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Historical Background and Challenges The rich and enviable history of the Frontier Scouts dates back to 1878, when the Khyber Jezailchis, the forebearers of the famous Khyber Rifles, was founded to protect the lines of communication for the expeditionary force participating in the Second Afghan War of 1879. After the partition of the Indian sub continent in 1947, the responsibility of Frontier Scouts extended well over 2500 kilometers from Karakoram in the North to the Mekran coast in the South. It was bifurcated in 1974 with units in Balochistan placed under the Frontier Scouts Balochistan and those in the North under the command of Frontier Scouts NWFP with its Headquarters at the historic Balahisar Fort Peshawar. This potent and dynamic force can rightly claim to be the ‘Guardians of the Western Frontier’, which has the responsibility of defending 1200 kilometers of Pak-Afghan border from Chitral to Waziristan including sensitive tribal areas. The units of this elite force have taken part in wars and a variety of operations in tribal areas from time to time to establish the writ of the government besides anti narcotics, anti smuggling and ‘barampta’ (recovery) operations etc rendering sacrifices. FC has been involved and continues to participate in the peace keeping missions of the United Nations and has distinguished itself by sharing internal security responsibilities in the Northern areas and Siachin. The troops have won laurels for their gallant actions along Pakistan Army in the Indo Pak wars of 1948, 1965, 1971 and Kargil operation. Their extent of participation can be gauged from the fact that 37 personnel lost their lives in the 1965 war and 97 in the 1971 war. A fairly large number of officers and men received gallantry awards. Terrorism in FATA Terrorists are the messengers of gloom and doom in FATA which was once an important base of ‘Mujahideen’ activities in the contiguous regions of Afghanistan during the Afghan ‘Jehad’ against Soviet Union. After 9/11, the terrorist Taliban along with Al-Qaeda fighters subdued the locals and established hideouts in their areas for launching attacks. The target killing of ‘Maliks’, government officials, security elements and political personalities became a regular feature besides the destruction of government buildings / installations, schools etc and disruption of lines of communications by planting / exploding bombs. By 2008, the terrorists had abolished the traditional government system and installed a parallel government / courts to punish and behead people as per their own crude / cruel judgment. Terrorism was at its peak in Mohmand, Bajaur and South Waziristan Agencies which had become ‘No

Frontier Scouts – a Harbinger of Bloom and Hope in FATA To meet the challenge of terrorism and to brace itself for this undertaking. Khyber. Scores of militants have been exterminated including prominent Taliban leaders and Al-Qaeda operatives. The Indus Highway was frequently interrupted with Kohat tunnel remaining closed for a considerable period to impede movements of troops and strike at the national economy. the Frontier Scouts reoriented its disposition from defensive to offensive by making land mark organizational changes in its structure and upgraded operational range and weaponry. causing a large number of casualties of innocent people all over the country with Peshawar on top of the hit list. Dir. Frontier Scouts Welfare Foundation The Frontier Scouts Welfare Foundation was established in 1994 and reorganized in 2004 to undertake commercial and welfare projects for the benefit of Frontier Scouts troops. About 600 personnel of the Frontier Scouts have already embraced ‘Shahadat’ and over 1500 injured in the encounters. It is headed by a retired Brigadier who has served as DIG Frontier Scouts NWFP supported by suitable personnel to manage its multifarious projects which include . The Force along with Army launched a series of operations to re-establish the writ of government. The terrorism in Malakand Division had different dimensions. As such. some pocket of resistance are being identified and targeted vigorously to achieve the desired results. especially families of ‘Shuhada’. However. car snatching and gruesome suicide bombing increased. Kurram. Marble and Food Factory. Buner. The threat magnitude had increased to an extent that fear of Taliban influence and domination in Islamabad / Kahuta was propagated by the messengers of gloom to lower the national morale. The crime rates for ransom and murder are on the decline. Petrol and CNG Stations. Bajaur. serving and retired.Mineral Water Plant. Mohmand. Orakzai agencies and adjoining areas of Peshawar are almost clear of militant networks. The miscreants were also dominating other roads leading to the Agencies and the Thall – Parachinar road remained closed for all types of traffic. the force has and continues to offer supreme sacrifices in pursuit of national policy and to re-assert the writ of the state in the tribal area in a befitting manner. Medical Ward /Shop and Printing . By and large the command and control structure of Taliban has been dismantled. The local population encouraged by the successes has risen against militants and supporting anti-terrorist operations. The law and order situation in other agencies adjoining settled areas was equally deplorable.2 Go’ areas. The Ring Road Peshawar was also not safe to move and the criminal activities like kidnapping for ransom. secure the populated areas and restore the line of communications.

The proceeds from the projects and two newly constructed plazas are utilized mainly for the benefit of families of ‘Shuhada’ and generally for FC personnel. It has more than 500 retired FC personnel on its roll providing security services in a befitting manner.1 million. Frontier Scouts Public Schools There are twelve Frontier Scouts public schools out of which nine falls in FATA region. The Foundation is providing job opportunities by rehabilitating its retired personnel in different projects besides looking after families of ‘Shuhada’ by providing houses in their home towns and facilitating their children in acquiring free education apart from the immediate relief of Rs.3 Press. a quality institution namely.100 million by constructing 150 houses for families of ‘Shuhada’ besides providing other relief measures. ‘FC Foundation Hajj & Umra Services (Pvt) Limited’ to facilitate its serving /retired personnel and people of FATA and NWFP intending to perform Hajj /Umra from this year as a welfare and goodwill measure. The Foundation also has a registered company namely.0. All the twelve schools impart education to the local population and surrounding area (Male/Female) up to Matric level with due affiliation with intermediate and Secondary Education Board of . While terrorists serve as the agent of gloom by blasting schools as a part of their evil agenda. The Foundation has so far incurred an expenditure of more than Rs. Frontier Scouts – A Beacon of Light and Progress This force is the biggest source of human resource and a beacon of light. The initiative of the Frontier Scouts Welfare Foundation to establish a Cadet College at Warsak is the latest feather in the cap of the Frontier Scouts in its struggle against illiteracy along with its leading role in the war against terror. ‘Scouts Children Academy’ has been established at the FC Complex Hayatabad Peshawar to be followed by a chain of similar institutions close to the Frontier Scouts Units /Sector Headquarters in the tribal region. progress and bloom by virtue of its number of quality schools besides different welfare / commercial projects in FATA. These institutions are directly administered by respective Frontier Scouts units in the area and supervised by Headquarters Frontier Scouts. In addition to the Frontier Scouts Public Schools in different units deployed in FATA. The Foundation will soon enter into an agreement for a joint venture with the Sarhad Tourism Corporation to promote tourism with a view to preserving our rich culture and heritage and to restore confidence /morale of the tourists from this year when the security environment becomes conducive for tourism in FATA /NWFP. An important component of the Foundation is the Frontier Scouts Security Service. the Frontier Scouts is doing its utmost to boost the noble cause of education in a big way.

Peshawar. declamations. learning process and grooming of students by selecting best of the faculty with minimum masters degree and experience as an added qualification. power plant. drama. It aims at educating children by creating a rewarding learning environment for them through activity based education under security and freedom. compound. Naat and Qirrat Competitions and functions on national days are regular features which are observed by every school. Every institution has a library to enhance the intellectual level of students and develop interest of the younger generation in books. A science laboratory. Besides the usual academic activity. children are encouraged to express themselves through the media of clay. Hayatabad. Sports. audio-visual aids. The participation of parents remains an essential part of the routine life of the academy for which possibilities are being explored on top priority basis. a reference and resource room. Frontier Scouts is also providing free education to the needy children studying in these institutions. from the academic session starting in April 2009. All institutions facilitate the teaching. Moreover. It also encourages the talented students by honouring them with cash prizes on securing positions in Board Examination. In order to provide similar opportunities for . Besides curricular activities.4 the regions they are located at these schools will be raised to the level of intermediate colleges in the next stage. Scouts Children Academy Frontier Scouts NWFP has launched an elite English medium public school for the junior classes with state-of-the-art facilities in a magnificent two-storey building at the Frontier Scouts Complex. debates. Phase VI. co-curricular and extra curricular activities are regularly conducted for the students to polish their talent and groom the personality. a well-equipped computer laboratory. with a significant majority belonging to the FATA. all the schools are fully equipped with latest teaching aids which are the hallmark of any public school. The personnel of the Frontier Scouts. a library and a playground are being developed. paint. The academy has air-conditioned class-rooms. and the people of the Tribal Areas have their reserved quota of seats. tableaus and graphic arts materials. The institution is initially imparting comprehensive quality education to the Primary level classes including nursery and preparatory classes both for boys and girls that will be raised to the Middle and Secondary levels in phases with the passage of time. canteen etc. Oxford Syllabi is taught up to middle level and the syllabi of respective Intermediate and Secondary Education Boards is followed for matric classes. a science laboratory for matric classes and computer rooms to spread computer literacy right at the outset.

such as space. We strongly feel that the light of knowledge and learning brings transformation and enlightenment. The College is governed by a Board of Governors headed by the Inspector General Frontier Scouts NWFP to frame rules. The earth breaking ceremony was performed by the honourable Governor in Mar 2009 who very graciously donated Rs. Peshawar after obtaining ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the General Headquarters in order that it assumes the status of a ‘Cadet College’ as per the procedure in vogue. regulations and policies for its smooth management and control. Cadets will move into the first of the five hostels by April 2010. . The place has all the essential ingredients. The College with a high class faculty under a seasoned and experienced Principal is functioning smoothly. Frontier Scouts Cadet College Warsak Cadet College Warsak is a mega project of the Frontier Scouts Welfare Foundation under the patronage of the Frontier Scouts NWFP. The construction work on phase-I comprising an academic block. a mess. a hostel. This will be the first of its kind in Peshawar Division on the outskirts of Peshawar on the fringes of Khyber and Mohmand Agencies at a picturesque site of Warsak near the Scouts and Army outfits. There is a special quota for the children of tribal residents and Frontier Scouts personnel. infrastructure. an administrative block and other essential accommodation with allied facilities is to be ready by end of 2010. security.5 education in other areas where the Frontier Scouts is operating it has been decided to establish a chain of similar institutions at all unit / Sector Headquarters. The establishment of Cadet College Warsak with state of art facilities would be an important component in conflict resolution to contribute towards progress and prosperity in FATA /NWFP to fight against the evil forces of darkness and extremism. The College aims to provide quality education to all segments of society on egalitarian basis on merit / competition with a view to producing good citizens. accessibility and clean environment required for a quality institution of splendour and grandeur. It is affiliated with the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education. The academic session for cadets in class 8th (1st entry) started in the 1st week of May 2009 in the temporary accommodation modified and renovated at the site while the construction work is in progress as per the Master Plan over 60 acres of land located in settled and partially tribal areas.10 million to the college. true Muslims and enlightened leaders. owned by the Foundation.

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