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July 12,2011

By Email and First Class Mail Luis Fraticelli SAC, FBI Federal Office Building Suite 526 150 Carlos Chardon Ave Hato Rey, PR 00918 Dear Mr. Fraticelli: I represent former Governor Anibal Acevedo Vila, and I represented him throughout the investigation conducted by your office and the United States Attorney's office. I also represented him at the trial at which he was acquitted of all charges. You have lately engaged in conduct which reflects adversely upon my client by publicly suggesting that in 2006 my client stimulated an improper approach to you for the purpose of influencing the course of the investigation being conducted by the FBI. You did so under circumstances that lead me to conclude that you knew that what you suggested and publicly disseminated was false and defamatory. Your behavior in this regard was reckless and totally improper, and, if necessary, I intend to bring it to the attention of other authorities, including those in the Bureau, without prejudice to seeking other legal relief. On July 6, EI Vocero published an interview with you, which I presume is part of some sort of farewell media tour. According to the article, you spontaneously referred to an incident in the summer of 2006 where a person "close to a politician" asked businessman Juan Bravo to make an "improper" approach to you. You provided no further details or names in that interview. The next day EI Vocero published a copy of the first page of a memo created by you on August 3,2006. It is apparent that in this memo you intended to memorialize the facts surrounding this approach. It is also apparent from a review of the first page of your memo that the "person" who communicated with Mr. Bravo and who requested the alleged improper approach is not my client. It is also obvious from this page that Mr. Bravo was relating to you only hearsay.

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On July 6, you participated in a radio interview with Alex Delgado, a reporter for the Noti Uno radio station. Mr. Delgado had some how managed to obtain a copy of the first page of your August 2006 Memo. During your radio interview you confirmed that the reporter had only the first page from your official FBI memo which consisted of four pages. During this radio interview you agreed with the reporter that the approach to you "could have been" an attempt to obstruct justice, and you also deliberately left uncorrected the suggestion, while answering a question from the reporter, that my client was behind the approach to you in July of 2006. You went on to state in the radio interview that your entire four page memo was produced to the lawyers of Senator Hector Martinez and Juan Bravo in connection with their trial. I will leave to the pursuit of others how it came to pass that all or a portion of your memo was leaked to third parties, including the press and Mr. Delgado. However, during your radio interview you stated that your memo was subject to a gag order entered in the Bravo, Martinez case and that it was leaked illegally. Nevertheless, you congratulated the radio station for having obtained a copy of a portion of the document, which was clearly inappropriate on your part. When EI Vocero published a copy of the first page of your memo on July 7, on its front page, the accompanying headline stated: ANIBAL WANTED TO INFLUENCE THE FBI; WITH DOCUMENTS, LUIS FRA TICELLI ADMITS IN NOn UNO THAT HE WAS REFERRING TO THE FORMER GOVERNOR IN HIS INTERVIEW WITH EL VOCERO. I am confident that your memo, which you created in 2006, does not confirm that my client had anything to do with Mr. Bravo's approach to you. The published page of your memo refers to the entire incident as "ROUTINE", and as far as I know your office never pursued any investigation of my client regarding the so called "approach" by Mr. Bravo. Had you initiated such an investigation, I would have known about it, and I would have been entitled to receive a copy of your memo during the discovery phase of my client's trial. Moreover, had you credited anything Mr. Bravo said and had you commenced any investigation, your radio interview would serve as a concession that the government wrongly withheld information from my client's defense team. As far as I can tell, this matter remained routine and totally undeserving of further investigation for the next five years .... until your farewell media tour, at which time you uttered and allowed the false accusation to circulate that my client was behind Mr. Bravo's approach to you. It is my preference not to escalate this into formal legal proceedings. I am therefore offering you the opportunity to state publicly that neither you nor any other FBI agent or official has ever been in possession of any evidence confirming that my client was involved in any way

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in the approach to you which occurred in July of 2006. Time is of critical essence. How I proceed from this point forward is up to you.


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