticking your tongue out :-p :-D :-@! Swearing @:-) :-" Whistling ¿8-| :-(*) You make me sick! :------------) X-( You're a big liar! WWF superstar the Rock (people's eyebrow) Wearing a turban Sticking your tongue out Sticking your tongue out You're mad! SIMPSON SYMBOLS (_8^(l) Homer @@@@:-) Marge 3 :-) Bart { :-) Lisa { :-* Maggie .

^d) Robbie Williams &:-) Justin N*SYNC {{:-) Ben A1 [:-c)) Craig David .:-c>~ Shane Boyzone -:----Kylie di:[ Eminem :-) Classic smiley :-o Amazement .Dressed to kill ::=)) Seeing .-) Wink :-)) Very happy |-) Hee-hee <3 I :-9 :-p :) Original smiley :-D Laugh loud love you :^D" Great! I like it! :-* Kiss :-s Confusion{} No comment Licking lips :-C Totally unbelievable :-@ Screaming :-X Big wet kiss :-7 Wry remark :-|| Angry %-) Confused *:* Fuzzy face Sticking out tongue :-( Frown double :> Develish grin (:-|K.8(/) "Doh!" POPSTAR SYMBOLS {.

Heart-broken %-) I'm tipsy 8-) Sender wears glasses :+( I'm hurt by that (-: Sender is left-handed <:-) Dumb :// Frustrated:3-< Dog :-{) #:-o Oh no! :-# My lips are sealed :*)? Are you drunk? <:-0 Eeek! question :@ Ouch! :-e I'm disappointed ~o~ Bird :-(*) Sick comment (:-) Bald d:-) Hats off to your great idea :-$ Put your money where your mouth is Sender has moustache |-| Going to sleep :@) Pig \o/ Praise the Lord *<:o) Clown :-{)} Sender has moustache and beard:=8) Baboon 8^ Chicken SMS / TXT LINGO WHAT DO ALL THESE ABBEVIATIONS MEAN? AFAIK as far as I know ASAP as soon as possible B be BCNU be seeing you BRB be right back BTDT been there done that BUZZ OFF buzz off .-(' I am spitting mad Partied all night :-| Hmmm :-& Tongue-tied ~#:-( Bad hair day :'-( I am crying #-) :*) I' tipsy :-o Oh O:-) Innocent but happy &:-) Sender has curly hair (:-...:-> Hey |:-0 No explanation #:-) Hair in a mess >.

laughing out loud free to talk get a life got to go great HAND have a nice day HOT4U H8 IYQ hate I like you hot for you IMHO in my humble opinion IMNSHO IM2GUD4U K LOL L8 okay laughing out loud OR loads of love late in my not so humble opinion I'm too good for you L8ER later .BTW by the way C CID COZ CU CYA DA see consider it done because see you see you the DYLM do you like me EZ easy FOTFLOL F2T GAL GTG GR8 falling on the floor.

my God PAW PLS PPL R parents are watching please people are RTFM read the flippin' manua RU are you RUOK are you okay SOZ sorry STFU shut the fuck up SUM1 someone THANQ THX TMB thank you thanks text me back TTYL talk to you later TXT BAC text back . I see OMG oh.LV M8 love mate MMFU my mate fancies you MTFBWU NE any anything may the force be with you NETHNG NE1 NO1 NP OIC anyone no one no problem oh.

& surprised confused tongue-tied \_/\_/ drinks for two -/-/SOX cool socks .TYVM thank you very much U you you are a cutie URAQT URA* you are a star WAN2 want to WBS with WIV W/O W/E write back soon without whatever WKND weekend WUD? what you doing WYGOWM will you go out with me XLNT excellent Y YR why your yeah yeah sure sure whatever YYSSW 1CE once 2DAY today 2MOR tomorrow 2NITE tonight 26Y4Utoo sexy for you :o ./ .