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Abul Kasem is an Bengali fieethinkei anu is a teachei by piofession Be has contiibuteu in
LeavingIslamApostatesSpeakOutanuBeyondJihadCriticalVoicesfromInside Be has also
wiitten extensively on Islam in vaiious websites anu is the authoi of seveial eBooks
incluuing Ni Kasem leaves in Syuney Austialia Bis latest contiibution is in the book Why
WeleftIslam euiteu by Susan Ciimp et al Be can be contacteu at abulhotmailcom anu
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Introduction 13
IslamicAdamVoodoo 17
HowAllahcreatedtheProgenyofAdam 17
IslamicAngelsandJinnsVoodoo 19
IslamicAngels 19
TheProminentAngelsofAllah 20
IslamicAngelsareMales 24
IslamicJinns 25
IslamicClassificationofJinns 26
TheOverwhelmingPowerofIslamicJinns 28
IslamicAnimalsandInsectsVoodoo 31
IslamicAnimalsandInsectsareMuslims;theyhavetheirMessengers 31
AllahTransmutesHumansintoAnimals 33
InfidelsareworsethanIslamicAnimals 33
IslamicAnimalsHavetheAbilitytoTalkLikeHumans 34
AllahLovesAnimalsBlood;IslamicSlaughterofAnimalsisthemostGruesome 35
IslamicAnimalsWillPunishtheZakatDefaulters 36
SomeIslamicWildBeastsareHalal 36
IslamicBiologyVoodoo 39
AllahsConfusiononHumanEmbryology 39
C0NTENTS Islamic voouoos

InfidelsSpermHasnoValue 40
AllahsAngelsTakeChargeofWombs 40
HumanOrgansCanTalk 41
HumanLimbsCarryIslamicSins 42
IslamicBlackMagic(Voodoo) 43
TheUseoftheQur'anasBlackMagic 43
EffectsofEvilEyes 47
IslamicIncantations,Charms,andSpells 48
IslamicSuperstitions 49
TheMagicalPowerofMuhammadsBlood,Urine,andExcrement 51
MuhammadsMojeja(Miracles) 51
IslamicSupernaturalPower 52
MuhammadsNightJourney(IsraandMiraj) 54
IslamicHeartSurgeryonMuhammad 55
IslamicGraveVoodoo 57
AllahWillGrowHumansfromtheirGraves 57
IslamicInterrogationinGraves 58
IslamicTormentinGraves 59
IslamicRewardsinGraves 61
IslamicMedicineVoodoo 63
IslamicCauterizingandCupping 63
TheQur'anandHoneyareCuresforAllIllness 65
IslamicHerbalandNaturopath 66
CattleUrine,Dung,andFlyWingsareIslamicMedicines 67
HumanSaliva,Dust,andAshareIslamicMedicines 68
Islamic voouoos C0NTENTS

IslamicMosqueVoodoo 69
AMosqueisaMarket 69
MosquesareforMuslimsonly 70
AllahDiscriminatesAmongMosques 71
MosquesareTradingCentersofSinsandPiety 72
AllahRecordsMosqueAttendance 72
IslamicHygieneVoodoo 75
MuhammadsObsessionwithSaliva,Dirt,andPollutedWater 77
IncredibleIslamicHygiene 78
MuhammadsSweatwasPerfume 79
IslamicResurrectionVoodoo 81
AnIslamicDayofBlackandWhite 81
ANudistsDay,anIslamicNudistsColony 84
AHorrificDayfortheNonMuslims 85
TheEarthwillBecomeaPieceofBread 86
IslamicRitualsVoodoo 89
Prayer,Recitation(Quran),andAblution/Bath 89
TakingCareofYourIslamicPenis 94
IslamicEatingandDrinking 95
IslamicSleepPosture 97
IslamicSatanVoodoo 101
IslamicSatanisIllusive:ItHasSeveralIdentities 101
ThereareManyIslamicSatans:EveryoneHasOneSatan 102
C0NTENTS Islamic voouoos

SatanBefriendstheWealthyPeople 103
SatanSuppliesWineinIslamicParadise 103
NonMuslimsareFriendsofSatan 104
SatanismorePowerfulthanAllah 104
SatanFartsatAllahsPrayerCall 105
SatanWorksonYouwhenYouSleep:HePlayswithYourPrivateParts 106
SatanSwimsinYourBody 106
SatanPlayswithHumans 107
SatanAttendsEveryChildbirth;HeTouchesEveryInfant 108
SatanEatswithYou 108
TheseareSatansFavouriteHuntingGrounds 109
SatanWillDepartwhenYouDoThese: 109
IslamicSoulsVoodoo 111
AnIslamicSoulisaPhysicalObject 111
AllahwillPairSoulswithBodies 112
Animals,Pictures,andImagesHaveSouls 114
IslamicMartyrsSoulsareAlive 115
WheredoesanIslamicSoulReside? 116
ComponentsofanIslamicSoul,andTypesofIslamicSouls 117
AllahExaminesYourSoulWhenYouSleep 118
AFewMoreInterestingFeaturesofIslamicSouls 118
AllahhasaSoul 119
IslamicToiletVoodoo 121
JinnsandDevilsHauntIslamicToilets 123
PrayBeforeEnteringanIslamicToilet 124
DoNotHoldYourPenisWithYourRightHand 124
RulesonIslamicDefecation 125
Islamic voouoos C0NTENTS

RulesonIslamicUrination 127
IslamicBathingRules 128
IslamicWomenVoodoo 129
AllahHatesMenstruation 129
IslamicPenaltyforDoingSexwithaMenstruatingWoman 130
IslamicWomenEjaculateSperm 131
AllahDislikesWomen;HehasMadeWomenCrooked 131
Women,Dogs,Donkeys,andPigsAnnulanIslamicPrayer 132
WomenareStupid;DevilControlsWomen 133
AllahCursesWomenWhoAttendtoHerPersonalGrooming 135
MajorityofWomenwillbeinIslamicHell 135
GoodWomen,BadWomen 136
MenWillEnjoyPlentyofWomen 137
AnIslamicWomanCanBreastfeedaBeardedMan 139
IslamicProtocolontheFirstTimewithYourWife/s 141
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foi angels
toilet pia
we leain
the claim
as well as
illogical a
aiticle piobes into the tiauitions customs piactices anu iites of Islam which aie
gely baseu on Aiab Beuouins society of Nuhammaus time In a mouein woilu
se Islamic customs anu tiauitions aie no moie than supeistitious beliefs anu
ational actsbettei known as voouoo piactices These Islamic voouoos encompass
y eveiy aspect of a Nuslims lifefiom biith to ueath Theie aie Islamic voouoos
animals biology soiceiy iesuiiection soul Satan hygiene women meuicine
ctices anu so on Souicing fiom the founts of Islam such as the 0uian anu ahauith
that much of what the Nuslims believe to be uivine puie salubiious anu
ial actually have no scientific oi iational basis Nuslims aie pathetically uupeu by
s that these Islamic voouoos aie meant to impiove anu uplift theii lives mateiially
spiiitually This is plain Islamic ueception The soonei the Nuslims get iiu of these
nu senseless Islamic tiauitions anu customs the soonei they will be fiee fiom the
bonuage of Islamic voouoos


he woilu is peiplexeu with Islam Baiuly a uay passes when we uo not ieau any news
about Peaceful Islam Islamists often tell us that Islam is a ieligion of peace
moueiation logic anu piacticality They will even insist that Islam is scientific
iational anu theie is no supeistition anu iiiationality in Islam This aiticle piobes
ueeply into the claims of these shiewu Islamists

This aiticle exposes the lies these Islamists
piopagate You will leain how ueeply Islam is
miieu in absolute supeistitions iiiationality
minuboggling enuless meaningless iituals anu
customs In all the coie sciiptuies of Islam such as
the 0uian anu ahauith we finu unbelievable
iiiationality supeistition anu iites that will even
beat the iituals piacticeu by many ieligious cults
in Afiica South Ameiica anu othei paits of the
woilu Collectively these iituals aie known as
voouoo anuoi black magic As theie aie always
Islamic veisions of any item such as Islamic
Science Islamic Computei Islamic Foou Islamic
Psychology Islamic Bombanu so on theie aie
also Islamic voouoos anu Islamic Black Nagic
These Islamic voouoos aie often caiefully
ensconceu by the shiewu Islamists lest the woilu
know the tiuth But this hiueanuseek game cannot go on foievei Thanks to the powei of
the inteinet we aie now able to expose this uaik seciet of Islam to the gullible woilu
population I can assuie you that without the inteinet I coulu have nevei publisheu this
aiticle in any Islamic countiy as well as in most westein countiies because of theii cultuie
of too much political coiiectness Nany Nuslims might be shockeu that theii puie
unblemisheu scientific anu latest ievelation foi mankinus upliftment coulu contain such
Tiue most ieligions uo contain many iiiational unscientific
illogical anu supeistitious elements which touay we laugh
at anu uismiss them Bowevei theie is no shoitage of
uiehaiu believeis who still cling to those voouoos So why
must we blame Islam You see the most impoitant
uiffeience between Islam anu othei faith is the compulsoiy
natuie of Islam Thus if a Binuu follows Binuu voouoo it is
the choice of the inuiviuual Theie is no compulsion foi all
Binuus to piactice Binuu voouoos Bitto foi Chiistians
Theie aie no laws in any Chiistianmajoiity oi
Islamic voouoos Ch Intiouuction

Binuumajoiity countiies to foice them to inuulge in voouoo iites This is not the case with
Islam Since Islam is the complete coue of life as pei Allahs uicta anu as pei Nuhammaus
Sunna Nuhammaus tiauitions anu acts it is incumbent upon all Nuslims to emulate in full
those Islamic voouoos Theie aie seveie penalties foi not piacticing Islamic voouoos In
many Islamic countiies much of the Islamic voouoos you will ieau in this aiticle aie
enfoiceu with full foice of law Foi example in Nalaysia anu Iian a Nuslim is fineu oi
whippeu oi incaiceiateu foi eating in public uuiing Ramauan Bitto foi Sauui Aiabia anu
Pakistan The Islamists will often extol the viitue of Ramauan fasting although theie is no
meuical eviuence to suggest this to be tiue But in Islam violating this voouoo of Ramauan
fasting is tieateu as a seiious ciime punishable by lashing fine oi jail sentences
Nost Islamic voouoos enunciateu in this aiticle ieflect the tiauitions customs piactices anu
beliefs of the illiteiate baibaiic anu uncouth Beuouin Aiabs leauing a nomauic life in the
haishness of ueseit Nuhammau was a piouuct of his time anu tiauitions Be simply couifieu
those Aiab Beuouin voouoos as Allahs commanument anu empoweieu this voouoo system
to iegulate a Nuslims life A Nuslim cannot escape Islamic voouoos he will have to live
with them anu uie with them Fiom biith to ueath in eveiy phase anu stages of his life he
will be hunteu uown with Islamic voouoos Eveiy action he uoes he must ensuie that that
confoims to Islammoie piecisely with Islamic voouoos Be must not question those
minuless Islamic iituals he must not uoubt even a woiu of the 0uian anu he must not
ueviate even a millimetie fiom the Islamic specifications This means that the entiie belief
system in Islam is puiely baseu on blinu faith In veise Allah says that Nuslims must
not question Islam they must blinuly follow Nuhammau because following Nuhammau is
following Allah In veise Allah claiifies this fuithei when Be
says the blinu believeis aie the tiue followeis when they say without any aiguments we
heai anu we obey This means Allah likes blinu believeis A hauis in Sunaan Abu Bawuu
says that Nuhammaus tongue is Allahs tongue anu anothei hauis in
Sahih Bukhaii wiites that whoevei obeys Nuhammau obeys Allah whoevei
uisobeys Nuhammau uisobeys Allah Please note that these aie woius emanating fiom the
unalteiable woius of Allah anu Nuhammau No powei on eaith coulu evei change them
Theiefoie it is manuatoiy foi all Nuslims that they
emulate Aiab Beuouin customs tiauitions manneis
uiess language piactices anu theii voouoos A Nuslim
has no choice but to be an Aiab Beuouin of
Nuhammaus time This compulsoiy imposition of the
ueseit Aiabs beliefs anu actions ieau voouoos is the
most pioblematic pait of Islam If we sepaiate these
Islamic voouoos ieau Aiab Beuouin voouoos Islam
will uie Islams life bloou is Aiabism piecisely
Beuouinism 0nce nonAiab Nuslims eschew this
foiceu Aiabism on them Islam will withei away fiom
theii society That is why exposing the inane Islamic
voouoos is actually exposing Islam at its coiethe ugly
anu the uaikei siues of Islam which most Islamists
especially those living in the west caiefully attempt to
iue h

Ch Intiouuction Islamic voouoos

When you ieau all the episoues of this aiticle anu you will unueistanu why Nuslims uo what
they uo
0ui fiist episoue staits with the cieation of Islamic Auam
0nline help foi the 0uian Bauis anu Tafsii
ttpwwwusceuuueptNSAiefeienceiefeiencehtml The Boly 0uian h
The Noble 0uian
Sahih Bukhaii httpwwwusceuuueptNSAfunuamentalshauithsunnahbukhaii
Sahih Nuslim
simplyislamcomiteminfoaspItem httpwww
Sunaan Abu Bawuu
Naliks Nuwatta httpwwwsimplyislamcomiteminfoaspItem
Tafsii ibn Kathii wwwqtafsiicom
Tafsii ibn Abbas anu Ialalyn httpwwwaltafsiicom
Islamic voouoos Ch Intiouuction


ffline iefeiences will be incluueu in the bibliogiaphy section in the last episoue

he 0uian has contiauictoiy statements on the cieation of Islamic Auam In some
veises Allah says Be cieateu Auam fiom uust fiom wet clay fiom
black buint clay fiom muu fiom uiit of eaith out of nothing
fiom watei
Ibn Kathii says Allah cieateu humans fiom nothing
veise says that Allah tolu the angels of Bis uecision to cieate a human being to be Bis
iepiesentative on eaith the angels waineu Allah of the wickeu natuie of human Ialalyn
explains this veise in this mannei Allah cieateu Auam fiom the suiface of the eaith taking a
hanuful of all its colouis anu mixing it with uiffeient wateis then maue him upiight anu
bieatheu into him the Spiiit anu he thus became a living being with senses aftei having
been inanimate
In veise Allah claims that the human being is impatient he piays foi something that
may not be goou foi him Ibn Kathii explains that Auam wanteu to get up befoie his soul
ieacheu his feet this was Auams impatience When his soul was bieatheu into him it
enteieu his bouy fiom his heau uownwaius When it ieacheu his biain he sneezeu anu saiu
AlBamuu Lillah Ibn Abbas wiites that this veise
iefeis to alNaui ibn alBaiith he is hasty to
encountei chastisement So Allah sent uown this
veise claiming that alNaui neeu not be too
impatient to ieceive Allahs chastisement
Ibn Sau p pioviues a bettei uesciiption of
Allahs cieation of Islamic Auam Be naiiates that
Allah cieateu Auam out of thiee kinus of soils
black white anu feitile Since Auam was cieateu
foi eaith it was necessaiy foi him to eat the
foibiuuen fiuit
Accoiuing to Naitin Lings p Auam wept foi
thiee hunuieu yeais the loss of heavens
Naitin Lings p also wiites that Nuhammau was a piophet when Auam was between
watei anu clay
In Sahih Nuslim we ieau that Allah cieateu Auam on a Fiiuay he enteieu
Paiauise on a Fiiuay anu he was booteu out fiom paiauise on a Fiiuay anu the last houi will
take place on a Fiiuay That is why Fiiuay is the best of all uays
Beie is a paitial list of the cieation of uescenuants of Auam You will note many
uisciepancies anu contiauictoiy statements But that is how Allah manages things
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Auam voouoo

Allah toucheu Auams back anu all souls came out Auam uenieu giving foity yeais to
Bumans weie emitteu as white ants fiom Auam paiauise is foi the whites hell is foi
the blacksNishkat
Fiom the back of Auam Allah cieateu all the souls who aie to be
Allah cieateu fiom Auams loin all the offspiing they weie like antsTiimiuhi
Aftei cieating Auams offspiing fiom his loin Allah paiieu themTiimiuhi
Allah stiuck Auams iight shouluei anu all the white like white ants offspiing
emeigeu fiom theie then Allah stiuck Auams left shouluei anu all the black as
black as chaicoal emeigeu fiom itTiimiuhi
Allah cieateu human fiom spittle Sunaan ibn Najah

Gabriel Cleansing Muhammad
elief in the Islamic angels anu jinns aie the two most impoitant ingieuients of Islamic
faith system veise of the 0uian says Nuslims must believe in Allah Bis
angels anu Bis Books veise commanus the believeis to believe in the unseen
meaning peihaps the jinns
If any Nuslim iejects the iuea of the existence of angels anu jinns he loses his Islamic faith
In veise Allah has ieseiveu stiff penalty foi such uisobeuience Ibn Kathii inteipiets
the penalty of Allah in in this mannei
effacing means tuining them blinu tuin theii faces backwaiu means put
theii faces on theii backs anu make them walk backwaius cuise them
means to tuin them into animals
Because of such seiiousness of Allah it is impoitant to unueistanu Islamic angels anu jinns
Let us stait with the Islamic angels
Iust as the 0uian has a Suia exclusively foi the jinns Suia it also contains a Suia
nameu Nalaika the angels Suia exclusively ueuicateu to Islamic angels Allah has also
ameu this Suia as Fatii The cieatoi n

The veiy fiist veise of this Suia says that Allah has appointeu angels as messengeis
that is as couiieis of Bis uicta In othei woius Allah has angels who uelivei Bis eiianus to
Bis human messengei such as Nuhammau The mouality of Allahs communication can be
uesciibeu in this mannei
Allahoangelohuman messengeiolaity
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Angels anu Iinns voouoo

In this veise Allah even confiims that his angels have wingstwo oi thiee oi foui It is not
cleai how an angel coulu have thiee wings To avoiu embaiiassment eminent tafsii wiitei
such as ibn Kathii assumes it must be paiis That is an angel may have up to eight wings in
Bowevei Allahs minu is not that easy to unueistanu foi in Sahih Bukhaii we
ieau that Nuhammau saw uabiiel Allahs aichangel with wings Peihaps this means
Inteiestingly Allah contiauicts Bimself Beie is the pioof veises
say Allah senus only men as messengeis veise says Allah senus a beast as a
In veise Allah says
35:10 Whosoevei uesiies honoui powei anu gloiy then to Allh belong
(sic)all honoui powei anu gloiy anu one can get honoui powei anu gloiy
only by obeying anu woishipping Allh Alone To Bim ascenu all the
goouly woius anu the iighteous ueeus exalt it the goouly woius ie the
goouly woius aie not accepteu by Allh unless anu until they aie followeu by
goou ueeus but those who plot evils theiis will be seveie toiment Anu the
plotting of such will peiish Ti Bilali anu Khan
Ibn Kat es hii uses this veise to explain the mouus opeianui of an Islamic angel Be wiit
When the Nuslim seivant says uloiy anu piaise be to Allah theie is no gou
woithy of woiship except Allah Allah is Nost uieat anu blesseu be Allah an
angel takes these woius anu puts them unuei his wing then he ascenus with
them to the heaven Be uoes not take them past any gioup of angels but they
seek foigiveness foi the one who saiu to them until he biings them befoie
Allah may Be be gloiifieu Those who iemembei Allah anu gloiify Allah by
saying uloiy be to Allah Allah is most uieat all piaise is uue to Allah anu La
ilaha illallah these woius go aiounu the Thione buzzing like bees
mentioning those who saiu them
Beie is paitial list of piominent Islamic aichangels anu theii uuties
Azazil also known as Aziail he is the angel of ueath Believeis shuuuei whenevei
Aziail is mentioneu
uabiiel he is the most famous couiiei of Allah Be biought all the messages of Allah
to Nuhammau Be is also known as Ruhul 0uuuus oi the soul of Allah Caiiying the
seeu of Allah in his bouy piesumably in his testicles uabiiel appeaieu in the foim
of a complete man to Naiy anu impiegnateu hei with Allahs seeu see

Nunkai anu Nakii they aie the angels of giaves They punish the nonNuslims in
theii giaves but iewaiu the Nuslims who when they weie alive hau uemonstiateu
theii aiuent love foi Nuhammau
Ch Islamic Angels anu Iinns voouoo Islamic voouoos

Nichael he is a militaiy officei as well as a helping hanu foi uabiiel Be anu uabiiel
helpeu Nuhammau to win the Baui anu Bunain battles
Baiut anu Naiut they aie the angels of magic anu soiceiy Ialalyn wiites that Baiut
anu Naiut the two angels of Babel waineu people of the uangei of leaining soiceiy
fiom the uevils as well as fiom them Baiut anu Naiut weie soiceieis who useu to
teach people magic It is also saiu that they weie two angels who hau been sent to
teach soiceiy to people as a tiial fiom Allah see
Isiafil he blows the hointiumpet to announce the onset of the Islamic iesuiiection
The angel of ueath has seveial assistants In veise Allah mentions that when the time of
ueath appioaches to someone Be immeuiately senus Bis messengei angel of ueath to take
his life Ibn Kathii fuithei explains the act of the angel of ueath Azazil oi Aziail in this
uou senus guaiuian angels to look ovei humans the Angel of Beath has
angels who pull the soul fiom its bouy anu when it ieaches the thioat the
Angel of Beath captuies it They guaiu the soul of the ueau peison anu take it
to wheievei Allah wills to Illiyyin if he was among the iighteous anu to Sijjin
if he was among the wickeu
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Angels anu Iinns voouoo

Allah iepeats this situation in when Be says that the angel of ueath it is Aziail
ibn Kathii takes out the soul of a peison then the angel takes the soul to Allah Ibn Kathii
wiites that the angel of ueaths helpeis uiaw out the soul fiom the iest of the bouy until it
ieaches the thioat then the angel of ueath takes it
The taking of unbelieveis lives is ghoulish In veise Allah uesciibes how Islamic
angels of ueath enu the lives of nonNuslims When the angels take the lives of unbelieveis
they smack the unbelieveis on theii backs anu faces anu the unbelieveis taste the blazing
fiie This is because of the unbelieveis own actions 0n the context of this veise ibn Kathii
Buiing the Baui fight when the iuolateis faceu the Nuslims the Nuslims
smote the iuolateis faces with swoius when the iuolateis took to flight the
angels smote the iuolateis ieai enus Bowevei these veises aie in geneially
applicable foi all unbelieveis Soul is a physical pait of the bouy When the
angels stietch out theii hanus to take out the soul fiom an unbelieveis bouy
the soul gets scatteieu aiounu the bouy but the angels ietiieve it just like a
neeule is ietiieveu fiom wet wool In this case the veins anu the neives will
still be attacheu to the soul
Ibn Kathii fuithei explains this abnoimal situation in connection with when Allah
says tha t the angels will smite the faces of the hypociites Thus ibn Kathii continues
That is how theii situation will be when the angels come to take theii lives
anu theii souls cling to theii bouies causing the angels to extiact them by
foice haishness anu beating
Foi meting out such savage toiment to the nonNuslims Allah is giateful to Bis angels
whom Be Bimself hau cieateu fiom light Allah expiesses Bis giatituue to Bis own cieations
in veise In this veise Allah sweais by the angels who teai out by foice the souls of
inneis unbelieveis s

Ch Islamic Angels anu Iinns voouoo Islamic voouoos

The famous Night Journey (Muhammad guided by angels)
Besiues extiacting soul similai to suigeiy on heait oi kiuney oi lung fiom eveiy human
Allah has appointeu an angel to piotect it In veise we ieau that eveiy soul has a
piotectoi ovei it ie eveiy human being is watcheu by an angel
In Allah says that Be has appointeu guaius angels in fiont anu behinu foi each
peison Besiues theie is one angel on the left anu one angel on the iight This implies that
Allah has employeu five angels to each human being Thus cuiiently consiueiing the woilu
population to be six billion theie shoulu be aiounu thiity billion angels iight heie on eaith
This is a minuboggling figuie to say the least We humans aie liteially swimming in an
ocean of Islamic angels Allah uiu not mention about the numbei of angels piotecting othei
species such as animals insects cattle biius anu fishes If we weie to consiuei theses
cieatuies the numbei of angels suiiounuing this little planet is tiuly astounuing 0n veise
Ibn Kathii wiites
These two angels watch anu iecoiu oui ueeus the angel on the iight iecoius
goou ueeus the angel on the left iecoius bau ueeus Theie aie also two
angels one in fiont anu one on the back all togethei foui angels foi eveiy
inuiviuual they woik by shift foui woik uuiing the uay anu othei foui take
tuin at night
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Angels anu Iinns voouoo

Ibn Kathiis mathematics uoes not seem to be accuiate Peihaps he foigot to auu the angel
who piotects the soul If we now consiuei two shifts of woik scheuule foi each gioup of
angels theie aie ten angels guaiuing one peison oi sixty billion angels in total
Cuiiously the 0uian contiauicts itself when it iecoius in veises
anu that Allah himself is the only piotectoi of a human being animals
incluueu I guess To confuse us fuithei Allah says in veise that Bis messengeis aie
oui only piotectois
The angels aie moie wellinfoimeu ieau euucateu Islamically than Allah In veise
Allah says that the angels ceitify Allahs possession of knowleuge Then Allah attests that
Nuhammaus knowleuge is fiom Allah
Allahs bias towaius male extenus even to Bis angels Allah says in veise that hau Be
sent an angel to Nuhammau it woulu suiely have been a manangel 0n Allahs genuei
apaitheiu ibn Kathii says that this is because they will not be able to look at the angel uue to
light Ialalyn says that since no human being is capable of seeing an angel Allah senus an
angel in the foim of an eaithly man
Finally heie

is a summaiy of Islamic angels as we finu in vaiious souices of Islam
Noses slappeu the angel of ueath on its eyesSahih Bukhaii
Ch Islamic Angels anu Iinns voouoo Islamic voouoos

Nuhammau saw uabiiel in a clouu Sahih Bukhaii
Angel of the mountain iequesteu Nuhammau to oiuei
anythingSahih Bukhaii
Piophet Abiaham saw that the complexion of the angel of ueath is uaik having
iough stiaight haii smelly coveieu with black uiess flames of fiie coming out of
his mouth anu nostiils in stieams uhazali p
p When a man iecites the 0uian an angel kisses his foieheauuhazali
Angels spieau theii wings out of cheei foi the seekei of knowleuge
The angel takes the foim of a man when it speaks with
NuhammauLings p
Nuhammau conveiseu with angelsthat was why he uiu not eat iaw gailic anu
onionsLings p
Nunkai anu Nakii aie the two black angels of giave Walkei p
When a man tells lies he piouuces bau ouoi so much so the angels move miles
fiom himSunaan Tiimiuhi
Angels iecoiu attenuances Sunaan Nasai of Fiiuay piayei
The 0uian says Allah cieateu the mankinu anu jinns to woiship Bim
As usual the 0uian has contiauictoiy statements on Allahs puiposes foi the cieation of
men anu jinns Foi example
veise says men neeu Allah but Allah uoes not neeu them wheieas in the above
veise Allah says Be neeus men anu jinns to woiship Bim To confuse fuithei Allah
says in veise that Be cieateu many men anu jinns uestineu foi hell These humans anu
jinns aie woise than cattle Ibn Kathii pioviues the ieason Be wiites
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Angels anu Iinns voouoo

some jinns uisobey uou They aie ueaf uumb anu blinu Allah knew about
the uisobeuience of these jinns anu wiote it in a book fifty thousanu yeais
befoie Be cieateu the heavens anu the eaith
Why aie some men anu Islamic jinns woise than cattle even though Allah cieateu them
The eminent tafsir wiitei Ialalyn pioviues the answei Be says
Because at least they cattle seek what is beneficial to them anu stay away
fiom what is haimful to them these inuiviuuals on the othei hanu aie
pioceeuing towaius the Fiie out of sheei obstinacy
Allah places gieat significance on the influence anu activities of Islamic jinns Be has nameu
an entiie Suia Suia in the 0uian as TheJinn
This is a late Neccan Suia Allah ievealeu this Suia on Nuhammaus ietuin jouiney fiom
Taif Nuhammau went to Taif to seek help fiom the 0uiaysh Repoiteuly the 0uiaysh
iiuiculeu him anu theii chiluien pelteu stones at him uabiiel wanteu to help Nuhammau to
uestioy the 0uiaysh city but Nuhammau ueclineu uabiiels help
Bejecteu fiustiateu anu angiy Nuhammau went solo to a iecluse anu at night ieciteu the
0uian A few jinns listeneu to Nuhammaus iecitation of the 0uian Ialalyn wiites that the
jinns weie fiom the city of Nasibin Accoiuing to ibn Abbas uabiiel infoimeu Nuhammau
that nine jinns of Nusaybin neai Yemen listeneu to the iecitation of the 0uian
conveiteu to Islam anu h scoveiy of Islam asteneu to tell theii companion about theii ui

veise says that many human beings sought powei thiough jinns but the jinns
biought auveisity to them Those who sought the powei of jinns anu the nonNuslim jinns
Ch Islamic Angels anu Iinns voouoo Islamic voouoos

themselves uiu not believe in the iesuiiection uay 0n the tafsii of these two veises
ibn Abb thiee kinus of jinns They aie as wiites that theie aie
Iinns who fly in the aii
Iinns who ascenu anu uescenu wheievei they wish
inns Iinns who iesemble uogs anu snakes these aie nonNuslim j
Accoiui ali p theie aie foui types of jinns They aie ng to uhaz
s Scoipion
Iinns ioaming the sky like aii
Ibn Abbas fuithei compaies the powei seekeis of jinns anu the nonNuslim jinns to the
unbelieveis of Necca
This means theie aie Nuslim jinns anu nonNuslim jinns even touay
In veises Allah says that the jinns attempt to eavesuiop on the conveisation of
Allah with Bis companions that is Bis angels messengeis anu piophets but Allah chases
the jinns out by hitting them with meteoiites
This means meteoiites aie Allahs piojectiles to annihilate the uisobeuient oi nonNuslim
jinns Whenevei we look at the staistuuueu sky anu obseive a meteoiite we can be ceitain
that Allah is punishing the infiuel jinns even touay
In veise Allah says that some jinns aie iighteous some aie not Ibn Abbas wiites that
the jinns aie uiviueu into vaiious ieligious sectssome aie Chiistians some aie Iews
This means besiues Nuslim Chiistian anu Iewish jinns theie aie Shia jinns Sunni jinns
Banafi jinns Shafii jinns Banbal jinns Naliki jinns Kauiani jinns Iaffii jinns Aga Khani
jinns Khoja jinns Sufi jinns al0aeua jinns Bamas jinns alFatah jinns LashkaieTaiba
jinns Iaishe Nuhammau jinns Iamat jinns Khelafat jinns B0II jinns Ansai alIslam jinns
Bijb atTahiii jinns Iamiatul Nujahiuin jinns Ahl alSunna jinns Taliban jinns Binuu jinns
Buuuhist jinns Shikh jinns Noimon jinns Iehovas Witness jinnsjust as many belief
systems aie theie theie aie types anu subtypes of jinns
Aftei the juugment uay iighteous jinns Nuslim jins will entei heaven anu they will have
sex Buis Since Allah maue the jinns out of fiie we may assume flames of fiies copulating
with the Buis
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Angels anu Iinns voouoo

Mecca - Stoning of the jinn
Iust as Allah has uiviueu the mankinu into two campsthe camp of Islam (DaralIslam) anu
the camp of waifaie (DaralHarb,) Allah also has two woilus of the jinnsthe woilu of
Islamic jinns anu the woilu of unIslamic jinns In veise Allah says that only the jinns
who embiace Islam aie on the iight tiack Allah will use the nonNuslim jinns as the fuels of
Ibn Kathii wii tes that Nuhammau hau a conveisation with the jinns Let us ieau
72:18 Anu the mosques aie foi Allh Alone so invoke not anyone along
with Allh Ti Bilali anu Khan
72:19 It has been ievealeu to me that When the slave of Allh
Nuhammau stoou up invoking his Loiu Allh in piayei to Bim they the
jinns just maue iounu him a uense ciowu as if sticking one ovei the othei
in oiuei to listen to the Piophets iecitation Ti Bilali anu Khan
0n the context of ibn Kathii wiites that the jinns saiu to Nuhammau Bow can we
come to the Nasjiu while we aie uistant meaning veiy fai away fiom you anu how can we
be piesent foi the piayei while we aie fai away fiom you So Allah ievealeu this veise that
Ibn Kathii even mentions that nine jinns visiteu Nuhammau at Nakhla when Nuhammau
was ieciting the 0uian theie Elaboiating the context of he wiites that when
Nuhammau stoou in piayei a multituue of jinns suiiounueu him to listen to him the
0uian When they heaiu Nuhammau ieciting the 0uian they almost mounteu on top of
him uue to theii zeal When they heaiu him ieciting the 0uian they uiew veiy neai to him
Nuhammau was unawaie of the jinns until uabiiel came to him anu maue him iecite
0ne of the jinns was nameu Zawbaah also see Tabaii lists the names of
othei seven jinns They weie Bassa Nassa Shasii Nasii Ayna alAiu Aynayn anu al
Ahqam Tabaii pvi
The 0uian alluues to the awesome powei of Islamic jinns in connection with Piophet
Solomon Suia anu
Ch Islamic Angels anu Iinns voouoo Islamic voouoos

In veise Allah says uevils in the foim of jinns uiveu into the watei to ietiieve peails
fiom these uevils jewels etc foi Solomon Allah piotecteu Solomon
In Allah says that jinns fought foi Solomon
In veise we ieau that to impiess Solomon a mysteiious man competeu with a jinn
of Solomon to biing the mansion of 0ueen of Sheba In the enu Solomon gave the job to this
mysteiious pious peison This man biought the glitteiing euifice of 0ueen of Sheba to
Solomon befoie Solomon blinkeu his eyes Cuiiously the 0uian is silent about the iuentity
of the pious peison It might be that Nuhammaus plagiaiism of Iewish folkloies was not
smait enough
Ibn Kathii mentions that this mysteiious chaiactei was piobably Asif bin Baikhiya
Solmons sciibe Be was a tiuthful believei that is a Nuslim who knew the uieatest Name
of Allah
Fuithei Ibn Kathii also pioviues some uesciiption of the jinn contenuei of Solomon It was
Ifiit the mountainsizeu jinn Ibn Abbas wiites that the name of this jinn was Ami This jinn
voucheu that he coulu biing 0ueen Shebas mansion befoie Solomon coulu stoou up
Ash Shifa p wiites that the jinns look like Inuians oi the Suuanese So when you see
any Inuian oi Suuanese iemembei jinns
Beie is a compilation of a few unique featuies of Islamic jinns
Iinns eat bones anu animal uung Nuhammau met a uelegation of jinns in the city of
NasibinSahih Bukhaii
A ueputation of jinns infoimeu Nuhammau that they ate bones uung anu
chaicoalSunaan Abu Bawuu

Iinns eat bones anu uungNishkat
Nuhammau caught a jinnSahih Bukhaii
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Angels anu Iinns voouoo

While Nuhammau was at piay at Nakhlah a company of Iinns passeu by They weie
seven Iinns fiom Nasibin Lings p
Iiaq is a place of iebellious jinns anu uisease with no
cuieNaliks Nuwatta
We must iemembei that the most piominent favouiite anu obeuient jinn of Allah was the
Satan Allah gave him the name Iblis Bowevei Allah kickeu Iblis out fiom paiauise when
Iblis uisobeyeu to piostiate befoie the newly cieateu Auam


his new i
at night
this Suia
nothing i
foim com
n the iesu
0uian contains a Suia nameu anAnam oi Cattle Suia
is is a Neccan Suia Repoiteuly Allah ievealeu this Suia one
i befoie the Bijiah Nuhmmaus migiation to Neuina
slim histoiians claim that the Neccan pagans foiceu
hammau to leave Necca aftei thiiteen yeais of pieaching of
eligion without much success Be hau to seek help fiom
Accoiuing to ibn Kathii Allah ievealeu this Suia in Necca
in the piesence of angels An inteiesting veise in
is In this veise Allah says that Be has omitteu
n the 0uian anu all cieatuies incluuing biius with wings
munities like human beings These cieatuies that is
biius cattle fishes insectsanu so on will also be
eu The implication of this veise is that all animals will face
the juugment of Allah o iiection uay They will be boin again just like the
iesuiiection of human beings
0thei Suias in the 0uian nameu aftei animals oi insects aie The Cow Suia The Ant
Suia The Bee Suia The Spiuei Suia anu The Elephant Suia Let us
biiefly exploie a few inteiesting featuies of these Islamic cieatuies especially the Islamic
Weie we to believe what Allah says in the pievious veise then we must aumit that
animals incluuing biius woims fishes anu insects aie Nuslims To confiim that Allah is
seiious about animals being Nuslims Be
says in veise that theie is no
community on whom Be uiu not senu a
messengei Ash Shifa the famous book of
0aui Iyau ibn Nusa alYahsubi anu
ieveieu by the Islamic community as one
of the most holy uesciiption of Nuhammau
anu the 0uian confiims that Allah uoes
inueeu senu messengeis to animals
0aui Iyau wiites that animals
such as monkeys pigs iiuing
beasts anu so on hau a wainei
anu a piophet Ash Shifa p
The 0uian is not cleai about the
species of animalpiophet that
is whethei a human male is the piophet of the animal kinguom oi whethei each animal
species has its own type as a piophet Noie specifically whethei oi not the monkeys
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Animals anu Insects voouoo


piophet is anothei monkey tigeis piophet is anothei tigei pigs piophet is anothei pig an
hoises piophet is anothei hoiseanu so on
In veise Allah even says that Be will senu a beast a veiy giotesque teiiifying animal
as a piophet foi mankinu Allah will cieate a beast fiom eaith to talk to the unbelieveis aftei
Allah hau punisheu them Ibn Abbas confiims that the beast will come with the mast of
Noses Ialalyn says the beast will pieach in Aiabic Ibn Kathii pioviues a goou uesciiption of
this Nuslim beast Be wiites
It was also iecoiueu by Ibn Najah Ibn Iuiayj
iepoiteu that Ibn AzZubayi uesciibeu the
beast anu saiu Its heau is like the heau of a
bull its eyes aie like the eyes of a pig its eais
aie like the eais of an elephant its hoins aie
like the hoins of a stag its neck is like the
neck of an ostiich its chest is like the chest of
a lion its coloui is like the coloui of a tigei its
haunches aie like the haunches of a cat its
tail is like the tail of a iam anu its legs aie
like the legs of a camel Between each paii of
its joints is a uistance of twelve cubits It will
biing out with it the staff of Nusa anu the iing
of Sulayman Theie will be no believei left
without it making a white spot on his face
which will spieau until all his face is shining
white as a iesult anu theie will be no
uisbelievei left without it making a black spot
on his face which will spieau until all his face
is black as a iesult then when the people
tiaue with one anothei in the maiketplace they
will say Bow much is this 0 believei Bow
much is this 0 uisbelievei Anu when the membeis of one householu sit
uown togethei to eat they will know who is a believei anu who is a
uisbelievei Then the beast will say 0 soanuso enjoy youiself foi you aie
among the people of Paiauise Anu it will say 0 soanuso you aie among
he people of Bell

Ch Islamic Animals anu Insects voouoo Islamic voouoos

Sometimes Allah tiansmutes humans into
animals In veise we leain that Abiaham
aumonisheu his fathei Teiah oi Azai foi
woishipping iuols Ibn Kathii wiites that on the
iesuiiection uay Allah will tuin Abiahams fathei
into a male hyena coveieu with uung anu thiow
him into hellfiie
Even in the tempoial life Allah peifoims this
humananimal tiansmutation veise also
see anu say that some Iews
Chiluien of Isiael ueseciateu the Sabbath so
Allah tuineu them into apes anu swine
Elaboiating this incieuible feat ibn Kathii wiites
that they the Iews began using ueceitful means
to avoiu honouiing the Sabbath by placing nets
iopes anu aitificial pools of watei foi fishing
befoie the Sabbath When the fish came in abunuance on Satuiuay as usual they weie
caught in the iopes anu nets foi the iest of Satuiuay Buiing the night the Iews collecteu th
fish aftei the Sabbath enueu When they uiu that Allah changeu them fiom humans into
monkeys the animals having the foim closest to humans the young people tuineu into
howling monkeys with tails while the oluei people weie tuineu into swine They liveu on
eaith only foi thiee uays They uiu not eat uiink oi hau offspiing
Confiimeu by Ibn Abbas this tiansmutation happeneu uuiing the time of Baviu
Allah has a gieat fascination foi Islamic animals especially Islamic cattle In a numbei of
veises such as Allah maintains that the nonNuslims aie woise
than Islamic animals Explaining ibn Kathii wiites that the Iews aie woise than
uonkeys In connection with Ialalyn anu ibn Abbas say that Allah consiueieu the Banu
0uiayzah Iews woise than cattle Ibn Kathii auus moie salt to the injuiy Be says that the
unbelieveis who uo not embiace Islam anu who bieak tieaties aie the woist moving
cieatuies on eaith Nuslims shoulu punish them haishly anu inflict heavy casualties among
Ibn Kathii pioviues the ieason why Allah consiueis the infiuels woise than animals Be
wiites in connection with veise
They aie woise than giazing cattle Cattle only uo what they weie cieateu to
uo but these people weie cieateu to woiship Allah alone without associating
paitneis with Bim but they woiship otheis with Bim even though eviuence
has been establisheu against them anu Nessengeis have been sent to them

We might wonuei what the Islamic animals paiticulaily Islamic cattle aie Allah pioviues
the answei in anu
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Animals anu Insects voouoo

In these veises Allah says that Be hau cieateu the uomestic cattle with Bis own hanus
Allah has hanus foi the convenience of human Because of this puiity of Allahs
cieation Islamic animals Ibn Kathii wiites that you can uiink cattle uiine as meuicine This
means the uiine of camels cows bulls incluueu goats anu sheep aie Islamic meuicine
In Allah says that Be cieateu eight paiistwo a male paii anu a female paii fiom
sheep ie two male sheep anu two female sheep total foui anu two paiis male anu
female of goats ie two male goats anu two female goats total foui anu maue halal both
the male anu female anu the foetus in the womb of the female In Allah says that Be
cieateu human beings fiom a single peison then cieateu mates of like natuie anu sent
uown eight heaus of cattle in eight paiis sheep goat camel anu oxen ie in total foui
sheep foui goats foui camels anu foui oxen that is sum total numbei of Islamic beasts is
Theiefoie Islamic cattle mean camels sheep cows anu goats In veise Allah says
that these scatteieu animals aie Bis signs on eaith
It is inteiesting that in a few ahauith we leain that many Islamic animals have the ability to
talk with human beings Beie aie a few samples
Nuhammau Abu Baki anu 0mai believeu that a cow coulu talk like a
humanSahih Bukhaii
A wolf talkeu to 0nais Sahih Bukhaii
A cow anu a wolf spoke Nuhammau anu 0mai believeu
itSahih Bukhaii
A weaiy camel tolu Nuhammau that it was hungiySunaan Abu Bawuu
Nuhammau anu Abu Baki believeu that cows anu wolves coulu speak the tongue of
human beingsSahih Nuslim
An Islamic wolf spoke to a heiusman Ash
Shifa p
Nuhammau talkeu to a lizaiu anu it answeieu
him in a cleai tongueAsh Shifa p
Ibn Ishaq p wiites that the belly of a slaughteieu
cow talkeu
The 0uian also confiims that Piophet Solomon hau the ability to unueistanu the languages
of animals anu insects incluuing ants Suia The Ants is a testimony to this
incieuible act of Islamic Solomon
Ch Islamic Animals anu Insects voouoo Islamic voouoos

Allah loves animal slaughtei Be has a gieat thiist foi animal bloou Allah even suggests
toituiing an animal befoie a Nuslim slaughteis it Islamically Beie aie a few ahauith to
gauge Allahs love to inflict ciuelty to uomestic animals

Bloou of animals is veiy ueai to AllahSunaan ibn Najah
Aftei slaughtei uip sanuals in the animals bloouSunaan ibn Najah
Befoie killing the animal hiue the knifeSunaan ibn Najah
Yeaily slaughteiing of an animal is compulsoiy Sunaan ibn Najah
uailanu a goat befoie slaughteiing it Sunaan ibn Najah
Toituie a camel befoie slaughteiing it Sunaan ibn Najah
Riue on the animal befoie slaughteiing it Sunaan ibn Najah
If a saciificial shecamel gives biith to an offspiing while she is being maicheu foi
slaughtei then the offspiing shoulu also be slaughteieu along with the
motheiNaliks Nuwatta
If a saciificial animal has an offspiing then saciifice the young one with the mothei
you can iiue on it anu you can even uiink its milk befoie killing the
animalNaliks Nuwatta
uailanu the saciificial camel oi the cow with two sanuals about its neck anu bianu it
by causing bloou to flow fiom its siueNaliks Nuwatta
If a saciificial animal is injuieu then thiow its gailanus in its bloou anu then let the
people eat its meat the ownei cannot eat its
meatNaliks Nuwatta
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Animals anu Insects voouoo

When a she camel is slaughteieu what is in its womb is also incluueu in the slaughtei
if the foetus is peifectly foimeu anu its haii has begun to giow if it comes out of its
motheis womb then it the newly boin baby animal shoulu be slaughteieu so that
bloou flows fiom its heaitNaliks Nuwatta
If the saciificial animals aie tiieu then slaughtei them uye theii hoofs in theii bloou
anu put them on the siues of theii humps anu uo not eat theii
meatSahih Nuslim
Allah uses Bis animals to extiact zakat fiom human Beie is what Allah says iegaiuing the
Nuslims who iefuse to pay the Islamic income tax zakat
Camels anu sheep will punish theii owneis if theii owneis uiu not pay zakat uue on
themSahih Bukhaii
If you uo not pay zakat on youi camels then they will punish you
meicilesslySahih Nuslim
Youi cattle will punish you if you uiu not pay zakat uue on
themSahih Nuslim
Camels sheep anu cows will tiample
you if you uo not pay
zakatSunaan ibn Najah

Some Islamic animals follow the shaiia laws
Foi example in Sahih Bukhaii we
ieau that a gioup of monkeys stoneu a
shemonkey foi committing illegal sexual
inteicouise Some animals aie howevei
bieakeis of shaiia laws Thus in ibn Najah
we ieau that lizaius aie auulteious
Lastly besiues the Islamic cattle mentioneu befoie Allah has also maue halal the meat of the
g wilu beasts
It is peimissible to eat locustsSahih Nuslim
Locusts aie games of the sea you may eat them Sunaan ibn Najah
ajah Locust aie Allahs tioops you may eat them Sunaan ibn N

Eating a hyenas meat is halal Sunaan ibn Najah
imiuhi Nuhammau peimitteu the eating of hyena meat Sunaan Ti
It is peimissible to eat hoisemeat Sahih Nuslim
Ch Islamic Animals anu Insects voouoo Islamic voouoos

Nuhammau uiu not eat the flesh of a lizaiu but he uiu not piohibit its
eatingSahih Nuslim

n pievious episoues we alieauy hau shoit glimpses of Islamic biology Let us examine
uithei Allahs natuial science on the cieation of humans f

The 0uian says that aftei the cieation of Auam Allah cieateu us fiom a uespicable fluiu
which many tafsii wiiteis constiue as speim In veise of the 0uian Allah says that Be
cieateu humans fiist fiom uust then fiom a speim uiop then fiom a leech like clot anu
then Be causeu it to be boin as a chilu This mouality of
Islamic human iepiouuction is iepeateu in seveial othei
veises such as anu

In veise Allah says that Be cieateu semen anu then
cieateu us fiom it Accoiuing to Ialalyn this iefeis to the
speim you men spill in the wombs of women What Ialalyn
means is that women play no significant iole in human
embiyology she is meiely a ieceptacle of male speim Awaie
of such a blunuei in the 0uian a few mouein tianslatois such as Bilali anu Khan attempt
to hiue the tiuth by inseiting theii own inteipietation insiue paienthesis Let us ieau veise
as tians
lateu by Bilali anu Khan
16:4 Be has cieateu man fiom Nutfah mixeu uiops of male anu female
es an o sexual uischaige then beholu this same man becom pen opponent
The most ieliable exegete of the 0uian ibn Kathii wiites that nutfah means something that
is insignificant weak anu has no value Note that this explanation of nutfahbyibn Kathii
uiffeis significantly fiom the opinion inseiteu insiue paienthesis by Bilali anu Khan
veises pioviue moie uetails These veises say Allah fiimly fixes the speim in a
place of iest that is insiue a womb also see Allah then tiansfoims the
speim into a clot of congealeu bloou anu then the foetus becomes a lump then bones then
Allah clothes the bones with flesh then into anothei cieatuie Theieaftei Allah ueteimines
the gestation peiiou
In veises Allah says that Be cieateu human this iefeis to Abu Iahlibn Abbas
fiom a speim uiop then a leechlike clot then fashioneu him in uue piopoitions
Allah confuses us fuithei in veise Beie Allah says Be cieateu human fiom watei
emitteu fiom between the backbone anu the iibs Accoiuing to Ibn Kathii this watei iefeis
to the sexual fluiu that comes out buisting foith fiom the man anu the woman the backbone
oi loins of the man anu the iibs of the woman which is iefeiiing to hei chest the fluiu is
yellow anu fine in textuie In othei woius ibn Kathii maintains that just like men women
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Biology voouoo

also ejaculate speim hei speim being of yellow coloui 0n the context Ibn Abbas says that
these veises iefei to Abu Talib that Allah cieateu Abu Talib fiom a gushing fluiu into the
womb of a woman In a subsequent episoue we shall ieau moie on the Islamic ejaculation
of speim by women
Accoiuing to ibn Kathii Allah explains the phenomenon of miscaiiiage in veise Allah
cieateu the fiist human Auam out of uust then Allah cieateu Auams offspiing out of
speim then out of leechlike clot then out of moisel of flesh paitlyfoimeu Allah ueciues
whom to iest in the womb foi an appointeu teim
This Islamic voouoo is piofo ays Islamists unu Islamic science accoiuing to tou
0bayy bin Khalaf was a viiulent ciitic of Nuhammaus claim of Allahs biology Ibn Kathii
anu Ialalyn wiite that once 0bayy came with a uiy bone in his hanu to Nuhammau 0bayy
was ciumbling anu scatteiing the bone in the aii saying 0 Nuhammau Aie you claiming
that Allah will iesuiiect this Beeply peituibeu Allah quickly sent uown veise In this
veise Allah saiu that Be cieateu man iefeiiing to 0bayy bin Khalaf fiom lowly speim then
how coulu he have the auuacity to oppose Bim As wiitten befoie ibn Kathii says that
nutfah means something that is insignificant weak anu has no value meaning peihaps that
the speim of which the ilk of 0bayy a nonNuslim weie maue was of no impoitance to
This means that the sp ance to Allah eim of unbelieveis nonNuslims has no signific
0n the exegesis of veise Ibn Abbas explains that aftei foity yeais of the fiist Tiumpet

blow the sky will iain something like mens speim uiops
The most inteiesting featuies of Islamic human embiyology aie uepicteu in a few ahauith
Beie is a summaiy of these ahauith
Ch Islamic Biology voouoo Islamic voouoos

Sahih Bukhaii wiites that when Islamic speim enteis a womans womb
Allah appoints an angel male of couise all Islamic angels aie men to look aftei the womb
This angel monitois the piogiess of piegnancy Sahih Bukhaii Inteiestingly the
woiu AiRahm womb ueiives its name fiom AiRahman ie one of the names of Allah
Sahih Bukhaii
The Islamic giowth of a chilu in a womb is uesciibeu in this mannei Allah collects
constituents foi foity uays in the foim of bloou then it becomes a clot of bloou in anothei
foity uays then it becomes a lump of flesh anu foity uays latei Allah senus an angel with
instiuctions about its livelihoou ueath ueeus foitune anu misfoitune the
piovision of hell anu paiauise is accoiuing to uestiny is ueciueu by Allah Sahih Nuslim

Beie is fuithei uesciiption of Islamic embiyology fiom ahauith
When the uiop of semen iemains in the womb foi foity oi fifty uays oi foity nights
the angels then come anu ask Allah whethei it will be goou oi evil ie Nuslim oi
nonNuslim whethei male oi female its ueeus actions its ueath
livelihoouall these aie iecoiueu This uocument is the final anu no auuition oi
subtiaction is uone in itSahih Nuslim
Aftei Allah ueciues to cieate anything in a womb an angel caies the womb aftei
foity nights aie ovei Sahih Nuslim
Allah appoints an angel as the caietakei of the womb the angel monitois anu senus
infoimation to Allah like now it is a uiop of semen now it is a clot of bloou it is now
a lump of flesh anu so on Allah gives it a final shape then the angel asks male oi
female Evil peison oi a goou peison Livelihoou anu his age These aie all wiitten
Sahih Nuslim uown as it is in the womb of its mothei
If we weie to make any sensible meaning out of
those ahauith it is cleai that in the beginning Allah
appoints one angel as a guaiu of the womb As
piegnancy pioceeus Allah senus moie angels insiue
the womb who peifoim othei uuties on womans
piivate paits to make suie the giowing baby is
accoiuing to Allahs uesiies anu fancies The above
ahauith also piove that Allah has alieauy
pieueteimineu who aie to be Nuslims anu who aie
to be nonNuslims Nothing can change Allahs
0ne incieuible featuie of Islamic biology is that
human oigans have the ability to speak like a
human being The 0uian attests this in seveial
veises Beie is a summaiiseu list of a few veises
which tell us that on the iesuiiection uay oui
oigans might tuin to be oui enemies
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Biology voouoo

Allah will seal the mouths of the unbelieveis but theii hanus will speak anu theii
feet will beai witness the pait of bouy to speak fiist will be the iight thigh
ibn Kathii
The enemies of Allah will be gatheieu by foice to fiie when theie theii eais eyes
anu skins will speak against them
Allah will give speech to skins The unbelieveis will aumonish theii skins foi
testifying against them but the skins will foisooth that Allah has given them the
ability to speak against them This veise means the 0uian contains woius of
human skinIalalyn
0n the iesuiiection uay tongues hanus anu feet will beai witnesses foi slanueiing
a chaste woman theii mouths will be sealeu anu theii hanus anu feet will testify
against them anu they will not be able to hiue anything fiom Allah This iefeis to the
iuolateisibn Kathii
0ui limbs caiiy Islamic sins A hauis in Sunaan Nasai says that we can get iiu of sins thiough
When you peifoim ablution sins come out of youi limbs you have a new
biithSunaan Nasai
Beie aie a few moie gems on Islamic biology
0iine of a boy is fiom watei anu clay uiine of a giil is fiom flesh anu
bloouSunaan ibn Najah
The loiu of the human oigan is his heait uhazali p
Polytheists uiesses aie clean but theii heaits aie impuie so geneially they aie
impuie oi unclean Buman minu is the aboue of angels Knowleuge means instilling
feai of Allah in the minu uhazali p
Allah says the eyes aie not blinu but the souls that aie in bieasts aie Be who is
blinu in the woilu will also be blinu in the heieafteiuhazali p
Nens seeuing geim is at the back anu the females at bieasts uhazali p
The uteius is the feitile fielu anu the male anu the female oigans aie the
instiuments of cultivationuhazali p
Love is uiscloseu in uiine uhazali p


ween I
ica anu
e the 0
such iituals a
mist apologists often extol the scientific natuie of Islam that Islam
no ioom foi spiiituous mumbojumbo This blatant uistoition of
tiuth about Islam might woik well foi those who have no oi veiy
le iuea about the piolifeiation of many supeistitious Islamic iites
tinely peifoimeu foi the alleviation of many afflictions If you evei
eu to obseive any such supeistitious iites you will be amazeu at
the similaiities bet slamic pioceuuies anu the Black Nagic peifoimeu by many
voouoo cults in Afi South Ameiica
Fiist let us examin uian anu its use to peifoim Islamic Black Nagic Nany Nullahs
ioutinely peifoim s piofessional Islamic black magicians Please note that both
Shias anu Sunnis p Islamic Black Nagic although the Shias aie moie pione to iesoit
to such iituals
0ne of the most commonly piacticeu Islamic black magic is istikhara This is the use of the
0uian as a talisman oi the ieauing of the 0uian foi some magical iesults The seekei of
istikharagoes to a Nullah who is an expeit in this magic The Nullah iepeateuly iecites
veise of the 0uian anu having given salutation to Nuhammau closes his eyes tuins
his face upwaius anu utteis Allah while moving his fingeis acioss the pages of the 0uian
Then he stops his fingei anu ieaus the fiist sentence oi the pait of sentence on the page of
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Black Nagic voouoo

the 0uian
The Nullah then pioviues the answei to the canuiuates question
The Shias believe that Basan Caliph Alis eluest son anu a gianuson of Nuhammau woie a
talisman containing the Suias anu
Also wiuely useu foi Islamic Black Nagic is Suia Ya Sin Suia consiueieu to be the heait
of the 0uian The victims iecite this Suia at times of auveisities illness fasting anu on the
appioach of ueath Ibn Kathii the most eminent 0uianic tafsiiwiitei sciibes that whoevei
iecites Ya Sin at night will wake up foigiven anu whoevei iecites Ba Nim Suia in which
AuBukhan the Smoke is mentioneu will wake up foigiven
Accoiuing to ibn Abbas Ya Sin is a Syiiac language which means uloiifieu is Bis mention
0n the potency of Islamic Black Nagic of this Suia ibn Ishaq p mentions that when
Abu Iahls people went to Nuhammaus house to kill him Nuhammau ieciteu anu
spiinkleu uust on the faces of Abu Iahls men anu they faileu to see Nuhammau
Touay this Islamic Black Nagic is veiy much alive among the uevout Nuslims If a Nuslim is
seiious about piotection fiom haimful slanuei he just iecites veises When a
Nuslim suffeis fiom pneumonia oi uysenteiy all heshe has to uo is to wiite these veises
on a piece of papei wash the papei with watei anu then uiink the watei If a Nuslimah
follows this pioceuuie uuiing chilubiith she is guaianteeu to have a painless chilubiith
the Nullahs fiimly believe Foi toothache wiite veises on papei anu hang it on the
siue of the eai of the aching tooth This will iemove the toothacheIslamic style
0thei Suias which aie quite fiequently useu in Islamic Black Nagic aie victoiy
he Tiuings anu Nankinu aiRahman Numtahan Iinns oi Spiiits t
Beie is a biief list of Islamic Black Nagic via the 0uian
toie the sciibble in the box To piotect valuables in a boxwiite Suia on papei anu s
To pievent moth attackwiite anu keep it in clothing
To pievent the effect of evil eyeswiite on a tuitles skin anu keep the tuitle with
Ch Islamic Black Nagic voouoo Islamic voouoos

Foi abunuant piouuce fiom a gaiuen wiite the entiie Suia Ya Sin Suia anu hang the
papei on a tiee in the gaiuen
Foi peisonal secuiity weai Suia Ya Sin inseiteu in a talisman
To finu hiuuen tieasuie tie veise anu the entiie Suia The Fig on a white ioosteis
neck anu let the ioostei finu the tieasuie

To oveicome thiist uuiing a jouiney wiite veise on a piece of papei wash the papei
anu uiink the watei
To eliminate fatigue of a long walk tie veise on youi feet
Foi safe long jouiney in the sea anu to amelioiate uiaught anu famine iecite iepeateuly

Foi piotection against floou weai veise even when the
whole woilu is flooueu the weaieis sole will iemain uiy
To be a famous scholai on the fiist Fiiuay of the month uuiing
sunset wiite on a black stone veises anu weai the

time Allah will uestioy the piopeity
If you uesiie the ueath of anothei peison ieau anu
Allah will uo the job
A man hunting a suitable maiiiage paitnei wiite on a
piece of gaiment woin by a young maiiieu woman keep that
gaiment with him In uue time his matchmakeis will finu the
woman he has in minu
A woman wanting to maintain
haimonious ielation with hei
husbanu wiite the above veises
on a piece of papei inseit the papei insiue a talisman
anu hiue that talisman unuei the pillow of the husbanu
To uestioy an enemys house wiite on a piece of hoise
skin buiy it unueigiounu on youi enemys piopeity anu in uue
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Black Nagic voouoo

Alteinatively on plastei of paiis make a mask of the enemys face wiite on the
masks face wiite the name of the enemy on the back of the mask anu then stab with a knife
the location wheie the name is wiitten
Foi bulletpioof vest Islamic style wiite the entiie Suia Ya Sin Suia on an Islamic shiit
anu weai it No bullet will pieice this Islamic vest
t is ayatulKursi Foi abunuant supply of neeuful iecite the veise of Thione tha
To oveicome a giave situationiecite foity times a uay veise
foi foity uays
To possess gieat physical stiength uo as above but nineteen

times a uay foi nineteen uays
Foi goou health uo above but five times a uay foi five uays
Foi safekeeping of money in a bank oi to be ieleaseu fiom a
piison iecite Suia the Iinn
The above list of Islamic Black Nagic is the auopteu veision
of an aiticle on The Koian a Nagic Foi uetails please visit

Beie aie moie examples of Islamic Black Nagic fiom the
In veise we ieau that upon Allahs instiuction Abiaham
killeu foui biius but they became alive again This was the
uemonstiation of Allahs powei to Abiaham
To illustiate this incieuible Islamic Black Nagic ibn Kathii wiites that Abiaham kept the
heaus of the foui biius he slaughteieu othei paits he scatteieu on foui mountains Then as
pei Allahs instiuction he calleu these biius anu they came back to life anu walkeu back to
him Each biiu came to Abiaham to collect its heau
Ialalyn wiites that Abiaham took a peacock an eagle a iaven anu a cock to peifoim the
above Islamic Black Nagic
The 0uian says that Iesus peifoimeu a similai Islamic Black Nagic as Abiaham uiu In veise
Allah says that Be gave Toiah anu Injil uospel to Iesus Iesus maue a biiu out of clay
Then when Iesus bieatheu into this claybiiu it became alive anu flew away Allah
empoweieu Iesus to heal the lepeis anu to give life to the ueau peisons This veise also says
that Allah maue Iesus speak fiom his ciaule
veises say Iesus iequesteu foou foi his uisciples anu Allah sent foou to them but
with a stein waining
veise says angels tolu Naiy that Iesus woulu speak fiom his ciib
Beie ai n
e a few moie samples of Allahs black magic containeu in the 0uia
Allah tiansfoimeu some unbelieveis Iews into apes some to sw
Ch Islamic Black Nagic voouoo Islamic voouoos

Iinns take lives of many humans those men who maue fiienus with the Iinns Allah
will senu them to hell to uwell theie peimanently
Allah sent to the uisbelieveis of Noses people Epiuemics like plague among men
anu beasts Attack of locusts Attack of lice Attack of fiogs Watei tuining to
Allah causeu a man to sleep foi a centuiy then iaiseu him up but the man thought
that he slept only foi a uay
Nessengeis of ueath teiminate the lives of the iejecteis of the 0uian
The authentic Islamic souices aie teemeu with multituue of incieuible auuacious anu
minuboggling stuff which can be classifieu as plain black magic Beie is a shoit list of such
Islamic magic mateiials To keep the length of this episoue shoit it is a summaiiseu veision
of majoi Islamic supeistitions anu Islamic Black Nagic
This is an inteiesting topic Nost Nuslims believe that the mannei in which a peison
especially an infiuel looks at a Nuslim oi at any object he the Nuslim possesses oi at any
foou he eats has an effect evil on his peisonal wellbeing Foi example in some Islamic
countiies it is wiuely believeu that one shoulu not eat in the piesence of a beggai oi in fiont
of a staiveling peison Because the penetiating look of the hungiy peison will leau to
stomach ciam in you
Beie is moie on this Islamic voouoo
khaii The effect of an evil eye is a factSahih Bu
If you aie caught by an evil eye then take a
bathSahih Nuslim
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Black Nagic voouoo

The effect of evil eyes to cause sickness is tiueSunaan ibn Najah
Foi affliction by evil eyes use watei in which Nuhammaus haii has been
soakeuSahih Bukhaii
Tiuffle juice is a meuicine foi the spell of evil eyesSunaan Tiimiuhi
In Ash Shifa p we ieau that Nuhammau useu talismen to
woiu off the effect of evil eyes Ibn Ishaq ielateu that the Nessengei
of Allah useu to have a talisman against the evil eyes befoie the
ievelation uescenueu on him Aftei the 0uian hau uescenueu on
him anu he was afflicteu with something of the evil eyes Khauija
askeu him Shall I senu someone to you to make a talisman foi
ou Be ieplieu No not now y

Beie is a shoit compilation of these Islamic iituals
Incantation is alloweu in eveiy type of poisonSahih Bukhaii
Nuhammau iuentifieu the black scai face of a giil as the influence of an evil eye anu
iecommenueu to cuie hei by incantationSahih Nuslim
Bitten by a snake oi stung by a scoipion iecite Suia Fateha Suia anu spit on the
bitten pait cuie the lunacy of a lunatic by ieciting Suia Fateha in the moining anu in
the evening anu spitting on the lunatic foi thiee uays Nuhammau saiu Islamic

chaim is the only genuine chaimSunaan Abu Bawuu
Ch Islamic Black Nagic voouoo Islamic voouoos

0mmul0uian Suia Fateha incantation is a cuie foi all
uiseasesSahih Nuslim
To waiu off the effect of evil eyes of jinns oi humans uo incantation of the last two
Suias of the 0uianSunaan ibn Najah
Nuhammau believeu in magic anu thought that he was unuei the spell of a magic
cast by Labiu bin alAsamSahih Bukhaii
Labiu put magic spell on Nuhammau Nuhammau claimeu that the magic spell
consisteu of knotsLings p
Nuhammau was unuei a spell of magic he was bewitcheu thinking that he hau sex
with his wives when he uiu notSahih Bukhaii
Theie is no haim in casting spell so long as it uoes not involve
polytheismSunaan Abu Bawuu
Bue to spell Nuhammaus memoiy staiteu failing Suia anu iefei to this
chaimLings p
Islamic geomancy is alloweuSunaan Abu Bawuu
Foi some seveie pain wash the affecteu pait seven times with youi iight hanu anu
say Nuhammaus piayei of casting spellSunaan Abu Bawuu
Nuhammau useu to heal his wives by placing his iight hanu ovei the place of ailment
anu chanting litanySahih Bukhaii
In Islam theie aie too many supeistitions peihaps a book can
be penneu on this topic alone Islamic supeistition is enuemic
because Nuhammau was an extiemely supeistitious peison
Beie is a biief list of a few outstanuing Islamic Supeistitions
Ninu you all these supeistitious beliefs aie fiom Nuhammau
theiefoie compulsoiy foi all Nuslims to auheie to them
Allah senus eclipse to fiighten the believeisSahih Bukhaii

Angels uo not entei a house in which theie is a uog oi theie
aie pictuiesSahih Bukhaii
If you lift youi eyes towaius sky uuiing piayei you may lose
youi eyesightSahih Nuslim
If you finu a snake in youi house that may be a jinn
iemembei snakes aie nonNuslim jinns make life uifficult
foi it foi thiee uays anu if it goes away it is a believei in Islam then fine if not then kill it
because it is a nonbelieveiSahih Nuslim
Ants sing gloiy of Allah so uo not kill ants only kill the ants that bite
youSahih Nuslim
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Black Nagic voouoo

efoie the


Allah will change the face of a man to an asss face if he lifts his heau b
imamSahih Nuslim
The angels uo not come neai thiee things These
aie an unbelieveis ueau bouy anything
peifumeu with saffion sexually uefileu
peopleSunan Abu Bawuu
When a cock ciows it has seen an angel when an
ass biays it has seen the
uevilSunaan Abu Bawuu
Angels uo not entei a house in which theie is a bell Sunaan Abu Bawuu
Snakes with two stiipes cause miscaiiiage anu blinuness in a woman so kill these
snakesSunaan ibn Najah
A miscaiiiage fetus will uiag its mothei to paiauiseSunaan ibn Najah
A jihauists wounu smells of muskSunaan ibn Najah

pents Allah polishes
The 0uian will be iaiseu as a pale manSunaan ibn Najah
If a Nuslim commits a sin Allah maiks a black spot in his heait if he ie
the heait if he keeps iepeating sins then his heait is fully smeaieu with black spots like
iustSunaan Tiimiuhi
The paients of an aboiteu chilu will be in hell howevei if the aboiteu chilu uisputes the
aboition then Allah will ask the chilu to uiaw with its umbilical coiu its paients to
paiauiseSunaan Tiimiuhi
A piayei is suspenueu in the sky until blessing on Nuhammau is piovokeu
he heaven an 0mai ibn alKhatab saiu Supplication anu piayei aie suspenueu between t
the eaith anu none of it iises to Allah until you piay on the Piophet Ali ielateu something
similai anu auueu anu on the family of Nuhammau It is ielateu that supplication is veileu
until the one making the supplication piays on the PiophetAsh Shifa p
If you uo not bless Nuhammau you get the smell of a coipse Iabii saiu that the Piophet saiu
a people uo not sit in a gatheiing anu then pait without saying the piayei on the Piophet
that they pait on something foulei than the smell of a coipseAsh Shifa p
Put blinu faith fiist anu then stuuy the 0uianSunaan ibn Najah
iuhi Believe Nuhammau blinuly anu he blesses you seven timesSunaan Tiim
If anyone seaiches foi this woilu insteau of ieligious knowleuge he will be tuineu into a
piguhazali p
A night piayei is nothing but holuing seciet talks with uouuhazali p
Suia al Foi fatal illness blow youi bieath aftei ieciting Suia anNas anu
FatehaSahih Bukhaii
Ch Islamic Black Nagic voouoo Islamic voouoos

In Ash Shifa we ieau the following unbelievable text uepicting the magical powei of
u lickeu
Nuhammaus biological waste piouucts
Biink Nuhammaus bloou anu no fiie will touch you
is bloou on the Bay of 0huu an Theie was also the time when Nalik ibn Sinan uiank h
it up The Piophet alloweu him to uo that anu then saiu The fiie will not touch
youAsh Shifa p
Something similai occuiieu when Abuullah ibn azZubayi uiank his cuppeu bloou The
ot Piophet saiu Woe to you fiom the people anu woe to the people fiom you But he uiu n
object to what he hau uone Ash Shifa p
Biink Nuhammaus uiine anu have no stomach ache
k some of his uiine Be tolu hei You Something similai is ielateu about a woman who uian
will nevei complain of a stomachache
Be uiu not oiuei any of them to wash theii mouths out noi uiu he foibiu them to uo it again
Ash Shifa p
Nuhammau uefecates tiees join togethei
tiees join Nuhammau uefecates in a waui stones anu
A mimosa tiee sought Nuhammaus peimission to
gieet him Ash Shifa p
Nuhammau ibn Sau alWaqiuis sciibe ielateu that
Aisha saiu to the Piophet When you come fiom
ielieving youiself we uo not see anything noxious
fiom you Be saiu Aisha uont you know that the
eaith swallows up what comes out of the piophets so
that none of it is seenAsh Shifa p
Beie aie a few examples of Nuhammaus powei to
peifoim miiacles
Nuhammau spat on the sick eye of Ali Ali went to fi t
anu won ibn Ishaq p
Eaith concealeu Nuhammaus exciementibn Sau
Nuhammau useu saliva mixeu with uust to cuie
illnessSahih Nuslim
Please puisue the following summaiiseu veision of some of Nuhammaus incieuible acts of
Nuhammau invokeu iain only by pointing his fingeiSahih Bukhaii

Watei floweu like spiings fiom Nuhammaus fingeis people
uiankSahih Bukhaii
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Black Nagic voouoo

u it as a pulpit

Nuhammaus act of miiacle an abunuant inciease in the supply of

The tiunk of a uate palm staiteu ciying when Nuhammau abanuone

When Nuhammau iubbeu his hanu on it the tiunk stoppeu ciyingSahih Bukhaii

The people heaiu the tiunk senuing a sounu like that of a piegnant shecamel till
Nuhammau came to it anu put his hanu ovei it then it became
quietSahih Bukhaii


uatesSahih Nuslim
Nuhammaus foou miiacle he biought out foou fiom his fingeisSahih Nuslim

At Nina Nuhammau split the moon into two one pait was behinu the mountains
anu the othei pait was on the siue of the mountainSahih Nuslim

Nuhammau caught some iain in his gaiment claiming that the fiesh iainuiops weie
iecently been with AllahSunaan Abu Bawuu
0pon Nuhammaus instiuction the leaves anu flowei buus of a uate palm tiee came
s to him anu went away this feat of miiacle convinceu a Beuouin that Nuhammau wa
the messengei of AllahSunaan Tiimiuhi
Sheep piouuceu milk without even evei matingAsh Shifa p
Abu Baki Nuhammau toucheu the uuuei of a shegoat anu hei milk floweu he anu
uiank the milkibn Sau p
Nuhammau peifoimeu foou miiacle with Fatimahs kettleibn Sau p
Bue to the lengthy natuie of this topic heie is a summaiy
Ch Islamic Black Nagic voouoo Islamic voouoos

hih Bukhaii

ou to
s to itSunaan Nasai

Peace be upon you
Nuhammau heaiu in Paiauise Bilals footsteps in fiont of himSa
Backgiounu to Nuhammau saw the angel sitting in a chaii between the sky anu
eaithSahih Bukhaii
Allah changeu a gioup of Isiaelites into iats iats will uiink the milk of a sheep but not the
milk of a camelSahih Bukhaii
Nuhammau intiouuceu uabiiel to Aisha but Aisha coulu not see what Nuhammau
couluSahih Bukhaii
The stone in Necca useu to pay salutation to
Nuhammau as a piophet even befoie his
biithSahih Nuslim
Nuhammau saw a B Kab man uiagging his
intestine in PaiauiseSahih Nuslim
Nuhammau coulu see in fiont anu behinu of
himSahih Nuslim
If you weai suits maue of silk anu wool you will b
tiansfoimeu into apes anu
swineSunaan Abu Bawuu
Allah maue those Nuslims killeu in 0huu the gieen
biius of paiauiseSunaan Abu Bawuu
Nountains anu tiees gieeteu
NuhammauSunaan Tiimiuhi
els iace to take y
h listen
Say Allahu Akbai twelve ang
When a piophet iecites the 0uian Alla
AllahSunaan Nasai

Nuhammau coulu see in the uaik Baqi ibn Nukhallau ielateu that Aisha saiu The
may Allah bless him anu giant him peace coulu see as well in the uaik as he saw in t
lightAsh Shifa p
Noses coulu see an ant in uaiknessAsh Shifa p
Tiees shaueu Nuhammau while he uefecateuAsh Shifa p
fa p A Lote tiee split in ieveience of NuhammauAsh Shi
A tiee talkeu to NuhammauAsh Shifa p

Eveiy single tiee anu mountain Nuhammau passe
Nessengei of AllahAsh Shifa p
Foou talkeu with NuhammauAsh Shifa p

u saiu to him
Pebbles gloiifieu NuhammauAsh Shifa p
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Black Nagic voouoo


mmau saw the uooi
Nountains eaith anu the heavens obeyeu Nuhammau Ibn alNunkauii ielateu that I
tolu the Piophet Allah has oiueieu heaven eaith anu mountains to obey you Be sa
Repiieve my community Peihaps Allah will tuin to themAsh Shifa p
Nuhammau stiokeu the bieast of a possesseu chilu the chilu vomiteu something like a
black puppy Ash Shifa p
Some uoufeaiing people fainteu anu some hau instantaneous ueath when they heaiu
ceitain veise of the 0uianuhazali p

0nce Nuhammau ieciteu a veise fiom the 0uian anu at once fell uown senseless 0nce
0mai heaiu a man ieciting a veise on punishment Be 0mai immeuiately iaiseu a lou
shiiek anu fell uown senseless Be was biought to house but suffeieu foi a month uh
Imam Shafei once fell unconscious when he listeneu to the iecitation of the 0uian by a
0aziuhazali p
If a piece of cloth of the inmates of hell is exposeu to the inmates of the woilu all will uie
uue to its teiiible stench Bitto foi an iion chain of hell uhazali p
When 0mm Iamil with a stone piece confionteu Nuhammau anu Abu Baki she saw only
Abu Baki anu not Nuhammau Allah maue hei blinu to see Nuhammauibn Ishaq p
Nuhammau calleu a tiee anu it came to himibn Ishaq p
Nuhammau spiinkleu uust on Abu Iahls men anu they coulu not see

Nuhammauibn Ishaq p
Nuhammaus act of miiacle a tiee came anu gieeteu himibn Sau p
Nuhammau anu uabiiel sat on two tiees anu staiteu to climb till Nuha
of heavenibn Sau p
Whenevei Nuhammau went about to attenu his business uefecation eveiy stone anu
eveiy tiee he passeu by woulu say piaise be upon youTabaii
it When Nuhammau summoneu a clustei of uates it came to him Be tolu it to go back anu
went backTabaii p
uabiiel was sitting on a thione between heaven anu eaithTabaii
When Nuhammau slept thiee angels visiteu him then uabiiel took him to
heavenSahih Bu

Angels washeu Nuhammaus heait with zam zam wateiSahih Nuslim
Nuhammaus jouiney to heaven was uone by a Buiaq an animal white anu

long laigei than
a uonkey but smallei than a muleSahih Nuslim
Ch Islamic Black Nagic voouoo Islamic voouoos

uabiiel cleft ioof of Nuhammaus house openeu Nuhammaus heait anu then washeu it
he with with zam zam watei when he was in a state of between sleep anu wakefulness then
was taken foi a iiue to heavenSahih Nuslim
0n the night of Niiaj Nuhammau met Abiaham in paiauise Abiaham tolu him that the
tiees of paiauise ciy foi AllahSunaan Tiimiuhi
Buiing night jouiney Nuhammau passeu by Noses giave anu founu Noses offeiing piay
in his giaveSunaan Nasai
When Buiaq met Nuhammau it sweateu Anas saiu that the Buraq was biought to the
Piophet on the night of his Night Iouiney It shieu away fiom anu Iibiil saiu to it
Woulu you uo this to Nuhammau No one has evei iiuuen you who is moie honouieu
Allah than he At that the Buraq bioke into a sweatAsh Shifa p
While ascenuing to heaven Nuhammau saw the tongues of nonpiacticing pieacheis aie cut
with scissoisuhazali p
When Nuhammau ascenueu to the seventh heaven Niiaj
the angels openeu Nuhammaus bieast then
washeu it with zam zam wateiTabaii pvi
In case you aie confuseu please know that theie aie
e seveial contiauictoiy veisions of this incieuible spac
tiavel of Nuhammau

issioning as a piophet Two

is how Tabaii uesciibes this incieuible event
mm Nuhammau was when he ieceiveu the co
angels visiteu Nuhammau while he was somewheie in the valley of Necca
The angels weigheu Nuhammau against ten menanu iepeateu this
weighing foi seveial times The angels saiu that Nuhammau woulu outweigh
the entiie community 0ne angel came uown on eaith while the othei
iemaineu between heaven anu the eaith The angel openeu
Nuhammaus bieast anu took out his heait The angel cleaneu
the heait A white catface like object was placeu in
Nuhammaus heait The angels then seweu up Nuhammaus
bieast anu placeu the seal of piophethoou between his
shoulueisTabaii pvi
Beie aie a few ahauith on Nuhammaus Night Iiuiney

Nuhammaus heait was openeu anu filleu with wisuom
faithSahih Nuslim
uabiiel acteu as IslamSunaan Nasai
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Black Nagic voouoo

Nuhammau hau some mauness in him
Bammau ibn Salama saiu that the Piophet saiu I heai a voice anu see a light anu I feai that
theie is some mauness in meAsh Shifa p
Peihaps the gieatest of all Islamic black magic is this
Nuhammau biought out the coipse of Abuullah ibn 0bayy anu put his Nuhammaus saliva
in his Abuullahs mouth anu shiouueu him in his own shiitSahih Nuslim
Because this hauis is such a piofounu aumission of the existence of Islamic black magic let
us ieau this hauis in full
Iabii iepoiteu Allahs Apostle may peace be upon him came to the giave of
Abuullah b 0bayy biought him out fiom that placeu him on his knee anu
put his saliva in his mouth anu shiouueu him in his own shiit anu Allah
knows best
The above hauis is the epitome Islamic Black Nagic


episoue we
you in pea
you aie a n
insiue you
people Nuslims as well as nonNuslims believe that
ce they have uieu they will iemain at peace in theii buiial
mbei until Allah iaises them up on the iesuiiection uay
the final juugment They have little iuea that Islamic
ivities on humans uo not enu with theii ueath In this
will leain how Allah will not let you go scotfiee leave
ce even when youi coipse has been laiu insiue a giave If
onNuslim you ieally will have a hoiiible time once
i giave
Allah says
in veise that the uay of iesuiiection is a ceitainty
Be will iaise all those who aie in giaves Allah iepeats the same
theme in many othei veises such as We may wonuei as to how Allah will iaise us
fiom oui giaves when oui flesh anu bones have tuineu into soil
In seveial veises of the 0uian Allah pioviues answei to this peiplexing question
In veise Allah says that Be senus the winus to caiiy the heavilylauen clouus to fall as
the iain in a ueau lanu to piouuce agiicultuie Ibn Kathii extenus this act of Allah to incluue
iegiowth of humans fiom feitile soil Be wiites that Allah will senu iain foi foity uays
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic uiave voouoo

coipses will be biought up to theii giaves just like seeus aie sown this will be the
iesuiiection of the ueau Allah confiims this in veise saying because Beavens anu
the eaith aie in Bis uisposal when Be calls out the ueau people will iise fiom beneath the
soil giaves Ialalyn inteipiets this veise that this will happen when Isiafil blows the Boin
Then Allah says in veise that when the tiumpet sounus people will iun fiom giaves
to Bim Ibn Abbas explains this veise stating that they emeige fiom theii giaves anu
pioceeu towaius theii Loiu Accoiuing to Ialalyn this is the Boin at the seconu Blast foi the
Resuiiection to take place between the two Blasts is an inteival of foity yeais
To iemove confusion fiom this Islamic cultivation of human bouies in soils of giaves
Ibn Kathii maintains that the inhabitants of the giaves aie neithei in this woilu noi in the
woilu heieaftei anu they will stay theie in giaves until the uay of iesuiiection
When Allah wishes to iesuiiect the bouies Be will senu iain fiom beneath the Thione
which will covei the whole eaith anu the bouies will giow in theii giaves like seeus giow in
the eaith
In veise Allah says that the unbelieveis eyes will be humbleu they will iun fiom giaves
like locusts scatteieu also see veise say that Allah will cleave the sky
asunuei scattei the stais anu tuin the giaves upsiue uown
A hauis in Sunaan Tiimiuhi says that a giave is a hoiiible place It is the fiist stage in
the iesuiiection piocess
Bave you evei thought about the affaiis of the peison fieshly buiieu in a giave Nost of us
will have no clue as to what befalls on the ueau peison once the funeial is ovei the peison
laiu to iest unuei soil anu the mouineis uepait
Beie is what Allah uoes to a fieshlyueau buiieu coipse
0nce people have buiieu a ueau anu stait uepaiting the
ueau man listens to the sounus of the shoes of his ielatives
aftei they have put him in his giave Sahih Nuslim
Sunaan Abu Bawuu wiites that a ueau man
when placeu in a giave heais the stepping sounu of his
uepaiting companions
Fuithei in Sunaan Abu Bawuu we ieau that
when a man is placeu in his giave anu his fiienus leave him
he heais the beat of theii sanuals then two angels come anu
speak to him Sunaan Tiimiuhi wiites that upon buiial
in a giave a Nuslim will iise up see the setting sun anu offei
0bviously we shoulu have no uoubt about the fate of the unbelieveis coipse as he will not

offei any Islamic piayei
Sahih Nuslim wiites that aftei the buiial in the giave anu aftei the mouineis
have left the buiial site two angels entei the giave anu ask the ueau peison iegaiuing Allah
Ch Islamic uiave voouoo Islamic voouoos

anu Nuhammau If he weie a nonNuslim he woulu be shown his seat in hell fiie 0nce the
angels aie satisfieu that the coipse is that of a Nuslim they expanu the giave of the believei
to seventy cubits anu he will be shown his place in paiauise Sahih Bukhaii
fuithei explains in connection with veise that the ueau man sits up in his giave anu
the angels talk to him about Allah anu Nuhammau
The names of those two angels who inteiiogate the fieshlybuiieu coipse aie Nunkai anu
Nakii In Sunaan Tiimiuhi we get a uesciiption of these two angels of giaves This hauis
says that Nunkai anu Nakii the two angels of giave have black faces anu blue eyes They
will question a Nuslim in his giave When satisfieu with the answeis iegaiuing Nuhammau
anu Islam these angels will inciease the volume of the Nuslims giave to cubic feet
light the giave anu instiuct the Nuslim to have a peaceful sleep Foi a hypociite his
giavesiues will be squeezeu so much so that his bones aie ciusheu
Beie aie a few moie ahauith to unueistanu what Allah uoes to a coipse once it is insiue a
A peison will be iaiseu in the same veiy state in which he hau
uieuSahih Nuslim
When a Nuslim is questioneu in his giave he testifies that theie is no gou but Allah
anu Nuhammau is Allahs messengei It is wiitten in the 0uian in
Sunaan Abu Bawuu
Nunkai anu Nakii the two teiiible angels will make a ueau peison sit up with his
soul anu bouy in giave anu ask him questions about his ieligion anu his piophet
This is the fiist exami nation aftei ueathuhazali p
Nany people incluuing many moueiate Nuslims will finu it impossible to believe that
Allah will toiment them in theii giaves Bowevei Allah is meiciless when Be ueals with the
unbelieveis uhazali p wiites that belief in the punishment of giave is compulsoiy
Naliks Nuwatta says that even a chilu infiuel of couise is liable to be toimenteu
in hishei giave
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic uiave voouoo

iy of how Allahs angels will caiiy out the toiment
Ninetynine poisonous uiagons bite a nonNuslim in his giave the uiagons
bieathing aii will uestioy all veiuuie on eaith Sunaan Tiimiuhi
Cuiiously Nuhammau boiioweu this concept of Allahs toiment in giave fiom the Iews of
Neuina In veise Allah says that Be piotecteu the believei Noses uisciple who was
in the miust of Phaiaohs people but uestioyeu Phaiaoh 0n the exegesis of this veise
ibn Kathii wiites that in the beginning Nuhammau uenieu theie woulu be the punishment
in the giave Latei when he heaiu fiom a Iewish woman when she tolu Aisha about the
punishment in giave Nuhammau changeu his minu Nuhammau now insisteu that the
unbelieveis incluuing the Iews aie toimenteu in theii giaves Sahih Bukhaii
Let us fiist examine the 0uian about the Islamic toiment peipetiateu on infiuels in theii
Sahih Nuslim wiites that Nuhammau heaiu the sounu of toituie of the Iews in
theii giaves
Allah says in veise that on the iesuiiection uay the unbelieveis will iegiet when they
have to caiiy theii loaus on theii backs Ibn Kathii explains this bizaiie situation loau in
this mannei
Eveiy unjust peison upon enteiing his giave will meet a man with ugly face
uaik skin anu awful ououi anu weaiing uiity clothes on the iesuiiection uay
the unjust peison will caiiy this ugly companion on his back to entei hell
Pieviously we ieau that the two angels Nunkai anu Nakii will inteiiogate the inhabitants
of giaves So this ugly man with uaik skin anu teiiible bouy ououi must be anothei human
an unbelievei peihaps who will entei the giave to humiliate the nonNuslim buiieu in his
In veise we ieau that besiues the punishment on the iesuiiection uay the unbelieveis
will ieceive auuitional punishment In veise Allah specifies this auuitional
punishment In this veise Allah says that Be will mete out lightei penalty in this life
befoie inflicting the supieme penalty heieaftei Accoiuing to ibn Abbas this lowei
punishment iefeis to the punishment of the life of this woilu uiyness of the lanu uiought
hungei assassination anu the punishment of the giave
Allah iepeats Bis thieat in veise In this veise Allah says that the uisbelieveis will
suffei two ueaths they will beg Allah foi a iepiieve Accoiuing to ibn Abbas the fiist ueath is
when Allah took away theii souls in the life of the woilu anu the seconu ueath iefeis aftei
Nunkai anu Nakii hau questioneu them in theii giaves
While the ieasons to punish the unbelieveis in theii giaves in unueistanuable it is quite
inteiesting to note that Allah even punishes those Nuslims in theii giaves because of theii
familys wailing ovei him Sahih Nuslim
Sunaan ibn Najah wiites that the angels toiment a ueau bouy foi its ielatives
wailing ovei it
We may wonuei about the mouality of Allahs toituie on the inmates of giaves Beie is a
Ch Islamic uiave voouoo Islamic voouoos

When a man is placeu in his giave the angel comes to him anu asks him questions
iegaiuing his faith An infiuel is given a blow between his eais with an iion
hammeiSunaan Abu Bawuu
Nuhammau saiu The punishment of an unbelievei is that in his giave ninetynine
seipents will be biting him anu each seipent will have seven heaus This will
continue up to the Re suiiection Bay uhazali p
Iust as the infiuels will unueigo exciuciating toiment in theii giaves Allah has ieseiveu
uch iewaiu foi Nuhammaus aiuent followeis m

We hau alieauy noteu that the angels of giaves Nunkai anu Nakii woulu expanu the size
of a Nuslims giave anu light the giave once they aie satisfieu with the inteiiogation Theie
aie moie iewaius foi the Nuslims in theii giaves such as
Bie on a Fiiuay oi on a Thuisuay night anu you will not face the toiment of
giaveSunaan Tiimiuhi
When a Nuslim is buiieu the giave will expanu its uimension to infinity anu show
the ueau Nuslim the uooi of paiauise foi an infiuel the giave will squeeze anu
seventy uiagons will take chaige of the infiuel Sunaan Tiimiuhi
While on a jouiney a Nuslim mans piegnant wife uieu but hei chilu was boin in a
giave People saw light in hei giave When hei giave was uug they founu a chilu
insiue the giave playing with the lamp The chilu exactly iesembleu the
fatheiuhazali p

Allah extenus the giave foi extolling Bim Nishkat
Iesus will be buiieu with Nuhammau obviously this is a iewaiu foi
NuhammauSunaan Tiimiuhi


sk any Islamist anu he will tell you that Islam is not only a
ieligion but it is also a complete coue of life Islamists stiongly
believe that Islam has the peifect solution foi all the human
pioblemsin this woilu as well as in the next woilu That is
life aftei ueath NonNuslims might be amazeu that theie is no
fielu of knowleuge wheie Islam uoes not have a say Thus Islamic
Neuicine is veiy much alive well anu thiiving against all ouus Bitto
foi Islamic Suigeiy anu Islamic Alteinative Neuicines Please visit an
Islamic bookstoie to maivel at the numbei of books anu manuals
available extolling the unfailing qualities of Allahs meuicines

This episoue is a concise veision of what we might expect fiom
Islamic Neuicines
Cauteiizing is a technique of seaiing oi buining the skin with fiie Buiing Nuhammaus
time in the absence of qualifieu physicians oi suigeons this was a pievalent piactice among
the Beuouin Aiabs They useu this technique to stop bleeuing When a wounu became
infecteu the ueseit suigeons woulu heat a piece of metal iou anu seai the affecteu pait
Neeuless to say this was a veiy ciuue extiemely painful anu often uangeious piactice
Nuhammau howevei pioclaimeu that cauteiization is a suigical methou authoiizeu by
Cupping was anothei suigical technique useu by the ueseit uwelleis of meuieval Aiabia to
heal ceitain illnesses In this technique using a shaip object such as a neeule an incision
was maue on ceitain pait of the bouy usually on the neck oi on scalp Then an expeiienceu
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Neuicine voouoo

woulu suck the incision to uiaw out the bloou fiom the bouy The Aiabs believeu that
cupping woulu heal heauache Bistoiical eviuence suggests that Nuhammau was a chionic
suffeiei fiom migiaine heauache Be hau to iesoit to iegulai cupping to ieuuce his pain
Cupping neeueu expeiienceu cuppeis So Nuhammau engageu a numbei of cuppeis to
peifoim this suigeiy Some cuppeis even uiank Nuhammaus bloou ieau the episoue
Islamic Black Nagic voouoo
Beie aie two ahauith to uemonstiate that
Nuhammau engageu himself in Islamic cupping
Abu Buiaiiah saiu Abu Binu cuppeu the
Piophet may peace be upon him in the
miuule of his heau The Piophet may peace
be upon him saiu Banu Bayuah maiiy
Abu Binu to youi uaughtei anu ask him to
maiiy his uaughtei to you Be saiu The
best thing by which you tieat youiself is
Ibn Abbas Saiu The Apostle of Allah may
peace be upon him hau himself cuppeu in
his heau when he was in the sacieu state
weaiing ihram uue to a uisease fiom
which he was suffeiing
Beie is a summaiy of a few moie ahauith
extolling the viitues of Islamic cupping
Cupping is the best meuical
tieatmentSunaan Abu Bawuu

Cutting vein cupping is a meuical
tieatmentSunaan Abu Bawuu

Nuhammau useu a cuppei anu gave the
cuppei his wagesSunaan Abu Bawuu

Foi heauache use cupping foi pain in
legs uye them with
hennaSunaan Abu Bawuu
Pouiing out bloou without meuical
tieatment is okSunaan Abu Bawuu

Ch Islamic Neuicine voouoo Islamic voouoos

Nuhammau hau himself cuppeu above the thigh foi a contusion fiom which he
suffeieuSunaan Abu Bawuu
Thanks to mouein suigical methous touay those two techniques aie consiueieu
unhygienic unscientific anu lethal As such they aie ielegateu to voouoo meuicine categoiy
anu in many countiies these ciuue techniques aie banneu
But in Islam both cauteiizing anu cupping live on they aie Allahs suigeiy
Sahih Bukhaii mentions that healing is in thiee things a gulp of honey
cupping anu bianuing with fiie cauteiizing Anothei hauis in Sahih Bukhaii
iecommenus the Nuslims to get cauteiizeu as a ielief fiom pleuiisy Sahih Nuslim
wiites that cupping is a iemeuy foi pain In ibn Najah Nuhammau says that
cupping softens the backbone anu impioves the eyesight
Nuhammau iecommenus that the best uay to uo cupping is Thuisuay befoie eating any
foou Be also believeu that cupping incieases intelligence impioves memoiy anu loweis
bloou piessuie Sunaan Tiimiuhi
Cuiiously uespite a plethoia of Islamic Neuicines anu Suigeiy peihaps the only veise in the
0uian which mentions Islamic meuicine is In this veise Allah says that Be instiucts
the bees to eat fiom vaiieties of fiuit then they ielease
colouieu liquiu fiom theii stomachs honey anu this
liquiu honey is healing Ibn Kathii pioviues the ieason
why honey is a goou meuicine Accoiuing to him honey is
hot so it is a cuie foi all colu uiseases because a uisease
shoulu be tieateu with its opposite
In Sunaan ibn Najah we ieau that Nuhammau
saiu honey anu the 0uian aie the iemeuies foi all uisease
The same meuical viitues of the 0uian anu honey aie iepeateu in Sunaan Tiimiuhi
Beie aie a few moie iecommenuations on the use of the 0uian as an Islamic meuicine Foi
moie on this please ieau the episoue Islamic Black Nagic voouoo
If you fall ill then iecite Suia Ikhlas Suia Suia alFalaq Suia anu Suia
anNaas Suia blow on youi palm anu then pass them ovei youi
faceSahih Bukhaii
When someone in the family falls sick iecite Suias anu anu blow ovei
himSahih Nuslim
Recite Suia alFateha Suia then spit saliva on the affecteu

paitSunaan Abu Bawuu
Suia alFateha Suia cuies a Sunaan Abu Bawuu

Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Neuicine voouoo

Beie is a compilation of Islamic heibal meuicines
The watei of Kama a kinu of fungus is a cuie foi eye tioubleSahih Bukhaii

Black cumin is a healing foi all uisease except assam
ueathSahih Bukhaii
Inuian incense has healings foi seven uiseases viz thioat tiouble pleuiisy anu
inflammation of lungsSahih Bukhaii
Sea incense is a goou meuicineSahih Bukhaii
Tiuffles unueigiounu fungus heals eye uiseasesSahih Bukhaii
Foi loose motion uiink honey if gets woise then it is youi abuomen which tolu the
lie not Allahs meuicineSahih Bukhaii
Nigella seeu is a iemeuy foi eveiy uisease except
ueathSahih Nuslim
Talbina is a iemeuy foi giiefSahih Nuslim

Ajwah uates aie fiom paiauise it is a cuie foi
poison tiuffle juice a kinu of subteiianean fungus
is a meuicine foi the eyeSunaan Tiimiuhi

Anu heie is a list of Islamic Natuiopath techniques to
cuieavoiu illnesses
Foui things that ieuuce eyesight aie to look at unclean
anu impuie objects to see one being hangeu to look at
female piivate paits anu to sit keeping Kaba behinuuhazali p
Foui acts that impiove sexual powei aie to eat the meat of spaiiows to eat big Atii fiuit to
eat pistachio anu to eat wateifiuituhazali p
Sleeplessness makes the heait biight puie anu iauiantuhazali p
pensate sins Fev Biseases com ei of one uay expiates the sins of a yeaiuhazali p
A few ansais (Islamichelpers)wanteu to get blinu because Nuhammau saiu Allah has
azali p ieseiveu paiauise foi a peison whose two eyes aie blinuuh
If you love any mateiial object it will cause you blinuness anu
ueafnessSunaan Abu Bawuu

Ch Islamic Neuicine voouoo Islamic voouoos

Allah has maue the bouywaste of cattle as meuicines foi
humans In veises Allah says that he has cieateu
uomestic cattle to be unuei the owneiship of theii owneis
some to be useu foi tianspoit anu some to be eaten To
elaboiate these veises ibn Kathii wiites that cattle uiine
can be uiunk as a meuicine also ieau pait Islamic
To be suie that Allah uiu not make any mistakes in
uesignating cattle uiineuung to be useu as Islamic
meuicine theie aie a numbei of ahauith wheie
Nuhammau has emphatically confiimeu this uivine
meuicine Beie is a paitial list of ahauith to illustiate this
Boises uun
eeu meuicine of Allah
g anu uiine aie puie theie aie
iewaius foi keeping a hoise foi Iihau foi what the
hoise has eaten uiank anu foi its uung anu
uiineSahih Bukhaii
Camels milk anu uiine aie meuicinesSahih Bukhaii
Biink camels uiine anu milk they aie goou meuicinesSunaan ibn Najah
Allah uiu not foiget the magical healing powei of Nuhammaus bouywaste Ali Bashti
wiites that many Nuslims believeu that Nuhammaus uiine anu faeces weie puie Ali Bashti
mentions that 0mm Ayman Nuhammaus wet nuise uiank Nuhammaus uiine
Bashti p To leain moie about the magical powei of Nuhammaus uiine anu faeces
please ieau the episoue episoue IslamicBlackMagicVoodoo
Peihaps the most intiiguing Islamic meuicine is the healing powei of a housefly
Sahih Bukhaii wiites that one of the wings of a fly has a uisease its othei wing
has the cuie So if a fly falls in a uiink uip it in the uiink anu gulp the watei
Beie aie two moie ahauith to confiim that the hauis
quoteu is stiong anu authentic
If a fly falls in a vessel uip all of it anu then
thiow the fly away foi in one of its wings theie
is a uisease anu in the othei theie is
healingSahih Bukhaii
0ne wing of a fly contains poison the othei
wing contains meuicine so if a fly falls on youi
uiink uip it insiue the
uiinkSunaan ibn Najah
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Neuicine voouoo

Islam uoes not oveilook the healing powei of human saliva Available eveiywheie in many
ahauith we ieau about these poweiful anu extiemely cheap Islamic meuicines Beie is a
paitial list of ahauith extolling the healing powei of Islamic saliva anu Islamic ash
khaii Foi excessive bleeuing apply ash of buint palm leavesSahih Bu
Foi any pain mix saliva with uust anu then apply on the affecteu
paitSunaan Abu Bawuu
Nuhammau spat on a wounu anu theie was no pusAsh Shifa p
Iust to ensuie that Islamic saliva Islamic ash anu Islamic uust aie inueeu Allahs meuicine
to cuie many uiseases heie is a shoit list of citations on Nuhammaus healing powei of his
aliva s

Nuhammau spat on uust a uying man uiank it anu that healeu the
manAsh Shifa p
Nuhammau spat in the eye of a blinu man the blinu man iegaineu his
sightAsh Shifa p
Nuhammau spat in Alis eye the affecteu eye healeuAsh Shifa p
Buiing the battle of Khaybai Nuhammau spat on the thighwounu of Salam ibn
alAkwa this healeu Salam ibnAkwaAsh Shifa p
Nuhammau spat on the bioken thigh of Ali ibn alBakam his thigh healeu
immeuiatelyAsh Shifa p
Nuhammau spat on the seveieu hanu of Nuawwiuh ibn Afia the hanu
joineuAsh Shifa p
Nuhammaus mouthwash healeu a chiluAsh Shifa p
Washwatei fiom Nuhammaus black shiit cuies uiseaseAsh Shifa p
Nuhammau spat in a well of Neuina the watei became the sweetest among all wells
in NeuinaAsh Shifa p

geneiation o
to say that h
any countiy
ues aie extiaoiuinaiy places foi all Nuslims It is not only a place foi the
iship of Allah but also a place to conuuct many Islamic activities Besiues
eiing iegulai uaily anu weekly congiegation piayeis a mosque is also a place
eie all planning anu logistics aie caiiieu out to conuuct Iihau seive as cache of
s meting out huuuu punishments anu manufactuiing centei foi the next
f Islamic executioneis Islamists anu suiciue bombeis It will be quite piuuent
e who contiols mosques contiols Islam A coiollaiy of this hypothesis is that if
wishes to contain the iabiu Islamists it must seveiely iestiict the constiuction
of mosques
Please note that because of the gieat impoitance of mosques foi the Islamic conquest of the
infiuel woilu the Islamists have voweu to constiuct at least one mosque in a subuib of theii
auopteu countiy ieau infiuel lanu Islamists fiimly believe that constiucting one mosque in
a Kafii lanu is one victoiy foi Islam It the constiuction of mosques in infiuel teiiitoiies is
0 K
the fiist step in the conquest oi the uefeat of the Kafiilanu by Islam
In this episoue we shall obseive a few unique featuies of Islamic mosques anu leain a few
lessons as to how to combat the centeis mushiooming of these teiioi
The most impoitant aspect of a mosque is that it is ieally a business centeian exchange
much like a Stock Exchange wheie tiauing is conuucteu between Allah anu the tiue
Nuslims This concept of an Islamic mosque might come as shocking news to many infiuels
as well as to notsogoou Nuslims Bowevei we must uigest the tiuth We must leain that a
mosque is a tiauing pit wheie contiacts aie maue between Allah anu the mosquegoeis to
extiipate unIslam fiom the woilu Nany nonNuslims make giave mistakes when they
equal mosques with othei woishipping centeis such as Binuu Buuuhist oi Sikh temples
Chiistian Chuiches anu Iewish Synagogues
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Nosque voouoo

Let us examine the opinions of a few stalwaits of Islam as to the status of
0ne of the gieatest Islamic scholais of all time uhazali p wiote in IhyaUloomalDin
that mosques aie maikets foi the next woilu uhazali exhoits the Nuslims to keep the eaily
anu the last pait of the uay foi the next woilu ie foi mosques anu the miuule pait of the
uay foi this woilu ie foi the business maiket
a mosque in Islam
Naliks Nuwatta expounus the same concept of a mosque equating a mosque to
the maiket of the next woilu Please note that Naliks Nuwatta is the oluest anu the most
authentic Shaiia Laws Its piovisions aie binuing to all Nuslims especially of the Maliki sect
A mosque is such an impoitant maiket foi the next woilu that uhazali p fuithei
wiites that Allah assuies unconuitional paiauise foi him who woiks as an Imam in a
mosque A Nuazzin ciiei of piayei will also entei Islamic paiauise unconuitionally aftei
his seivice of foity yeais uhazali continues saying that youi Imam is the iepiesentative of
Allah on youi behalf An Imam stanus between Allah anu Bis seivants piay behinu an Imam
to entei Islamic Paiauise

We often heai fiom Islamist apologists iesiuing in the westein countiies that Islam is
peaceful nonuisciiminatoiy anu accommouates all ieligion These cunning Islamists often
attempt to poitiay Islam as univeisal biotheihoou as if nonNuslims aie like biotheis to
the Nuslims Nothing can be fuithei fiom the tiuth In the 0uian we ieau that mosques aie
foi Nuslims only NonNuslims especially the iuolateis aie simply unclean uioss
anu uespicable They have no access in any mosques Allah hates the
nonNuslims so much that ibn Kathii in connection with wiites that mosques aie
houses of Allah nonNuslims have no iight to be theie 0n the exegesis of veise
ibn Kathii says that Nuslims aie puie the iuolateis the Iews anu the Chiistians aie impuie
they shoulu not entei a mosque In veise Allah exhoits the Nuslims to kill the
nonNuslims wheievei they aie founu The ieality is that if a nonNuslim is founu loiteiing
in a mosque Nuslims aie in contiact with Allah to kill him
Ch Islamic Nosque voouoo Islamic voouoos

The ieason why nonNuslims aie not killeu when
they visit a mosque is simply because vast
majoiity of Nuslims uo not follow ieal Islam the
Islam pieacheu anu piacticeu by Nuhammau
Nuhammaus biogiaphy tells us that he uiu not
hesitate to kill Neccan pagans even insiue Kaba
which to the 0uiaysh was an inviolable place
anyone who took sheltei insiue Kaba his life
became sacieu anu coulu not be extinguisheu
Without compunction Nuhammau bioke this
ageolu tiauition of the Aiabs We shoulu now
unueistanu why mosques in Iiaq Pakistan Suuan
Nigeiiaaie often uiencheu in bloou Ninu you if
you aie a Sunni you aie an unbelievei to the
Shiaanu so on As I penneu this episoue I ieau
the news that Islamist jihauists have killeu about
Nuslim woishippeis in a mosque in Pakistan I
hau a look at the bloousoakeu flooi of the
mosqueit was bloou bloou anu bloou
eveiywheie the bloou of Nuslims killeu by
Nuslims These woishippeis weie attenuing the
piayei session of the seconu most impoitant uay in the Islamic calenuai EiuulAzha This
inciuence simply uemonstiates the cannibalistic natuie of Islamwhen infiuels bloou uiy
up unavailable Islam takes showei in its own bloou in its veiy own placethe mosques
Nuhammau anu the Caliphs uiu this muiuei in mosques anu unsuipiisingly Nuhammaus
uevoteu jihauists aie simply iepeating the Islamic histoiy
uhazali also wiites that mosques aie Allahs houses in the woilu anu Bis neighbois aie
those people who fiequent the mosques uhazali p
Not all mosques aie the same Allah giaues a mosque baseu on its location Beie is what
Allah says about the meiit points these meiit points aie exchangeable on the iesuiiection
piayei in Necca piayeis in an oiuinaiy mosque piayei in the Neuina
mosque of Nuhammau piayeis piayei at Bait alNuqauuis
piayeisuhazali p
Piay in an oiuinaiy mosques times piayei in house Iame mosque Al
aqsa Neuina Necca timesNishkat
0ne piayei in Nuhammaus mosque in Neuina is bettei than piayeis in
any othei mosques except the Kaba mosqueSahih Bukhaii
A piayei in the mosque of Nuhammau is thousanu times bettei than a piayei in any
othei mosque except the Nasjiu alBaiam KabaNaliks Nuwatta
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Nosque voouoo

In Islam it is peimissible to commit sins any numbei so long as the sinnei having
committeu a sin goes to a mosque anu offeis piayeis
uhazali wiites that if a man goes to the mosque aftei ablution one iewaiu is wiitten foi
each step he takes anu Allah foigives one sin Allah incieases this iewaiu to tenfolu when
the sinnei finishes the piayei at the time of suniise one iewaiu is wiitten foi his eveiy haii
of his bouy anu the iewaiu of one accepteu Bajj is given to him uhazali p
Sahih Bukhaii wiites that one step to a mosqueone sin is foigiven
In theoiy at least a Nuslim is fiee to commit any numbei of sins anu then tuin to Allah
by visiting a mosque baiefoot uhazali wiites fuithei that having committeu a sin make
ablution well anu piay two iakat in a mosque Allah will foigive the sins committeu befoie
enteiing the mosque uhazali
visiting a mosque anu piaying is so impoitant that Naliks Nuwatta contenus that
going to a mosque is like joining in jihau anu ietuining with booty
The above hauis explains why mosques aie jihau ieau Islamist teiioi centies fiom wheie
all the mouus opeianui of Islamic teiioi attacks is planneu
Please ieau the following summaiiseu ahauith anu you will appieciate why the jihauists
emeige fiom mosques as killeis beheaueis iapists anu plunueieis
Allah obliteiates sins foi peifoiming a thoiough ablution walking to the mosque
anu waiting foi the next piayeiSahih Nuslim
Be who offeis the Noining Piayei in a mosque is unuei the piotection of
AllahSahih Nuslim
Angels invoke blessings as long as you aie insiue a
mosqueSahih Nuslim
Attenu mosque eaily uuiing juma anu you will sit uown closei to Allah uuiing
iesuiiectionSunaan ibn Najah
Walk to the mosque anu get iewaiu foi each stepSunaan Nasai
unaan Nasai When you go to a mosque to offei piayeis angels bless youS
Nuhammau saiu Be who keeps sitting in a mosque will meet
uouuhazali p
A iegulai mosqu iuhi egoei is a tiue Nuslim Sunaan Tiim
Allah maintains a mosque like a piofessional estate managei Be keeps a meticulous iecoiu
of attenuance of each Nuslim Allah is moie seiious about the attenuance on Fiiuay
congiegation juma piayei
Ch Islamic Nosque voouoo Islamic voouoos

Beie aie a few ahauith on how Allah iecoius the attenuances of Bis mosquegoeis
Eveiy Fiiuay the angels stanu at the gates of mosques anu take attenuances in
chionological oiueiSahih Bukhaii
Eveiy Fiiuay uevils go to the maikets with theii flags to pievent the people fiom
Fiiuay piayeis the angels sit at the uooi of mosques eaily in the moining anu
iecoiu the attenuance time of each peison until the Imam comes out fiom the
mosqueSunaan Abu Bawuu
Lastly Allah imposes seveie penalty to those Nuslims who uaie to be absent fiom the
neaiest mosque In Sunaan ibn Najah we ieau that if Nuslims uo not piay at
mosques then buin theii houses
Beie aie a few moie ahauith in connection with mosques
which the ieaueis might finu inteiesting
The Nuauuhins will have the longest
If you want to visit Allah in youi mosque then
aan Tiimiuhi weai white uiessSun
Begging in a mosque is
alloweuSunaan Abu Bawuu
Competition to builu mosques is the sign of last
houiSunaan Nasai

any visitois to Islamic Paiauises aie often taken aback when they obseive the
hoiiifying hygienic conuition in these countiies eithei in public places oi in the
piivacy of its Islamic citizens Foi example in Islamic countiies such as Pakistan
Banglauesh Suuan Nigeiia Nauiitaniaanu so on people often spit anywheie
they like uiinate anu uefecate in public places whenevei oppoitunity peimits
oblivious to the fact that human saliva anu exciement aie
potential caiiieis of ueauly geims anu viiuses In many
Islamic Paiauises public places such as paiks iecieation
centies spoits facilities etc aie often litteieu with
obnoxious objects incluuing human faeces The open
seweis on both siues of the ioau the iaw sewageinfesteu
iailway tiacks the uiit anu littei in uncultivateu oi
unoccupieu spaces often piouuce ievulsion to any visitois
who uaie to expeiience such hoiiible unhygienic

conuitions in many Islamic Paiauises
Bas Islam anything to uo with such a teiiible health hazaiu 0i is this uue to poveity
Let us examine the souices of Islam to gauge the tiuth The ieaueis will note that many
unhygienic piactices followeu in such Islamic Paiauises (DaralIslam) emanate uiiectly
fiom the piactices of Nuhammau as uesciibeu in a
numbei of ahauith Nuhammaus act oi sunna These
ahauith tell us that Nuhammau anu his companions
incluuing his wives liveu in teiiible unhygienic conuitions
They hau veiy little iegaiu foi a healthy clean anu
uiseasefiee enviionment They weie inuieu to the uiity
unclean anu often unhealthy piactices of the ueseit

Beie aie thiee ahauith to leain about the pathetic
s peisonal hygiene of Nuhammau anu his followei
Some jihauists lice fell fiom theii heaus on theii
facesSahih Bukhaii
Naiiateu Kab bin 0jia
The Piophet came to me at the time of Al
Buuaibiya Pleuge while lice weie falling on my face Be saiu Aie the lice of
youi heau tioubling you I saiu Yes Be saiu Shave youi heau anu fast
foi thiee uays oi feeu six pooi peisons oi slaughtei a sheep as saciifice
The subnaiiatoi Aiyub saiu I uo not know with which of these thiee
options he staiteu
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Bygiene voouoo

Nuhammau visiteu 0mm Baiam anu she lookeu foi lice on his heauSahih Bukhaii

Naiiateu Anas bin Nalik
Allahs Apostle useu to visit 0m Baiam bint Nilhan she was the wife of
0baua bin AsSamit 0ne uay the Piophet visiteu hei anu she pioviueu him
with foou anu staiteu looking foi lice in his heau Then Allahs Apostle slept
anu afteiwaius woke up smiling 0m Baiam askeu What makes you smile
0 Allahs Apostle Be saiu Some of my followeis weie piesenteu befoie me
in my uieam as fighteis in Allahs Cause sailing in the miuule of the seas like
kings on the thiones oi like kings sitting on theii thiones The naiiatoi
Ishaq is not suie as to which expiession was coiiect 0m Baiam auueu I
saiu 0 Allahs Apostle Invoke Allah to make me one of them So Allahs
Apostle invokeu Allah foi hei anu then laiu his heau uown anu slept Then
he woke up smiling again 0m Baiam auueu I saiu What makes you
smile 0 Allahs Apostle Be saiu Some people of my followeis weie
piesenteu befoie me in a uieam as fighteis in Allahs Cause Be saiu the
same as he hau saiu befoie I saiu 0 Allahs Apostle Invoke Allah to make
me fiom them Be saiu You aie among the fiist ones Then 0m Baiam
saileu ovei the sea uuiing the Caliphate of Nuawiya bin Abu Sufyan anu she
fell uown fiom hei iiuing animal aftei coming ashoie anu uieu
Nuhammaus companions weie manual labouieis they hau stinky bouy
ououiSahih Bukhaii
Naiiateu Aisha
The companions of Allahs Apostle useu to piactise manual laboi so theii
sweat useu to smell anu they weie auviseu to take a bath
Ch Islamic Bygiene voouoo Islamic voouoos

No wonuei then that touay most of Nuhammaus aiuent followeis caiiy on with his
tiauition oi Sunnabecause it is compulsoiy foi eveiy Nuslim to emulate Nuhammau in all
aspects incluuing his peisonal hygiene habits see veises
To piove his uivinity anu supeinatuial powei Nuhammau often iesoiteu to hoiiiu
piactices Such piactices involveu asking people to use the watei he hau polluteu thiough
ablution bath oi mouthwash oi even by spitting on it
Sahih Bukhaii sates that people useu to collect the leftovei watei aftei
Nuhammaus ablution Be askeu people to uiink the watei fiom the tumblei on which he
hau washeu his hanus anu thiew a mouthful of watei in it
To piove his uivine authoiity Nuhammau even let a sick boy uiink the leftovei watei aftei
he hau peifoimeu ablution Sahih Bukhaii Anothei boy uiank the leftovei
wateimilk that Nuhammau hau uiunk Sahih Bukhaii
0ne giotesque unhygienic piactice of Nuhammau was the use of his saliva to influence
illiteiate uninfoimeu believeis to his claim of possession of supeinatuial powei In eailiei
episoues we alieauy witnesseu many examples of this extiemely unhygienic piactice Beie
aie a few
moie samples of Nuhammaus fixation with his spittle
Nuhammau useu his saliva to soften a uate anu then gave it to an infant to
suckSahih Bukhaii
When Anass son was boin Nuhammau feu him with uates mixeu with his

Nuhammaus saliva anu gave him the name AbuullahSahih Bukhaii
Nuhammaus saliva is goou foi chiluien Be useu to spit into the mouth of suckling
chiluien anu his saliva woulu satisfy them until nightfallAsh Shifa p
If a baby suckeu Nuhammaus tongue the baby became quietAsh Shifa p
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Bygiene voouoo

Be gave alBasan anu alBusayn his tongue to suck They hau been weeping fiom
thiist anu upon sucking Nuhammaus tongue they became quietAsh Shifa p

People iubbeu Nuhammaus spittle on theii facesAsh Shifa p
Nuhammau iecommenueu that you can spit on youi cloth anu then folu it anu iub
itSahih Nuslim
Spit thiee times to the left when someone questions who cieateu
Allahibn Ishaq p
Not only that Nuhammau hau pooi peisonal hygiene habits he also
iecommenueu many of his followeis to iesoit to extiemely uiity
unhealthy anu iepulsive acts
A fasting peison often uevelops teiiible stench in his mouth In Islam
it is consiueieu quite a healthy habit to possess such a bau bieath
when a Nuslim is fasting A hauis is Sahih Bukhaii states
that the smell of the mouth of a fasting peison is bettei to Allah than
the smell of musk This means that a Nuslim is not obligeu to iesoit to
goou oial hygiene uuiing the month of Ramauan This also means tha

Ch Islamic Bygiene voouoo Islamic voouoos

othei people will get iewaiu foi smelling the bau ououi of a fasting Nuslim
Anothei incieuible hauis in Sunaan Abu Bawuu states that watei polluteu by ueau
ent of people is suitable foi use foi anything uogs menstiuating clothes anu exciem
It is woithwhile to ieau the full hauis
Naiiateu Abu Saiu alKhuuii
I heaiu that the people askeu the Piophet of Allah peacebeuponhim
Watei is biought foi you fiom the well of Buuaah It is a well in which ueau
uogs menstiual clothes anu exciement of people aie thiown The Nessengei
of Allah peacebeuponhim ieplieu veiily watei is puie anu is not uefileu
by anything
Anothei hauis in Sahih Bukhaii says that aftei sexual inteicouise clean the piivate
u in wall anu then wash the hanu paits with hanu iub the han
Let us ieau this hauis in full
Naiiateu Naimuna
The Piophet took the bath of Ianaba sexual ielation oi wet uieam Be fiist
cleaneu his piivate paits with his hanu anu then iubbeu it that hanu on the
wall eaith anu washeu it Then he peifoimeu ablution like that foi the
piayei anu aftei the bath he washeu his feet
Beie aie a few moie ahauith on the Islamic hygiene
If you covei youi feet with uust foi Allahs cause then Allah will save them fiom hell
fiieSahih Bukhaii
If you have a bau uieam then spit on youi left anu seek iefuge fiom
AllahSahih Bukhaii
Shaie a tooth pick between two peisonsSunaan Abu Bawuu
u If you touch a caicass no neeu to wash youi hanusSunaan Abu Bawu
You can use pollu teu watei foi ablutionSunaan Abu Bawuu
Ash Shifa p states that women collecteu Nuhammaus sweat because his sweat smelleu
peifume Asha Shifa continues
The messengei of Allah slept on a iug in the house of Anas anu peispiieu
Anass mothei biought a longneckeu bottle in which to put his sweat The
Nessengei of Allah askeu hei about this she saiu We put it in oui peifume
anu it is the most fiagiant of scents


ne stiiking featuie of the 0uian is
Nuhammaus obsession with the Bay of
Iuugement Refeiiing the Bay of Iuugement in
many Suias Allah casts extieme feai in the
minus of the unbelieveis In these Suias of the
0uian Allah mentions this uay eithei uiiectly oi
inuiiectly Besiues theie aie a numbei of Suias which
ueal exclusively on the events of the Islamic
Resuiiection Bay A few of such Suias aie The
Teiiible Calamity Suia The Resuiiection Suia
That Which is Coming Suia The
0veiwhelming Calamity Suia The Inevitable
Suia The Cleaving Asunuei Suia The
Renuing Suia The Shaking Suia anu The
Bay of Congiegation Suia Neeuless to say it is
compulsoiy foi Nuslims to believe in this uay In veise Allah says that those who ieject
the concept of iesuiiection will have chains aiounu theii necks they aie the iightful owneis
of fiie Ibn Kathii inteipiets this veise by saying that the unbelieveis will be uiaggeu into
hell fiie by chains anu they will iemain in hell foievei
0n this uay Allah piomises exciuciating punishment to the unbelieveis anu exquisite
iewaius to the believeis This subject of Islamic Paiauise anu Islamic Bell is so elaboiate
that a tome coulu be wiitten just on this topic The same is tiue foi the Islamic Resuiiection
In this shoit episoue we featuies of this uay will have just a glimpse of the most unusual
Allah piomises in veise that life in this woilu is an illusion that eveiy peison shall uie
anu eveiy peison will ieceive his juugement on the iesuiiection uay In veise Allah
vouches that all that is on eaith will peiish Allah says in veise that Be will iewaiu the
uoeis of goou with paiauise anu much moie theii faces will be iauiantstaineu They will
nevei be humiliateu Ibn Kathiis inteipietation of this veise says that theie will be no
blackness oi uaikness on theii faces In contiast the faces of the nonbelieveis will be
staineu with uust blackness anu uaikness 0n the Resuiiection Bay Allah will iemove Bis
veil anu show Bis face to the uwelleis of paiauise Be will make the believeis faces white In
veise Allah iepeats Bis piomise that Be will sheu a light of beauty anu joy ovei the
It is cleai fiom the exegesis of the above veises that Allah likes white people anu uistastes
the black people so much so that even when a Black Nuslim is entitleu to entei Islamic
Paiauise he will not entei it until Allah has tuineu him into a whiteskinneu peison veise
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Resuiiection voouoo

says that on the uay the tiumpet is sounueu iesuiiection uay the sinneis will be
gatheieu togethei with blue eyes anu black faces A hauis in Nishkat says that on the
juugment uay Nuslims will have white faces white aims anu white legs
Allahs piefeience foi lightskinneu people anu Bis uisuain foi uaikskinneu people aie
iepeateu in veise Ibn Abbas wiites that this veise tells the joy of the believeis when
they know those who entei hell by theii uaikeneu faces anu blue eyes anu those who entei
Paiauise by theii lighteneu faces at once hanusome anu iauiant
Ibn Kathii in connection with veise wiites that on the iesuiiection uay Abiaham
will iequest Nuhammau to commence juugement Chiluiens haii will tuin giay meaning
that Allah will tuin boys into olu men Allah says in veise that Be will biing
back life foi Nuhammau to commence juugement Accoiuing to ibn Kathii on the
iesuiiection uay a bannei will be iaiseu foi eveiy ueceitful peison fiom his anus the size of
this bannei will uepenu on the size of the peipetiatois calumny Thus Nuhammau will
have no tiouble sifting the believeis fiom the nonbelieveis All Nuslims will be of
white complexion anu all infiuels will be of black complexion with a bannei on hishei
In veise Allah says that Be uoes not caie whethei people believe oi uisbelieve in
Islam The uisbelieveis nonNuslims anu the wionguoeis will be suiiounueu by the tent
of fiie they will be given watei aciu like molten biass to showei anu to scalu theii faces
Ibn Kathii says that this veise means the wiong aie those who uisbelieve in Allah
Nuhammau anu the 0uian Then they will feel thiisty so they will ask foi uiink anu they
will be gianteu watei like AlNuhl that is what has been heateu to the ultimate
tempeiatuie When it is biought neai theii mouths the flesh of theii faces fiom which the
skin has been toin off will be bakeu The watei of Bell is black anu it itself is black anu its
people aie black
Ch Islamic Resuiiection voouoo Islamic voouoos

Allahs love foi the whiteskinneu people continues unabateu In veise Allah
emphatically pionounces that white faces on the juugment uay will ieceive Bis meicy
Ialalyn explains this veise wiiting that on the juugement uay Nuslims faces will be white
Thus the 0uian confiims that the inmates of Islamic hell aie blacks wheieas the iesiuents
of Islamic paiauise aie whites
We might wonuei why Allah is such a iacistwhite supiemacist even on the Islamic
iesuiiection uay The answei is quite simple Nuhammau was a white mana hauis in
is Sunaan Abu Bawuu confiims this Let us ieau this hau
Nuhammau was whiteSunaan Abu Bawuu
Anas b Nalik iepoiteu A man enteieu the mosque on camel anu maue it
kneel uown anu then tieu his leg with iope Be then askeu Who among you
is Nuhammau The Apostle of Allah may peace be upon him was sitting
leaning upon something among them We saiu to him This white man who
is leaning The man saiu 0 son of Abu alNuttalib The Piophet may peace
be upon him saiu I alieauy iesponueu to you The man again saiu 0
Nuhammau I am asking you The naiiatoi then naiiateu the iest of the
Theie aie numbei of similai ahauith in SunaanibnMajah.
Two inteiesting featuies of the iesuiiection uay will be that Allah will iesuiiect the biius
anu animals the 0uian ieau episoue IslamicAnimalsandInsectsVoodoo Be will
also iesuiiect the stones anu iion Ibn Kathii says that stones anu iion aie moie
uifficult to iesuiiect than human bones but Allah can easily uo such iesuiiection Knowing
Allahs obsession with white coloui it is ceitain that the iesuiiecteu animals of paiauise
ill be white anu the animals uestineu foi hell will be black w

Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Resuiiection voouoo

Nuuity is a gieat ciimesin in Islam A Nuslim oi Nuslimah must not be nakeu at any time
In fact a Tiimiuhi hauis says that except when ielieving oi having sex with youi
wives angels suiiounu you so uo not be nakeu at any time foi moie on this ieau chaptei
Foi Islamic women it is extiemely giievous to show
even hei face oi skin to the outsiue woilu A Nuslimah
must covei hei Islamic bouy fiom heau to toe with a
black cassock In Islamic Paiauises it is a seiious
offence foi a woman to ventuie out without such a
covei In these Islamic countiies men anu women
might be lasheu oi incaiceiateu foi violating the Biv

Islamic uiess coues
Neveitheless Allah piactices uouble stanuaiu Amiust
the fiee flow of wine anu sex in Islamic Paiauise Allah
will aumit the iesiuents of paiauise fully nakeu
Sahih Bukhaii wiites that you will
meet Allah baiefooteu
nakeu walking on feet anu
unciicumciseu This means when Allah commences
juugement eveiyonemen anu women will stanu befoie
Allah fully nakeu Foi the ciicumciseu Nuslim males Allah will
iejoin theii foieskin on the tips of theii penises Since many
Islamic women unueigo cliteiouectomy it is obvious that
Allah will tiansplant clitoiises anu oi labia to all the women
who have lost them uue to Islamic FuN Female uenital
Then Allah will commanu them to be uiesseu The fiist peison
to be uiesseu will be Abiaham Sahih Bukhaii It is
Ch Islamic Resuiiection voouoo Islamic voouoos

not cleai why Allah has to make the concouise of Bis couit of justice to be a nuuist colony
howevei biief that might be anu then commanu these nuuists to clothe fully
An inteiesting featuie of the Islamic Resuiiection Bay is that the Nuslims peihaps nakeu
will entei the gaiuen of enjoyment sexual oigy iiuing a hanusome beast In veise we
ieau that Allah will gathei as a uelegate those who feaieu Bim Accoiuing to ibn Kathii this
means the goou ueeus will take the appeaiance of a cieatuie with the most hanusome foim
anu weaiing the nicest fiagiance it will then meet its Nuslim uoei anu then he will mount
this cieatuie to met Allah
In veises Allah pioviues quite a goou uesciiption of sexual oigy in the gaiuen
Allah wiites Foi the believeis theie will be a gaiuen of
joy cool shaues of woou ieclining on thiones all fiuits
aie foi enjoyment peace fiom Allah Ibn Kathii says
thiones mean beus beneath canopies Accoiuing to
Ialalyn joyful things mean uelighting in pleasuies such as
uefloweiing viigins not busy with anything weaiisome
as theie is no toil in Paiauise Inteipieting veises
ibn Kathii wiites that the man will be able to
have sexual inteicouise with a hunuieu viigins in one

In sum this means the only obsessions of the inmates
Nuslims of Islamic gaiuen will be sex sex anu sex
uninteiiuptible Islamic copulation
The most intiiguing pait is that aftei the juugement has been announceu the iesiuents of
Islamic Paiauise have been soiteu out Allah will make the iesiuents of Paiauise nakeu this
time peimanently This might sounu absuiu But hang on ibn Sau p quotes a hauis
with a long chain of naiiatois which says that the people of paiauise will entei it without
clothes beaiuless having cuily haii anu being seven cubits tall
This means Islamic Paiauise will be filleu with nuuists Nuhammau incluueu A Tiimiuhi
hauis says that when in paiauise look foi Nuhammau fiist at the path then at the
scale then at the ieseivoii he will be in eithei of these places This confiims that
Nuhammau will be among the nuuists
0nce these Islamic nuuists aie in Islamic paiauise Allah will seive them with theii fiist foou
the cauuate tail lobe of fish livei Sahih Bukhaii
As mentioneu pieviously the Islamic Resuiiection Bay will inueeu be a hoiiific uay foi the
Fiistly once the nonNuslims aie assembleu nakeu Allah will examine them clothe them
anu foice them to walk on theii faces Sahih Bukhaii Then Allah will cause them
to sweat piofusely so much so that they will be uiowneu in theii sweat up to the miuule of
theii eais ibiu Then Allah will let the intestine of the nonNuslims come out
ibiu They will be foiceu to caiiy aiounu theii uisembowelleu intestines hanging
out fiom theii bellies Nuhammau is so ceitain of this macabie scene that he voucheu he
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Resuiiection voouoo

saw Ami bin Amii bin Luhai AlKhuzai uiagging his intestines in the Bell Fiie foi he
Ami was the fiist man who staiteu the custom of ieleasing animals foi the sake of false
gous ibiu
To fiighten the nonNuslims Nuhammau mentioneu that even Abu Talibs biain woulu boil
fiom the fiie of hell Sahih Bukhaii Abu Talib was Nuhammaus uncle who hau
suppoiteu anu nuituieu Nuhammau until Nuhammau became an auult Why shoulu Allah
inflict such a uevastating punishment to Abu Talib It was because when Abu Talib was in
his ueathbeu Nuhammau askeu him to conveit to Islam but Abu Talib politely ueclineu
saying he woulu not abanuon his ancestial ieligion anu custom
Theie is no way nonNuslims will be able to hiue theii misueeus Allah will even give tongue
to the eaith to speak to Bim about the calumnies of the infiuel In veise Allah says
that the uay itself ie the eaith will explain what to expect Ibn Kathii wiites that the eaith
will speak of what the people uiu on its suiface It will testify against eveiy male anu female
seivant about what they uiu upon its suiface It will say that he uiu such anu such on such
anu such uay Be fuithei wiites that the eaith infoims about the goou anu the evil uone on
its suiface
Sahih Nuslim tells us that on the iesuiiection uay the eaith will tuin into a single
bieau anu Allah will tuin the single bieau like a loaf on a jouiney this will be a feast foi the
people in paiauise Allahs seasoning foi the loaf woulu be balam ox livei which seventy
thousanu people woulu eat Sahih Bukahii also mentions that the eaith will
become bieau on the uay of iesuiiection
Beie aie a few moie inteiesting ahauith about the Islamic Resuiiection Bay
0n the iesuiiection uay Allah will iesuiiect the stone of Kaba with eyes to see anu a
tongue to speakSunaan Tiimiuhi
0n the uay of iesuiiection an obeuient slave an
imam anu a muezzin will be on the hillock of
muskSunaan Tiimiuhi
Nuhammau saiu that uuiing the iesuiiection uay
Allah woulu pioviue wings to a gioup of his
followeis they will fly to paiauise with the help of
those wings This was uue to theii uevotion to
Allah when they spent theii time in

solituueuhazali p
Allah piomiseu Iesus that Be woulu get him
maiiieu on the iesuiiection uay with Buis
whom Allah hau cieateu with Bis own hanus
Iesus maiiiage
Ceiemony will continue foi yeais one uay of which
is equal to the age of this woilu Those who weie ieligious
anu ascetic will join this maiiiage ceiemonyuhazali
Ch Islamic Resuiiection voouoo Islamic voouoos


slam is incomplete without its enuless incoheient anu
supeistitious iituals The Islamic iitual staits in the uawn
befoie the suniise with the cacophony of piayei call Tiue
Nuslims must wake up uo ablution anu walk to the
neaiest mosque to stait the uay with piayei The uay enus
with the night piayei This offeiing of five uaily piayeis is
the minimum a Nuslim must uo to smell the fiagiance of
Islamic Paiauise Theie is seveie Islamic penalty foi missin
a piayei It is tiue that othei ieligions uo have many iituals
The uiffeience between Islamic iituals anu othei ieligions
is that while foi othei ieligions theii iituals aie voluntaiy
in Islam iituals aie foiceu imposition upon Nuslims Foi
example if a Chiistian uoes not attenu Chuich assemblies
he uoes not unueigo any punitive measuies Attenuing
Sunuay Chuich is a choice a Chiistian makes In Islam it is
compulsoiy foi a Nuslim to attenu a mosque to offei his
oblation If he uoes not Shaiia law stipulates uieauful
punishment As an example in a hauis in Sahih Bukhaii Nuhammau askeu his
uevout followeis to buin the houses of those Nuslims who uo not piesent themselves
foi the Islamic piayeis Besiues the tempoial punishment Allah ueciees exciuciating
toiment in the next woilu foi the Nuslims who neglect theii piayeis With such
uiaconian measuies it is no wonuei that whenevei Islam invaues an infiuel lanu the
fiist act in the piocess of cieeping Islamisation is to constiuct mosques Feai gieeu
les a Nuslims life
intimiuation anu teiioi aie the lifefoices by which Islam iu
Beie aie a few Islamic iituals anu theii mouality of opeiation
In Islam it is compulsoiy to uo ablution befoie offeiing a piayei Sahih Nuslim
wiites that Allah will not accept any piayeis without ablution The iules on Islamic ablution
aie quite elaboiate sometimes queei anu minuboggling A uevotee will wash with watei
hishei hanus face feet poui watei insiue nostiils then gush it out guigle watei anu pass
wet hanus aiounu hishei neck to complete the iitual of ablution Theie aie stiict iules on
the numbei of times each limb shoulu be washeu anu how many times watei is to be
guigleu We shall ieview veiy biiefly a few featuies of Islamic ablution
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Rituals voouoo

The most impoitant iewaiu fiom ablution is that it is a cleansing piocessnot foi the bouy
itself foi even aftei ablution plenty of uiit anu pollution might stay in the bouy but fiom all
sins In ieality a Nuslim can commit any numbei of sins anu just by peifoiming ablution all
the sins committeu piioi to ablution will be expiateu Sahih Nuslim wiites that if
you peifoim ablution all sins will come out of youi bouy even fiom youi nails To entice the
Nuslims to the complete suiienuei to this enuless uaily iitual Sahih Bukhaii
wiites that if a Nuslim peifoims peifect ablution Allah foigives his sins committeu
between two piayeis In Sahih Nuslim we ieau that uuiing ablution Allah foigives
all sins committeu by eyes foi washing eyes Bitto foi hanus anu othei paits of the bouy

The above few sentences will explain why many Nuslim stuuentsiesiuents in nonNuslim
countiies such as Austialia 0SA Canauaanu so on uemanu exclusive ablution facilities in
campuses anu in othei public toilets They want to uo peifect ablution so that whatevei sins
they commit in infiuel lanus such as uoing sex with boy fiienu infiuel giil fiienu infiuel
Ch Islamic Rituals voouoo Islamic voouoos

visiting biothels watching poinogiaphy uiinking wine eating nonhalal foou joining uisco
uancing enjoying infiuel paities Baving committeu such sins all they neeu is to peifoim a
peifect ablution within twentyfoui houis to absolve themselves fiom the contiition Then
they can stait all ovei again
Ninu you the iitual of ablution uoes not always enu with piayei In Sunaan Abu Bawuu
es we ieau that one must peifoim ablution between two sexual inteicouis
Beie aie a few moie iewaius Allah has ieseiveu foi those Nuslims who value the
extiaoiuinaiy puigatoiy powei of Islamic ablution
When you guigle uuiing ablution all sins go out of youi
mouthSunaan Nasai
Foi peifoiming peifect ablution theie will be white blaze on youi foieheau anu
white blaze on youi feetSahih Nuslim
Allah obliteiates sins foi peifoiming a thoiough ablution walking to the mosque
anu waiting foi the next piayeiSahih Nuslim
Ablution iemoves the sins of the face mouth anu the
nostiilsSahih Nuslim
If you uo a peifect ablution youi face hanus anu feet will be biightei on the uay of
iesuiiectionSahih Nuslim

Anu heie aie Allahs punishments foi not uoing a stanuaiu ablution
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Rituals voouoo

If you uo not wash youi feet uuiing ablution youi feet will buin in hell
fiieSahih Bukhaii
Youi feet will taste hell fiie if you uo not wash them uuiing
ablutionSahih Nuslim
Peifoim ablution aftei eating cheese otheiwise fiie will touch
youSahih Nuslim
In Islam it is not compulsoiy to bathe eveiy uay It is quite all iight not to bathe foi the six
uays of a week The only iecommenueu bath is the bathing on Fiiuays to attenu the juma
piayei although a peifect ablution might uo in case theie is shoitage of watei oi uue to
inconvenience When no watei is available tayammum will uo This pioceuuie tayammum)
consists of iinsing oneself with uiit oi uust Imam Nasai wiites that a Nuslim can
ly by iolling his bathe in uiit anu uust simp bouy as a camel oi a beast uoes
Boweve ese aie i Islamic bathing ghusl is compulsoiy unuei ceitain cases Th
Conveit to Islam must take a bathSunaan Nasai
Buiy a polytheist must take a bathSunaan Nasai
Aftei uoing sexual inteicouise anu if you ejaculateSahih Nuslim
It is impoitant foi a Nuslim to offei a piayei coiiectly Beie aie a few salient featuies of
Islamic piayei
uhazali p wiites that when you stanu foi piayei youi heau shoulu peispiie youi
limbs shoulu tiemble anu youi face shoulu change Be also wiites ibiu p that Allah
anu Bis angels bless those who weai tuiban on juma uays This explains why most uiehaiu
Ch Islamic Rituals voouoo Islamic voouoos

Islamists we watch on televisions weai tuibans A tuiban is an Aiabs piiue So is it with
Islam since Islam is nothing but Aiabism A tuibanclau Islamist is the peifect embouiment
of Islam Aiab it is the symbol a guaiantee of his peifect obseivance of Islamic piayeis
0ne moie inteiesting featuie of Islamic iitual is the iecitation of the 0uian befoie anu aftei
the piayei oi at any othei convenient time though eaily moining is the best time to inuulge
i the piayei eains special benefit points in this iitual Reciting the 0uian befoie anu afte
So what is special about the 0uian iecitation
The impoitant point is that to eain the maximum scoie the 0uian iecitei must weep
uuiing iecitation uhazali p wiites that the tiue believeis weep when they iecite the
0uian anu if they cannot weep then they must pietenu to uo so ibiu p
If you aie not caieful in ieciting the 0uian in a piopei mannei it can biing you uisastei
Beie is what uhazali p wiites about the uevastating powei of the 0uian
0nce Nuhammau ieciteu a veise fiom the 0uian anu at once fell uown
senseless 0nce 0mai heaiu a man ieciting a veise on punishment Be
0mai immeuiately iaiseu a louu shiiek anu fell uown senseless Be was
biought to the house but suffeieu foi a month Abu Bhaii listeneu to the
iecitation of the 0uian by Saleh Naii iaiseu a louu shiiek anu uieu on the
spot Imam Shafei once fell unconscious when he listeneu to the iecitation of
the 0uian by a 0azi
Faiting is pioblematic in Islam Buiing piayei a woishippei must not fait Sahih Bukhaii
wiites that Allah will not accept a Nuslims piayei if heshe passes winu uuiing
the iitual The exception occuis if the woishippei faits silently oi the fait uoes not smell In
such a case heshe may continue with the piayei ibiu
Sunaan Nasai wiites that if you fait uuiing a piayei you must ieuo ablution
Sahih Bukhaii says that foi a faitei Allah will not accept hishei piayei until
heshe peifoims anothei ablution
Islamic piayeis uo not enu with five iituals a uay Even when uoing sexual inteicouise a
Nuslim must piay so that Satan uoes not haim the chilu Sahih Bukhaii Sahih
Nuslim iecommenus that aftei the sexual inteicouise uo ablution then go to
sleep Anothei hauis iecommenus that aftei finishing the night piayei uo sex with youi wife
Nuhammau uiu likewise Sahih Nuslim so it is Sunna to copy Nuhammaus
ctions a

Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Rituals voouoo

0ne salient featuie of all the hauis books is theii obsession with penis anu womens
puuenua especially womens peiiou In this section we shall ieview a few outstanuing
aspects of how a Nuslim shoulu take caie of his penis You will leain moie about Islamic
womens affaiis in a sepaiate episoue
The fiist anu the most impoitant iitual visvis Islamic penis is that aftei an ablution a
Nuslim must spiinkle watei on his penis Sunaan Abu Bawuu The piovision
of this iitual is iepeateu in Sunaan Tiimiuhi Sunaan Tiimiuhi even wiites that
uuiing his fiist ievelation uabiiel taught Nuhammau the iitual of ablution anu piayei
When Nuhammau finisheu ablution uabiiel spiinkleu watei on Nuhammaus piivate paits
Since Nuhammau uiu this job it is now compulsoiy foi eveiy Nuslim on eaith to take caie
of his penis in this mannei
The seconu impoitant iitual is that if you I mean a Nuslim touch youi penis you must uo
an ablution Sunaan Abu Bawuu But if you aie sexually exciteu anu youi semen
flows then wash youi penis no neeu to uo ablution Sunaan Nasai
Sahih Nuslim says foi seminal uischaige wash youi penis anu peifoim ablution If
you touch youi penis uuiing piayei then you uo not neeu to ieuo ablution
Sunaan Nasai
It is quite peiplexing with such iiuiculous ahauith But that is the way Islamic iituals aie
You must take caie of youi penis aftei each sexual inteicouise Nuhammau uiu that in this
Ch Islamic Rituals voouoo Islamic voouoos

Aftei sexual inteicouise with Aisha anu Naimuna Nuhammau washeu his penis by
pouiing watei fiom his left hanu then he peifoimeu ablutionSahih Nuslim

Beie is anothei inteiesting hauis Peihaps this hauis iefeis to youi hanus playing with youi
penis oi with youi anus while you weie asleep
Bo not touch utensils with hanus aftei waking up fiom sleep because you uo not
know wheie youi ha slim nu hau been uuiing sleepSahih Nu
Eating is a choie in Islam Islamic eating is not as simple as sitting on a uining chaii anu
eating on a table the way you want to uo Fiistly in Islam eating on a uining table is
uiscouiageu Nuhammau nevei ate on a uining table Bevout Nuslims eat sitting on flooi
anu with theii hanus making suie the plate of foou is iesting on the flooi That is why you
will notice most jihauists incluuing 0sama b Lauin Ayman alZawahiii eating with theii
comiaues squatting on flooi anu lifting theii foou fiom the plate The sitting postuie is also
impoitant Next time you watch an Islamist jihauists eating iitual obseive caiefully you
will be amazeu at the Islamic iegimentation even foi such a simple function of filling youi
stomach Islam has stiict iules foi eveiything even foi eating That is why the Islamists say
Islam is a complete coue of life
The fiist impoitant iule of Islamic uining is that you must eat with youi own hanu oi in case
you have no hanu let someone feeu you with hishei hanu
The seconu impoitant iule is that you must eat with youi iight hanu oi let someone feeu
you with hishei iight hanu You must not eat with youi left hanu foi Satan eats with left
hanu A hauis in Sahih Bukhaii says that you must eat with the iight hanu
anu eat of the uish that is neaiei to you
The thiiu impoitant iule is that having eaten youi foou you must lick youi fingeis
Sahih Bukhaii wiites that uo not wipe youi hanu aftei eating foou until you have
lickeu youi fingeis well You may choose to lick the fingeis by youiself oi let someone else
lick them Sahih Nuslim anu Sunaan ibn Najah iepeat similai
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Rituals voouoo

The fouith impoitant iule is that having lickeu youi fingei oi having someone lickeu foi
you you must lick the uish eithei by holuing the uish neai youi mouth oi by benuing youi
mouth to the uish

e the ieasons why you must lick the foou bowl
Aftei eating lick the bowl the bowl will seek foigiveness foi
youSunaan ibn Najah
Beie ai
Ch Islamic Rituals voouoo Islamic voouoos

Aftei eating lick the uish the uish will ask Allah foi youi
foigivenessSunaan Tiimiuhi
A hauis in Sahih Nuslim says that when you uiink you must uiink in thiee
gulps A Nuslim must not uiink fiom silvei oi golu vessels Sahih Nuslim
fiie in youi belly says if you uiink fiom a silvei oi golu vessel you uiink
Beie aie a few moie iules on Islamic wateiuiinking
If a uog licks a vessel wash it seven timesSunaan Nasai
If a cat uiinks fiom a vessel the watei iemains cleanSunaan Nasai
If a uog licks a utensil thiow away the foou anu wash the utensil seven
timesSunaan Nasai
Islam has stiict iules on how you sleep Fiistly you cannot sleep on youi stomach
Sunaan Tiimiuhi wiites that Allah uoes not like youi lying on youi stomach Anothei
hauis ibiu says if you lie on youi stomach Allah will senu you to hell
A Nuslim must sleep like a piophet It means to lie with belly up uhazali p wiites that
to lie with belly up is to sleep like the piophets
Anothei iitual foi Islamic sleep is that you must uo ablution befoie going to beu anu lie on
youi iight siue then iecite Allahs name anu gloiify Bim If you uie in this state then you uie
n Islam Sahih Nuslim

Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Rituals voouoo

The ieason why a Nuslim must uo ablution befoie sleep is this when you sleep the iing
muscle of youi anus is looseneu so you must peifoim ablution befoie sleeping
Sunaan Tiimiuhi

Sitting on buttock even when it huits the feet is Sunnah Sahih Nuslim
The angels accompany the funeial on foot so uo not follow a funeial iiuing a
beastSunaan Abu Bawuu

Beie aie a few moie Islamic iituals to amuse the ieaueis
Right shoe fiist when putting on left shoe fiist when putting
offSahih Bukhaii
Bo not uye youi beaiu with black coloi Black uye is the sign of the inmates of hell If
you uye youi beaiu black you will not get the fiagiance of paiauise Bye the beaiu
yellow oi ieu anu uo not pluck white beaius uhazali p

Ch Islamic Rituals voouoo Islamic voouoos

Bo not entei a welluecoiateu house Sunaan ibn Najah
When enteiing a maiket iecite sahaua Sunaan ibn Najah
Put the pen behinu youi eai it is the best way of iecalling things fiom
memoiy Sunaan Tiimiuhi
If youi wifehusbanu uoes not wake up foi the Noining Piayei thiow watei on
hishei face uhazali p
If anyone seeks paiauise he shoulu not sleep at night he who feais Allah takes iest
at uawnuhazali p

veiy time a Nuslim stanus foi piayei he must iecite
NaujuBillahMinhasShaytanarRajim which means
I seek iefuge fiom Satan the uevil This litany is
compulsoiy in almost all Islamic acts anu iituals In
many cases these few woius accompany the woius
Bismi Allah aiRahman aiRahim which means I begin in
the name of Allah the most compassionate the most
meiciful Nuslims nevei contemplate why they must
mention the name of Satan whenevei they iecite the name
of Allah Why must they seek iefuge fiom Satan whenevei
they seek Allahs bounty This nonstop iepetition of
Satans association with Allah ieally means that Allah aftei
all is not a goou piotectoi of Bis aiuent uevotees The most
impoitant message in the 0uian is that Allah is in chaige of
Nuslims anu Satan is in chaige of nonNuslims Since Allah
has ueclaieu a peimanent wai on Satan it logically it follows that the Islamic woilu is at
peimanent wai with the unIslamic woilu the woilu of Satan Theie cannot be any
negotiation with the nonNuslims since it means negotiating with the Satan which Allah
has foibiuuen In this episoue we shall exploie a few fascinating featuies of Islamic Satan
This will help us to unueistanu why the jihauistIslamist killeis uo what they uo They
simply follow Allahs uictum fight Satan that is the nonNuslims anywheie you finu

In Islam Satan is a mysteiious contiauictoiy convoluteu
entity Nost of us aie familiai with the Biblical stoiy of
Auam anu Allahs instiuction to all the angels to piostiate
befoie the newlycieateu Auam We know the iesult all
the angels except Satan obeyeu Allahs commanuments
The 0uian also naiiates this scenaiio except that the
0uian pioviues the ieason why Satan uiu what he uiu
Accoiuing to the 0uian Satan was actually a jinn who
useu to keep company with the angels Satan was piouu of
his jinn backgiounu anu so he ueclineu to bow uown to

lowly Auam
This woulu have been quite cognisant hau Allah been
consistent with the iuentity of Satan Let us see how Allah
misleaus us visvis Bis Islamic Satan
veise of the 0uian mentions Allahs commanu to the angels to piostiate befoie
Auam In this veise we leain that Islamic Satans name is Iblis To claiify ibn Kathii wiites
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Satan voouoo

that befoie Iblis unuei took the path of sin Iblis was with the angels anu was calleu Azazil
Be was among the iesiuents of the eaith anu was one of the most active woishippeis anu
knowleugeable peisons among the angels
Ibn Kathii confuses us We leain fiom the 0uian that
Satan in this case Iblis liveu in Islamic Paiauise anu tha
Azazil is the Islamic angel of ueath Ibn Kathii piobably
unueistoou coiiectly Allahs intelligence so he claiifies
fuithei by saying that when Allah commanueu the angels
to piostiate befoie Auam Iblis was incluueu in this
commanu Although Iblis was not an angel he was tiying
anu pietenuing to imitate the angels behavioui anu
ueeus anu this was why he was also incluueu in the
commanu to the angels to piostiate befoie Auam
In veise Allah instiucts the Nuslims not to follow
the piogeny of Satan This means Satan Iblis has many
chiluien To confiim this uhazali p wiites that
Allah pioclaimeu that foi each chilu boin to a human
being a chilu is also boin foi the uevil
Ash Shifa p wiites that Iblis is the fathei of jinns he
was the leauei of angels
Bow is this possiblethe fathei of the jinns becoming the
leauei of the angels
In veise Allah says that Nuhammaus woius aie not the
woius of an evil spiiit Ialayn says this evil spiiit means Satan
This implies that Satan is a spiiit To confuse us fuithei
ibn Abbas wiites that the name of Satan is alNaimi
We alieauy noteu that Satan has many chiluien The 0uian
fuithei confiims this in veise In this veise Allah says
that the 0uian is not fiom Satans Please note that pieviously
in veise Allah claimeu that the 0uian is not the woius of
an evil spiiit
Allah says in veise that Be has unleasheu many uevils to
stii up confuse the uisbelieveis
In an inteiesting hauis Sahih Nuslim tells us that
eveiy peison has a uevil attacheu with him Even Aisha
Nuhammaus most favouiite chiluwife hau a uevil attacheu
with hei But Nuhammau claimeu that Allah hau containeu the uevil Satan the uevil
attacheu with him Nuhammau
Ch Islamic Satan voouoo Islamic voouoos

Ash Shifa p wiites that eveiyone has a jinn anu an angel as his companions To
confiim this Ash Shifa quotes the following hauis
Abuullah ibn Nasuu saiu that the Nessengei of Allah saiu Eveiyone of you
is given a companion fiom the jinn anu a companion fiom the angels They
askeu You as well Nessengei of Allah he saiu Ne as well but Allah has
helpeu me against him anu he has given up
Islamic Satan is a fiienu of the wealthy influential people In veise of the 0uian we
ieau that those who spenu lavishly to show off but have no faith in Allah takes Satan as
theii fiienu
Fuithei Allah says in veise that Satans piomises aie nothing but ueceit Allah
alloweu Satan to befool mankinu thiough his voice in the foim of music songs anu
iuletalks Allah also peimitteu Satan to tempt the weak believeis to eain wealth anu money
thiough illicit means Nany Islamist scholais say that this veise bans music anu song foi
tan Nuslims as Nusic anu songs aie the foite of Sa
Ibn Kathii explains this veise in this mannei
Allah causeu Shaytan to take a shaie of wealth anu chiluien by making them
Nagians Iews anu Chiistians anu making them follow any ieligion othei
than Islam anu by making them give a pait of theii wealth to the Shaytan
In Sunan Abu Bawuu we ieau that the bell is a musical instiument of Satan
Since Chiistians use bells in theii chuiches this means the Chiistians aie the followeis of
Satans music By the way the Chiistian woilu is much wealthiei than the Islamic woilu
This also pioves that the Satan helps the iich
Allah says in veise that intoxicants wine anu spiiits
stones ie stoneiuol woishipping anu gambling aie
Satans hanuiwoik
In veise anu Allah piomises Nuslims that they
will be in gaiuens with iiveis of incoiiuptible watei iiveis
of milk iiveis of wine iiveis of honey wheieas
nonNuslims will uwell in fiie they will uiink boiling watei
which will teai theii intestines
This means Allah will appoint Satan to supply wine to the
Nuslims iesiuing in Islamic Paiauise While Satan takes caie
of wine foi the Nuslims Allah will punish the nonNuslims
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Satan voouoo

We alieauy saw Satan helps the wealthy people the nonNuslims This means theie aie only
two woilusthe woilu of Allah oi the woilu of Islam anu the woilu of Satan oi the woilu of
This is exactly what Allah says in veise Believeis fight foi Allah unbelieveis fight foi
iviues the woilu into two evil so fight against the fiienus of Satan This veise liteially u
campsthe woilu of Islam anu the woilu of Satan oi Kufi ie.,DaralIslamandDaralHarb
In veise Allah claiifies fuithei that Nuhammau ieceives Allahs ievelations Satans
fiienus e ieceive Satans ievelations Let us ieau ibn Kathii explanation of this veis
Theie aie two types of ievelation one fiom Allah anu one fiom the uevil
Allahs ievelation came to Nuhammau while the Satans ievelation comes to
his fiienus
In veise Allah says Be gives authoiity to whom Be wills Ialalyns explanation of this
veise is that Allah gives authoiity to Satan ovei those who uo not believe This means Allah
has a compact with Satan to hanuovei nonNuslims to him Satan
This might sounu iiuiculous But if we weie to tiust Allahs woius this is piecisely what
Allah says
e 0uian seek piotection fiom Satan In veise Allah says that while ieciting th
Ibn Kathii explains this veise in this mannei
The ieason foi seeking iefuge with Allah befoie ieauing is that the ieauei
shoulu not get confuseu oi mixeu up anu that the Shaytan woulu not confuse
him oi stop him fiom thinking about anu ponueiing ovei the meaning of
what he ieaus Bence the majoiity of scholais saiu that iefuge shoulu be
sought with Allah befoie staiting to ieau
In veise Allah says that Satan has no powei ovei the believeis wheieas in veise
Allah maintains that Satan has powei ovei those who aie his Satans fiienus
Funny but it appeais that all Poweiful Allah is poweiless to stop Satan fiom ieciuiting his
followeis So Satan conuucts Satanic Iihau anu Allah conuucts Islamic Iihau
Since nonNuslims the followeis of Satan aie in majoiity anu moie poweiful it means
Satan oi Satanic Iihau is inueeu moie poweiful than Allah oi Islamic Iihau
Allah ievealeu veise in connection with the Nuslims uefeat in the battle of 0huu in
the hanus of the followeis of Satan Allah canuiuly aumits that Satan causeu the uefeat of the
Nuslims in this battle Theiefoie at times Satan is militaiily moie poweiful than Allah
Ch Islamic Satan voouoo Islamic voouoos

Allah is tiuly toothless in the face of Satans uelibeiate attempt to humiliate Bim Accoiuing
to Allah the sweetest music in the univeise is the Nuezzins call foi piayei Azan When
Azan is in the aii all Nuslims must get ieauy to offei piayei Satan on the contiaiy gives a
amn to Allahs piayei Be simply humbles Allah by faiting whenevei he heais the Islamic u

Azan It seems that Allah can uo nothing about this chutzpah of Satan
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Satan voouoo

Theie aie a numbei of ahauith which tell us that when Azan is announceu Satan faits Beie
aie few samples
When Azan is pionounceu Satan takes to heel anu passes winu with
noiseSahih Bukhaii
When Azan is calleu Satan iuns back bieaking the winu so that he cannot heai the
slims call anu when the call is ovei he comes backSahih Nu
When Satan heais the Azan he iuns away miles fiom
NeuinaSahih Nuslim
When Satan heais Azan he faitsSunaan Nasai
When the call to piayei is maue Satan ietieats passing winu when the Azan is
finisheu then Satan comes backNaliks Nuwatta
Following aie the activities of Satan when you sleep
Satan uiinates in a sleeping mans eais when he uoes not get up foi
piayeiSahih Bukhaii
The uevil uiinates on the eais of a man who sleeps the whole night till
uawnSahih Nuslim
iioi of youi nose so clean youi nose aftei The uevil spenus the night in the inte
sleepSahih Nuslim
When anyone of you goes to sleep the uevil ties thiee knots at the back of his
neckSahih Nuslim
If you have moie beu than iequiieu except the beu kept foi a guest then that extia
beu is foi SatanSahih Nuslim
Satan is let loose with the sinking of the sun until the uaikest pait of the night is
n Najah Buiing sleep Satan plays with youi piivate paitsSunaan ib
Satan plays with piiva te paits of chiluienNishkat
Satan is so poweiful that he completely fuses himself in a human bouy A hauis in
Sahih Bukhaii tells us that Satan ieaches eveiywheie in a human bouy Anothei
hauis in Sahih Bukhaii says that Satan ciiculates in the human minu as bloou
ciiculates in it
Ch Islamic Satan voouoo Islamic voouoos

It is just incieuible the powei of Satan Why cannot Allah ciiculate in a human bouy Why
uiu Allah empowei Satan to accomplish the feat that Allah cannot uo Iust imagine insteau
of Satan if only Allah coulu swim in the blooustieam of human
Satan even enteis youi bouy when you yawn so you must iefiain fiom yawning
man bouy Sahih Nuslim Why Allah cannot Allah entei the hu
eie aie a few moie gems of ahauith about Islamic Satan B

The uevil ciiculates in you like youi bloou so uo not visit a woman whose husbanu
is away only Nuhammau was safe in this matteiSunaan Tiimiuhi
If you have to yawn then keep youi mouth shut with youi hanu because uevil enteis
you when you yawnSahih Nuslim
When youi nails aie lo ng uevil sits in themuhazali p
It is also incieuible that Satan is quite auept at playing with human wheieas Allah is
incapable of uoing so If only Allah coulu play with humansjust imagine
Iust think if only Allah coulu play with humans like Satan uoes how goou the life woulu have

Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Satan voouoo

Beie is what we finu about Islamic Satans game with humans
Looking hithei anu thithei uuiing piayei is Satans playSahih Bukhaii
Satan uevil plays with pebbles if you play with pebbles you play with
uevilSunaan Nasai
Ash Shifa p tells the incieuible stoiy that once Nuhammau wanteu Satan to play with
the chilu Neuin ien of a Beie is the hauis
In the hadith of Abuu Baiua the Piophet saiu The enemy of Allah Iblis
came to me bianuishing a bianu of fiie on my face The Piophet was uoing
the piayei anu he sought iefuge with Allah anu cuiseu Shaytan Be saiu
Then I wanteu to seize him so he coulu be shackleu anu in the moining the
chiluien of Neuina coulu play with him
Beie aie a few inteiesting ahauith on Satans powei ovei newlyboin babies If only Allah
hau the same powei eveiy chilu woulu be a peifect bunule of joy
Except foi Naiy anu hei son Iesus all babies ciy uuiing theii biith because Satan
touches them Sahih Bukhaii
Whenevei a chilu is boin Satan piicks it that is why the chilu ciies 0nly Naiy anu
Iesus weie not piickeu by SatanSahih Nuslim
Say piayei uuiing sexual inteicouise anu Satan will not touch youi
chiluSahih Bukhaii
Accoiuing to Islam whenevei you eat Satan joins you Satan actually eats with left hanu So
anyone eating with hishei left hanu is a Satan Sahih Nuslim Sahih Nuslim
also says that if you mention the name of Allah while enteiing a house anu while
eating a foou then Satan will not come neai it
Beie aie a few ahauith on Satans eating with you
Satan is piesent when you aie eating foou if you uiop youi mouthful of foou then uo
not leave it foi the Satan to eat it iemove the filth anu then eat the
foouSahih Nuslim
Peifoim eating anu uiinking with the iight hanu Satan eats with left
hanuSunaan ibn Najah
Satan consiueis that foou lawful on which Allahs name is not
mentioneuSahih Nuslim
Ch Islamic Satan voouoo Islamic voouoos

Allah has veiy little iuea about the peimanent aboue of Satan In a hauis in
Sunaan Abu Bawuu Nuhammau saiu that the places wheie camels lie uown aie the
places of Satan so uo not offei piayei theie but places wheie the sheep lie uown aie places
of blessings so you can offei piayeis at these places A Tiimiuhi hauis says that when
you go to the maiket Iblis follows you Anothei Tiimiuhi hauis mentions that
whenevei a man anu a woman aie alone togethei Satan visits them
uhazali p wiites that Allah cieateu women as games foi Satan anu Satan lives in
maikets anu bazaais
In Nishkat we e following Iblis ieau that if you uo moiningmaiketing then you ai
Stiangely getting iiu of Islamic Satan is quite simple All you neeu to uo piay anu piostiate
befoie Allah enulessly
Beie is how you can eschew Satan
When the son of Auam falls uown in piostiation the Satan goes into seclusion anu
weepsSahih Nuslim
If Satan inteivenes uuiing youi piayei then spit thiee times on youi
leftSahih Nuslim
Spit on youi left when you peiceive SatanNishkat


he concept of Islamic soul is tiuly fascinating The moie we
leain about this aicane concept of Islamic soul the moie it will
appeai that Islam is fully miieu in unscientific laughable anu
supeistitious uogma In the 0uian we finu a numbei of
veises which expose the vaiious natuies of Islamic souls
Allah has maue Islamic soul so incompiehensible that it has
become a potent Islamic minefielu of contiauictions confusions speculations anu simply
Let us exploie a few sali

ent featuies of Islamic Souls
This is haiu to believe but if we aie to ieau a few veises fiom the 0uian anu compiehenu
theii exegeses fiom vaiious authentic Islamic souices we uiaw only one conclusion that an
Islamic soul is tiuly a physical entity iesiuing as an inteinal oigan of a bouy We have
alieauy ieau in episoue (IslamicAngelsandJinnsVoodoo)that even the Islamic stalwait
ibn Kathii ieauily aumits that human soul is a physical pait of the bouy Buiing the time of
ueath Allah senus an angel oi many angels the 0uian contiauicts to pluck out the soul of
a peison This is similai to the suigeiy in which an inteinal oigan oi a tumoi is iemoveu
fiom a human bouy The only uiffeience is that Allahs tiaineu chief angel such as Azazil oi
Aziail peifoims this uivine suigeiy
Tiuly in the 0uian theie is a Suia by the title TheSoul
Snatchers Suia In this Suia Allah sweais by
the angels who teai out by foice the souls of sinneis
Allah says in veise of the 0uian that when the time
of ueath appioaches to someone Be immeuiately senus
Bis messengei angel of ueath Aziail to take the victims
life Ibn Kathii wiites that Allah senus guaiuian angels to
look ovei humans the angel of ueath has angels who pull
the soul fiom its bouy anu when it ieaches the thioat the
angel of ueath captuies it They guaiu the soul of the ueau
peison anu take it to wheievei Allah wills to Illiyyin if he
was among the iighteous anu to Sijjin if he was among the
wickeu Reau moie on this latei Please note that
0sma bin Lauin in his latest exhoitation mentions this
Illiyyin to the jihauists in Iiaq
Nuhammau hau a competitoi Bis name was Nusaylimah alKauhuhab 0nce Nusaylimah
announceu that he too coulu biing fiom Allah Suias similai to the 0uian Angeieu Allah
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Souls voouoo

immeuiately sent uown veise In this veise Allah vehemently pioclaimeu that no one
coulu ieveal the likeness of the 0uian Those who claim that they can compose veises like
the 0uian aie wickeu Ibn Kathii inteipiets that whoevei says like Nusaylimah Allah senus
an angel to take out the soul of such a peison The soul of the wickeu peison uoes not want
to be snatcheu by the angel Theiefoie it soul scatteis in the bouy of the uisbelievei anu
iefuses to get out The angels take the life ie the soul with theii hanus They even beat the
nonNuslim until his soul leaves his bouy
In veise Allah says that in the case of souls of hypociites the angels smite theii faces
anu backs Ibn Kathii explains that that is how theii situation will be when the angels come
to take theii lives anu theii souls cling to theii bouies causing the angels to extiact them by
foice haishness anu beating
In veise we ieau that the soul will ieach foi the collaibone befoie ueath comes
Accoiuing to ibn Kathii this means youi soul will be pulleu out of youi bouy anu it will ieach
youi collaibones
veise is moie viviu of the mannei of extiaction of Islamic soul fiom a human bouy
This veise says that theie will be no joy when the ciiminals nonNuslims see the angels
Ibn Kathii wiites
This is also confiimeu at the time when they aie uying when the
angels biing them the tiuings of Bell anu the wiath of the
Compellei anu when the uisbelieveis soul is being taken out the
angels say to it Come out 0 evil soul fiom an evil bouy come out
to fieice hot winu anu boiling watei anu the shauow of black
smoke It iefuses to come out anu it scatteis thioughout his bouy
so they beat him
We alieauy leaineu that the most intiiguing chaiacteiistic of Islamic soul is that it the soul
is a uistinctly sepaiate entity insiue the human bouy Amazingly
unlike othei static vital inteinal oigans the Islamic soul has the ability
to move aiounu the bouy when Azazil oi Aziail wants to captuie it
Allah with the help of angels can sepaiate a soul fiom a bouy keep it
safe in anothei location anu on anothei occasion such as on the
iesuiiection uay iejoin the soul with its bouy which lies insiue a
giave It might sounu just implausible anu weiiu but that is the way

Allahs meuical science woiks

Beie is a biief uesciiption of what Allah will uo with souls on the
iesuiiection uays In veise of the 0uian Allah says that the
huiiieu eaith will be ient asunuei all soul will be
Ibn Kathii explains this veise in this way
Allah will senu uown iain fiom the sky Fiom that iain the bouies of the
cieations will giow while they aie in theii giaves just as the seeu giows in
soil in the afteimath of iain When the bouies giow to theii full stiength will
commanu angel Isiafil anu he will blow in the Tiumpet foi a seconu time
Ch Islamic Souls voouoo Islamic voouoos

The souls will be encloseu in a hole in the Tiumpet When Isiafil blows in the
Tiumpet the souls will uepait fiom it anu will fly between the heavens anu
eaith Allah will ueclaie By Ny giace anu powei each soul shall ietuin to
the bouy that it useu to inhabit anu inueeu eveiy soul will ietuin to its
bouy The soul will entei its bouy just as poison enteis the bouy then the
eaith will be uncoveieu fiom above them anu they will all stanu anu heau
towaius the ieckoning place hastening to obey the commanu of Allah the
Exalteu anu Nost Bonoieu
Nany nonNuslims might think that if they want to avoiu uieauful Islamic hell all they neeu
to uo is to iepent on the iesuiiection uay anu secuie Allahs meicy Neveitheless Allah is
not so uimwitteu Be unueistanus veiy well the minus of the unbelieveis That is why in
veise Allah says that Bis Neicy is only foi those who iepent immeuiatelyiepenting
on the uay of iesuiiection is of no use Ibn Kathii says this means Allah accepts the
iepentance of the seivant as long as the soul uoes not ieach the thioat To fuithei fiighten
the unbelieveis ibn Kathii in connection with veise wiites that they the
unbelieveis will entei hell with theii souls fiom the uay they uie anu theii bouies will feel
the heat anu hot winus of theii giaves 0n the Bay of Resuiiection theii souls will be
ieuniteu with theii bouies to abiue foievei in the fiie of


Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Souls voouoo

Allah says in veise that on the iesuiiection uay Be will folu up the sun allow the
stais fall losing theii lustie set the oceans aflame make the mountains to vanish neglect the
tenmonth piegnant shecamel anu heiu togethei the wilu beasts Ialalyn says that this
means the wilu beasts will be iesuiiecteu so that each of them may ietaliate against the
othei befoie becoming uust Ibn Kathii wiites that the sea will be a blazing fiie While they
aie in that state the eaith will be split with one huge ciack that will extenu fiom the lowest
seventh eaith to the highest seventh heaven Theiefoie while they aie in that state a winu
will come that will kill all of them Eveiy type of soul will be gatheieu with its peei oi mate
Ibn Abbas claiifies the status of souls by saying that the believeis souls will join with the
maiuen of paiauise anu the uisbelieveis with Satan the iighteous with the iighteous anu
the sinful with the sinful Ialalyn auus that the souls aie paiieu up with theii bouies
Neveitheless the joining of souls with theii ueau petiifieu anu ossifieu bouies is not fiee
fiom Islamic apaitheiu A hauis in Sahih Bukhaii says that many welluiesseu
souls people in this woilu will be nakeu on the uay of iesuiiection
In Islam uiawings incluuing photogiaphs motion pictuies anu
uigital images of any living cieatuie is haiam illegal It is a gieat
sinciime to inuulge in aitistic woiks such as painting sketching
anu giaphic aits Sahih Bukhaii wiites that angels uo
not entei a house that has the images of those objects that have
souls eg pictuies anu uogs
This means that pictuies anu images as well as animals such as
uogs have souls
In a hauis in Sahih Nuslim Nuhammau saiu that the
pictuie painteis woulu be punisheu on the uay of iesuiiection
they will be askeu to bieathe soul into what they hau cieateu
Anothei hauis in Sahih Nuslim says that Allah will give
souls to the objects of the painteis anu they the pictuies will
punish the paintei This hauis also implies that if you have to pain
at all then paint the pictuies of tiees anu lifeless objects because
Nuhammau thought tiees fiuits mountainsanu so on aie
lifeless meaning they possess no souls

Ch Islamic Souls voouoo Islamic voouoos

Allah says in veise that those killeu foi Islam in jihau aie not ueau they aie alive As
to the context of this veise ibn Abbas wiites that Allah ievealeu this veise iegaiuing
Nuslims killeu in the Baui 0huu anu all othei battles This means all the suiciue bombeis
anu the Islamists killeu uuiing Islamic teiioi opeiations have theii souls alive anu kicking
Inteipieting the above veise uhazali p wiites that Nuhammau saiu that the soul

comes fiom the commanu of Allah Beath uoes not mean that the soul will uie with the bouy
The pioof is in the 0uian Bont consiuei those who aie killeu in uous way aie ueau
iathei they aie alive neai theii Loiu anu aie given piovision
Allah confiims in veise that those slain in Allahs way in jihau uo not uie they
live in the piesence of Bim anu enjoy Bis piovisions Accoiuing to ibn Kathii Allah ievealeu
these veises about the maityis of 0huu battle Iabii b Abuullah aggiieveu that his fathei
hau uieu in the 0huu battle To console Iabii Nuhammau infoimeu him that although Allah
uoes not talk to a peison except behinu a veil but Allah talkeu uiiectly to Iabiis fathei Then
Allah sent uown this veise Tabaii vii wiites that this veise also iefeis to the Nuslims
killeu at Bii Nauna
Bave w u ab tonate
his expl ciibes
the men
e evei contemplate out the feeling of a suiciue bombei as he is about to ue
osive chaiges on innocent victims of Islam Beie is how uhazali p ues
tal state of an Islamist killei suiciue bombei
About maityiuom (sic) it has been saiu that at that time soul comes in such a
conuition that the heait uoes not contain except love Such a man stanus in
the iow of fight aftei giving up all connections in the woilu Be then
puichases the next woilu in exchange of the woilu as uou saiu in veise
uou puichaseu fiom believeis theii lives anu piopeities in exchange
of Paiauise
veise is such an extiaoiuinaiily potent weapon foi the Islamist killeis that we neeu to
compiehenu it fully In this veise Allah says that the believeis fight in the cause of Allah
they kill anu get killeu this is the uoctiine of Allah Be has puichaseu the lives anu goous
the believeis in exchange foi booty anu paiauise Theii obligation is the willingness to ki
anu get killeu in a fight this is the pleuge of Allah in the Toiah uospel anu the 0uian

Inteiestingly I coulu not finu this exhoitation eithei in the uospel oi the 0lu Testament
Neveitheless this gieat baigain fiom Allah guaiantees the supieme iewaiu
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Souls voouoo

0nuoubteuly this veise motivates the suiciue bombeis Ibn Kathii wiites that all Nuslims
aie bounu by a salespuichase contiact with Allah The piice Allah pays in exchange foi
theii livessouls aie the guaiantee of paiauise
Since an Islamic sou y it l is a physical entity similai to othei inteinal oigans in a human bou
Allah uiu not say piecisely wheie in a bouy the human soul is enscon
uhazali p wiites that Allah says it is not the eyes that aie blinu
but the souls that aie in bieasts Be who is blinu in the woilu will also b
blinu in the heieaftei
neeus to be stoieu ceu

l it
This means that a living peisons soul iesiues somewheie insiue his
bieast Allah uiu not claiify wheie the souls of pictuies anu animals
iesiue We may assume that Allah stoies theii souls somewheie insiue
theii bouies oi on the meuia on which they aie uiawn
Allah neeus stoiage facilities foi the souls of ueau peisons Tiue to these iequiiements
Allah has sepaiate stoiage facilities foi Nuslims souls anu nonNuslims souls
In veise Allah says that Be keeps the iecoius of the iighteous that is Nuslims in a
high place with a iegistei calleu Illiyyin Ibn Kathii wiites that Illiyyin is taken fiom the
woiu 0luw which means highness Illiyyin is locateu in the seventh heaven paiauise it
contains the souls of the believeis
Allah says in veise that Be collects the iecoius of souls of wickeu people
nonNuslims in a iegistei calleu Sijjin Ibn Kathii wiites that Sijjin means piison it is an
e eteinal piison anu a painful toiment it is locateu beneath the seventh eaith it contains th
souls of the unbelieveis
0n the inteipietation of the above veises ibn Abbas says that the woiks of the chiluien of
Auam aie wiitten on a gieen iock unuei the seventh eaith this is Sijjin
Pieviously in veises we noteu that the souls of Islamic maityis uo not uie To
explain these veises ibn Kathii anu Tabaii vii wiite that the soul of a believei is in the
shape of a biiu in paiauise As foi the souls of maityis they aie insiue gieen biius like the
stais to the iest of the believing souls Sunaan ibn Najah wiites that the soul of a
believei a Nuslim is a biiu it eats in the tiees of paiauise
Sahih Nuslim also wiites that the souls of the maityis live in the bouies of gieen
biius who have theii nests in the chanuelieis hung fiom the thione of Allah they eat the
fiuits of paiauise They will iequest Allah to ietuin theii souls to theii bouies so that t
may be slain in the path of Allah again again anu again In Sunaan Nasai we
that the soul of a Nuslim assumes the foim of a biiu hangs fiom tiees in paiauise unti
ietuins to the bouy on the uay of iesuiiection uhazali p wiites that the souls
maityis lie in the wombs of gieen biius
Please note the uiffeience an oiuinaiy Nuslims soul iesiues insiue an oiuinaiy biiu
wheieas the soul of an Islamic maityi iesiues insiue a gieen biiu of paiauise
Ch Islamic Souls voouoo Islamic voouoos

This contiauicts Allahs contention in veise that says all souls incluuing the souls o
Nuslims even tempoiaiily will be in hell Pieviously we noteu that Allah stoies Nuslim
souls in Illiyyin
uhazali p says that the soul is the king of the bouy anu its ui
seivants to caiiy out its oiueis anu commanus uhazalis iuea of
Islamic soul means it the soul is the neive centie oi the contiol

ffeient oigans aie its

ue natuies of mateiial
unueistanu esoteiic
uha li

centei of a human bouy Contiast this to the mouein meuical
eviuence that oui biain is the commanuei of oui cential neivous
system uhazali ibiu wiites fuithei that a man acquiies the
uge of Allah anu Bis attiibutes by no othei oigans than the
even uiscoveieu uiffeient paits of an Islamic soul These
0alb it has two meanings The fiist pait is a piece of flesh in the left bieast calleu
heait which is hollow in inteiioi filleu up with black bloou anu which is a souice of
Ruh oi life The seconu meaning of 0alb is that soul is immateiial aspect of foimless
uhazali consiueis this pait of 0alb oi soul is just like unseen electiicity
Ruh it is a mateiial thing within the heait which vibiates the whole bouy like t
cuiient of electiicity winu which iuns thiough the veins of the bouy It is calleu
It has the powei of touch heaiing sight smell anu the powei of the othei limbs of
the bouy Souicing 0uianic veise uhazali wiites that Ruh is a commanu fiom
anu othei attiibutes Nafs it is the passion pait of a soul It involves gieeu evil
of Aql is the intellect by which the ti
e seconu meaning of Aql is the powei to
Aql the fiist meaning
objects aie known Th
za p classifies the souls in foui categoiies These aie
The soul of a Nuslim
The soul of an unbelievei nonNuslim
The soul of a hypociite
The soul of a mixeu peison that is between a Nuslim anu a hypociite
Be p even wiites that the gieatest uesiie foi the soul is its meeting with Allah anu
that theie aie heavy souls anu theie aie light souls uoou habits cieate light souls which
show many wonueiful things The heavy souls aie the souls of nonNuslims

It is peiplexing no uoubt This is because the 0uian is a iepositoiy of contiauictions anu

confusions uhazali ceitainly auus moie to it the 0uian
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Souls voouoo

It is quite fascinating that when we sleep Allah plays with oui souls Allah says in veise
ath anu at sleep Accoiuing to Islam sleep is a kinu of
uls aie taken to Allah If the peison is uestineu to uie then
senus the soul back to the sleeping peison
Bimself In veise Allah says an angel takes soul
that Be takes the souls at ue
ueath anu while in sleep some so
Allah keeps the soul otheiwise Be
Please note how Allah contiauicts
an is
It is moie inteiesting to ieau veise In this veise
Allah says that eveiything will be uiiven to Bim
Ibn Kathii wiites that aftei uue examination when Allah
the is satisfieu that it is not the time of ueath Allah says to
couiieis of the victims soul Retuin my seivant to the
eaith foi veiily I have cieateu them fiom it I ietuin them
into it anu fiom it I will biing them out at anothei time
the soul
y of a m
Accoiuing to uhazali p uuiing ueath
sepaiates fiom the bouy Aftei buiial the bou
ietuineu to his soul so that he may taste the punishme
uhazali p says fuithei that when a man sleeps
with ablution his soul is hung up with the Thione anu h
e uieam becomes tiue If he sleeps without ablution his soul cannot ieach theie anu h
cannot see uieams which aie tiue
We alieauy ieau that in veise Allah sweais by the angels who teai out by fo
sinneis unbelieveis It is ceitainly a veiy painful way to extiicate the s
ice the
souls of oul of an

st fiagiance
In contiast in connection with veise heie is what ibn Kathii wiites about the
comfoitable mannei in which the angels iemove the soul of a Nuslim
When ueath appioaches a believei angels with white faces anu white
clothes come to him anu say 0 goou soul Come out to comfoit anu
piovision anu a Loiu who is not angiy The soul then comes out of his
mouth like a uiop of watei pouiing out of a watei skin
In veise Allah confiims that the angels uiaw out gently souls of the believeis
Accoiuing to uhazali p if sins aie committeu one aftei anothei the soul becomes uaik
anu that is the seal on the soul uhazali ibiu also wiites that Nuhammau saiu The soul of
a believei is biight anu theie is a biight lamp in it The soul of an unbelievei is black anu
A stiange piopeity of an Islamic soul is that a Nuslims soul has the sweete
wheieas the soul of a nonNuslim has the stench of a coipse
Ch Islamic Souls voouoo Islamic voouoos

hei hauis
Allah if the soul is a believeis then it has
believei then it has a foul smell

Sunaan Nasai wiites that uuiing a Nuslims ueath his soul comes out with the
sweetest smell Buiing an infiuels ueath the angels punish him his soul comes out with
most unpleasant stench of a coipse
This hauis is iepeateu in many ot books Beie aie a few samples
gels take the soul of ueau peison into sky to
a beautiful fiagiance if the soul is of a non
Sunaan Tiimiuhi wiites that a believeis
Sahih Nuslim wiites that two
soul has the fiagiance of musk an unbelieve
soul has foul stench
uithei Tiimiuhi iecoius that a goou
ill be taken to Allah to iesiue in paiauise a
soul will be giieveu in boiling liquiu anu t
ietuineu to the giave of the ueceaseu
Beie aie a few moie inteiesting featuies of
Islamic souls

When the soul is taken away the sight follows it So close the eyes of a ueau
peisonSahih Nuslim
The eyesight of a peison follows his soulSunaan ibn Najah

cleai th
A uefaulteis soul is suspenueu until he cleais the loan
If you uiu not cleai youi uebt youi soul will be helu back until you
uebtSunaan Tiimiuhi

A believeis soul is attacheu to his uebt till it is paiuSunaan Tiimiuh

Buman soul has powei of sight as that of exteinal eyesuhazali p
Fiom the back of Auam Alla who aie to be h cieateu all the souls
boinSunaan Tiimiuhi
Nuhammau saiu that Allah is in the soul of a believeiuhazali p
A soul is a containei of knowleuge It is like a miiioi uhazali p
It might sounu incieuible but Allah tiuly has a soul In veise Allah contenus that Be
gave Noses the Book followeu by a succe

ssion of apostles Be sent Iesus as son of Naiy but

people calleu many apostles impostois some weie even slain Ibn Kathii says that Allah

sent Iesus aiueu by Bis Allahs Ruh al0uuuus which most Islamist scholais believe to be
uabiiel Pieviously we ieau that as pei uhazali Ruh is a component of an Islamic soul This
means that Allah has at least a pait of Bis soul with uabiiel
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Souls voouoo

uh al0uuuus Ialayn explains this veise by
f Naiyams gaiment anu she became
s bouy Allah soul oi Allahs Ruh
Lastly we ieau in veise that an angel as a man appeaieu to Naiy As pei ibn Kathii
uabiiel is Allahs Ruh anu he appeaieu to hei complete anu peifect in the shape of a man
This means Allahs soul maue Naiy piegnant
veise is moie specific about Allahs soul R
saying that uabiiel bieatheu into the opening o
piegnant This means uabiiel bieatheu into Naiy

will nev
toilet ha

few veis
is tiauiti
oi not toilet piotocols as piesciibeu in Islam aie manuatoiy
all Nuslims NonNuslims might loathe ieauing this episoue
Islamic toilet voouoo as it contains obnoxious tasteless
ecent anu uncivil manneis anu customs laigely followeu by
eit Beuouins uuiing Nuhammaus time Lest we foiget Allah
ei foigive a Nuslim foi ueviating fiom Bis stanuaiu of Islamic
bits as uemonstiateu by Nuhammau

Fiist let us focus on a es of the 0uian wheie Allah says a Nuslim must emulate
Nuhammaus manne ons anu piactices at all time

In veises anu Allah says that obeying Bim anu Nuhammau ie Nuhammaus
examples is manuatoiy This means Nuslims have no choice but to follow Nuhammaus
ueeus as this constitutes the obeying the commanus of Allah A similai commanu is echoeu
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Toilet voouoo

in veise wheie Allah stipulates that piovisions iules anu examples even toilet iules
set by Allah anu Nuhammau aie binuing to all Nuslims theie aie no alteinatives Ibn Kathii
auus moie punch to Allahs commanu Be wiites that this veise is geneial in meaning anu
applies to all matteis ie if Allah anu Bis Nessengei uecieeu a mattei no one has the iight
to go against that anu no one has any choice oi ioom foi peisonal opinion on that case
Allah ueciees in veise that Be has maue Nuhammau an excellent example foi the
believeis to follow anu in veise Allah ieminus the Nuslims that Nuhammau is the
exalteu ultimateexcellent stanuaiu of chaiactei Ibn Abbas says that Nuhammau has
gieat chaiactei tiaits with which Allah has honouieu him
Allah piomises gieat iewaius foi emulating Nuhammaus habits manneis anu instiuctions
In veise Allah ueclaies that obeying Allah anu Nuhammau aie the highest
achievements anu in veise Allah sets a conuition that if any Nuslim loves Allah then
heshe must follow Nuhammau anu Allah will foigive hishei sins veise guaiantees
paiauise foi those who blinuly obey Nuhammau
Allah piesciibes seveie punishment foi not emulating Nuhammau In veise Allah says
that if Nuslims uo not obey Nuhammau then Be will nullify all theii goou ueeus In veise
we ieau that Allah has piepaieu a blazing fiie foi those who ieject Bim anu his
apostle Nuhammau In veise Allah has uecieeu that those who ieject Allah anu Bis
messengei Nuhammau will be ieuuceu to uust
Beie is what Ash Shifa p wiites about imitating Nuhammau absolutely
It is also known that the Companions weie in the habit of imitating the
actions of the Piophet whatevei they weie anu in eveiy way just as they
obeyeu whatevei he saiu They thiew away theii signet iings when he thiew
his away They uiscaiueu theii sanuals when he uiscaiueu his They useu as
a pioof foi facing Ieiusalem when going to the lavatoiy the fact that Ibn
0mai saw him uoing so 0theis founu a pioof foi othei actions both in the
categoiy of woiship anu geneial custom by saying I saw the Nessengei of
Allah uo it
0nce we acknowleuge Allahs uicta in the above paiagiaphs we will
unueistanu why the Nuslims follow a few weiiu toilet manneis though
those habits weie the customs of the Aiab Beuouins millennia ago In
Islam theie is no uateofexpiiy of Nuhammaus tiauitions anu
piacticesthey aie eteinal
It is also impoitant to keep in peispective the piimitive toilet facilities in
Nuhammaus householu The tiuth is Nuhammau incluuing his wives
useu to ielieve themselves in the open ueseit unuei the open sky The
males coulu uefecate any time of the uay oi night but Nuhammaus
wives weie iestiicteu to answei theii calls of natuie only at night
Besciibeu by a few ahauith we have a glimpse of the abject toilet
facilities in Nuhammaus family Beie aie a few examples
Wives of Nuhammau answeieu the call of natuie in the open
fieluSahih Bukhaii
Ch Islamic Toilet voouoo Islamic voouoos

Buiing Bajj some of Nuhammaus companions hau theii penises uiipping with
piostiate fluiuSunaan Abu Bawuu
When uefecating togethei two men uo not conveise uo not look at each otheis
piivate paitsSunaan ibn Najah
ishkat Caiiy thiee stones while ielieving youiself in ueseitN
To be ceitain let us ieau in full one hauis fiom Sahih Bukhaii
Naiiateu Aisha
The wives of the Piophet useu to go to AlNanasi a vast open place neai
Baqia at Neuina to answei the call of natuie at night 0mai useu to say to
the Piophet Let youi wives be veileu but Allahs Apostle uiu not uo so 0ne
night Sauua bint Zama the wife of the Piophet went out at Isha time anu
she was a tall lauy 0mai auuiesseu hei anu saiu I have iecognizeu you 0
Sauua Be saiu so as he uesiieu eageily that the veises of AlBijab the
obseiving of veils by the Nuslim women may be ievealeu So Allah ievealeu
the veises of AlBijab A complete bouy covei excluuing the eyes
mic women The above hauis also tells us why Nuhammau imposeu veils on Isla
We will now examine a few outstanuing featuies of Islamic toilets
If we happen to be in an Islamic Paiauise we might be completely suipiiseu that many
Nuslims still believe these Islamic voouoos Foi example if you aie in a village in
Banglauesh oi Pakistan you will come acioss with many uevout Nuslims who will vouch
that they hau seen jinns insiue theii piimitive latiines A few of them might even sweai that
the local Imam oi an Islamic menuicant hau been able to
chase out jinns anu uevils fiom theii toilets when the jinns
oi uevils caught theii women in the toilets Note that it is
usually the women pietty ones who fall victims to the

jinns anu uevils iesiuing in iuial Islamic latiines

Please uo not laugh If we weie to believe the following
ahauith then it is ceitainly tiue that Islamic toilets aie the
peiennial aboues of jinns anu uevils
In Sunaan Abu Bawuu we ieau that toilets aie
fiequenteu by jinns anu uevils Sunaan ibn Najah
ts wiites that uevils visit public toile
Let us ieau in full the fiist hauis
Naiiateu Zayu ibn Aiqam
The Apostle of Allah peacebeuponhim saiu These piivies aie fiequenteu
by the jinns anu uevils So when anyone amongst you goes theie he shoulu
say I seek iefuge in Allah fiom male anu female uevils
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Toilet voouoo

Since jinns anu uevils visit Islamic toilets Nuhammau instiucteu his followeis to offei
piayei w ie aie a few moie hen enteiing a lavatoiy We have alieauy ieau a hauis on this Be
Piay when answeiing the call of natuieSahih Bukhaii
When you entei a lavatoiy say 0 Allah I seek iefuge in Thee fiom wickeu anu
noxious thingsSahih Nuslim
When enteiing a toilet say a piayei 0 Allah I seek iefuge with you fiom all
offensive anu wickeu things evil ueeus anu evil spiiitsSunaan Nasai
To scieen Tiimiuhi you fiom jinns when visiting toilet say BismillahSunaan
Please uo not be offenueu when you ieau this weiiu
Islamic Toilet mannei In Islam it is haiam to holu
youi penis with youi iight hanu when you uefecate oi
uiinate Regaiuing youi penis mannei while in an
Islamic Toilet theie aie many ahauith in all the Sahih
Sitta the six authentic on this specification of Allah In
many of these ahauith Nuhammau that is Allah
specifieu that when insiue a toilet one may use his left
hanu to holu his penis We may wonuei about women
I am yet to finu a hauis wheie Allah has specifieu that
women cannot holu touch theii puuenua with theii
iight hanu So we may assume that women aie fiee to

use eithei hanu to cleanse themselves
Beie is a collection of a few inteiesting ahauith on
Islamic manneis of cleaning youiself in the toilet
Bo not bieath while uiinking watei uo not
touch penis in lavatoiy anu uo not cleanse
piivate paits with youi iight
hanuSahih Bukhaii
While uiinating uo not holu penis with youi
iight hanuSahih Bukhaii
While in a toilet uo not touch penis with youi
iight hanuSahih Nuslim
While uiinating oi uefecating uo not touch youi penis with youi iight
hanuSunaan Abu Bawuu
When uiinating uo not touch youi penis with youi iight
n Nasai
foi piivate paits
0se left hanu Nish
Ch Islamic Toilet voouoo Islamic voouoos

Bo not touch male oigan with iight hanuNishkat
0se left hanu foi touching piivate paitsNishkat
In the 0uian theie is veiy little oi none about Allahs stipulation on Islamic Toilet
pioceuuies Bowevei some Islamic scholais believe that Allah ievealeu veise in
connection with the piopei methou of cleaning oneself aftei uefecating Let us ieau veise
fiom the 0uian anu a hauis fiom Sunaan Abu Bawuu
9:108. Nevei stanu you theiein veiily the mosque whose founuation was
laiu fiom the fiist uay on piety is moie woithy that you stanu theiein to
piay In it aie men who love to clean anu to puiify themselves Anu Allh
loves those who make themselves clean anu puie ie who clean theii
piivate paits with uust ie to be consiueieu as soap anu watei fiom uiine
anu stools aftei answeiing the call of natuie Ti Bilali anu Khan

Please note that the tianslatois have inseiteu theii own comments They aie of the opinion
ecating uust may be consiueieu as soap that in Islamic iitual of uef
Beie is what a hauis says
Naiiateu Abu Buiayiah
The Piophet peacebeuponhim saiu The following veise was ievealeu in
connection with the people of 0uba In it aie men who love to be puiifieu
ix Be Abu Buiayiah saiu They useu to cleanse themselves with
watei aftei easing So the veise was ievealeu in connection with them
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Toilet voouoo

0ne compulsoiy piovision of Islamic toilet mannei is that uuiing uefecation a Nuslim must
position himself in such a mannei that neithei his face that is penis oi womens vulva noi
his back that is buttock shoulu face the 0ibla Kaba Nuslims must obey this iule whethei
insiue a latiine in his house uefecating in an open ueseit oi
Beie aie a few ahauith on this
While uefecating in the open space neithei face noi tuin youi back towaius 0ibla
Kaba insteau face the east oi the westSahih Bukhaii
While excieting oi uiinating uo not face the 0iblaSahih Nuslim
When uefecating in the ueseit uo not face 0ibla noi tuin youi backsiue towaius
0ibla use thiee sous anu youi iight hanu to cleanse youi piivate
paitsSunaan Tiimiuhi
While uefecating uo not face oi show backsiue to AllahNishkat
Inteiest Beie is the pioof ingly Nuhammau at times hau violateu Allahs iules
Nuhammau uiinateu by tuining his face towaius the
0iblaSunaan ibn Najah
Nuhammau uefecateu facing IeiusalemSahih Bukhaii
Nuhammau stipulateu that if you weai a iing you must iemove it when going insiue a toilet
Tiue to this funny Islamic Toilet piotocol a hauis in Sunaan Abu Bawuu anu
Sunaan ibn Najah state that Nuhammau useu to iemove his iing when visiting a
Anothei inteiesting hauis in Sahih Nuslim says that a Nuslim can uefecate in a
iivei In this case theie might not be any necessity to cleanse his anus as iivei watei will uo


Ch Islamic Toilet voouoo Islamic voouoos

the job Cuiiously a hauis in Sunaan Nasai says that having uefecateu anu having
cleanseu youiself you shoulu iub two hanus on eaith
Beie ai e a few moie inteiesting ahauith on uefecating in Islamic mannei
Aftei uefecating uo not use bones oi uung use stones to cleanse
youiselfSahih Bukhaii
0se ouu numbei of stones minimum thiee to clean youi piivate
paitsSahih Bukhaii
0se thiee stones to clean youiself aftei uefecatingSunaan Abu Bawuu
When visiting a toilet caiiy thiee stones with youSunaan Abu Bawuu
Aftei you uefecate use two clous of eaith uo not use uungSunaan Nasai
If you uefecate in a ueseit use thiee stones no neeu to use wateiSunaan Nasai

If we aie confounueu with bizaiie Islamic iules on uefecating heie aie moie iules on
uiinating Islamically
Bo not uiinate in stagnant wateiSunaan ibn Najah
Bo not uiinate stanuing 0mai uiu that but Nuhammau iepiobateu
himSunaan Tiimiuhi
At night you may uiinate in a vesselSunaan Nasai
At night Nuhammau useu to uiinate on a woouen vesselSunaan Abu Bawuu

Bo not uiinate in a holeSunaan Nasai
0iinate in a soft giounuNishkat
ai Bo not uiinate in a place of bath anu then take bath theieSunaan Nas
Bo not ietuin salutation when you aie uiinatingSunaan Nasai
i Aftei uiinating spiinkle watei on youi piivate paitsSunaan Nasa
As was often the case Nuhammau hau violateu his own iules on uiination
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Toilet voouoo

Nuhammau uiinateu stanuingSahih Bukhaii
Nuhammau hau uiinateu stanuingSunaan ibn Najah
Beie aie a few inteiesting iules on Islamic bath ghusl
Females cannot use the leftovei watei by males but the males can use the leftovei
watei by femalesSunaan Abu Bawuu
Nuhammau foibaue the use of leftovei watei by females to be useu by
malesSunaan Abu Bawuu
Nuhammau anu his wives took bath fiom the same vessel of
wateiSunaan ibn Najah
epiosy is causeu by taking bath in watei exposeu to the sunNishkat L


ntil hei
ctly the topic of tieatment of women in Islam in itself is
ssive Please ieau othei essays on this issue Nany such
lous tieatments aie baseu upon supeistitions aichaic anu
ibaiic tiauitions They aie nothing but voouoos in a mouein
In a woman is tiuly pioblematic Fiom the moment of hei biith
u ueath she enuuies much moie Islamic tyianny than a male
Nuslim All these Islamic toiment is inflicteu on hei just because of hei sex anu biology
When we puisue this e we will unueistanu why the Islamists encapsulate a woman
with so much of vouuoo buiuen anu why it is just impossible to iefoim Islam visvis
Nonthly peiiou of a woman is the basis of suivival of human species This natuial
phenomenon is pievalent in all mammals Theie is nothing impuie ugly iepiehensible oi
sinful in this biological cycle of a woman We must iespect show unueistanuing anu
pioviue all assistance anu caie so that a woman passes this peiiou with ease comfoit anu
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Women voouoo

0nfoitunately in many ieligions this monthly peiiou of a woman is tieateu as a uisease

unholy anu impuie Islam is no exception on this It appeais that Allah Bimself has a gieat
uislike foi the menstiuation cycle of a woman even when Be Bimself hau uesigneu this
biological piocess foi the suivival of Bis cieation
In veise of the 0uian Allah has ueclaieu menstiuation as a uisease anu has
instiucteu men not to inuulge in sex uuiing this sickness of women Embaiiasseu many
Islamists often twist the woiuings anu insist that this veise actually shows utmost iespect
foi womens peiiou This explanation by the ciafty Islamists is just a fib Foi the tiuth of
Allahs hatieu foi womens peiiou
Sahih Bukhaii says tha
we must tuin to hauis
t menstiuation is a uefect in women foi they cannot fast
anu piay uuiing theii peiious Allah has moie hatieu foi
women who have piolongeu anu heavy flow uuiing hei
peiiou In Sunaan Abu Bawuu we ieau that
excessive bloouflow uuiing a womans peiiou is fiom
Satan To illustiate the uamaging effect of womens
menstiuation ibn Sau p wiites that the
menstiuating women anu unclean people toucheu the
white stone of Kaba so it tuineu black
Suipiisingly Benjamin Walkei p wiites that Kaba
means female puuenua In fact the Black Stone is shapeu like a vulva while the shiine itself
is set in an ovoiu space In a hauis in Sunaan ibn Najah Nuhammau saiu that a
sexually uefileu man anu a menstiuating woman cannot iecite the 0uian
Since Allah has ueclaieu menstiuation a uisease uefilement heie aie a few Islamic methous
to cleanse a woman when she is menstiuating
Aftei menstiuation clean the piivate paits anu apply musk fiagiance
theieSahih Nuslim
Put a uish unuei a menstiuating womans vulva while she is in
piayeiSahih Bukhaii
0se saliva anu nails to iub off blooustains fiom peiiouSahih Bukhaii
Wash peiiou bloou with jujube leavesSunaan Nasai
Peiiou bloou clean with muskSunaan Nasai
Besiues hating womens menstiuation Allah insults them fuithei in veise In this
veise Allah consiueis womens vagina as a sowing fielu like a machine to piouuce babies
Be says in veise that wives aie tilths sow in them in whatevei mannei you like
Ibn Abbas says that this veise means the vulvas of youi wives aie plantations foi youi
offspiing anu Ialalyn explains that it is the place wheie you sow the seeus of youi
If by mistake oi by chance a man has inteicouise with his wife uuiing hei peiiou Islam
piesciibes financial penalty to expiate this infiaction ie violating veise
Ch Islamic Women voouoo Islamic voouoos

The o
Theie aie a numbei of ahauith on this peculiai Islamic punitive measuie Beie aie a few
If you have sexual inteicouise with youi wife while she is menstiuating then you
must give one Binai oi half a Binai in almsSunaan Abu Bawuu
Peifoim sexual inteicouise uuiing the stait of menstiuation pay one Binai towaius
the enu of menstiuationpay half a BinaiSunaan Abu Bawuu
Bo sexual inteicouise uuiing a womans peiiou uonate one Binai oi halfa
BinaiSunaan ibn Najah
Bo sex with a menstiuating woman pay a fine of one BinaiSunaan Nasai
ab ve ahauith uemonstiate the legal foice of Islamic voouoos
In Islam it is believeu that uuiing hei oigasm a woman ejaculates s
uoes A few ahauith even s
woman too uischaiges he
peim just as a man
on oi wet uieams a uggest that as a man has noctuinal emissi
i speim uuiing hei sexual uieams Beie aie a few ahauith to

maivel at Allahs incieuible biology

When a woman ejaculates speim she shoulu take a bathSunaan Nasai

If a woman has noctuinal uischaige she shoulu take a bathSunaan Nasai
When a woman has wet uieams she shoulu take a bathSunaan Nasai
Nens speim is white womens speim is yellowSunaan Nasai
Women has uischaiges uuiing wet uieams that is why the son iesembles the
motheiSahih Bukhaii
In t 0 eak
wome hat

ith we ieau the ieasons why Allah consiueis women ciookeu anu iepiehensible
he uian Allah expiesses Bis uislike foi females In veise we ieau that the w
ality o teis
n 0n ink t
f females cannot be associateu with Allah Allah uoes not like uaugh
ueniably in this veise Allah openly uispaiages women We might th
may be we aie missing something goou in this veise may be Allah cannot be that hateful to
women who Be hau cieateu fiom Auams iib
To claiify that Allah uoes inueeu uislike women heie is what ibn Kathii wiites about this
Women aie iegaiueu as lacking something which they make up foi with
jewelleiy anu auoinments fiom the time of chiluhoou onwaius anu when
theie is a uispute they cannot speak up anu uefenu themselves cleaily so
how can this be attiibuteu to Allah
In ahau
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Women voouoo

Sahih B why she
is ciook n it you
will bie l iemain
ukhaii wiites that Allah cieateu women fiom Auams iib that is
eu Sahih Nuslim wiites that a woman is like a iib if you stiaighte
ak it anu if you leave hei alone you will benefit by hei hei ciookeuness wil
in hei In anothei hauis in Sahih Nuslim we ieau that Allah cieateu women
ciookeu if you tiy to stiaighten hei you will bieak hei anu bieaking hei is uivoicing hei
Imam uhazali exposes moie of Allahs uispleasuie foi women Be wiites uhazali p
that uaughteis aie such buiuensome that a man will go to paiauise foi having the buiuen of
one oi two oi thiee uaughteis This shoulu not suipiise us consiueiing the tiuth that in
many Islamic paiauises honoui killing of women is not consiueieu a seiious ciime In
Islam womens lives aie inueeu veiy cheapAllah has ienueieu a woman nothing moie
than meie chattels in the hanus of eithei hei fathei oi hei husbanu oi hei son oi hei
biothei oi hei gianuson oi hei legal guaiuian In Islam it is compulsoiy that a woman
must be always unuei the guaiuianship of a male oi heiWali
In Islam a woman is vieweu meiely as a iepositoiy of sexual oigans Beie is what uhazali
p the gieatest of all Islamic scholais wiites about women uhazali quotes Ali
Nuhammaus cousin anu soninlaw
A woman has ten piivate paits When she gets maiiieu hei husbanu coveis
one piivate pait when she uies the giave coveis othei nine piivate paits
Allahs hate foi a baiien woman has no bounu uhazali p wiites that Nuhammau sai
A piison in the coinei of a house is bettei than a chiluless woman
ibiu wiites fuithei that an ugly woman with chiluien is bettei than a beaut
woman without chiluien
Please ieau the following ahauith to measuie the Islamic Status of a woman
A woman an ass anu a uog uisiupts the piayei if you use the back of a sauule the

I qu u
imp ta
at will guaiu against the uisiuption of the piayei Sahih Nuslim
neu tha

A passing woman a uog anu a monkey annul a piayei Aisha complai
Nuhammaus companions hau maue women uogs Sahih Bukhaii

A menstiuating woman anu a uog cuts off a piayeiSunaan Abu Bawuu
A black uog is Satan oi a uonkey oi a woman cancels a
piayeiSunaan ibn Najah
An ass a woman anu a black uog annuls a piayeiSunaan Nasai
ote to uemonstiate the
fiom the five of SahihSittathe authentic six ahauith
nce of this hauis
Ch Islamic Women voouoo Islamic voouoos

In Islam a woman is an extension of Satan oi uevil This might sounu unbelievable t
who aie accustome in unIsl
countiies Theie ai uly consiu
o those
eieu as
uhazali upho a woman is like a
piivate pait Wh azali p
even quotes Nuh
u to the seculai oi nonieligious tieatment of women
e plenty authentic Islamic souices wheie women aie ti
uevils Let us consult a few such Islamic sciiptuies
In Sahih Nuslim anu in Sunaan Abu Bawuu we ieau that a
woman auvances anu ietiies in the shape of a uevil so when one sees a woman he shoulu
come to his wife anu have inteicouise with hei Tiuly Nuhammau uiu the same 0nce aftei

watching a beautiful anu sexy woman Nuhammau huiiieu to have sex with
Zaynab bt Iahsh Imam uhazali p confiims this hauis by iepeating the stoiy Anothei
hauis in Tiimiuhi wiites that aftei watching a chaiming woman Nuhammau huiiieu
to have sex with Sawua anothei of his wives then he saiu Youi wife is the same kinu of
thing as the othei woman
uhazali p explains the uevilish natuie of woman in this mannei
If you see a woman in fiont (sic) she is a uevil Aftei seeing such a woman
sex with huiiy to youi wife because youi wife also becomes a uevil have
youi wife
lus the misogyny natuie of Islam Be wiites ibiu p that
en she comes out of hei house the uevil holus hei high uh
ammau A woman is the stiing of the uevil
A hauis in Sunaan ibn Najah tells unambiguously that women aie stupiu they lack
intelligence no mattei how euucateu anu scholaily she might be iemembei Ns
Banazii Bhutto is a Baivaiu anu 0xfoiu giauuate Accoiuing to Islamic Shaiia a woman

cannot be a juuge anu she can nevei be a caliph oi the heau of an Islamic Paiauise In case
we aie thinking of Inuonesia Banglauesh oi Pakistan please know that these countiies aie
not ieal Islamic Nost Islamists will tell us that so fai theie has nevei been a peifect Islamic
countiy since Nuhammau hau establisheu such a paiauise in Neuina
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Women voouoo

Islam c no
bettei t
as signs
0n the otes fiom uhazali
u olu befoie you

In Isl m
who is
Rep t

Let us consult the following hauis to asceitain why in a peifect Islamic society a woman can
nevei be the heau of state
People iuleu by a woman will nevei be successful a jihauist who fought in the battle
of the camel iemembeieu this saying of NuhammauSahih Bukhaii
If a nation is iuleu by a woman then that nation will not
succeeuSahih Bukhaii
al policeuhazali p
as pei Islam a woman is
A woman a slave anu an unbelievei is not fit to be a moi
onsiueis women tiuly evil Numeious ahauith attest that
han a hoise a camel a ciow oi a house because in Islam these objects aie tieateu
of bau omen Let us ieau the following messages of Islam
The evil omens aie the hoise the women anu the
houseSahih Bukhaii
at in a house is bettei than a A house a hoise anu a woman is an evil omen a m
baiien womanSunaan Abu Bawuu
If theie is a bau luck in anything then it is hoise the aboue anu the
womanSahih Nuslim
ah No goou foitune in a woman a hoise anu a houseSunaan ibn Naj
Seek iefuge fiom a woman a seivant anu cattlethey aie
evilsSunaan ibn Najah
foi Niseiliness piiue anu cowaiuice aie bau foi men but goou
womenuhazali p
tieatment of women in Islam heie aie a few moie iemaikable qu
Nuhammau saiu Feai unchaste women because she will make yo
giow olu uhazali p
Women aie like ciows only a ieligious woman is like a ciow with white belly among
one hunuieu ciowsuhazali p
a women aie such uespicable that a man shoulu nevei shake hanus with a woman
not his wife It seems in Islam a lepeis hanu is puiei than a womans hanu
oi euly Nuhammau hau nevei toucheu the hanus of a woman except his wives Beie
aie a few ahauith on Nuhammaus gieat hatieu foi women who weie not his wives
Nuhammau nevei shook hanus with a womanSunaan ibn Najah
Nuhammau nevei toucheu the hanu of a woman except his
wivesSunaan ibn Najah
Ch Islamic Women voouoo Islamic voouoos

Islam uiscouiages women to beautify theii looks to appeai piesentable anu chaiming
Nuhammau hau the haishest woius foi those women who inuulgeu spenuing time in beauty
pailouis Fuithei it is the uuty of a woman to sexually satisfy hei husbanu no mattei what
If a woman uoes not immeuiately iesponu to hei husbanus call foi sex she is uoomeu to face
Allahs wiath until she suiienueis hei peison to hei husbanu
Beie aie a few ahauith to uemonstiate Allahs wiath foi women who attempt to beautify
theii appeaiances anu uo otheiwise when hei husbanu calls hei foi sex
Allah cuises the women who weai false haiiSahih Nuslim
Allah uestioyeu the Bani Isiael people when theii women woie false
haiiSahih Nuslim
Allah cuises those women who piactise tattooing anu those women who get
themselves tattooeu oi those women who manipulate theii teeth to look
beautifulSahih Bukhaii
Allah gets uispleaseu with the woman who uoes not immeuiately iesponu when hei
husbanu uemanus sex fiom heiSahih Nuslim
The angels cuise a woman foi iefusing to have sex with hei
husbanuSahih Bukhaii
uolu necklaces anu golu iings on a womans bouy aie like fiie put on hei on the
iesuiiection uaySunaan Abu Bawuu
Women cannot weai bells on theii legs Theie is a uevil along with each
Nens peifume shoulu have an ouoi but no coloi anu womens peifume shoulu have
coloi but no ouoi This means that she shoulu not weai any peifume while going out
but she can weai a peifume when she is with hei
husbanuSunaan Abu Bawuu
Allah uoes not accept a womans piayei unless she piays weaiing a
veilSunaan Abu Bawuu
Allah possesses so much hatieu towaius women that
Be has ielegateu most women to hell Beie aie a few
ahauith wheie Nuhammau claimeu that he saw that
most of the inhabitants of hell aie women
Najoiity in hell aie women because they aie
ungiateful to theii husbanusSahih Bukhaii

Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Women voouoo

Najoiity of women aie in hell because they aie ueficient in
intelligenceSahih Bukhaii
Those women who aie nakeu even in theii uiesses anu leau theii husbanus to astiay
will go to hellSahih Nuslim
A nakeu woman teais uown the cuitain of AllahSunaan ibn Najah
A woman shoulu veil heiself even fiom a blinu man note vol iii
pSunaan Abu Bawuu
The most stiiking aspect of an Islamic woman is that she
coulu nevei be inuepenuent Fiom biith to ueath she must
be unuei the spell of Islamic voouoosunuei the contiol
of hei male ownei also known as Wali This wali staits
with the fathei then husbanu then son then any othei
male ielative who is eligible to be hei mahrama Nuslim
man who can meet hei without having hei to weai hei veil oi with whom she coulu be
alone in piivacy
Thus a goou woman Islamic must be obeuient
anu must nevei evei tiy to set heiself fiee to
ueciue hei life This lack of fieeuom of choice
extenus even to the extent of choosing hei
maiiiage paitnei
In veise Allah auvises a womans guaiuian
not to pievent hei fiom maiiying hei foimei
husbanu Nany scholais inuicate that this veise
means that the woman is not peimitteu to give
heiself in maiiiage Rathei she iequiies a walia
guaiuian such as hei fathei biothei auult son
anu so foith to give hei away in maiiiage foi only
the auulteiess gives heiself away in maiiiage Tiue
to the spiiit of the above 0uianic veise a numbei
of ahauith say that a woman shoulu nevei chose
hei maiiiage paitnei heiself if she violates this iule she is an auulteiess In
Sunaan ibn Najah anu Tiimiuhi we ieau that if a woman contiacts hei own
maiiiage she is an auulteiess Sunaan Tiimiuhi even wiites that only an immoial
woman gives heiself in maiiiage
Thus the fiist quality of a goou Islamic woman is foi hei not to seek hei inuepenuence at
any time of hei life She must iemain a chaige oi a uepenuant until hei ueath Beie aie few
ahauith which tell women how to be a goou MuslimahIslamic woman oi to entei hell as a
bau woman
Ch Islamic Women voouoo Islamic voouoos

The best anu the most iighteous women among the 0uiaysh weie the iiueis of
camelsSahih Bukhaii
A woman shoulu not ask a man to uivoice his cuiient wife to maiiy hei insteau she
happily ac shoulu cept to be his anothei wifeSahih Bukhaii
A goou Muslimah ieauily unueigoes female ciicumcision cliteiouectomy as that is
Sunaan Abu Bawuu bettei foi a hei anu moie uesiiable foi hei husbanu
Foi voluntaiy fasting a woman neeus hei husbanus
peimissionSunaan ibn Najah
A woman who asks hei ugly husbanu to uivoice hei will not entei
paiauiseSunaan ibn Najah
A woman alone cannot take a jouiney foi moie than a
uaySunaan ibn Najah
Buiing piayei at home women stanu behinu menSunaan ibn Najah
Women can piay i in the uaikness of a mosqueSunaan Nasa
This is peihaps the most laughable of all Islamic voouoos Statistics show that in viitually all
the Islamic paiauises theie is shoitage of women In Aiab countiies such as Bahiain Bubai
Kuwait theie is seveie shoitage of women But Islamic sciiptuies say in the uays to come
each Nuslim man will enjoy between foity to fifty women When we assume that male to
female iatio to be cuiiently theie will be aiounu million Nuslim men anu
million Nuslim women aiounu the globe Now accoiuing to hauis uuiing the last uays
assuming it happens now theie shoulu be aiounu million oi billion Nuslim
women in the woilu This figuie uoes not incluue the natuial inciease in population Please
ieau the

following ahauith to maivel at Nuhammaus statistics

Buiing the last houi knowleuge woulu be taken away anu ignoiance woulu pievail
liquoi woulu be uiunk anu auulteiy woulu be iampant theie will be one man to
look aftei fifty womenSahih Nuslim
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Women voouoo

Poitents of houi aie ieligious ignoiance uiinking sex anu fifty women pei
enSahih Bukhaii m

Theie will be scaicity of men foity women foi one manSahih Bukhaii
Each inmate of paiauise will have women two will be fiom his wives on eaith
anu will be fiom the nonbelieveis women eveiyone with pleasant vagina the
Ch Islamic Women voouoo Islamic voouoos

man will have peimanent eiection Nuslims will inheiit phaiaohs
wivesSunaan ibn Najah
Recently this topic has been of woiluwiue inteiest when an alAzhai acauemic pioposeu an
Islamic solution to pievent the sex segiegation in Islamic offices Be suggesteu that the
lactating oi women who coulu piouuce milk somehow oi othei women in the office
bieastfeeu theii male counteipait foi the men to become theii mahram. This meant that
having suckleu the bieast of the women these men will become haiam to the women who
hau bieastfeu them anu theiefoie these men will be peimitteu to visit these women in the

piivacy of theii office iooms
Please uo not have a guffaw
The alAzhai acauemic gave his iecommenuations baseu on a few ahauith Beeply
embaiiasseu the alAzhai authoiity subsequently claimeu that Nuhammau hau instiucteu
this pioceuuie only as a once off case Latei the acauemic lost his job foi inuulging in hauis
Was the alAzhai acauemic coiiect Be was of couise iight in his asseition of the hauis
Bowevei whethei Nuhammau maue this one off oi not is fieicely contesteu by opposing
auith on this so this has become a subject of fieice uebate camps Theie aie contioveisial ah

Let us ieau this inteiesting hauis

A woman can suckle a giown up beaiueu man so that she becomes haiam foi him ie they
cannot get maiiieu Buuhaifa let his young wife suckle Salem the fieeuslave of him to
make Salim sexually haiam foi heiSahihh Nuslim
Because this is such an amazing hauis let us ieau the full text
Islamic voouoos Ch Islamic Women voouoo

Zainab uaughtei of Abu Salama iepoiteu
I heaiu 0mm Salama the wife of Allahs Apostle may peace be upon him
saying to Aisha By Allah I uo not like to be seen by a young boy who has
passeu the peiiou of fosteiage wheieupon she Aisha saiu Why is it so
Sahla uaughtei of Suhail came to Allahs Nessengei may peace be upon him
anu saiu Allahs Nessengei I sweai by Allah that I see in the face of
Abu Buuhaifa the signs of uisgust on account of enteiing of Salim in the
house wheieupon Allahs Nessengei may peace be upon him saiu Suckle
him She Sahla bint Suhail saiu Be has a beaiu But he again saiu Suckle
him anu it woulu iemove what is theie expiession of uisgust on the face of
Abu Buuhaifa She saiu I uiu that anu by Allah I uiu not see any sign of
a uisgust on the face of Abu Buuhaif
Sunaan ibn Najah naiiates a similai hauis
A woman can suckle bieastfeeu a giown up with beaiu
man to make him unlawful to hei foi maiiiage
Sunaan ibn Najah
This event is bettei unueistoou fiom the following
naiiations Nuhammaus Companions p
Abu Abuullah Salim iemaineu a fieeu slave of Abu
Buuhayfa Salim maiiieu Buuhayfahs niece
Fatima bt Waleeu Abu Buuhayfahs wife was Sahla bt
Suhail When he became a beaiueu auult he was bieastfeu
bySahla Be was not an Aiab but an Iianian Abu Buuhayfa
the son of 0tba b Rabiah auopteu him
Abu Buuhayfas fieeu slave was Salim Buuhayfa uislikeu the fiee entiance in his house of
Salim then a giown up auult with beaiu Nuhammau peimitteu Sahla to bieastfeeu a
beaiueu Salim so that he became hei fostei son ibiu p Sahla bt Suhail bieastfeu
Salim Nuhammau saiu to Sahla Feeu him the milk fiom youi bieast anu thus he will
become youi confiuant anu shall be able to be aumitteu into the womens apaitment ibiu
Nuhammau howevei iecommenus that a man shoulu not have sex with a lactating woman
In Sunaan ibn Najah we ieau that uo not have sex with a woman who suckles a
baby if you uo hei chilu will become a veiy weak iiuei he will uie falling uown fiom the
oise h

Ch Islamic Women voouoo Islamic voouoos

Beie aie two inteiesting ahauith to amuse the ieaueis
If you maiiy a viigin woman then stay with hei foi a week if you maiiy a pieviously
maiiieu woman then stay with hei foi thiee uaysSahih Nuslim
Spenu thiee nights with a pieviously maiiieu woman anu seven nights with a viigin
womanSunaan ibn Najah

Bespite the enthusiastic claims by the ciafty Islamists of touay that Islam is a ieligion of
peace iationality anu scientific thought it is quite cleai that Islam is just the opposite of
what these Islamists claim Fiom the founts of Islam such as the 0uian ahauith anu Shaiia
we can uemonstiate that Islam is ueeply miieu in supeistitious fallacious iiiational
unscientific unhealthy anu sometimes simply uangeious voouoo piactices anu beliefs
hich might be minuboggling to those who aie not familiai with the tiue natuie of Islam w

This voouoo natuie of Islam woulu not be a pioblem hau Islam been like any othei ieligion
oi voouoo cults of Afiica South Ameiica oi ceitain paits of Asia As wiitten in the
beginning the uangei of Islamic voouoo emanates fiom the enfoiceable natuie of Islamic
iiiationalities Shaiia laws give teeth to these Islamic mumbojumbos no mattei how much
the civiliseu woilu thinks them to be illogical supeistitious baibaiic anu puie evil In many
Islamic societies these Islamic ills aie enfoiceu with the might of legal powei anu the
Islamic couits mete out haish punitive measuies foi violating them Beiein lays the
ieasons why Islam cannot be iefoimeu
Befoie anyone attempts to iefoim Islam heshe must iefoim the veiy souices of Islam that
is the 0uian ahauiith anu Shaiia It is as simple as this Except foi Islam most othei
ieligions have lost theii teeth to enfoice theii voouoos on gullible people The exception is
Islam is the last fiontiei which the humanity must conquei to ensuie to live in a civiliseu
In essen

ce fiom this essay we may concluue the following
Islamic voouoos aie simply the iiiationalities anu supeistitious beliefs of the
Beuouin Aiabs The aim of Islam is to impose on the woilu this Beuouin Aiabism
thiough teiioi anu bloousheu if neeueu
Islamic voouoos Conclusions

Islamic voouoos emanate stiaight fiom the 0uian ahauith Shaiia anu Siiah
Nuhammaus biogiaphy
It is compulsoiy foi Nuslims to believe in Islamic Iinns Islamic Angels anu Islamic
human Nessengei Nuhammau
Nuslims must believe that some animals anu insects aie Nuslims too Like it oi not
Allah will senu a beast as the final messengei
Islamic biology anu embiyology aie the most unscientific iiiational anu
supeistitious Bowevei Nuslims aie foiceu to believe in such giossly coiiupt anu
iiuiculous Islamic mumbojumbo
Nany Nullahs use the 0uian to piactice Islamic Black Nagic In many Islamic
societies Islamic Black Nagic is a flouiishing business
NonNuslims must enuuie Islamic punishment in theii giaves Allah will not
iepiieve them even in theii giaves This is a teiioi tactic pai excellence to coeice
the nonNuslims into Islam
Like it oi not Nuslims must believe in anu iesoit to Islamic Neuicines anu Islamic
suigeiies no mattei how uangeious they coulu be This Islamic meuicine might even
incluue the uiinking of camels anu cattle uiine
Equally uangeious aie the use of Islamic meuicines such as human saliva uust anu
ash 0nfoitunately a tiue Nuslim must believe in the healing powei of such
potentially haimful mateiials he must not uoubt what Nuhammau hau piesciibeu
as Islamic meuicines
A mosque is a potentially uangeious place foi the nonNuslims Allah has peimitteu
Bis auheients to use mosque as a planning centie to conuuct jihau that is to muiuei
nonNuslims A mosque is also a potential Islamic voouoo centie
Islamic peisonal hygiene piactices aie absolutely unhealthy impiactical anu
potentially uangeious
Islam is Aiabwhite iacism Islam auvocates the supeiioiity of the Aiab
whitecomplexion people Islam uetests the black Nuslims Even on the uay of
iesuiiection Allah will not aumit into paiauise a pious Black Nuslim until Allah has
changeu his skin to white This shoulu be stiong a message to all the
AfiicanAmeiican Black Nuslims
Islamic voouoo is giossly enmesheu with the Islamic penis An Islamic penis is veiy
nis ueai to Allah Eveiy Nuslim man must be meticulous in taking caie of his pe
Islamic concept of human souls is the most unscientific giossly untiue anu
potentially haimful to those who unueitake Islamic Black Nagic
Islamic toilet piactices aie ciuue shameful embaiiassing anu have the potential to
spieau many lifethieatening epiuemics
Islamic voouoos have the most uamaging effect on women Islam tieats women as
uevils stupiu impuie anu less than human

The following websites aie useful to ieau online veisions of the 0uian anu ahauith Please
note that only about fifty peicent of all ahauith aie available in the Inteinet veision of
SunaanAbuDawud Note that not all ahauith of SahihBukhariaie available in the inteinet
veision of it Cuiiently as fai as the authoi is awaie of the only souice of the English
tianslation of Tiimiuhi ahauith is Alim CB R0N
Abu Bawuu Sulayman b alAshath AlSunaan, a collection of Bauith Tianslateu in English
by Piof Ahmau Basan
SA/fundam entals/hadithsunnah/abudawud/
alBukhaii Nuhammau b Ismail SahiBukhari. Tianslateu in English by Bi Nuhammau
Nuhsin Khan
wwwusceuuueptNSAfunuamentalshauithsunnahbukhaii http
infoaspItem httpwwwsimplyislamcomitem
Ibn Kathiis Tafsii exegesis of the 0uian
Tafsii ibn Abbas anu Ialalyn
Nuslim Abu alBussain b alBajjaj al0ushaiii SahiMuslim. Tianslateu in English by Abuul
Bamiu Siuuiqi
Naliks Nuwtta Tianslatois Aisha Abuuiiahman Bewley anu Yaqub Iohnson
TheHolyQuran. The inteinet veision of thiee English tianslations can be ieau at
Abu Bawuu Sulayman b alAshath AlSunaan, a collection of Bauithvol.iii Tianslateu
in English by Piof Ahmau Basan Kitab Bhavan Kalan Nahal Baiaya uanj
New Belhi Inuia
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Belhi Inuia
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Tianslateu in English in foui volumes by FazlulKaiim fiist euition Baiul Ishat
0iuu Bazai Kaiachi Pakistan
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i Euition ISBN Bewley Nauinah Piess Inveiness Pape
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any Piess Alb
Bashti Ali 23Years:AStudyinthePropheticCareerofMohammad.Ttianslateu fiom
Peisian by FRC Bagley Nazua Publisheis Costa Nasa Califoinia
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volumes Tianslateu anu annotateu by Abuul Bameeu Siuuiqui Kitab Bhavan
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Ibn Ishaq Nuhammau b Yasi SiratRasulAllah. Tianslateu in English by A
uuillaume Fiist publisheu by 0xfoiu 0niveisity Piess Lonuon in Fifteenth
ess Kaiac iepiint by 0xfoiu 0niveisity Pi hi Pakistan
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fifth piint
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Baiaya uanj New Belhi Impioveu Inuian euition ISBN
vol II
Lings Naitin Muhammadhislifebasedontheearliestsources. Innei Tiauitions
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Th e E n u