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Ysaias Villa

Ysaiasv@gmail 66 W North Avenue Hagerstown,MD 21740 301-991-3390 Contact Number

Professional Profile More than 20 years work in all aspects of civil engineering, consulted internationally. Project management, regulatory compliance, needs assessment, and contract preparation experience. Assess, plan criteria and effectively translate design concepts into project specifications. Proficient in English and Spanish. Major Projects/ Contracts Structural & Steel Designed, updated mechanical and facility, installed environmentally correct dust collector to meet clean air act regulations for Essroc. International Cement Plant Managed and supervised construction update of hangar at Newark International Airport. $20 million US Dollars. Renovated and brought up to standards 7 commuter rail stations in Brooklyn, NY. Extreme emphasis on safety for passengers and workers during this project. Served a project engineer for structural steelwork on Korean Permanent Mission to the United Nations, 13-story building. $ 40 Million. Rehabilitated historic Sugar House warehouse and converted building to luxury residential lofts while maintaining the historic look and architecture. Water/Wastewater Assistant Manager national regulatory agency for the installation and operation of drinking water sources and wastewater handling. Staff Engineer/Assistant Manager for Hydroelectric projects and water resources for irrigation, power, canals and transportation. Urban Planning Supervisor/Engineer for Board of Public Works on highway, bridge and transportation projects. Planned and designed utilities for up to 300 communities.

Recent Project Management History

SmitHahn Company - Martinsburg, WV project 2008 to 2009 Gonzalez G. C. - International company office in Dominican Republic 1998 to Present. Aztec Structural - New York, NY 1998 to 2001

Professional Development & Training

Masters Diploma, Civil Engineering ( Hydraulics & Sanitation), Independent University of Santo
Domingo, Dominican Republic. PE 11431 Construction Methods, Architecture and Surveying, Dominican College for Engineers. Certification Planing-Hydraulic Resources, OEA (American States Organization) ASCE member # 496258

Civil Engineer experience 1)collecting and interpreting hydraulic data for use in the design of bridges, culverts, and other conveyance structures; 2) making measurements of the flow of streams at times under conditions of above average difficulty; 3) performing hydraulic analysis using documented hydrology models; 4) conducting field surveys of bridge waterway openings, indirect stream flow measurement sites or flood profiles 5) preparing designs for structures appurtenant to flood control channels (diversion structures, high retaining walls, closed box channels, simple bridges) 6) developing competitive bidding cost estimates for a variety of civil works projects of multiple-use nature, or military construction projects in different geographic locations, with different climatic conditions and land characteristics; 7) preparing the preliminary, or planning, design and estimate for single-purpose buildings nature; 8) reconnoitering proposed routes and recommending final route selection for railroads or highways through public lands areas by field or aerial surveys; 9) utilizing given radiological safety criteria, preparing detailed designs for containers and facilities for shipping, handling, storage and disposal of radioactive materials; 10) preparing designs and specifications setting forth required capacity, size, location and materials and methods to be used in building varied roads, streets and allied structures in parks and recreational areas. 11) Well-versed in standard theory and practices in the field, but must have gained through further experience provide me the capability to identify and define the nature and scope of obscure problems, and to project assumptions and derive criteria from inconclusive or variable data; engages in intensive search and study of the approaches applied and results obtained, the findings of research and study of related problems, and manufacturers and laboratory reports on materials and equipment, or other similar sources of information; extends or modifies existing criteria or techniques or develops new approaches to the solution of problems; and may develop prototypes, models or other testing criteria and methods to try out or validate design assumptions and approaches. Some examples are 12) Individual work on advanced planning or design problems; responsibility for coordinating or monitoring planning and design work that is largely conventional in nature, but which encompasses a number of components or obscure problems 13) Responsibility for coordinating or monitoring planning and design work that is largely conventional in nature, but which encompasses a number of components or phases of projects 14) Technically responsible specialist (in a subject matter or functional area or on a type of facility) within organization in which their field constitutes a major activity and present problems of significant depth and complexity;

developing procedures and standards for carrying out their specialty in the organization, and represents the organization with authority on technical engineering matters within the specialty; individually performs advanced work relating to difficult or critical problems, and often leads the efforts of a team carrying out broad project assignments with emphasis in the area of specialization; must applying perception and analysis in depth of the variety of interrelated and conflicting conditions present in projects; applies experienced judgment in selecting optimum planning and design approaches from a technical, economic, and public need standpoint; and outstanding skill in representing the activity in connection with the assigned project, presenting and explaining controlling policies, objectives and needs to cooperating or concerned authorities, agencies, and groups. Specific examples are: 15) serving as soils and pavement specialist for airfields constructed in a number of locations in a regional area within the United States and on islands in the neighboring ocean, requiring attention to a variety of soil and terrain types; safety issues; tolerances; 16) coordinating the site investigation and planning for construction of systems and facilities to develop a river basin (normally including substantial areas in several States) for purposes of water conservation and supply, flood control, power development, irrigation, fish preservation, and recreational use, taking into account economic implications, various types of development, concerns of various special interest groups, etc.; 17) coordinating the development of the designs for the Master-controlling elements of a system of large multipurpose projects (for flood control, production of hydroelectric power, water supply and navigation, taking into account extreme variations in the amount and frequency of rainfall, the topography and the soil characteristics along the river basin involved, and unusual sediment loads and pollutive conditions in the main stream and tributaries these variations pose great difficulty in determining the operating limits and requirements of the components of the system; and other complicating factors;

18) Using an extensive knowledge of engineering methods, practices, equipment and materials, developing comparative engineering cost analyses and estimates that serve as the basis for (a) selection of design standards and construction systems for a nationwide Aqueduct-construction program,in cooperation with the Japan government(b) negotiation of settlements on construction contract changes. 19) My experience cover a variety of fields as consulting engineer I have the opportunity working with interdisciplinary consulting firms services include: 20) 21) 22) Environmental cleanup plans Response Action Plans (RAP) Construction Contingency Plans (CCP)

1. Risk assessments 23) 24) 25) 26) 27) 28) 29) 30) 31) 32) 33) 34) 35) 36) 37) 38) 39) 40) 41) 42) 43) 44) 45) 46) 47) 48) 49) 50) 51) 52) Environmental grant consulting Waste characterization Remediation engineering Regulatory liaison services Hazardous materials Groundwater/surface water interaction investigation Karst investigation/remediation Groundwater modeling 1.-Aquifer testing 2.Hydrogeology 3.-Infiltration testing 4.-Dewatering design Nondestructive examination services include: 1.-Computerized radiography 2.-Forensic x-ray testing 3.-Ground penetrating radar 4.-Industrial and architectural coatings consulting and inspection 5.-Infrared/thermography testing 6.-Level III consulting 7.-Liquid penetrant inspection 8.-Magnetic particle inspection 9.-Metallurgical analysis 10.-Positive material identification 11.-Radiography (x-ray, gamma ray) 12.-Ultrasonic inspection 13.-Welder and welding procedure qualifications 14.-Quality system auditing

Special inspections:
1.-Structural steel, welding/bolting, fireproofing 2.-Load testing

53) 54) 55) 56) 57) 58) 59) 60) 61) 62) 63) 64) 65) 66) 67)

3.-Structural/strength testing 4.-Aggregate testing 5.-Petrographic evaluation 6.-Microscopy 7.-Concrete testing 8.-Asphalt testing 9.-Geotechnical testing 10.-Soil testing 11.-Pavement evaluation 12.-Masonry/mortar and grout testing 13.-Window testing 14.-Specialty product testing 15.-Useful life determination 16.-Equipment calibration 17.-Failure analysis.

Computer Expertise 1.-I graduated in 2005 Network Systems Technology Associate of Applied Science In Information Technology 2.- Microsoft Office Suite, Windows, Auto-Cad, COBOL, FORTRAN, DOS, Basic, D-Base, Visual Basic.