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Report on Summer Internship with Caterpillar India Private Limited

Jasmin Dhivya .K MSW(HR) Madras School Of Social Work


engines and support services for customers dedicated to building the world's infrastructure and developing and transporting its resources. the company became a single entity by the name Caterpillar India Private Ltd. Thiruvallur Supervisor: Ms. 2010 to 4th June 2010 Company Address: Caterpillar India Private Limited. • Caterpillar people will increase shareholder value by aggressively pursuing growth and profit opportunities that leverage our engineering. Ever since.Report on Summer Internship with Caterpillar India Private Limited Internship Period: 3rd May. distribution. We grow profitably. Arivoli Raman Company History Hindustan Motors started Earth Moving equipment division in the year 1969 and released their 1st product in the year 1972. manufacturing. We provide the best value to customers. 2 . Vision Be the global leader in customer value Mission • Caterpillar will be the leader in providing the best value in machines. in order to face competition they sought Caterpillar’s help to produce their products and signed an MOA with CAT. information management and financial services expertise. Hindustan Motors did not accept the royalty demanded by Caterpillar and moved out. In 1991. However in the year 2001.

Integrity 2. Core Values 1. Team Work Products • • • Back End Loaders Front End Loaders Off Highway Trucks Functions 1) Core Function i) Production 2) Support Functions i) Human Services ii) Global Purchasing iii) Finance iv) Supply Chain v) Quality vi) Logistics Human Services 3 . innovation. Excellence 4. • Caterpillar is dedicated to improving the quality of life while sustaining the quality of our earth.• Caterpillar will provide its worldwide workforce with an environment that stimulates diversity. continuous learning and improvement and rewards individual performance. teamwork. Commitment 3. We encourage social responsibility. We develop and reward people.

• • • 6 sigma training Caterpillar Learning Management System(e learning & certification) CPS training 3. Monthly training calendar is prepared keeping in mind the training requirements of the employees.Safety Safety is the first and most important concern of Caterpillar.Engagement Initiatives • • • Career counseling for employees children Summer camp for employee’s children Session on post retirement life 4. Goggles. dealers & suppliers with a lot of training and developmental programmes.Learning &Development The learning and development provides the caterpillar employees.The human services function of Caterpillar India Pvt Ltd has carries out the following: 1. • • CPS 6 Sigma newsletter CIPL MD newsletter 4 .Communication Communication is very transparent and open in the Company. • • • • Pedestrian Safety Safety Walk Safety Brochures Hard hat. Lot of initiatives has been taken by the company for the same. Ear Plugs 2.

but also contributes to the society. • • • • • Medical Camp Eye Camp ENT Diabetes check up( free insulin) General health 6.• • Message from MD’S desk Notice Boards 5. the company makes donations and contributions to orphanages and other social causes in the name of Caterpillar Foundation. the same is done through Smile foundation. World Wide. 5 . participation and contribution are recognized and rewarded.Health Employee health is very important and Caterpillar takes the following initiatives to take care of the same.Recognition The employee efforts. • • • • Best section 6 sigma certificates CPS champion Home and hospital visits 6.Corporate Social Responsibility Caterpillar not only aims at achieving market leadership. In India.

for innovation. conducted 3 public speaking sessions.don’t be stiff. divisional manager HS. productivity and satisfaction Performance Management Focus on the performance of:  Employees  Teams  Department 6 .Public Speaking Mr. goal focus. This was done in order to help the trainee overcome stage fear and build her/his confidence. at the same time don’t be dancing Smile Involve the audience Have thorough knowledge about your topic To improve communication skills i) Think in English ii) Oral and written communication is equally important. Body language. Performance Management Process Meaning  Includes activities to ensure that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner  Systematically managing all people in an organization. Points to remember during public speaking: • • • • • • Be confident Maintain eye contact with audience sitting on all sides of the hall. wherein the trainees were asked to speak on any topic for 3 minutes. Maheshwaran.

Planning Performance includes  Formulating Objectives  Setting SMART goals  Performance Standards  Targets for each position/employee 2. Organization PMP Cycle 1. Reviewing/Appraising Performance  Also known as appraising performance  Designing Performance Appraisal Forms 4. Managing Performance includes  Performance observation  Measurement  Recording  Feedback  Coaching & Counseling 3. Rewarding Performance  Linking actual performance to appropriate rewards  Reinforce excellence in performance. 7 .

Conclusion: The one month summer internship was a good learning experience for me. 8 . I thank Caterpillar India Private Limited for providing me this opportunity to work with their esteemed organization.